Lakers News: GM Mitch Kupchak Chimes in on Lakers’ Struggles Reviewed by Momizat on . Nothing is going right for the Los Angeles Lakers and the team that was supposed to cruise through the Western Conference may not even make the postseason. The Nothing is going right for the Los Angeles Lakers and the team that was supposed to cruise through the Western Conference may not even make the postseason. The Rating:
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Lakers News: GM Mitch Kupchak Chimes in on Lakers’ Struggles

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers-Press ConferenceNothing is going right for the Los Angeles Lakers and the team that was supposed to cruise through the Western Conference may not even make the postseason.

The Lakers are currently three games under .500 and they are coming off a tough loss to the Denver Nuggets at home. Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak put together a very talented roster this off-season, but up until this point, this team has not lived up to expectations. The Los Angeles Times reports that Kupchak spoke to select season ticket holders and talked about what he thinks is wrong about the Lakers.

“I think Pau continues to struggle to figure out how he’s going to play with his group,” said Kupchak.  “Our coaches are struggling as well.  We’re not going to succeed as a team until we figure that out.”

“In order to be a good defensive team, everybody has to really, really want to play defense and defend.”

It is clear that the Lakers have not found an identity and the players are having a hard time figuring out their roles in the offense. On top of that, the chemistry with the Lakers seems to be lacking on the court. The players are not playing with any camaraderie and something needs to change in the locker room.

There should be no reason that a team as talented as the Lakers should have a 15-18 record. The team has had enough time with the new coaching staff to have some sense of what to do, but nevertheless, the Lakers have not “figured it out” and their time is quickly running out.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/nando.medina2 Nando Medina

    We need a coach that can bring this team to a championship level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/MHM.35 Michael Mazurczyk

      so true lol! D’Antoni was never the answer lol

  • jubert

    trade Pau & get Kevin love

  • gonzalo

    The lakers have nothing to do as long as D´Antoni is the coach, doesn´t matter the roster, any good coach in this league would have this team playing at an other level, just see what happened with the Knicks, if you see Lakers games they don´t even communicate and help the helper on pick and rolls, it´s ridiculous.

    They desperately need Jerry Sloan in my opinion because he is definetely the best option available, he is considered the best coach without a ring, and he has a strong personality and won´t fear anyone in that locker room, he definetely will be respected by anyone and he actually
    knows the game as good as anyone.Derek Fisher should become a assitant coach(he is an extremely good vocal leader and will help controll the egos and put all of the in the same road)and maintain Chuck persons(great on deffense) and Gari Vity of the actualstuff, and bring all of jerry sloan stuff (with Phil Joshnson included).

    Once this is done, i will make a trade, im from Spain and Pau Gasol i believe is one of the greatest international playersever, in my opinion a hall of famer, and to these days probably the most
    skilled or one of the most skilled players in the post in the nba. Everyone knows how much Minesota and specialy Ricky want Pau there, and Kevin Love wants out of there so if we are lucky enought we should try to pull the tricker in a try like this:

    Minesota Receives:Pau Gasol, MWP, Jodie Meeks, Antawn Jamison;

    WHY? they ge the 2 guard they desperately need because of the injuries of Brandon Roy and Chase Budinger a good three in metta how´s been nothing but exceptional this year averaging over 13 points and a go to guy in the post who will come back to himself in Minesota, also a guy that averaged 17 points like year and is more than capable of contributing and only gets paid the veteran minimun.

    Lakers Receives:Kevin Love and Andre Kirilenko

    Also:they sign delonte west and kenyon martin(good defenders and this will help our bench, good rotation players).The roster would be:


    Steve Nash (27-32 mins)

    Delonte West (20-25 mins)

    Kobe Bryant (30-35 mins)

    Andre Kirilenko(excellent fit) (30-35 mins)

    Devin Ebanks / Steve Blake(15 mins)

    Kevin Love(leaves the paint for dwight) (30-35 mins)

    Kenyon Martin (13-18 mins)

    Dwight Howard (30-35 mins)

    Jordan Hill (13-18 mins)

    if you play steve blake you would play small ball with kobe at the small forward and if not you try devin ebanks how i believe has a lot of potential and can play defense, we don´t need more offense, lakers score so easily with nash, they are losing scoring 100+ point, the problem is in DEFENSE and that is mainly because the coach doesn´t preach it, they need to have basic plays on offense that you will learn in a week, and then work work and work on deffense, so by the time playoffs come you are at a good position, i believe as crazy as it sounds if you get that time playing elite deffense, they can compete against anyone and beat anyone doesn´t matter it they are the 8th seed.

    What do you think men, do you think there is any chance the lakers fire D´Antoni, i knew this would happen Jim BUss is retarded,for hiring him jerry sloan was the best option i believe and there is stil time but they need to pull the trigger RIGHT NOW!

  • Amanuel

    With the system they are in, they will never, never figure it out. The system must be changed and they need sound leadership that we have seen in Zen Master.

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