Lakers News: In Need Of A Point Guard, Lakers Sign Kendall Marshall Reviewed by Momizat on . Desperate for a point guard with the injuries to Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar, the Los Angeles Lakers signed former Phoenix Suns lotte Desperate for a point guard with the injuries to Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar, the Los Angeles Lakers signed former Phoenix Suns lotte Rating: 0
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Lakers News: In Need Of A Point Guard, Lakers Sign Kendall Marshall

Desperate for a point guard with the injuries to Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar, the Los Angeles Lakers signed former Phoenix Suns lottery pick Kendall Marshall.

Marshall was playing for the Delaware 87ers in the NBA Development League, averaging 19.7 points and 9.6 assists per game. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports was the first to report the Lakers signed the former North Carolina point guard:

Desperate to replenish their guard depth, the Los Angeles Lakers have agreed to a deal with former NBA lottery pick Kendall Marshall, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Marshall played one season with the Suns before being traded to the Washington Wizards apart of the Marcin Gortat trade in October. Released immediately after the deal, the Lakers look to be taking a chance on the young point guard with the return of Farmar close to a week away.

In the interim, Xavier Henry will handle primary point guard duties with either Jodie Meeks or Nick Young playing backup when he isn’t on the floor. For the Lakers, desperate times call for desperate measures at this juncture in the season.


ICYMI: Hear what Steve Nash had to say about his injury status

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Great move by the Lakers FO.I been promoting Kendall Marshall on here.:-)

    Welcome Aboard Kendall Marshall.

  • Anthony Jones

    Another low risk, high potential reward former lottery pick. Love this a lot!

  • Slater

    This move has Mitch Kupchak written all over it. He’s a bigtime Tarheels fan.But I like the move.

  • A Fan

    Finally!! One more former lottery pick with a chance for redemption… with the Lakers!!

  • late news

    late news heard about this 3 hours ago

  • Listen to me

    Ok addition but they still need to sign Shannon Brown and still need to trade gasol he is to slow an his defense is terrible. Trade Kaman for Iman Sumpert! Or Gasol for him Chandler and J.R Smith!!

    • Daryl Peek

      Shannon Brown?!? Were already overloaded with guards. They didn’t want to do this. When Blake and Farmar come back Marshall will likely be released. The team does not have enough minutes for Blake, Farmar, Meeks, X, Young, Johnson, and Kobe. This is what most don’t look at.

      • kobe24

        @Daryl… you think so?

        I agree that front office didn’t want to sign but had to because of Kobe’s injury however, if Marshall can prove hes valuable I can see them keeping him after all the guy has lots of potential just…never really got a chance to shine… Blake is probably going to be back later January and Farmar I think will be back by Christmas which gives Kendall heck a good month or so too prove that he is worth it

        But I agree, there is no reason for Shannon Brown, the other guards (Meeks, Henry,etc) have all been playing well there is no need to add any more guards

      • Tar Heel Thriller

        Whoa why in the hell are you trying to push Kendall Marshall out the door so god damn fast???Chill out hombre!SMFH!Kendall Marshall is not getting released if he plays good.Likely someone will get let go in the off season that old guy Steve Nash will be gone.

        The Lakers will retain Kendall Marshall and Jordan Farmar.If Steve Blake is worth anything they will trade him for tax relief.MDA has no choice in the matter Lakers are in scramble mode right now.

        Kendall never got a god damn chance in Phoenix with the retard Suns last year.Suns were tanking and they never used Kendall because Lindsey Hunter is a retard and refused to use Kendall Marshall.It’s not the fault of Kendall that Dragic hogged the minutes SMFH at idiots out there judging Kendall without basis.

        Plus do some research G and read about how much people are bragging about Kendall,his D-League Coach says he has improved dramatically.Why you such a god damn hater???

        Kendall is cool and a passer that fits with moving the ball around in the MDA system and he is a pass first Point Guard.Kendall is only 22 years old and a former lottery pick.Other NBA teams were interested in him.Give him a chance please and judge him after you watch him on the Lakers.Ya dig!

