Lakers News: Grizzlies Could Appeal To Pau Gasol In Free Agency Reviewed by Momizat on . After Kobe Bryant signed his two-year contract extension worth roughly $48.5 million dollars, many critics believed that the Lakers had dug themselves in a hole After Kobe Bryant signed his two-year contract extension worth roughly $48.5 million dollars, many critics believed that the Lakers had dug themselves in a hole Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Grizzlies Could Appeal To Pau Gasol In Free Agency

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NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Los Angeles LakersAfter Kobe Bryant signed his two-year contract extension worth roughly $48.5 million dollars, many critics believed that the Lakers had dug themselves in a hole because restrictions in the new collective bargaining agreement could potentially prevent the franchise from signing max-level talent to play alongside Bryant.

One thing that most are forgetting is how Bryant’s new contract impacts Gasol’s situation. Gasol is a free agent after this season, and it’s possible that the Lakers, as well as fans, felt that he’s a lock to come back next season. However that’s not the case.

Pau recently spoke to Scott Howard-Cooper of NBA.com about his future with the Lakers and this upcoming off-season. In that interview, he spoke about the idea of partnering up with his brother Marc Gasol and going to Memphis to finish his career.

“It’s appealing,”  Gasol said to NBA.com. “One of the best centers in the NBA, one of the best interior players, is my brother. There’s a lot of attractive factors there. But who knows if that’s even a possibility or if that will ever happen.

We sometimes lose sight of the fact that the Memphis Grizzlies were the first NBA franchise that Pau played for. He spent almost seven seasons there prior to being traded to the Lakers in 2008. With the Grizzlies having some cap space available in 2014, paired with the emergence of his brother Marc as an established star in the league, they present a strong case for Pau to leave.

Pau still made it known that this is all speculation, and that he is still focused on being a Laker for the time being.

“Right now, I’m just trying to focus on (the Lakers’ opponents) and staying healthy and playing a very successful year so this team and others will have the certainty and the confidence that I am a difference maker.”

Ultimately, Gasol’s future will depend on his performance this season, which hasn’t been impressive so far. He’s got the rest of this season to show what he has left, and if it isn’t up to par with what the Lakers are expecting, then it’s likely that he won’t return.

Regardless of that, Gasol will always be appreciated amongst Laker fans for his contributions in the 2009 and 2010 championships. Because of that he’ll live in Laker lore forever, no matter what uniform he wears next season.

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  • i_love_the_lakers

    Please go play with your brother and dont wait until the season is over please demand a trade you to soft and you dont play defense and by the way where is your offense? Pau you suc

    • Matt Williams

      You’re not a real Laker Fan.

    • John Z Prosise

      No don’t play with your brother , that’s sick …that’s like seeing your sibling naked …you that said I love the lakers you are a fat state worker

      • Daryl Peek

        Nothing wrong with playing with your brother on the same team. Many have done it and had success. The team that just beat the Lakers has twins playing together.

        Some it works for others it may not. Pau is likely to succeed with Marc due to their experience of playing together on the Spanish national team.

    • Daryl Peek

      Calling out a two time champ the way you are is not a good look mayne. Pau’s numbers are down from normal production but he’s still producing. You’re being very disrespectful.

      • kobe24

        I just wished he showed some more effort on the defense. Really sucks when Gasol is starting to look more like Bargnani on the defensive side

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Pau Gasol has become the weakest interior defender in the NBA.Adios Amigo!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Pau is trade bait right now.

  • Dragon7s

    I’m not going to be as harsh as some of the other posters here but if the Lakers FO can swing a deal for Gasol, it needs to happen.
    I’ve been a fan of Pau’s for a long time. Loved his attitude. Loved his finesse game.
    But the truth is that he doesn’t fit the system that the Lakers now play and that system isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    As much as it pains me to say this, it’s time.

    I hope that at this stage of his career he gets to finish with a modicum of respect as is deserving of a future HOFer.

    • Matt Williams

      The system is not going anywhere, but neither are we. When has this system won a championship?

      • Daryl Peek

        The last two season’s in Miami. Almost every team in the NBA and NCAA runs versions of it.

        • Matt Williams

          So why are we not excelling in this system and everyone else is? Why didn’t New York do good when MDA was there Phoenix never went to the finals with him. Explain that?

          • Daryl Peek

            Time and talent. That is still the key to NBA championships.

          • Los dawg

            You got him good there!! XD

  • Jim213

    Seems like Gasol knows that resigning with the team will have s lot to do with his performance. Wouldn’t mind if the Lakers kept Gasol but given his performance (injury?) and the his value/worth it seems like the two things won’t go hand in hand next off season. However, if Memphis does show interest the only player that they likely consider trading would be Z Randolph.

