Lakers News: Gary Vitti ‘Wasn’t Real Happy’ With Kobe’s High Dive

Lakers News: Gary Vitti ‘Wasn’t Real Happy’ With Kobe’s High Dive


NBA: Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles LakersAt 34 years-old, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers sustained the most severe injury of his NBA career.

With a torn Achilles tendon, Kobe was sidelined for the remainder of the last season while the team was attempting to lock up a playoff spot in the Western Conference.

Ultimately, the Lakers played their way into the postseason without Kobe in the lineup, but were swept by the San Antonio Spurs and faced a lot of uncertainty heading into the off-season.

The major concern was Kobe’s health and whether or not he’d be able to return at some point next season or if he’d be able to continue playing at an elite level.

While making an incredible recovery from surgery to repair the torn Achilles, Kobe has been doing his best to prove to all the doubters that he’ll be back to form much earlier than anticipated. One of Kobe’s attempts to prove he was making considerable progress in his recovery was jumping off a 40-foot high dive into a pool.

Apparently, longtime Lakers trainer Gary Vitti wasn’t all that happy about Kobe’s dive via Mark Medina of the LA Daily News:

Bryant jumped off a 40-foot high dive, something he soon posted on Vine, a social media video player.

“I wasn’t real happy with it,” Vitti said. “I initially thought it was like when he jumped over the car.”

Obviously, Kobe jumping into a pool at that speed from that height had a lot of people concerned as it probably wasn’t the wisest of decisions by the five-time NBA champion.

Despite Vitti not exactly happy with Kobe’s dive, the veteran shooting guard continues to make progress in his recovery and should be back in the lineup for the Lakers earlier than expected. Although Kobe would like to return for the season opener against the division rival Los Angeles Clippers, returning in late November or early December appears to be more realistic.


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  • Paytc

    That was part of Kobe’s mental recovery process. Being one of the most mentally and physically toughest NBA players… the jump does’nt surprise me. I’m sure Kobe most likely got the ok from his physician. Here’s a toast to his fast and full recovery.

    Go Lakers !

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  • ra

    It’s Vitti’s job to not be happy about any extracurricular move that players make. If it were up to him, all players would stay in their homes, work out in their home gym, go to practice, minimize non-athletic recreation time, etc.

    So, he’s just doing his job. Remember when Radmanovic went skiing and injured himself, years ago? That was a bad move, and a ‘business’ liability. Vitti has to be the last stand, and we’re glad he’s doing that.

    As for Kobe? … well, don’t know what to say. Glad he didn’t get injured. Not sure if it helped his recovery, but it sure contributed to his bravado.

  • Jim213

    KB24 dove with his shoes on if I’m correct, but Kobe will always push limits.

  • Daryl Peek

    I’m just glad we not dealing with this anymore. That was the one good thing about the Howard trade.

    • Jim213

      More like the circus is out of town but hopefully the Buss’s put aside their so called issues.

  • C.K.

    bynum was a better player than dwight, bynum was a better offensive player, weaknesses for both players was their ego, and immaturity. Kaman will be way better than these past 2 centers lakers had. kaman can play both ends of the floor and doesnt have any ego. stay healthy Kaman!!!

  • Zimmeredge

    it’s a metaphorical leap. 40 foot high. sometimes you just have to go for it. be fearless about it and reach your goal. maximize your potential by doing something amazing yet utterly silly.