        • kobe24

          Well, too be in his defense I don’t think he was trying to “push Kendall out the door so god damn fast” and I can see where Daryl is coming from who knows if he will produce those numbers in NBA (would be great of course).

          But as far as we know, this was the last resort that FA did and its undeniable that they didn’t want to take Kendall Marshall (but Kobe’s injury lead to it)

          I remember Marshall from College a great player with good handles (reminds me of Steve Nash…oh the irony) but yeah if he can produce and show the flashes of brilliance like he did in college it would be awesome !

          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed. If he’s lights out he may get a long term look.

        • Daryl Peek

          I don’t need to do research mayne. Marshall is just being brought in for a stop gap fill. I know everyone is praying for Nash to be gone but that’s not happening.

          Marshall may have potential but what he did in the D-league means nothing. Hell I doubt he even played in 190 games.

          G-lock was D-league MVP last season. Marcus Landry was the three point champ of the D-league. Malcolm Thomas was a straight monster playing for the DFenders recently and was called up by the Spurs a few weeks ago. The Spurs sat Duncan Ginobli and Parker tonight yet Thomas got no PT? Ryan Kelly was killing it on the DFenders. Starting to see?

          Marshall will have to play out of his mind in any PT he gets to even crack more than 20 minutes a game. And as I said, he will likely be released by the time both Blake and Farmar are both back.

          Please think and look at things realistically before you start judging comments and calling someone a hater.

          • Al Haldie

            The LAKERS WILL ALWAYS HEVE 3 PG now after all this who will the lakers get rid of nash he will never play this yr or next-he will retire this yr – he just can not do it any longer, its a shame but its the truth….

      • nlruizjr

        D Peek, what you are not looking at is that Meeks,X and Young are not PG’s and Nash may never come back. KM is a big PG, young and athletic and needs to prove himself, right now he’s averaging 19pts. and about 8 assits per game in the D-League, I think KM will be another steal to add to their collection for the future. Don’t forget the Lakers only have a 14 man roster since they let go of E. Harris.

        • Daryl Peek

          Do you really think the FO would Keep Marshal over Nash? I know most would want that but be realistic. Hoping Nash retires is no a qualifier. The other guards are locks for this season. Marshall no doubt will not have a guaranteed contract. You’re trying to tell me he’s gonna beat out the incumbents? I’m not hating on the kid, you have to be realistic.

          • jeremy

            he will never take nash spot, but at least for now he has a spot for at least 4 week unless they dump him when farmar back.

          • Dragon7s

            Another former lottery pick in the right system perhaps?
            If he proves himself valuable as a PG that can spread the floor and find the open man, there’s a good chance he sticks.
            Having said that, I’ve not seen him play yet.

            Nash isn’t coming back despite all the reports to the contrary.
            Just a matter of time (trade deadline?) that they announce that he’s formally retiring (medically or otherwise).

          • Daryl Peek

            We set on opposite sides of this one. I too yearn for and end to the Nash thing but that’s wishful thinking. I’d really be surprised if Nash is done.

          • jeremy

            you might be surprise if he does, but the writing on the wall that the end might be closer then we think. nash wants to come back so bad, but sooner or later his body will tell him just to stop. nash just doesnt want to give up and will do anything to try to come back.i think it best for him and the laker just to call it a career.

          • Joseph Apohen

            Does he need the money that badly that he may not want to retire. Perhaps the Lakers can negotiate with Nash so that he can retire without both party losing so much money.

          • Lar Da

            What do u mean by FO?

          • Daryl Peek

            Front office, Jimmy and Mitch.

          • Lar Da


          • nlruizjr

            DP, your the one that has to be realistic, Nash has seen his days, so your saying that the Lakers will turn away a young talented with PG potential for a 40 yr old, who may only play this year, think about what you are saying !!!!!!!!

          • Daryl Peek

            Yes they will. You need to think about the whole picture of it. Nash may or may not return. IMO most are praying for Nash to be done. That remains to be seen but Nash’s salary is real and has to be accounted for.

          • Jeff Grotke

            is there insurance on Nash’s salary?