    Given next season’s uncertainties with (management SMH) it wouldn’t be a good fit to acquire Randolph $$ IMO though putting up avg. #s. IMO, if management decides to make a trade it’d be best to go with a 3 team trade to try to acquire another big inside (position for position) given the presence that may be lost if Pau is traded. But management should at least be upfront about it given his contribution to the organization.

  • carlo82005

    Let’s just watch him play for this season, if he improves the lakers can keep him.


    Gasol has been on a False Phrofit crusade, ever since his confounded ‘sudden decline’, precisely began when the Mavericks swept the Lakers out of the playoffs… The Lakers and Gasol profited mutually before this phenomenon took place… Enough is enough of the False Prophet’s self-proclaiming Fools Gold.

  • Daryl Peek

    Pau’s got about a month of auditioning on the clock in LA IMO. If there’s no drastic improvement in his production he will be shopped and shipped out…

  • John Z Prosise

    Pau is good , Sacre is getting Better …Kaman sucks for plating the oh my back state game …I thought only state workers played that game

  • John Z Prosise

    Pau is good , Sacre is getting Better …Kaman sucks for playing the oh my back state game …I thought only state workers played that game ..We need to get rid of Kaman , and get and aggressive 7 footer somewhere

  • John Z Prosise

    do you people know what its like to play on the same team as your brother ..Its weird …..Pau’s foot hurt is all , He needs a rest and we have no other big men , so shut your mouths , and don’t let me ever hear anyone talking that BS
    Lakers Nation

    • kobe24

      And how is playing with a brother weird? Do you have any experience with that? Look at morris brothers they have great chemistry. And oh please blake has a overextendes elbow and is still producing. And it isnt just about production its his lack of effort

      • John Z Prosise

        Yes , I have been on 4 playoff teams , and I am telling you playing on the same team as your brother is weird …Originally it was supposed to be Pau and Kaman , Remember That ??? Or did you forget ? then Kaman pulled the caddyshack , oh my back game …Never mentioned nothing about Blake , so shut the F up about that ..Dude you need to get your priorities straight you are talking through your ass.. and quit abusing Kobes name on your profile , I am man enough to put my real name , why aren’t you ? With Nash Out , and Kayman Out , we need a fast cutter and a big man from the d leagues , and quick so the Lakers can train them . The rest of the Lakers are doing very good .

        • kobe24

          LOL 4 playoff teams? What kind of bs are you pulling out of your ass. As you stated that if that is your real name you should at least be on google or even nba archives lmfao.

          And what does my profile name have to do with anything? If you want to reveal your identity on the internet that’s fine by me.

          The reason I mentioned blake was that he has an injury and yet is showing the effort whereas you mentioned pau gasol with a “foot” injury and shows NO effort.

          Stop changing the topic my point is GASOL HAS NO EFFORT what do you say about that?

          ^If you don’t answer this I am going to assume you are just some illogical troll and I will not have to waste my time talking to you about this

  • Sam Saab

    Gasol deserves a lot of respect he did help a lot on those 2 rings, i have always like him but i feel like he is depending to much on his shot now, why isnt he in the post like he complained about when we had that diva cowerd?? he doesnt work his game anymore and thats in the post, also defense is getting really bad, players easily just go right around him, its hard to trust him anymore…


    lakers winning games with youth, speed, athleticism, and playing 3 ball, when they put gasoft, flake, old mamba legs out there, they dont have none of that and lose ball games.. dantoni should stick with his strong players that have energy and speed not the old veterans..
    i say kobe, nash, gasol, blake are trading pieces for next season!!
    i know the pundits are going to hate but this is my observation being a fan since the 80′s … these newbee fans are going to hate this… watch….!!!!
    we need dynamic guards like kyrie erving, damian lillard, eric bledsoe, etc…
    not blake, nash, and kobe..and gasoft..
    we are weak interior defense, the team gives up the most points in the paint in the entire league, embarrassing, weak transition defense, and weak defensive rebounds, this might be setting up as a disaster season if freakin dantoni relies on nobe, flake, and gasoft finishing up starting ball games and putting them to lose ball games in the fourth… if he continues.. management better fire his a..!!!!

    • kobe24

      …….people like you piss meoff. You clearly havent watched ball lately. Flake? Hes our best pg right now and insanely good. Lakers cant move these “valuable ” trade pieces cause no one will take them. I can go on and on but ur post is plain stupid

  • LakeShow

    Trade Pau for Zach Randolph. In return, Lakers get Memphis’s 2014 first round pick. If Mitch really a genius, he should be able to get this done.

    If Lakers not going to tank the season, trade the 2014 first round picks it to the team that gets the top 3 lottery pick. Get Wiggins/Jabari/Exum.

    • kobe24

      No logic….

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