Lakers News: James Worthy Believes Team Isn’t Looking For ‘Quick Fix’

Lakers News: James Worthy Believes Team Isn’t Looking For ‘Quick Fix’


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Serving as an analyst for the Lakers for a while now, James Worthy has become one of the most outspoken people when it comes to the team. With the Lakers struggling right now, there are a lot of things that need to happen in order for the team to be a championship contender once again.

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Kobe Bryant has not been quiet about his wish for an immediate rebuilding of the team, but James Worthy believes the team will take their time, as he told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

I don’t think they’re looking for a quick fix. I don’t think that’s what they’re looking for. I think most teams kind of look at new-coming rookies as a projection. Something they can grow in the future, two to three years. I think that’s what they’ll be looking for.

The majority of draft picks, even those selected at the top of the draft, usually take a year or two before they are really making a big difference in the NBA. The team groomed Kobe Bryant for a couple of years before he really became one of the faces of the team.

Now the Lakers are in that same position and may be looking to do the same thing. While it is understandable that Bryant wants the team to win now, as he is entering the twilight of his career, the Lakers have to be wise and prepare for the future of this organization.

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There are a number of ways for the Lakers to do that, some even believe they could trade their top draft pick. But by taking their time and building the right way, the team’s future is likely to be much brighter.
Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak Q & A: Kobe Bryant, NBA Draft, Coaching Search

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  • Garrett

    Yeah, but Kobe and the myopic and delusional majority of the Laker fanbase (or perhaps should I classify them as “Kobe comes first fans”) wants and demands a quick fix.

    • $20509373

      You hit the nail on the head.

    • Computer Networking

      Why are we delusional? Let’s look at this. How many times have the lakers really used a player that they drafted? There hasn’t been many times, but yet they have won titles. I think that the delusional part comes in on the people who do not believe that the Lakers can rebuild now without being able to still make a splash in free agencies in the future. What the fans want is to be competitive. Kobe wants to be competitive. The front office wants to be competitive and still be able to build towards the future. All of this is possible so where is the delusional part coming from. Kobe has two years left. The fo wants upcoming and younger free agents. There are plenty of one year contracts out there that the Lakers can get in order to be competitive for a year and then make a splash in free agency and also have these one year contracts as trade assets. The Lakers have been successful because of trade assets, not because of rebuilding from ground up.

      • Jed

        Lakers have NO assets. NONE. You think you’re getting Love in exhange for that 7th pick and an aged past his prime Pau in a sign & trade? Golden State has Barnes, Klay, Lee, etc. Phoenix with like 4 1st rd. picks over the next 2 seasons, 3 of them are on this years draft alone. Those are Assets.

        • Computer Networking

          Ok. You are only speaking of the problem with no solution. The problem is the lakers have no trade assets. They didn’t have assets with the gasol trade other than some late draft picks. If you have no trade assets, then go get some. Simple as that. There are one year contracts which could become great trade assets. Barnes is a good trade asset but who would you get for him? Nobody worth while. He is a player you use to shed cap space. Lee has lost his value because he has a big contract but stays injured. Klay is a good trade asset, but he doesnt make enough to cover the salary of the larger players that you are looking to get. So those are pointless targets unless you put two or maybe three together. Do that and now your bench sucks and you will be building again next season. Asik is a one year contract that the lakers should be willing to pursue. Close to love’s salary, defensive center who can shoot free throws and hustle. If you dont want him by the trade deadline or at the end of the season, he becomes a trade asset that other teams will come after. Personally, I could care less about getting love. It would be a great edition to the team, but no real issue if the lakers don’t get him.

      • Jed

        At some point, the Lakers will have to start thinking (and learn) of loading up on draft picks and developing some young talent. You can’t just keep relying on “We’re the Lakers, Free agents will come (or they won’t leave us for another team)”. It’s a different era of superstars nowadays. They can grow their brand even in the smallest of markets like OKC, MIA, and not necessarily be in LA or NY.

        • Computer Networking

          I agree to most of what you say, but I don’t believe that there is a different breed of players here and now or in the future. Location, money, and championships is why players go to the lakers. The new cba rules has tried to balance that but you really can’t balance it. If you are a star, you want star money, superstars want superstar money. That’s what all of it is about. Later in the players careers, they begin to put championship over money. There is no difference from the past and present players.

    • Guest

      “Kobe Will Get 6” – Kobe comes first fan

      “Kobe Will Get 6” – Lakers comes first fan

    • saythereal

      Its not just about Kobe but like he said if your not winning for LAL you are not going to survive for the Lakers/ fans period , we are just known for winning so its hard for us to think our Lakers will be losers for the next 3 yrs and define quick fix is that Lebron, Chris Bosh going to Miami for 2 yrs for championships and taking a paycut did Pat Riley make a bad decision or what do you think ?

      • Rex

        Those guys in Miami willingly took a paycut to fit under the old CBA. Keyword is “old” CBA. But now even they are concerned about holding on to those 3 moving forward given how punitive the luxury taxes will be. It’s no longer dollar for dollar every year.

        Laker fans will have to learn to be patient because a “quick fix” is highly unlikely. The days of stepping up to the plate during one offseason and just hitting a homerun in FA is not so easy anymore. Now you have to be methodical and work your way around the bases, meaning gather up 1st rd picks, draft some promising young talent, and develop them.

