Lakers News: ESPN Ranks Carlos Boozer As Worst Newcomer Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="308"] Heading into the off-season, there was optimism for the Los Angeles Lakers with ample cap room available to pursue superstars in free [new_royalslider id="308"] Heading into the off-season, there was optimism for the Los Angeles Lakers with ample cap room available to pursue superstars in free Rating: 0
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Lakers News: ESPN Ranks Carlos Boozer As Worst Newcomer

Heading into the off-season, there was optimism for the Los Angeles Lakers with ample cap room available to pursue superstars in free agency. While the franchise was in contention for Carmelo Anthony, they eventually had to move on to Plan B which featured trading for Jeremy Lin and being awarded Carlos Boozer.

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Before the start of every season, the ESPN Forecast panel makes their predictions and believes the former All-Star forward is the worst newcomer with 67 votes:

Joining Boozer on ESPN’s worst newcomer list includes Lance Stephenson (41), Darren Collison (34), Ben Gordon (29), and Raymond Felton (26).

In his final season with the Chicago Bulls, Boozer was limited to 28.2 minutes per game in favor of Taj Gibson. As a result of his lowest minutes per game since his rookie season, Boozer only averaged 13.7 points and 8.3 rebounds while shooting a career-low 45.6 percent from the field.

After being waived, Boozer looks to rebound from the worst season of his career and will likely play significant minutes for the Lakers. While there are low expectations for the Lakers heading into this season, there are numerous players on the roster who have a chip on their shoulders.

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  • Zach

    Huge downgrade from Gasol.

    • Thomas Klein

      I’m not seeing a HUGE downgrade, 15/10 and 50% FG percentage would not be that far off Gasol’s #s, and considering Gasol was making 18 million, and were paying Boozer 3.5 mill, I’d say it’s a bargain.

      • Realistic Laker Fan

        Gasol averaged 18ppg,10 rpg, and 3 apg on 48% last year, Boozer averaged 13ppg and 8 rpg on 45%. That is a downgrade the only thing saving him is his contract.

        • Todd DelGiudice

          I love when people round up or round down to prove their point. You rounded up for Pau and down for Boozer and didn’t account for their minutes much less usage. Real stats:
          31.4 minutes
          3.4 asst.
          PIE 13.6%

          28.2 minutes
          PIE 12%

          Pau also had a little higher usage. Was he the better player last year, yes, but not by as much as you make it sound and last year was Boozer’s worst and he still had a better +/- than Pau (-.4 vs -5.6). He will be better, much better, running the pnr with Lin/Nash.

          • JohnnyHomeless

            Great points! I’m sure if Boozer had played 4-5 more minutes a game he’s score at least 2 more buckets..and then you have Boozer in a “play for his career” contract year, and Pau sitting on a fat new contract. Watch Pau’s stats go down and Boozer’s go up…

          • Jim213

            Great News for All:

            No more Bill Simmons on NBA Countdown. Will host a new Grantland Basketball Show (ESPN) but no more countdown.

          • http://GymAlien.com/ GymAlien

            that is good news… He’s effective on Grantland as he disarms one on one interviewies… but I don’t want to listen to him much at all.

          • Nore

            +/- is a horrible stat to use in this situation. Pau was playing with complete scrubs, while Boozer was on a decent CHI team.

          • Todd DelGiudice

            yeah, i just threw it in there. whatevs.

          • Redemption Rain

            Not everyone was a scrub, Meeks, Young, Kelly, Farmer, and Bazemore were very productive for the mins they got.

          • nlruizjr

            Pau was my man but don’t try to belittle Boozer using Pau’s #’s, if Pau was playing with scrubs then his #’s should be higher and if Boozer was playing as the 3rd or 4th option, then his #’s would be less, don’t you think ????

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            Bruh 1 point doesn’t really make a big difference.

            Per 36 minutes
            Boozer averages

            Gasol averages

            Boozer was a bad player on a good Bulls team, Gasol was a good player on a bad Lakers team. Boozer stats should go up since he will have slightly more minutes and potentially more shot opportunities while Gasol won’t, but bottom line is it’s still a downgrade he might not be effective with this Lakers team being one of the worst defense big men in the league.

