Lakers News: James Worthy Thinks Trading Lottery Pick Is ‘An Option’

Lakers News: James Worthy Thinks Trading Lottery Pick Is ‘An Option’


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With the NBA Draft Lottery set to take place tonight, the Lakers will finally know exactly where they will be selecting in the 2014 NBA Draft.

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This draft is believed to be one of the deepest in years, headlined by players such as Joel Embiid and Jabari Parker. With teams looking to move up to get one of these franchise changing players, the Lakers could be in position to make some major moves.

Mitch Kupchak recently said that he would consider trading the Lakers draft pick if a good deal is offered, and in an interview with ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, James Worthy seemed to back up that idea:

That’s an option that’s very feasible, and if you can get the right pick, you can use it for your team or you can use it to get some players or trade that. Knowing Mitch, he’s extremely methodical and he’s going to weigh all the scenarios and I’m sure if it makes sense to trade the pick, I’m sure that’s one of the plays in his playbook.

The Lakers have a lot of holes on their roster, so the idea of getting multiple pieces instead of just one player, regardless of how good that one guy is, has to be intriguing to the front office.

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The team is in the midst of a rebuild, and they are undoubtedly thinking about the big picture. Despite Kobe Bryant wanting immediate change, the Lakers will do what they believe is best for the organization and that may involve some big moves.
Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak Q & A: Kobe Bryant, NBA Draft, Coaching Search

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  • Lakers Nation Fans

    TUESDAY, 11:23am: Ollie and UConn are close to a deal but have yet to reach agreement, as Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News hears, tapping the brakes on Wojnarowski’s report from Monday (Twitter link)


    • vdogg

      no we don’t! he has never been a head coach in the NBA before. that’s not what the lakers do!

  • Lakers Nation Fans

    Kevin Ollie is worth the contract paid to Mike D’Antoni or Mike Brown.DO IT MITCH!

    • L.A BU11Y


  • LakersHeatBeef

    The Lakers FO must keep the lottery pick and yes lets get the #1 pick.It’s time tonight for the Lakers to prove they still will be relevant as a contender for championships in the future by getting a franchise player Andrew Wiggins.Right now is the biggest day in recent Lakers history off the court we need to win the lottery tonight and keep the pick and make Andrew Wiggins our new face of the franchise have Kobe pass Wiggins the torch.It’s this easy if Kobe doesn’t pass Wiggins the torch then Wiggins will just have to take it from him.But lets get the #1 pick tonight i fully am confident the Lakers will get the #1 pick.We will end a miserable season on a winning note tonight.


    • L.A BU11Y

      AGREED WITH EVERYTHING YOU BLOG ACCEPT WIGGINS! EMBIID is our guy! 7 ft, athletic and a rim protector.. you add Love in 2015 we are back in business!!!

  • L.A BU11Y

    I we get into the top 3 picks.. KEEP IT LAKERS!! do not trade!

  • comrade24

    I just hope we don’t draft Embiid, his back problems are definitely a concern with him being so young, played so little, and already having back issues.

    • L.A BU11Y

      you know I totally DISAGREE WITH YOUR BLOG.. if I recall right, Hakeem had a major back problem.. look what he did.. Howard had a back problem, he is so called the best today(bull chit).. we need a Center a big man! I would say EMBIID, WIGGINS OR EXUM lets go!

      • comrade24

        I’m all for Wiggins, Exum, or Parker. I just don’t want to see the Lakers draft a “Greg Oden”. If he’s good, we’ll let whoever drafts him develop him and then pick him up in FA

        • Mathias

          I like your logic but remember andre drummond had the same injury and look how he’s developing

          • comrade24

            That’s true. This is just the most important offseason in recent history and i would be leary of drafting someone with risks or making a risky coaching hire. If Wiggins or Parker are available I would have to go with them. Parker, especially i think is going to be great in the NBA.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    I want Lakers to keep their pic and who ever we draft hope he NBA ready to me its a whole different ball game then college that just me Lakers 4 Life!

  • Mathias

    I just can’t see the logic in trading say the 3rd pick in a draft with easily 4 or 5 potential superstars, just to get more players in return who are of lesser value. This is the nba, where a superstar is worth more than anything. you put durant on a team of scrubs and they’ll still compete. I’d take 1 of wiggins/Parker/embiid/exum etc over 2 later picks and a good role player or 2 any day of the week.

    • comrade24

      agreed. if we land top 3 we’ll have a guy who could potentially be a Kobe/Lebron type player in a few years, and will develop quickly under the leadership of Kobe and Steve Nash.

  • ra

    Of course it’s an option. It’s obvious. Another option is ‘not trading’ the pick. There are many options, so all is considered a viable option.

    Mentioning that something is an ‘option’ isn’t committing to that (i.e., Worthy didn’t say, “I think they should trade the pick”). Just “trading the pick is an option”. If you go to Kevin Jewelers, buying a ring is an option – ‘not buying’ a ring is an equally valid option.

  • VillainKing™

    Don’t ever try to trade the pick Lakers keep it and keep it always we need the lottery pick Lakers..

  • John Elliott

    Keep the pick but stay away from Embid with his back problems that is Only going to lead to other issues.