          • Daryl Peek

            Not sure but it would make sense for it to be.

          • Daryl Peek

            Not sure but it would make sense for it to be.

          • Jeff Grotke

            is there insurance on Nash’s salary?

    • jeremy

      brown, why who said we needed a SG, when we have meeks,herny wes and young who can all play the SG spot. lakers are in need of PG help not SG help

    • ‘James Edwards

      Ok so let me get this straight you are under the impression for some reason NY would accept Kaman and give Iman Shumpert I return??

    • nlruizjr

      what a Joke, Chandler is worst than Gasol, in just about every category and JR Smith is just a locker room cancer !!!!!

      • Joseph Apohen

        I agree. Chandler is over the hill and JR is a headcase.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Terrible trade suggestion. Chandler is getting older and seem injured often. J. R. is a headcase, and Brown is only for Brown. Just keep the present team as they are. They seem to be doing well without a pg. We don’t need another one. Farmar is coming back soon and so will Blake. MDA is doing a hell of a job despite many continue to bash him.

  • e3bonz

    When does he start?

    • kobe24

      I hear hes taking a plane to be with the Lakers by tomorrow so…MDA might play him tomorrow or perhaps not

      • vdogg

        he SHOULD play tomorrow. who else is going to back up x?

  • jeremy

    love the sign i wish they will keep him long term if he does well. i dont care if he avg 5 point a game as long as he avg about 6 assist a game

    • kobe24

      So…like a Rick Rubio type of player im guessing? Hes not the best scorer but gives 8 assit or so per game.

      • jeremy

        yea well not so much rubio since dude struggle to shoot since he has a 35% shooting %. im talking im fine if he plays like he did in college low scoring but high assist

  • Lakers4Life

    Good pickup, though it won’t mean anything once Marshall gets hurt under Dumbtoni’s idiotic coaching and time management. Fire Dumbtoni and time to get the right coach that LeBron and Carmelo will feel comfortable under next season.

    • vdogg

      lebron and melo aren’t coming, buddy. what are you rolling and smoking?

    • jeremy

      with the new rules lakers will be lucky to get one max player. besides who to say they will even go into free agency.

      • Lo Luciano

        Melo will be in a Lakers jersey next year…. Not Lebron tho……

        • jeremy

          im not sure about that.i wouldnt be surprise if he was, but who knows if he will be.

          • Al Haldie

            Thats all we need KOBE AND MELO trying to out shoot each other while ever on else standing and watching —MELO AND KOBE is not a good fit…

        • Joseph Apohen

          Lakers will need two balls if Melo comes. I don’t think he will defer to Kobe.

    • Al Haldie

      Thats never going to happen !!!

    • Joseph Apohen

      Stop dreaming. Lebron or Carmelo are not coming. You’re bashing MDA who I think has done a tremendous job with what he’s dealt. Who do you want Phil Jackson? Just like John Wooden, he is not coming back. His health will not take the rigors of NBA. Who else do you want? I don’t think there is any coach out there who could do better than MDA. He’s got the team playing well and the team chemistry is shown by thej players performance. They are happy and are having fun. They are playing beyond expectation.

  • Jovan Bell

    Why was he not playing in Phoenix?

    • jeremy

      dude just never got a shot and was just traded to the wiz who really didnt want him so he got cut. but we got him while he was shining in the d league

  • Geoffrey Yan

    I like this move because the lakers are running out of point guards since all of them have been injured. jordan farmar coming back in another week, but I want to see how marshall does on the court and if he can be productive for the team.

  • GMcDowell

    Nothing says “panic” like signing Kendall Marshall. The Phoenix Suns (a team that will finish well ahead of the Lakers for the foreseeable future) let him go one year after drafting him with the 13th pick overall. Who gives up on a lottery pick after one year? He has to be an absolute bust with no upside. And he is. That’s what you just signed to play the point. Are you trying to tank?
    If so, excellent signing.

    • jeremy

      or maybe he just wasnt given a fair shot, just look at wes and xavier Henry for the lakers. former first round picks having one of the best seasons of their careers. so cant call some one a bust after one year without getting another shot.

