Lakers News: Jeanie Buss Says ‘There Was No Role’ For Phil Jackson

Lakers News: Jeanie Buss Says ‘There Was No Role’ For Phil Jackson


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Jeanie Buss has been put in a very difficult situation with all that has gone on with her fiance, Phil Jackson. In order to help clear the air on a few things, Buss sat down with Time Warner Cable SportsNet’s Bill McDonald to talk about Jackson’s recent decision to join the New York Knicks and not the Los Angeles Lakers:

Although many Lakers fans were frustrated and confused by the situation, Jackson simply different have the job offer he was looking for from the Lakers. Jackson has made it clear that he loves living in Manhattan Beach with Jeanie, but the desire to get back to work and the enormous offer from the Knicks was too good to pass up on.

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Buss sympathized with the frustrated fans by saying the following via Time Warner Cable SportsNet:

With Jackson now on the East coast and the Lakers currently in disarray, there’s no telling what direction the storied franchise is going in. The past paints a picture of constant stability and limited time in mediocrity, but it’s hard to tell if the team will be able to bounce back as quickly as it has when Dr. Jerry Buss was calling the shots.

Only time will tell if Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak can right the ship in Los Angeles. This summer will be the first real test to see if the Lakers can get back on track with a high draft pick and a considerable amount of cap space at their disposal.
Kobe Bryant On Change THIS Summer, Jim and Jeanie Buss, Coaching Staff

  • purp&goldpride

    Im glad to hear these things Jeanie, abd gets to hoping “the family” make the proper decisions going forward. Lakers nation is depending on that. Because I can bet that Jim would be ran out of town faster than Frank McCourt. We just want our Lakers to be successful. The brand outlast Jerry west, wilt, I outlasted magic and pat reily, and it will outlast phil . The Lakers were the Lakers before Phil, and the empire can’t crumble by one man, a 69 year old at that. Yes we would have loved to have Phil back, but there’s a sense of comfort knowing that next timethe Lakers are horrible, fans can’t clamour for Phil. We move on.

  • purp&goldpride

    Jim buss wasnt going to pay phil 12+ million a year to take his job. When dr.buss signed his will, the buss children a EQUAL ownership. If Jim is.really really making to brand suffer, they’d demote him. But we have to give him more than 2 seasons.

    • Pope Chuck Paul

      Funny thing is i was watching an interview with the guy damon john from that shark show. he says paying someone to run your company when you arent running it well is a good thing and not a bad thing. like jim wouldn’t be paid more than phil anyway. he’d still be his boss smh.

  • whoisthis

    Phil is not work $12 million dollar. He has never been a GM/President.

    Doc Rivers, Coach/GM/President for $7 million a year. Now that is a deal. Just in one year, Clippers have gained respect around the NBA. Blake is in the Conversation of an MVP now.

    • kdub

      Doc has won one chip and lead a team to two NBA finals appearances. Phil has 11 rings. Phil’s presence alone changes things for the Knicks. 99percent of the NBA has so much respect for phil and when phill talks people will listen. To me he’s worth it. That team will do a complete 360. Also Blake isn’t in the MVP conversation.

      • Ramon

        I agree with the whole Phil thing but you just hatin on Blake. He’s improved his game so much and he’s consistent. In an All Star game where camera was on LBJ and Durant, it was Blake and Kyrie who looked to take that All Star MVP…

        • kdub

          So because hes consistent and his game has improved he’s in the MVP talks?

          NO! Because I think he isn’t in the talks for the MVP does not mean I am a hater. KD and Durant are the only two players in the MVP race. Just because Blake started playing good when CP3 went out that doesn’t throw him in the MVP talks. ALL STAR MVP?!?!?! Really!!?!?! No one cares about that.

      • truth24

        Phil is worth the millions I could care less how much he got paid. Lakers are a billion dollar organization they can afford to to pay him. Fake as laker fans paying Phil has nothing to do with the salary cap lol. Jim buss is an idiot who is hating on Phil from getting all the success.

  • whoisthis

    Jeanie, you are looking good as ever!

    • Patrick Jackson

      You can say that again.

  • independentbynature

    The “role” for PJ was as coach,but someone named Jimmy dropped the ball and picked someone named Antoni.

  • AirJordan

    Buss family is going to lose [fans’] big money. but its not my money anyway. at the end of the day we still have our jobs. so if they want to continue to build a sucky team then by all means go ahead.

  • Zimmeredge

    i’m glad we didn’t make this error. in 2012 it was a good idea now… it’s an error and the lakers will finally move on. Jackson’s contract expires in 5years Kobe will be long gone. Phil’s history with lakers is over once for all now we all gather around and think about how to win the future.

  • Al Haldie

    Any good player thinking of coming to the LAKERS will now GO TO NY-HOW COULD U BLAME THEM..????

  • ArkansasLaker

    Y’all are full of shit !! I’ve probably been a LAKER as long as Jennie and her ass hole brother !! What in the hell do you mean there wasn’t a job for PHIL !! If your dad wasn’t the owner your ass would not be in the driver seat either !! I’m not a LAKER fan anymore if the stay behind the wheel

  • Josh

    I wonder if the league will try to force Jeanie to sell her share of the Lakers. It would be really awkward if the Lakers and Knicks ever tried to work out a trade.

  • Jax

    These ridiculous decisions are an insult to the fan base which is basically where you get your money. Without the fans, you don’t fill seats, you don’t sell jerseys and your ratings will go below 50%.
    I’m taking clients to Clippers games to entertain them…

  • lcfbill

    The Lakers used to have four smart people running things: Dr. Buss, Jerry West, Phil Jackson, and Mitch Kupchack. Now they have just Mitch left from that group. This brain drain coincides with a similar drain in talented basketball players. I think that having one smart guy in your organization is not nearly enough. But to get smart people to run things, the Buss family members still with the organization would all need to defer to these smart people—just the way that Dr. Buss did.

    • Pope Chuck Paul

      Mitch is like Kobe in that office. The last man standing. smh

  • wsmickeys

    I remember after the Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation charity, Jeanie Slipped out the back door and no one noticed. My cousin wanted to take a picture with her, and as soon as she did, everyone else started noticing and wanted to start taking pictures. We stuck around for another 15 minutes and not once did she say no. She really cares for this organization and for the fans.

  • Moveover Andbark

    Jeannie did absolutely the right thing by making the “no room for Phil” statement. The Lakers are continuing to change direction away from the triangle and back to a faster paced game and Phil’s presence in any capacity as a Laker employee would destabilize whoever inherits the mess that D’Antoni could not stabilize. There is no room in the type of high profile position that he deserves. Phil Jackson could have been playing mind games by getting interviewed as often as possible and leave the press to create the unstable franchise. Phil stayed out of the media, and for a guy with his resume and ego, think about how hard that must have been. The time off probably did good for his health, which will always continue to be a question mark. Not for the Lakers however. I wish him well, and I always believed he would pull a “full circle” in his basketball life and return to New York where he had perhaps his best playing years, and the beginning of his formative years as a coach, when he was injured and learned as much as he could from Red Holzman.