Lakers News: Fans Praise Kobe After LeBron’s Manila Tour

Lakers News: Fans Praise Kobe After LeBron’s Manila Tour


LeBron James, Kobe Bryant

For the last couple of years, Kobe Bryant has developed a great relationship with the people of Asia as a result of his “Kobe Asia Tour” and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He is by far the most popular athlete in Asia and even has a statue in China.

LeBron James is currently in Manila for a promotional event for Nike Philippines and to no one’s surprise, has already been compared to Kobe.

Although James has won two consecutive championships and Finals MVPs, the Philippines aren’t too fond of him and praise Kobe for his efforts to connect with fans.

According to Sports Interactive Network Philippines, James isn’t outgoing and refuses to take pictures or sign autographs with the fans:

“He’s a snob. When you go near him, even if you haven’t said anything, he’s quick to tell you, ‘No pictures, no autographs.’ So we never really wanted to get close to him in the first place.”

These fans tried their best to understand that James is on a tight schedule and doesn’t have enough time to interact with the fans, but praised Kobe for trying to fit in and accommodating his fans:

“Kobe’s charisma is on another level. He knows how to fit in. When he isn’t doing anything, he accommodates those who want a picture or autograph. If not, he knows how to decline politely.”

It’s no surprise that Kobe is the most popular athlete in Asia because there is mutual respect. The fans really appreciate all he has done and in return, Kobe has always tried his best to connect with them. Like James, Bryant doesn’t have to go out of his way to interact with his fans but his efforts likely stem from how he is received in the United States these days.

In a time when the media at home is praising LeBron for his accomplishments (which are well-deserved), they simply try to find ways to disrespect Kobe and what he’s done in his career. The people of Asia view him as a living legend while the media here somehow wants to twist that two rings are better than five (and sometimes even six).

The unfortunate truth is that people will finally come to appreciate Kobe like they do in Asia when he walks away from the game — and that’s a shame.


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  • Jim213


  • TeddyOrwell

    When I was living in this small town in Northern California, I was shooting baskets with a Chinese student at a neighbor’s house (he was part of a big group of Chinese students in the area and he was staying at their house because they volunteered to put him up). One of the first things he asked me when I met him was, “Do you like Kobe Bryant?” I told him I’m a Lakers fan from Los Angeles, so yes, I love Kobe. Then he asked why some people he talked to don’t like him. I said, “People in Los Angeles love Kobe Bryant. But lots of people outside of LA, they don’t like him. Mainly, because he doesn’t play for their team.”

  • Lakan Kildap

    Kobe’s always been good to Filipino fans. He visited first right after his rookie season, and even though he wasn’t in ‘uniform’ he agreed to show the crowd some dunks. It was offseason, he could have gotten injured, but he didn’t mind. Shaq was good to Filipino fans, too. Even played with the local pros. And Kobe’s been coming back. This offseason might be the exception, but knowing he’s injured, the fans understand.

  • Eddie Lazaro

    Kobe was portrayed as a villain by half of these “Expert” sportswriters and broadcasters who had tried and tried to destroy his career for just doing his job on court and for not kissing their asses. Even now, they never embrace him, keep on stirring news to discrediting him on his accomplishments. They cheated him on a couple of MVP (then) awards that he should have had. They blamed him for Shaq not being in shape or his trade to Miami or the teams eventual lost to the Pistons in 2004, and lately, Dwight leaving for Houston. or their toilet not flushing, their office not having air condition and so forth and so on. These so called “Experts” media broadcasters and sportswriters will try to sell their story to the public (even stories that are unsubstantiated), to fans to get their names on papers or their faces on TV at the expense of the others. They will crown and pad their favorite before even stepping on basketball court. Same in politics.
    It is a shame where journalism stands nowadays. What the news and media is turning out to be. The “Truth, Honesty and Credibility” are out the windows, to get the best “Ratings” that matters to them the most. Disgusting!

