Lakers News: Isiah Thomas Says Kobe Is ‘Closest Thing’ To Michael Jordan Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="282"] The Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan comparisons are seemingly never-ending and it's not without reason. Bryant modeled his game after J [new_royalslider id="282"] The Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan comparisons are seemingly never-ending and it's not without reason. Bryant modeled his game after J Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Isiah Thomas Says Kobe Is ‘Closest Thing’ To Michael Jordan

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The Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan comparisons are seemingly never-ending and it’s not without reason. Bryant modeled his game after Jordan and as he has gotten older, has modified his game to sustain his dominance, much like MJ did.

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While some people don’t like to compare the two, one of Jordan’s fiercest rivals, Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas had an easy answer when asked who Kobe reminded him of during an NBA.com Open Court Roundtable:

I would have to say Jordan. From mannerisms and everything. The way he walks, the way he shoots, the way he carries himself. And it’s not a bad role model to have and I think he’s the closest thing to Jordan that we’ve seen.

Thomas pretty much summed everything up. Every NBA player grows up watching the game and emulating their favorite players. Big men could see Olajuwon’s post moves and try to learn the ‘Dream Shake.’ Point guards could see Magic Johnson with his no-look passes and try to re-create ‘Showtime.’

Anyone who watched Jordan growing up wanted to do what he did. From the patented fadeaway jumper, to the amazing feats of athleticism, and classic dunks. Everyone wanted to be ‘like Mike.’ Kobe was the first person who could actually pull it off.

Most believe he’s not quite on Jordan’s level yet as he has yet to win his sixth championship and he is as determined to do that as ever. Maybe once he is able to pull that off, Phil Jackson will have to re-think his choice.
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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • ra

    or, Michael Jordan is the closest thing to Kobe Bryant.

    • ra is an idiot

      you’re a dumb laker fan idiot…….

      • Luis Guerrero

        idk… Mike was great but kobe played the better SGs. Jordan had a physical advantage over every 2 in his era, kobe didnt have that luxury. vince carter was the most physically gifted athlete of his era. kobe played against alot of skilled players that were physically equal or supirior and because of his skill he was better than them all

  • F pita

    The show is not over until the fat lady sings, Kobe is what every team wishes they had ! The next 2 seasons watch out !

    • REY

      RETIRE !!!

  • Ben Dover

    Jordan scored more in less time AND he went to college…Kobe skipped college and went straight to being a rapist….i mean NBA player

    • J Taylor

      Such a tired response.
      In the 11 years since, this is all you can come up with?
      I understand people won’t like Kobe, but I don’t understand the hate.
      Regardless of your emotions toward his character, you should still respect the talent, ability, and accomplishments.

    • god

      Ben dover? Nice choice of a name for a faggot. So you admit you bendover n take it ok cool. Plus mentioned rape as soon as your childhood flashed before your eyes. Lollllllll kobe is the best ever period. N I hate comments by people who dont no shit. Stfu already gayboy. And all u other hating bastards.

  • RealTrueLakersFan

    I Love making Kobe-ities/Kobe-tards hate me

    • nlruizjr

      yeah, every fool deserves to sound like a fool !!!!

  • James Cooper

    Utter rubbish! Kobe will NEVER equal Jordan. Heck Kobe won 3 of his 5 titles being the 2nd best player in the team. How the hell could you compare a joker like that to the man who carried his team on his back and was 6 FINALS = 6 WINS = 6 FINALS MVPS = NEVER LOST A FINAL!!!

    • Mamba

      It was a different era PP boy. Lakers are playing teams like the spurs. Jordan wasn’t playing the spurs. Shaq was not the better player anyhow

      • James Cooper

        You idiot, Shaq easily the 2nd best big man after Wilt was the finals MVP in all of those three championship Laker teams. You need to get your head out of Kobe’s ass and face the facts. I’m sorry what did you say? Differerent era was it? The hell it was as Jordan played in the golden era of basketball unlike the watered down era of the NBA that Kobe played in. Like that over-hyped joker Kobe, he was not coached by a guy who ALREADY had 6 rings. Kobe had the fortune from the time he came into the team to be surrounded by one of the greatest and most dominant force in NBA history and other great players and senior pros (some of whom were already NBA champions) like Horace Grant, Ron Harper, Glen Rice, AC Green, Robert Horry and so on. That is the set up Kobe walked into and played. A luxary Jordan never had when he came into the league and the league was dominated by the Celtics, Lakers, Pistons, Knicks, Cleveland just to name a few.

