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Lakers News: Jeanie Buss Releases Statement On Donald Sterling Scandal

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UPDATE (12:56 PM PT): Following Adam Silver’s ruling on Donald Sterling, Jeanie Buss released a statement via Lakers.com:

“In my statement yesterday, I said I had full confidence in Adam Silver and how he and the NBA would handle this situation. In today’s announcement Adam was decisive, firm and compelling and showed great leadership in his condemnation of the horrible and offensive comments that have led to this action.”

The Donald Sterling saga continues to make headlines across the NBA.

Over the weekend, reactions from the likes of Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and James Worthy made their way to Twitter.

On Tuesday afternoon, Lakers president Jeanie Buss released a statement over the Clippers owner’s recording via Lakers.com:

The comments and sentiments expressed on the tape are reprehensible and disturbing, and certainly are the opposite of how the Lakers feel about the league’s players and fans. I have full confidence that Adam Silver and the NBA will handle this situation appropriately.

It should be no surprise that Buss also denounced Sterling’s comments. While the Lakers are not in the playoffs, the team remains one of the most storied franchises in the NBA and all of professional sports. Buss’s statement not only criticizes Sterling, it makes clear the Lakers do not stand any forms of racism or discrimination.

Earlier Tuesday morning, Kobe took to Twitter again and praised the Buss family for the way it has led the Lakers organization over the years. Under the ownership of Jerry Buss, the Lakers won 10 NBA Championships and became a well respected franchise. The Buss children have only been in charge of the team for a little over a year and are looking to rebuild the roster into a championship contending one.

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While Buss finds the opinions stated to be offensive, there has yet to be any form of punishment toward Sterling. The NBA has schedule a press conference Tuesday where NBA commissioner Adam Silver might hand out any possible sanctions against the Clippers owner.

The Clippers will be looking to find a way to get past all the distractions when they take on the Warriors in a critical Game 5 Tuesday night. Across town, the Lakers continue to try and figure out the future of their team.
Kobe Bryant Responds To Donald Sterling’s Comments

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  • Jim213

    Opprobrious to get to the point, Sterling’s a dunderhead.

    • cyborgspider

      I learned a new word today, after reading your post. Thanks!

  • Mookie

    Clippers must know that the owner of the team reflects who the team is and the fans are also being represented by the racist bigot owner Donald Sterling.From the top down discrimination will ruin any company and the NBA must use contraction on the Clippers to prove their point.The NBA knows the city of Los Angeles still will always have the Los Angeles Lakers to fall back on and they have the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors all not too far away in the state of California.Bye bye Clippers and you’re racist bigot owner Donald Sterling.CONTRACTION!

    • TheTruthKills

      Contraction is highly unlikely.

    • honestly

      it’s obvious now… the chick that gave tmz the tape is an obvious gold digger… but she was fucking magic behind sterling’s back… magic gave her a good idea, and now magic is using her to take control of the clippers… yes, magic we accept a nash+johnson+kaman for cp3, griffin, and dudley

      • squid

        Lmfao!!! This is hilarious!
        Lakeshow all day!

  • Michael Cooper

    Its unfortunate for any franchise to have any owner with so much ignorance like Donald Sterling does. But I think as far as the Lakers organization, this is a message to them saying that they themselves need to use this as a motivation to turn things around. I mean they heard it first from their all-star in Kobe Bryant that he praises The Buss family for their loyalty and for their support for the lakers and fans, and that he has faith in them building back up to being championship contenders, but just because he stands by them, it doesn’t mean they get a pass to sit on their butts and not change the culture short term and long term towards winning.

  • cyborgspider

    Not to be glib or underscore the impact this issue is having with the league, fans and media, but it would be a good time to announce Antoni’s return or firing right about now. It can fly under the radar and keep the spotlight away from their decision for a few days or weeks.

    Either way, I’m just suffering from Lakers news withdrawal. The lottery can’t come soon enough…

  • KingDub

    Strategic move by the Lakers

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      agree… Jeannie thinks like her father… me likey likey…

      • kobe24

        lol whats so strategic about this statement? The part where it says

        ” opposite of how the Lakers feel about the league’s players and fans”? oh please any organization would’ve stated that lol

    • Albert Cruz

      That isn’t no strategic move, she and the Lakers despise slave owners, while stupid Sterling says blacks smell the Lakers put up bronze statues of the greats played for them. Fact!

  • Walt

    All African Americans have been injured by these remarks, Mrs. Buss please give them reparations and fire Dantoni.

    • Marcel

      @Walt, your sarcasm or humor is completely out of place. I believe African-Americans just as any other race are displeased with D’Antoni if they are Lakers fans. Moreover, African-Americans are just as split between the Clippers organization and the Lakers organization just as members of any other race in America if not the world. It is outright naive to invoke reparation for African-Americans on this matter, You should know that this case is not the only “unGodly” thing that has ever happen to the black race or African-Americans and it will never be (even though we pray that prejudice and other hate activities stop). It is not the most important thing that is plaguing the African-American race,

      • Walt

        You sir have issues. Reparations are not anything that will happen or need to happen. I simply want Dantoni fired, chill out, find a girlfriend, or get a hobby. You are not the spokesman for the African American race, most found it funny the only one bumping their gums is you. Take a pill man.