  • pinoypride

    Kobe respects filipinos and his filipino fans..nuff said

  • Joshua Nogot

    KOBE gave us court in Phase 2 Taguig City and has a charity too

  • Rance12

    many true NBA Filipino fans love Kobe since his early career just like how we loved MJ. The only reason why they get Lebron here to come is because of the recent championship. The #1 broadcasting company here featured the Playoffs and Finals and it became the trending topics in social media for all Filipinos. Lebron might be a favorite of this late generation because MJ and Kobe era weren’t in their system. They haven’t seen how great these players are. And Filipinos tend to love their own. It gives us pride. Eric Spoelstra was loved and supported for being a half Filipino, and Lebron/Miami/Wade was included in the package. But me, seeing the greatness of MJ and Kobe, won’t even bother to line up for queue just to see Lebron. I did it once for Kobe, when I ran 5 minutes from my office in business attire just to see Kobe’s head from afar in Nike HQ in Taguig. And I’m satisfied, seeing the real GOAT and the real KING of the NBA hardcourt.

  • Islesteelr

    Kobe doesn’t care that I’m Pangit…..

  • nick

    WALANG IWANAN -kobe bryant

  • SWISH41

    I’m a Filipino and an NBA fan as well.. This is a statement coming from a Dirk Nowitzki fan.. I honestly didn’t know LeBron will visit the Philippines until the evening before his arrival.. KOBE’s visit?! I knew it months before he arrive in Manila.. I always see myself as anti-KOBE not because I don’t like him but because he’s so good in every aspect of his game.. I won’t say I’m anti-LeBron, cause I really dont like him, CRYBABY!!!

  • ShaqBynumDwight

    the only reason i got hear was because of the ‘interesting’ title “Kobe, Lebron Featured in…” I wouldn’t have if not for the word ‘Lebron’ because I know how Laker fans are. They live in fantasy lala-land and couldn’t accept anything negative about their perceived god Kobe. The reality is Kobe is an asshole and there’s a difference between that and ‘not kissing ass.’ He alienated Shaq and then Bynum, and now Dwight, it’s just plain to see! You are just too blinded to accept that fact. Time to wake up to reality Fakers! Your team ain’t going nowhere while you still pay Kobe 25mil+ a year. Kobe desperately wants to one-up MJ and that’s the reason he doesn’t want to sacrifice a little money to get better teammates. But again, there’s just no other superstar in his right mind would want to play beside Kobe. He’s an arrogant, ball-hogging, limelight-loving, trying-to-be-in-dramatic-situations-ala-MJ overrated player. Unfortunately he has the following of millions of ‘fans’ who are deluded and wouldn’t know otherwise. You know Lebron is a lot better than Kobe! Lebron is the leader Kobe never was and never will be, so you try to persecute the King! Heck you even managed to use Lebron’s visit in Asia to try to herald your false prophet Kobe even more! How pathetic…

    But you gotta understand, the NBA world sure is a lot more interesting with Laker fans, and a lot more profitable too! 😀

    • Jim213

      Jack Cole or to whomever:

      Time will tell about the Kobe/Lebron issue but you should be GREATFUL for my FRANCHISE and it’s FANS for paying your ultility bills which includes contributing to your team’s player salary to an extent. WITH THE NEW REVENUE SHARING… WE HELP TO PAY YOUR BILLS, RENT, AND UTILITIES AND YOU STILL WANT TO CRITICIZE US?! YOU UNGRATEFUL ******** YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!…… APOLOGIZE!!!….LOL

    • iam1cent

      man you must be sucking lebrons pennis while writting all that thing. How do you know all that stuff?

  • Jiru Harz

    I apologize in advance to my fellow Lakers Lovers, but I just had to vent after I learned that Nike royally screwed my favorite TV station when LeBron James visited Manila but gave the others carte blanche.

    I heard Nike told TV5 ‘we can imagine your disappointment’. Well, I’m a customer service rep, and I know that is the biggest crock of canned response BS ever excreted to cover up inexcusable bungling. LBJ was supposed to be ambassador of goodwill to the sport and you bloody well screwed that up by turning your collective noses up at a huige chunk of the sports community by giving short shrift to the station they watch sports on the most (and where they’ll be catching FIBA Asia, in case your shoddy Nike research team missed that, too.).

    Witness History nothing. Witness shit-story would be more apropos.