  • Chippaz

    If we land top 3 pick

    Kendall Marshall / Jordan Farmar
    Kobe Bryant / Kent Bazemore
    Luol Deng / Xavier Henry
    Pau Gasol / Jordan Hill
    Joel Embiid / Robert Sacre

    Sign Gasol to 1 yr deal and wait till next offseason to pursue Kevin Love

    • Computer Networking

      This would be good, but honestly, in my personal opinion, if the lakers don’t get Kevin love now, they will lose him to new york later. Especially if miami breaks up. Love going to new york with carmelo, who is not going to leave new york, possibly pau gasol and rondo could very well be the next big thing. These players are players that Phil Jackson is after. Gasol because of his experience with the triangle, love because he is the best spread 4 pf, rondo, enough said. Love wants a ring. He would have the greatest chance to get it with that squad.

  • Bo

    I played the ESPN lottery game and 4 out of 5 times the Lakers landed in the top 3 drafting Dante Exum and the Lakers got #1 once drafting Andrew Wiggins.Not bad for 5 tries yes the Lakers are in great position to close this out today.

    • Computer Networking

      Now we know that the Lakers pick 7th. Now what?

  • hookedonnews

    Mitch Kupchak has been saying for months that this is going to take time. He has also said they are looking to build the team through free agents not draft picks. That means at least a couple of years. We don’t have the players to trade, so we’re just going to have to wait until the top players become available in free agency. Kobe may not like it, but there’s really no alternative if you want to compete for a championship. You can’t do that without top-level talent.

    • Computer Networking

      It is possible. Look at all of the one year contracts that they could get. Just give him a fighting chance. Asik, resign gasol, they are going to go after stevenson. Starting 5:

      Marshall or farmar

      Nash is gone next season. 9 million
      Asik is gone. 14 million
      And the cap goes up again next season. The Lakers would have over 30 million to spend and they could still keep their Draft pick. It’s possible. You just have to want it to be. There are too many ways to get things done to say impossible.

      • hookedonnews

        I’ve seen no indication that the Lakers are going to make the kind of moves you’re proposing, but anything is possible I guess.

        • Computer Networking

          The only player that the Lakers would go after is stevenson, but I think that will be off the table after the playoffs because his value is way up now. He is arguably the first or second best player on indiana pacers “right now.” Everyone else was just options to make everyone happy. Being competitive without killing the budget for next season.

  • ra

    fix what? It’s not like something is ‘broken’ and needs ‘fixing’. It’s more like something ‘isn’t there’ and ‘needs building’.

    • Computer Networking


    • TimetoAdapttonewNBA

      “But but…the Lakers don’t rebuild. We fix things quickly. We reload on the fly. We don’t take 2-3 years to develop talent.”

  • SoulChorea

    Yo this just hit me….where the heck is Avery Johnson??? I think everyone forgot about that dude – he was a good coach, where is he these days?

  • RUDY T.

    You all send Big James to a big game.Today is the biggest game and the Lakers have the Big Game James to save the franchise from drowning in purgatory for the next decade.Big Game James Worthy will come up big today with the #1 pick.

  • Evan

    Are we going to get an article every time James Worthy says something about the Lakers? I get stuff is slow in the off season, but there are three “James Worthy:” articles in the past couple days.


  • Suspected Spam

    #7 pick huh? I was wishing for a higher pick and a chance at Embiid or Exum, but I’ll ‘settle’ for Marcus Smart.

  • Hank

    Kobe is not getting no.6 with the same structure wherein he is THE man on the team. The only way he will get no.6 is if swallows some pride and cedes to the “sidekick” role again, and then a Lebron-type guy (or Lebron himself) comes over and does all the heavy lifting. Just look at Wade. He was the man in Miami all this time and despite some who still say he is (which is a flat out lie), make no mistake about it, that is Lebron’s team and they go as he goes. Wade still has to get his moment here and there like he did tonight in game 2, but Lebron is the unquestioned “no.1 guy” or “1A” on that team.

    Unless Lebron comes this offseason, Worthy is right. There is no quick fix. Rebuilding on the fly isn’t as easy anymore with the new CBA.

  • Richard

    The Lakers probably are looking ahead at the big picture now. Thinking about how to get the right players they need to provide the pieces to compete for the NBA title, as soon as possible. One key to their success may be how well the Lakers fill in the holes on last years team.
    The second key is the right kind of talent at every position that will fill that bill. Preferably very competitive players with a proven history of being skilled and successful at their positions. Last but not least, players who really want to play for the Lakers. I like to think the Lakers can put together the pieces to their puzzle within a very reasonably timeline.

  • Richard

    The thing is finding the right mix of players at the right time as soon as possible. One scenario may be getting a good young player (either from this draft or a trade), possibly like Joel Embiid, with a great future/upside,
    Sign a versatile veteran PF/C like Luol Deng. Sign Pau to a one year contract. Then maybe sign the best and most effective players from last season’s team,
    (Farmar, Meets, Young, Bazemore, etc.) to one year extensions. Fill in any holes left with the best possible players with the right skills and chemistry.

  • greg

    dante exum…we need him