Lakers News: Gasol-Bynum Talks Will Continue On Monday

Lakers News: Gasol-Bynum Talks Will Continue On Monday


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Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers tried to complete a deal that centered around Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. Since the Cavaliers did not want to part with a young prospect or a future first round draft pick, the deal is on hold for now.

To ensure that Bynum passed his physical, the Lakers wanted to complete the trade before the Tuesday deadline. Although Los Angeles is leaving tomorrow to start their road trip, both teams will continue to talk according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst:

While there was disappointment a resolution was not reached by Sunday night, there is an expectation that talks between the teams would continue into Monday, sources said.

Although the Lakers believe they should receive more for Gasol, the Cavaliers feel that they are helping them financially. If the trade goes through, the Lakers will save more than $20 million in salary and luxury taxes.

With Cleveland determined to trade Bynum before his contract becomes fully guaranteed on January 7, they are also considering Utah’s offer that features Richard Jefferson. However, if they want to make a playoff push this season, Gasol is clearly their best option.

Since the trade rumors have heated up, Gasol has played extremely well so far and it has not affected him. After sitting out a couple games due to a respiratory ailment, Gasol had 23 points, 17 rebounds, and 8 assists against Utah.

Pau Gasol Says He Doesn’t Have Clarity On Trade Rumors, “It’s Not Easy”

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Calmly just say it now the Lakers are desperate to save money.Pau thank you.

    • HIP2CLIP

      well it’s true but this is a lucky break for the Lakers that gives them way more flexibility in the future. Repeater cap offenders (Lakers) are highly restricted. Lakers should do this in a heartbeat they just need another piece to make up the 75% trade variable

  • vdogg

    just get it done already. if i am tired of hearing about it, imagine how pau feels.

  • Justin Emerson

    Get it done already; LA has no leverage in this trade so take what is given

  • Matt Williams

    If Cavs aren’t willing to give us anything valuable in return, we move on.

    • HIP2CLIP

      The Lakers aren’t giving anything valuable. Pau has an expiring contract and won’t resign with the Cavs or the Lakers (think Boston) The Lakers are getting way more they the are giving a chance to get below the cap repeater tax thresh hold so their clock starts over

  • whatznextkupchak/BUSSFAM???

    its sad to see this team suck.. we’ve been great since ’98 till 2010 what a lakers run to reminice and think back at. kobe a legend, time to hang it up fella, time to rebuild unfortunately, the laker lure and magic disappeared and championship swagger coincidentally when the late J. Buss the owner passed away last season.
    12 year run for the purple and gold what a dynasty and the westcoast had and so spoiled with this great franchise.
    loyalty and great talent is very rare in the nba nowadays, we as fans should appreciate the new championship dynasties coming up now.
    to win 2 or even 3, 4 in a row titles in any sport is hall of fame status.
    i dont see kob winning again unfortuanately, if he did he would’ve taken less to get the best roster possible.
    its tuff being a fan.
    i truly feel phil jackson was and is the only coach that was able to take a core of players and turn them into champions, lakers was blessed to have that coach.
    success in the nba is not a loyal partner..
    while you have it cherish it…
    no wonder superman jetted out this sinking boat.

  • Lakersfan4life

    As a Lakers fan who doesn’t live in L.A, gotta say all you supposed fans make me sick. Here is a guy that over 5 years has got us 2 rings and 3 consecutive finals appearances (he was as important as Kobe in my eyes). So now, when he’s at the twilight stage of his career, putting up solid numbers to boot, you boo him? You keep wanting to trade him for a money dump?

    I swear, every time the Lakers have done badly the blame has ALWAYS gone on Pau. When we lost in the finals it was because he was Gasoft. Later when we failed repeatedly in the playoffs it was because he was too old. Seriously, I feel like 80% of these so called fans are nothing but that.

    Gasol is a lock in for the HoF. He’s a great person, a great player and a great role model. Throughout all these years of DISRESPECT dished to him by the fans AND the front office, he’s soldiered on. Now I have NO DELUSIONS AT ALL THAT THIS SEASON IS A BUST. And I am also aware that the coming draft is shaping up to be one for the ages. AND, I also know that with Pau, we won’t be able to “tank” effectively and might end up with a mediocre pick at best.

    BUT GUESS WHAT? THAT DOESN’T MATTER. There is this word that people keep forgetting – LOYALTY. Its really scarce comoddity nowadays. I feel like its the duty of the front office AND the fans to see Gasol off well. This can be accomplished in two ways:

    1) Let him play out his contract and allow him to become a free agent – lets him have the liberty to sign with Marc’s team (Memphis) – and cheer him on instead of booing him game after game.

    2) Sign him to a 2 year extension (with a good salary instead of asking him to take the vets minimum) so he and Kobe can play the last of their years in the NBA together – which is what they both mutually desire.

    If we do go for option 2) which is also what I think Pau prefers, we may end up not seriously contending for a championship in the next two years, BUT with some solid offseason moves, I think we have a good chance to be a deep playoff team.

    This might be a hard pill to stomach for many fans of this championship obsessed franchise (me included), but its the least we can do for a player of Pau’s greatness.

    • Mike

      As Pau mentioned time and again, that he’s “LOYAL”. It’s sad to see the Lakers front office not putting a stop to the rumors. Trading Pau would put Lakers as a no class organization. Though it’s a business, yet it stinks. It’s rare to find indeed a person with such class as Pau.

    • emfarfan

      Why don’t you marry him and go live together in fantasy land? The land where his game needs no improvement, where his post move(s?) still work and where you can be 7ft tall and shrink back when a guard attacks the basket. I think you’ll be very happy there….

  • Donavan Taylor

    “To ensure that Bynum passed his physical” !!??!! What? Aren’t the Lakers cutting him as soon as they get him? What then, does the physical matter? Don’t tell me they are thinking about KEEPING him? Could there be a worse fit for D’antoni? Why waste 6 million?

    • Dragon7s

      I believe that was just poor reporting since there are few people out there that are aware of Bynum’s physical state more than the Lakers. After all, they dumped Bynum on Philly before it was too late.

  • emfarfan

    Are you kidding me? The chance to dump Gasol’s huge and completely undeserved contract is a no brainer! How many games does he have to play without breaking a sweat or by getting pushed around by second string big men before Laker’s management gets it. Gasol for Bynum trade is a like for like with some real cost savings and hopefully some justice for the new players out there hustling every game, do it Mitch!