          • Todd DelGiudice

            I hear ya. I’m holding out hope that B. Scott can at least bring some effective team D out of these guys.

          • common sense


          • Okaaay

            STAHP! Your stats and logic make too much of a compelling argument!

          • Isaiah Serrano

            To be honest I think paul gasol sucks his brother is a lot better than him and so is Carlos boozer. Even with boozer having the worst season of his career, if all he had was the same minutes as gasol he probably would’ve average more than gasol overall

        • nlruizjr

          I believe Boozer’s #’s would be higher with more min.

        • Keith

          Less minutes last season along with a role that he wasn’t used to hurt Boozers stats. Give the the guy a chance to show what he’s got left before everyone bashes him.

      • New power house

        Defense and strength Boozer by a slide! Gasoft can be taller and ofensibily better,but Boozer has more guts! He can score too!

      • Enrique Henry Meza

        Bargain agreed, however this team will still struggle to win 40+ games in the West,

        • Kb24

          Look at their schedule 45-61 wins(if kobe is healthy 100% yes, if nash will play like 5yrs ago)—pointing out to 61 wins not 45


      Gasol’s offensive numbers were INFLATED playing on an injury depleted team that featured Gasol as a primary go-to-guy, this being the perfect storm & formula for failure, thus assuring the eventual lottery pick… Gasol is a “Major Liability” and will doom any team’s aspirations, if allowed to roam major minutes… He will be exposed even further running with the Bulls in Chicago… Ole’ Ole’ Ole’ …ROFL!
      …These are the plain and simple FACTS! …Read em & weep, Babies

      • Redemption Rain

        But that’s like saying Kobe’s numbers were inflated during 2006 when he had a very bad team. Your argument can be applied to Keven Love with the wolves.


          But that’s like saying Kobe carried that “Very Bad Team” on a near historic upset of the heavily favored Suns in the 2006 playoffs… This cannot be be applied to “Kevin” Love or no Love, with or without the wolves.

          • Redemption Rain

            True out of Gasol, Kobe, and Love. Clearly Kobe took his shit team to a better place, but hell so did Lebron and Allen Iverson. Honestly I wish Kobe had taken the 06 team over the Suns.

        • Mysterr Eeleven Thirtyfourr

          Kobe’s numbers were indeed inflated because of his bad supporting cast, but that doesn’t diminish his ability to put them up when they were needed.

          • Redemption Rain

            Didn’t say that diminishes it.

        • New power house

          Do not mix apples with oranges and limes! Kobe is not part of this argument. Gasoft will be just that and he will eventually get vertigo or something.Our down grade man will play better than he play in Chicago and this is a huge plus for us. ESPN?

          • Redemption Rain

            What? Your talking about inflated stats with bad teammates, Gasol did what he need to do when Kobe was out because they team was filled with scrubs. Kobe needed to do what he did because back in 2006 the team was full of scrubs. Love did what he needed to do because his team is full of scrubs. That isn’t insulting Kobe or anything, nore do I see how anyone can be upset at that. Its just a fact that those 3 guys had bad teammates at one point and your argument can be applied in those situation.

          • Badazztj12

            Hey Kobe had nothing but srubs, but at least Love had a great passing pg and a decent C. This had nothing to do with the argument but wanted to point that out lol

          • Redemption Rain

            LOL now you say the Lakers team had scrubs…..telling you don’t over value some of these guys, look at Ebanks for example, he is history, same with Marshall. Some of these players aren’t worthy to be remember as a Lakers

          • Guest

            I wouldn’t call Odom in 2006 and 2007 a scrub. He was the second best player on those teams and had a very good playoff series each year, averaging a double-double.

          • ediveder

            Coach Scott will know how to use CB like what he did to D’ West when they together in New Orleans, that they have the same style of play. I think CB will fit to coach Scott system.