        Michael Jordan accomplished all he did during the golden era of the NBA when the game was far more physical and tough. An era in which hand checking, elbow checking, body checking and even a beat down (as teams often did to Jordan) of an opponent was allowed and of course an era in which almost every team had two or more future hall of famers playing for them. Karl Malone, John Stockton, Charles Barkely, Patrick Ewing are some of the hall of famers and among the 50 greatest players in the history of the NBA that never won a championship because of a guy by the name of Michael Jordan. Olajuwan and Drexler won when Jordan was playing baseball and they NEVER won again after Jordan returned. The Bulls were 47-35 the season before Jordan returned for his first full season back and then went to an all-time record 72-10 in his first full season back after a near 2 year retirement.

        Jordan took a team that had a piss poor record of 27-55 when he joined them in 1984 and converted them to become World Champions just 7 years later and elevated them to become one the greatest ever sporting dynasties in sports history (if not the greatest) and in the process relentlessly pushed his average team-mates to become mentally tough and better ball players and some like Scottie “Migraine” Pippen, to become superstars. If not for Jordan’s leadership, mentoring, guidance and push Scottie would have been an absolute nobody. Michael Jordan’s homicidal drive and will to win made Scottie become a better player and also lifted the play of the rest of Jordan’s average team-mates.

        Educate yourself PP boy without making an ass of yourself by displaying your glaring ignorance.

    • god

      James cooper….. lolllll your a joke. Just look at your picture. You no nothing about this sport. Stick to hockey geek.

  • LegendInMyMind

    There’s more than a single championship separating MJ and Kobe. MJ did more than win rings. His stats and accolades are just on a whole other level compared to Kobe and pretty much every other player. So when you look at the body of work, Kobe’s career isn’t all that close to Michael’s, but then, whose could be? That’s why I prefer to look at them as different players. That’s what they are. Different players and they’ve had different careers.

  • RonniePee

    I’m a huge Jordan fan and a huge Kobe fan and I must say, Michael Jordan’s accomplishments will never be matched, so let’s end that discussion. Being that Kobe came after Jordan and his game pretty muck mirrored Jordan’s game, Kobe will always be as a Jordan-wanna-be, which is unfair. Jordan did so many things that Kobe is doing now but the mere fact that Jordan did it first, makes Kobe’s accomplishments look second-tier.not forget that Jorda the second best player in the league during that time in Pippen. Pippen could guard the best player on opposing teams and score 20-25pts on any given night. Jodan also had the best rebounder in NBA history in Rodman and he also had the best foreign player in the league back then in Kokoc. Jordan was always surrounded by 3pt champions and 3 pt specialists in Craig Hodges, John Paxson and Steve Kerr. Not to mention, Jordan had Phil Jackson to help along the way. Kobe did have Shaq but Kobe was just aso that team as Shaq was. Kobe closed games when Shaq would get in foul trouble and he would also close games when “hach-a-Shaq” would be implimented. Kobe was the lock down defended during the Shaq/Kobe era. He always guarded the best player on the team, which most of the time was a perimeter player. Kobe won 2 titles without Shaq, which is also scrutized. Yes he had Gasol, but Gasol was 0-8 in playoff games before he came to LA. Kobe and Jordan are similar in many ways, but had totally different career paths. Jordan was drafted 3rd overall and was drafted to be the man franchise, Kobe was drafted 13th and was not drafted with high expectations. Kobe sat the bench for 2 yearsand fought for the right to be the man, while the stage was set for Jordan to be the man. Either way, these are, in my opinion, the 2 best players in NBA History.

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