Lakers News: Fan Poll Suggests Team Isn’t Desired Free Agent Spot

Lakers News: Fan Poll Suggests Team Isn’t Desired Free Agent Spot


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The Lakers have always been a desired destination for the top players in the NBA. Anytime there is someone looking to leave their team, the Lakers tend to come up due to their winning tradition.

With a number of big-name players set to hit free agency in the next couple of years, there is a good chance the Lakers could add another star to their roster.

But with the state of the team so down at this moment, many wonder whether a top free agent would want to come to LA. ESPN’s SportsNation released a poll to the fans asking whether they would want to come, and the results weren’t good:

SN Poll

Nearly two-thirds of the fans would not want to come to the Lakers, and it is pretty easy to understand why.

The team has been decimated by injuries, doesn’t seem to have a clear path going forward, and many people are not fans of the coach in charge. Of course, anyone who follows the league knows the Lakers never stay down for long. All it takes is one big move for the team to turn things right back around.

With guys like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love sure to be on the Lakers radar in the coming off-seasons, the team better hope the fans and the players aren’t on the same page.
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  • independentbynature

    A fan poll?Who cares?We don’t need fans,we need players.How pathetic is that?LOL.

  • Erad

    I wouldn’t play for the Lakers right now. Me, the average Joe not the NBA free agent. Who wants to play for D’Antoni? Who wants to become a staple of the new look Los Angeles Cowboys?

    Kobes never going to be the same player, though he commands too much of the salary cap to change anything in the short term. Who’s the leader of this team? Of the franchise?

    There’s no way in hell I’d waste my prime under this regime. Maybe if I was a rookie with a Kobe-like mindset and talent level and I wanted to come in lead the revival of the franchise. Maybe.

    No one in their right mind is going to come play for a flawed, ringless coach with a track record of screwing up with future Hall of Famers.

    • AntRodrigues

      Kobe didn’t command anything, plus your assuming Kobe will not be the same player…. Mike D may not be the best choice but is not that bad either… He knows more about coaching than the fans do… Funny how couch coaches and couch GM’s think they know better. Kobe will not be dunking on people like he used to back in the days… but before his injuries he was still top 3 in scoring!

    • xxnostradamusxx

      D’Antoni won’t be around for much longer. They will make a big splash in free agency. Remember the Lakers don’t rebuild, they reload!

  • NBAfANatic90-24-mamba#1fan

    first off every team has a rebuilding process any real fan will remember after shaq left and we did not reach the playoffs then had a few struggle years and then a few years later 08-10 went to three straight championships and won 2 back to back (09-10). D’antoni will be gone and it dosnt take a genus to see that Jim buss loves $ and he is defiantly not making as much as he could be, he is defiantly an ego maniac but at the same time he wants to build another dynasty something will work out and Jim has made it public that he will pay high luxury taxes like his father. Plus players who want a ring know Lakers are the team to go (K.Love and Kyrie will be a great one two punch and there will be others willing to take pay cuts and etc plus Mitch is the best gm in the gameā€¦not even going to finish the rest the 2/3 are band wag goners and or not real sport fans and do not understand how every team goes through these transitions just in Laker Land we are spoiled we get through them quicker then the rest and btw injury plagued seasons happen in all sports and can happen to any team.


    These same questions were asked about my Yankees after last season. Everyone said the Yanks were done….they just picked up 4 of the biggest names on the market.

  • Alebabba

    It doesn’t matter what fans think, players will always want to come here because LA opens up all sorts of revenue streams for our players. Bottom line.

  • APrince66

    ffs its a rebuild. All championship teams go through it. People are so damn impatient to not see it I guess. It seems to always be about NOW NOW NOW, and just jumping ship to someone elses title contending team.

    Hate all you want, but the Lakers are a team that understands how to build a championship roster, and its not necessarily an overnight process. even with the new ownership, they will get back on track.

  • Brandon

    Well no shit they won’t sign right now but if love and Irving do come to the Lakers then I’m pretty sure they’ll be fine

  • lakernation1

    Who cares about a fan poll of course fans are going to say no they are probably later haters anyway what don’t want to c the Lakers win again, we don’t rebuild we reload! Always been that way in lakernation

  • Soomin Kim

    How is a fan poll relevant for a free agent professional athlete inquiring about a future with the Lakers? Slow news day.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Thank you for voting.

    RealGM Poll Do you approve of the job being done by Lakers’ ownership?
    Yes 17.1% No 82.9%

    Total votes: 2358


    • Robert L. I.

      I was done with Jimbo & Mitch when Mitch told fans they hired D’Antoni because his style of b-ball was better suited for the team than Phil. Lying & treating fans like we’re dipshits just won’t fly. The last two seasons with D’Antoni running the players into the ground with his asinine practices. Phil would pace his teams and crush teams in the playoffs. I don’t need Phil necessarily, but a coach he’s trained and mentored I’m all for.

  • Soomin Kim

    The only “poll” that matters is Kevin Love: check yes or no. Kyrie: Check yes or no.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers last big time free agent was Shaq,18 years ago.Nuff said.

  • Gregory Choa

    Just goes to show you what fans know!

  • ersliva

    well the fans are right actually…players dislike little jimmy buss and don’t respect coach dumbass…but that can change actually if phil was hired as vp of team operations and jimmy stayed out of phils way for the most part and phil fired d’antoni and hired the next coach to take over….players then would think that they now have a shot with kobe….because they know and feel that phil wants more rings and they know kobe does as well…with jimmy they feel its all about the bottom line and not rings…and with coach dumbass in charge they know he cant win with his system…phil proved that back when he didn’t have a great laker team while coach dumbass did with the suns and phil took him to the limit and almost beat him with Kwame brown at center and smush parker at point….while dumbass had the mvp and others….lol…players don’t forget….

    • Gregory Choa

      ersilva, it seems that you, like many other “Laker fans” have failed to come to terms with the fact that this organization has EVOLVED PAST PHIL JACKSON. Your sentiment, while touching, is no longer rooted in reality…for better, or for worse…it’s pure nostaligia at this point.

      • ersliva

        as long as Jeanie is involved with phil it will never be like you said…yes phils done coaching…but he does want to be an architect now to a dynasty….so we know hes in jeanies ear…and lets also take into fact one of his students is an assistant now for coach d’umbass….rambis imo will replace that so called coach…jimmy doesn’t have too much time left imo since Jeanie is the one with the final say even over little jimmy….and another big issue for little jimmy is his cable deal he made…sdo far hes not living up to his end….there have been so many laker games being cancelled for other games nation wide and the cable company doesn’t like taking loses from the shares they would have made from the other companies for televising laker games so far its been 20 games that I know cancelled by other cable companies nation wide and that’s a major hit to the lakers new television sponsor…..

        • ersliva

          now that’s reality

          • Gregory Choa

            No, that’s your fantasy.

  • William Zhou

    ESPN hates the lakers for some reason

  • Rod Roberts

    THIS IS RETARDED…. first of all ESPNs Sprotsnation show is terrible. The hosts are morons and the content stinks. Secondly, who giveS a crap what the fans think? They are the typical dumbasses that vote the wrong players into the all star game.

  • Robert L. I.

    Without an “A-list” coach and with Jimbo Buss running the Lakes along with his bar tender buddy making decisions no one comes here to play. They might come here to get paid but they won’t be serious until the organization shows they’re serious. Jimbo please be a silent owner and let someone with basketball knowledge run the show…. For the love of Gawd!

  • TPC

    Is this the Celtic fan poll?

  • KB24_6rings

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