Lakers News: Jeanie Buss Discusses The Fallout Of Chris Paul Trade

Lakers News: Jeanie Buss Discusses The Fallout Of Chris Paul Trade


jimjeanieIn an update to her re-released memoir, “Laker Girl,” Jeanie Buss discusses the trade that should have happened in 2011, when the Lakers briefly acquired all-star point guard Chris Paul before the deal was nixed by commissioner David Stern.

Jeanie takes Laker fans behind the scenes into the negotiating process of the new collective bargaining agreement in 2011, as well as what her role was in managing the fallout of the trade after it was shot down.

“Cleveland Cavaliersowner Dan Gilbert was so incensed by the trade that he sent a scathing email to the league office. In it, he ranted and raved, basically arguing that soon the NBA would be akin to the Harlem Globetrotters (the large-market teams) playing against the Washington Generals (the small-market teams).” Jeanie said.

Buss further goes on to explain the frustration of the rest of the owners, as such a trade meant more winning for the Lakers in their eyes.

“To those owners, this trade was like getting a pie in the face. They had walked out of a meeting where David had made them all get on the same page to save the season only for them to hear, “Surprise! The Lakers just acquired Chris Paul.” That gave them their I-told-you-so moment. I believe that if we could have delayed the trade for 24 or 48 hours, perhaps their heads wouldn’t have exploded. It was just that they felt no other teams had a fair chance to acquire Paul.”

Initially Jeanie had mixed feelings regarding the trade. While she was excited at the prospect of the Lakers acquiring a player for the future, she was hurt at the idea of losing Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, who had both helped bring back-to-back championships in 2009 and 2010.

When the trade was rescinded, Jeanie claims that after effects on the team where too costly, hence the trading of Lamar Odom paired with the psychological damage done to Pau.

This memoir has captured the majority of Laker talk over this past week. Recently, comments in the book were released regarding her opinion of her brother Jim and his relationship with former Laker head coach Phil Jackson.

But both Jim and Jeanie would set the record straight and make it known that their personal relationship as siblings had nothing to do with the business operations of the Lakers, and that they are only focused on what is best for the franchise moving forward.


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  • Jim213

    Appreciate Jeanie for her honesty about the circumstances especially when others hush their mouths about bad moves or decisions. Shows the league is trying to limit big markets from prospering like previous times (CBA)… while possibly giving others a chance to buy for a steal or trade?

    “They felt no other teams had a fair chance to acquire Paul.”

    • LAL918

      Agreed, especially since Gilbert is already classified as one of the worst owners in the league.

    • Daryl Peek

      Big mistake by Jeanie! The constant airing of FO info (Laker Girl) is bad. Especially at this fragile point of the franchise. She’s giving too many others the ability to manipulate and exploit this info. Other GM’s can use it against the team in FA negations. Players can use her empathy against her and Jimmy. She’s so influenced by Phil it’s ridiculous!! This new book is a clear Phil Jackson “Mind Games” like release. Jeanie is throwing Jimmy under the Bus the same way Phil did the Bulls FO, Kobe and others in his books. This is not good for a franchise owner. It’s part of the reason Phil and many of his young assistants have been blacked balled on other opportunities in the NBA, IMO. Selling books at the expense of the franchise. SMH

      We all want to believe grown ups will always be professional but we know that’s not the case. Especially when it comes to business. Example, Jeanie is overly empathetic about LO and Pau. She hated to see them traded in the CP3 deal. She likely would allow personal feeling to cloud, tough but necessary business judgments. Her contention of LO being traded to the Mavs, not being on her is out of bounds when she chose to be out of the FO decision making picture, after Dr. Buss fired Phil. If you choose not to vote, you don’t have the right to complain after decisions have been made. She also said she’s gonna miss Howard big time. This shows the potential bad judgement her empathy could manifest. The empathy factor is a good theme the Lakers organization has had over the years when it comes to Lakers greats, but there always needs to be balance… tough decisions always need to be made. B.Scott, AC Green, Fisher, Horry, Shaq, Phil, ETC… all were let go. James Worthy was on the trade block in 92. Dr. Buss & West were trying to get Charles Barkley for Worthy but the deal fell through.

      Dr. Buss and West were very hush in divulging FO inner workings. Jeanie is hell bent on winning a popularity contest she already had on lock. It makes no sense to go there. This is likely a big reason Dr. Buss put Jimmy in charge of the basketball operations. Mitch is closed mouth for the most part also.

      I would advise you’all to listen to Max & Marcellus’s podcast from today. Ramona Shelburne is on the show dropping knowledge. Ramona is a big fan and friend of Jeanie and she’s going in on her over this book.

      • Jim213

        Some good points but we’re not saying that Jeanie should make Lakers business/ operations info public. The book is the selling point here as it sounds like both Jim and Jeanie want to point fingers to avoid criticism themselves. It’s nice to get their points of view on certain things that have affected the team but hopefully they don’t make a habit of it to avoid more articles like these along with repost to be posted.

      • Jim213

        Daryl :LA Times: Doctor’s examination of Pau Gasol’s knees shows improvement

      • richard

        Common on Daryl… you are putting too much assumption into this… let’s just appreciate her candidness about what transpired 2 years ago… after all she is a woman…

        • 3339

          really she’s a woman? what gave it away?
          & @ Daryl Dr. Buss never fired Phil.

          • Daryl Peek

            He may not have directly fired Phil but he sure didn’t give him the options he wanted to stay on as Lakers HC in 2004. “OMG, they aren’t gonna bring Phil back whether he wins or loses!” –Jeanie Buss, during the 04 finals against the Pistons.

            The beginning of ‘when keeping it candid goes wrong’ *looking*

        • Daryl Peek

          Seriously. If you have time listen to the Max & Marcellus podcast from today. Ramona (just a woman too) breaks it down! Again, she’s a huge supporter of Jeanie. She’s not cool with this at all. Being this candid is all bad. Why push to sell the “Titanic” book that could destroy the ship before you leave port with it? Why not just air it out with your brother face to face? Hell, Phil and Mitch could even be there. Just keep it in the family.

          Some things don’t need to be public knowledge right away.

          Hopefully they’ve both moved on… IJS

        • Jim213

          lol.. Good one here 4 ya Rich

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  • boccs5

    I wonder what that bitch Dan Gilbert will say if Cleveland was to get LeBron would he feel that’s ok? Fuck that hypocrite yell

  • Paytc

    Chris Paul has Doc River so his chances of winning a championship have improved. But the window of opportunity can shut without notice.You have to aim high and put the effort in to be a champion.

    CP3 would have solved a lot of the Laker’s problems, but we’ve moved on.
    Lakers are returning to get what is rightfully theirs(championship)s.

    Go team!