      • nlruizjr

        That’s right the Republican Party is trying to keep them from voting.

    • Joseph Apohen

      What’s MDA got to do with the racist issue? MDA is blamed for evertything. lol. Poor guy!

    • Tomas

      This is most the insensitive remark we have heard under these trying times.

      It is clear that there are Sterling’s well wishers here.

      This is not blacks vs whites agenda.

      Stop allowing sterling to hide behind the white Europeans.

      This is Sterling hating Africans and blacks. Let him stand alone and face the music. It is clear that some of you feel bad for sterling so in the process of diluting his hatreds for the blacks you want to include all the white Europeans in with him.

      Not this time! This is ALL sterling.

  • Willie

    The Lakers have to take full advantage of the Clippers going downhill fast.The Lakers must kick the Clippers while they are down.Time to go in for the death of the Clippers franchise kill their chances of ever being good again.I love the first response the Lakers Buss kids issued regarding the racial case Donald Sterling is involved in,it makes the Lakers a destination worth reaching for black players.The Lakers must use domination on the Clippers owner Racial insensitivity has no place in the NBA and the Clippers have a racist owner that’s enough to win the war with the Clippers much like the WWE won the war with WCW when it was all said and done Ted Turner sold his company to Vince and the WWE.Clippers should end up like the Montreal Expos they gotta get contraction.The NBA doesn’t need Racist Donald Stern and his Clippers they will just fine without them.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    This is the Lakers organization big chance to capitalize on the Clippers weak state as a franchise this is the most important time in the NBA history racism has rung it’s ugly head via Donald Sterling and his prejudice outlook on society and his employees and he is a racist and his son in law says so to TMZ.

    This is the Lakers golden opportunity a once in a lifetime chance to push the Clippers back to the back of the pack.Make the Lakers the only game in town.Capitalization this is a cut throat business the NBA is a tough place to be a owner and Donald Sterling is a racist and a bigot who thinks his players are slaves and the NBA is his way of slavery.Their is no place in the NBA or society for Donald Sterling.

    The NBA must kick out Donald Sterling and his Clippers their must be action.The NBA will be a much better place without Donald Sterling and his ignorant ways and without his Clippers the NBA will last forever without this type of negativity brought to the NBA by a racist like Donald Sterling.Sterling and the Clippers must go.

    • sonny

      I agree for that and after the kick of clippers on NBA sign Griffin for the Lakers.

  • Jed

    Owners kinda took some heat today also for keeping silent. The first ones to immediately voice out their outrage were thetwo minority owners, Michael Jordan (CHA) and that Indian/American owner of the Kings.


    the only thing that I can say about this the Laker’s need some help so just come on board!!!!the Clippers player’s

    • Sti1lmatic

      Uncle David Stern would want his job back just to stop that from happening as well

    • melinda bruner

      come and play for the Laker’s we will open the Clipper’s with open arms nothing but love !!!

    • vdogg

      speak for yourself. i wouldn’t want any of the clippers on my lakers team.

      • kobe

        actually we need a forward and a good point guard :P after kobe returns.

  • Sylvia Ross

    I hope that Jeanie would attend to Laker affairs and fire that asshole coach we have. When this story came about it took some of the lime light off of the problem of dantoni. Let’s get back on track and discuss dantoni and please don’t give him the fourth year he’s trying to lobby for. He shouldn’t get a third year as a matter of fact he should have been fired right after the season.

    • Tomas

      Doc Rivers will be looking for a job. Blake and Paul are gone.
      Only if Nash and Kobe will retire so the Lakers can move on.

  • jEFF

    Watch some of the players and probably coaches from the Clippers defect to the Lakers….LOL. Lakers gonna have a good offseason. If only we can get rid of D’aNTONI!

  • sonny

    Look first the problem of your own team before you looks for the other problem! Ms.Buss why you did’nt listen to the comment of the lakers fans..if they allowed to vote i’m sure 99% of them will voting for the firing of M.D”Antoni.

  • Johnny

    The Buss Family has class. The Clippers are toast ! Maybe Mississippi needs a team?

  • quickster007

    To me the woman is vindictive cause she knows Sterling wife is suing her for 1.8 millions. What better way for her to push Donald Sterling to say something racial. I wouldn’t be surprise if Magic have something to do with it. Magic and his partner wants an NBA franchise bad. There is always a double standard. Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton would say something racial and nothing happens to them. If other minority say something against blacks they always plays the race card. I was laughing at my co-worker that the Clippers is like a plantation and the players are the slaves. Wow, the players lives in mansion and earn millions of dollars. I told him where do I sign. I think Donald Sterling will sell the team and the buyer will be Magic Johnson because of the intense pressure his getting.

    • Tomas

      Idiots like you like to make this a black vs white agenda. This allows a bigot like Sterling to hide behind other White Europeans like us.

      This is Sterling hating blacks and Africans. Let’s just keep it there.

  • Chrmngblly

    Let’s see what basketball reasons add up to in this case.

  • Frank

    Someone needs to buy the clippers and move them out of L.A

  • Lemar jones

    Donald Sterling should keep the lakers just because he just said that he dint want black in clippers you guys are just worrying to much if you don’t like what he said then don’t go to the game I don’t agree what he said I’m black who cares I ignore it and still support the clippers

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