    • Al Haldie

      Do you think this is the first time a team cut a – lottery pick-and where does the sun fit in about how great they are were lakers fans not suns fan.

  • Rob

    this dudes court vision fits MDA system, pass first guard and loves transition game. just show us what you made of….

  • kb24

    Well they should’ve called Marshall up instead of letting Kobe play the point,Dumbtoni was already having him do too nuch in such short minutes n also they need Shumpert or shannon brown to al least slow down the kikes of Westbrook n the Cp3″s of the league

    • Veix

      I have had it with the ”Shannon Brown thing.” When will you get that it is over. He had a great run, but he is not coming back and he sure is not the same player he used to be anymore.

      Marshall move in the other hand makes sense. He is a guy who just got 2nd chance, I doubt he would not give his 110%. Lakers are in a need of somebody who has got to prove his talent, unless like some vets on the team cruising around the games (Pau).

      • vdogg

        agreed! shannon will never be in the P and G again, so stop talking about it. and while we are on the topic of not looking back, let’s stop talking about vujacic in a lakers’ uniform again, too.

      • Joseph Apohen

        Brown is “what’s in it for me” player and have you seen how Pau played lately? Maybe he’s turned the page to 2009. Let’s hope so.

    • jeremy

      unless brown can some how show he can be a PG i dont see any need for him, when the lakers have 4 guys who can all play SG. wes,meeks,young and Henry

  • Nick Christopherson

    I don’t think he should be slept on. He has a big opportunity to shine and from watching him play, he has the potential to do well in this system. As long as he can spread the floor right and have good court vision, the dude can pass. We need a solid assist man right now. A lot of our guys are struggling to find/create their shot. We’ll see how bad this guy wants it because this could be the chance of a lifetime for him.

  • Jim Martin

    Good move by the Lakers. Been watching Marshall play since he was in 6th grade. Be patient with him, and he will produce. Suns never gave him a chance. He only started in 3 games, but he averaged 12 assists per game in those 3 starts. He holds the NBA record for most assists in 1st career start among active NBA players. He proved he can score in the D league. He belongs in the NBA.

  • Josh

    Lakers should go after Spencer Hawes cheap, young Center.

    • vdogg

      agreed. always liked spencer. but are you talking about this year, next year.. what? please clarify.

  • Paytc

    What were they waiting on is my only question. Perhaps having a PG would have made the return easier on Kobe. We saw all 3 PG’s go down to injury so the signing didn’t take any type of genius thinking.

    I am not trying to knock the FO because I think this was the only glaring mistake they slept on. We should always have at least 2 healthy capable true PG’s on the roster at all times IMO. Because Farmar is due to return soon Kendall may be sufficient for now?

    The goal remains the same…… have a healthy roster,make the playoffs,and play our best ball when it counts most.

    Go Lakers !

  • Sti1lmatic

    The FO should have gotten us Delonte West (PG) & Mickael Pietrus (SG), instead of Marshall.

    • Brenny Ortega

      No way man! Delonte is a head case n poison at this point towards our chemistry. Pietrus in the last couple of years has been disappointing and has failed to elevate his game. Why not experiment with a young PG? Wes came from the Suns and look how much his game has elevated

      • Sti1lmatic

        You’re right but I put them in purple and gold anyways on my NBA 2K14 roster lol

  • Brenny Ortega

    Ive been watching this kids videos and I’m pretty excited by this move! The Suns last year were garbage and the only reason the suns let him go was bc, well, they’re the suns haha. The Lakers organization along with kobe, pau, nash will bring out this kids best qualities (pass, screens, and defend young PGS aka kyrie/westbrook) Hope we get to see him tonight

    • Sti1lmatic

      Hopefully Nash is at all the practices mentoring this kid

  • Marty Susman

    Blake needs to go for a draft pick. Farmer and Marshall is all they need till 2015 when they make a REAL rin at a Kobe replacement, K rye Irving….

  • Vince Staley

    The Lakers see the potential in this kid.They just signed him to a multi-year deal.

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