Lakers News: Jeanie Buss Says ‘Ultimately, I Am The One Voice’

Lakers News: Jeanie Buss Says ‘Ultimately, I Am The One Voice’


Lakers president Jeanie Buss has begun to address the concerns of fans of the team in arguably the worst season in franchise history.

On Thursday, Buss made an appearance on 710 ESPN radio with John Ireland and Steve Mason to talk about Phil Jackson recent move to the New York Knicks and the current state of the Lakers organization.

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Buss addressed numerous topics on Thursday from Jackson leaving to Dwight Howard to who is running the franchise. Buss didn’t hesitate to let it be known that she is calling the shots via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

GM Mitch Kupchak and Lakers Executive VP Jim Buss currently run the basketball operations for the Lakers. Buss and Kupchak handle the decision-making process, but it seems as though Jeanie is at the top of the totem pole.

With so many drastic changes over the last two years, the future remains uncertain for the Lakers as they attempt to rebuild in the twilight of the Kobe Bryant era. The next few months will be telling in terms of the direction of the franchise with the 2014 NBA Draft and free agency right around the corner.

The Buss family will continue to run the Lakers organization with Jeanie making that abundantly clear. Only time will tell if Jeanie and Jim can right the ship and get this team back on track.
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  • Jim213

    Jeanie has done a good job of managing the overall brand. But the issue for many is Jim and his inexperience but it’s his ego that’s hurting the brand as many have pointed out which goes for players.

    • Gregory Choa

      I think the worst thing you can say about Jim Buss is that he lacks the charisma of his father and has thusly taken a backseat to Jeanie in Dr. Buss’ absence as far as being the face of the franchise insofar as ownership is concerned. As far a personnel is concerned, make no mistake, Mitch Kupchak is the guy doing all the legwork and pulling all of those strings, while working within the parameters set by the Buss family.

      I’m happy to see Jeanie emerging as that “One Voice” of the Lakers – she’s pretty bright, well spoken and obviously media savvy. I think it’s somewhat unfair that Jim gets such a bad rap simply because he really doesn’t say much and looks like a bit of a schmo…give that prejudice a rest people.

      • Jim213

        I give the GM more blame than Jim tho others see if differently. But one thing is certain, many staffers have been let go for a reason which has to do more with Jim than Mitch.

  • Matt

    Seems like they are pretty much on the same page. She said in the TWC interview that she told Jim and Mitch to work within the confines of the new CBA. I don’t think Jeannie wants to assume for herself the basketball operation duties because she probably feels she won’t be able to take heart and emotion out of the decision making processs, such as knowing when to cut ties and let go with a favorite player, coach etc..
    Patience is the key here since I think they do have a plan but it’s not a quick fix like a 1 offseason shopping spree like what Kobe and many Laker fans want. I think they will start with their lottery pick this offseason, and then keep adding pieces be it role players or THE next star over the next 2 or so offseasons. If all goes to plan, the next fully rebuilt Laker team should take the court in 2016 or so. It will just take some patience and that is a virtue many Laker fans don’t have.

    • Daryl Peek

      Exactly. I think they can be a playoff team next season tho.

      • antzer

        Agree. Lets hope we get lucky w/the draft. Kobe needs to chill and rest up his body.

  • R3N3GVD3

    Wait I’m confused is she saying that she always had the full power for Lakers Decisions or just now taking that power because that wouldn’t make sense if she always had full power and couldn’t get Jim to be part of something else and let Phil Jackson take over his job and Coach(which is what Phil obviously wanted BTW)
    because Jim Simply doesn’t want to, Wouldn’t that mean Jim’s opinions would be stronger than Jeanie’s. Am i right??? Im pretty sure if she did We would have Phil right now and Dwight Howard and maybe getting Carmelo

    which would be mean
    or is that to much??

    • X

      hard to believe i dont dont think they could of afford all 4
      unless they would of been willing to take paycuts to get themselves
      a championship


      maybe the commissioner wouldn’t allow that neither

    • godlyrebel

      Yeah, I guess she means now bro

    • kobe24

      Actually I think the main plan was to get Chris Paul and Dwight Howard together.

      If Stern hadn’t veto’d we would’ve ended up with
      Chris Paul- Dwight Howard- Kobe Bryant…that would’ve been a scary trio

      but nope and we ended up with Nash and although I love the man, that was one of the worst moves lol

  • ra

    This comment by Jeanie is timely. She is only coming out now to say this, because Phil is ‘officially’ part of another organization, and hence ‘officially’ has no say in Lakers affairs.

    Thus, if any of us, or the media, were to say (in the past) “Oh, Jeanie says she’s in charge, but it’s really Phil”, this is the first step toward her making it clear to everyone what the real situation is. She’s been handcuffed before, and has been unable to say anything (can’t you tell?). She’s going to be more vocal now, and that’s great!

    She has the ‘bottom line’ (dollar), and if basketball decisions impact the Buss’s finances, she will have something to say about it. If future ‘basketball’ decisions end up damaging the Lakers brand, she will step in and have something to say. The reason is, “Lakers brand” == $$. So, if they keep the view of the Lakers as a championship-style team, then they’ll get more revenue, and we (fans) will get more excitement.

    • vdogg

      mmmm.. jeannie in handcuffs. nice image. thanks.

  • jgadlin4

    Mitch Kuochap really needs to go, along with D’ Antoni. As long as D’Antoni is there in the Lakers origination the Lakers can forget about another champion ship. D’Antoni system does not work for the Lakers and it never will, what does it take for Jim Buss to see that and Kupchap can’t see it eather. It didn’t work in Phonex and it’s not going to work in LA.

  • Jay

    Yes the Lakers were plagued with injuries but D’Antoni as the Lakers coach just isn’t working im willing to bet any amount of money that if they had George Karl with the squad they have right now or even last years squad they win more games and we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. Your coach and players have to be on the same page within the system and the Lakers players and D’Antoni are clearly not on the same page…