Lakers News: Jeanie Buss Says Family Will Continue To Own The...

Lakers News: Jeanie Buss Says Family Will Continue To Own The Lakers


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In the midst of a transition period and their second consecutive difficult season, much criticism has been placed on the shoulders of Jeanie and Jim Buss, and their handling of the Los Angeles Lakers’ franchise. Jim, who is in charge of the basketball operations side of the team, has been under constant scrutiny, which intensified with Phil Jackson joining the New York Knicks front office.

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Jackson’s heading to the East coast brought an end to any possibility that he would rejoin the Lakers and further fueled speculation it would drive a wedge between Jeanie and Jim, which may lead to the Buss family ultimately selling the team. However, in an interview with Bill Macdonald on Time Warner Cable SportsNet, Jeanie laid those rumors to rest, stating the franchise would remain in control of the family:

Dr. Jerry Buss purchased the Lakers, Los Angeles Kings and Forum in 1979 and since helped guide the team to become one of the most winning franchises is the history of sports. His plan of leaving his son and daughter to handle their respective has often been a source of frustration for Lakers fans, but the family appears intent on continuing to honor their father’s wishes.

Mentored by her father to run the business side of the franchise, Jeanie also called the Lakers “her life.”
Kobe Bryant On Change THIS Summer, Jim and Jeanie Buss, Coaching Staff

  • Jim213

    For all the tankers,

    Per David Leon Moore (USA Today): Kupcake

    “To think the draft can save your franchise, we just don’t think that way,” “We just don’t. Whatever happens happens. If we end up with a high pick or a mid pick or a late pick. … a lot of players have been picked in the middle or late first round that have turned out to be great players, and a lot of guys who have been picked one, two or three haven’t worked out. Just because you think the higher the better is always the case, it’s not always the case.”

    But as Kobe’s mentioned the DIEHARDS don’t roll with tanking! Just so happens they stink bad. However, as stated in the summer #rollwithit being with whatever happens tho the issue is FO themselves.

    • Daryl Peek

      Is there anything wrong with that? I’m not down with tanking at all but this season was not tanking. Injuries put us in the tank, 241 games missed and counting…

      • Jim213

        ?!!, but shows you’re not a DIEHARD as Kobe’s brought up! (pun)

        • Daryl Peek

          A die hard fan rides through the good and bad, and has love for the organization even though they pulling hair out after losses.

          • Jim213

            You don’t have hair just mostly a fade I’d say. Got a special meme for you close towards the end of the season. Hint: relates to a comment about Nash a few month’s back.

    • Zimmeredge

      i don’t see the point between kupchak’s words and kobe’s desire not to suck again.
      mitch speaks the truth. and he’s playing it strategically. he knows he might be out of top three. so he’s trying to say to those young kids it’s not because that your are number that you are the best.

  • Jim213

    Believe the issue that most of the masses have relates to Jim (basketball operations) mostly. Jeanie has done a splendid job in getting the BRAND involved within the community and with relation to it’s growth.

  • Pope Chuck Paul

    Jeanie look good!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The Buss will own the Lakers as long as their together very revealing.Meaning as long as they are getting along on the same page they will own the team???Either way i wish them all the best of luck carrying the legacy their father built.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Buss family is going to be under scrutiny until they win a championship again.SMH

  • coach’em up

    No secret every one knows there’s a spoiled brat @ the helm of basketball operations for the Lakers that hasn’t got the respect of the league yet and has drove everyone running from the franchise and for those that stuck around had to be grossly overpaid or either journeyman trying to stay in the league.
    Magic oh lil jimmy is making decision now sell my shares im out here!
    Phil Jackson ill coach but I need control over basketball personnel and decisions no ok no deal hello NY!
    now players that are like WTF hek naw im not staying and going for that crap
    Ramon Sessions ide rather play for bobcats!
    Earl Cark ide rather play for the Cavaliers!
    Antwan Jamison im a stay in LA but im a go with the clippers!
    Dwight Howard stop begging im already in Houston!
    Soon to be gone
    Pau Gasol I cant wait til this season over here you have to pay out the ass to stay with upfront bonus for me to put up with this shit again you ungrateful BLEEP!
    At this point It would be a good move to hire an addition to the front office would take some heat off I would hire the LOGO back into the office Jerry West!

  • DrM

    We Love Jeanie!

    The Buss Rules!