      • Mysterr Eeleven Thirtyfourr

        Pau’s numbers were very good considering his coach hates big men, and insisted on playing him out of position in an offense where he was like the 3rd option.

    • cj

      boozer, davis and randel are replacing pau and kaman

  • tony

    More like ESPN and truehoop junkies hating on Lakers rather than Boozer, No way in hell his worst than Felton, Fuck truehoop network

    • Realistic Laker Fan

      To be fair, Felton will probably be coming off the bench while Jameer Nelson starts.

      • New power house

        Jammer who? Do not let ESPN fool you with their Laker hate!

        • Realistic Laker Fan

          Jameer Nelson he averaged 12 and 7 with the Magic last year and shot over 40% from the 3 in 8 out of his 10 years, 50% in 2008-2009, in the league, he will more then likely going to start.

    • Vernon McClain

      How’s he worse than Felton or Ben Gordon?

    • Lewis Velazquez

      Yeah, they even put Lance as the 2nd worst newcomer. Getting Boozer for literally nothing is much better than trading Calderon to get Felton

  • Eman94

    Raymond Felton and Ben Gordon are worse, Ben averaged 5 points for the Bobcats last season. 13 points and 8 rebounds on 45% shooting in 28 minutes isn’t terrible. I haven’t heard so much negativity concerning Boozer since the Lakers claimed him.

    • Al Haldie

      Its a shame that we have stats takers – and not giving any justice that they have both playing in the NBA with no help from them – BOOZER is a LAKER THIS YR – lets give him a break, and see how he works out…

      • Redemption Rain

        Stats talkers? Its the real deal when analyzing a players contribution to a team. Who in the 7 hells doesn’t care about stats anyways…

      • buddy guy

        Gasol stoped playing three years ago boozer will step up and be a better player and the bulls got even softer pau is soft and has no more legs to bash or block shots hill will rebound better and I think if Kobe stays healthy were good laker fans and we have the new ZBOW

    • lakeshow

      But they aren’t a Laker so those media assholes don’t hate them.

  • Duckathon

    i didn’t like the sognong, but worst?

  • Thomas Klein

    I can’t believe the negativity coming from ESPN regarding the Lakers, Granted there not going to win the Western Conference anytime soon, but this is ridiculous. So far we have had articles on the lakers finishing 12th, Kobe being washed up, Randle’s first year being bumpy, Randle being 5th in line for ROY, Scott having challenges with a lousy roster, Lin being a flash in the pan, and now the ranking of Boozer being THE worst add. Jeeze, at least TRY to be balanced in your reporting, we get it, you LOVE Lebron, you all have posters on your wall at home of him, he can do no wrong, but it’s comical how biased you guys are. Truth is Boozer’s numbers aren’t all that bad considering he wasn’t starting and WILL be for the Lakers. Look for 15/10 from him with a FG % around 50%, not too far off Gasol’s last year numbers, and for 18 million less in salary.

    • Robert J. Carmack

      haven’t it become apparent to you, that all this ESPN hate started after the Funeral of the Elder Buss. Now there is an on-going drive to unseat The Lakers as the City’s team.. Now that the Lakers have fallen on hard times, The media is trying to kick dirt on Them among certain circles… with a new owner and star coach, the PR campaign is only beginning now.

      • APrince66

        nailed it

        • Robert J. Carmack

          Just monitor that Lap Dog, Chris Broussard.. Charles “Barley” been a laker hater for years, even when Shaq was on the team, thats why Shaq never let him forget by punking him every chance he gets.

    • Redemption Rain

      Take it this way with more negativity and lower expectations that Lakers can surprise people

    • Devon Samuels²⁴

      ikr to me BSPN is being unprofessional all this negative towards us is really outta control and BS yea we got a long way to go but come on “Leaders in LeBron nut riders” Network

  • Jim213


    • Stradio

      The only thing this picture motivates me to do is look over my right shoulder to see what is making Boozer want to cry.

    • Lewis Velazquez

      Me after reading the article…

  • Todd DelGiudice

    YES! Keep piling on the extra motivation for these guys – as if they needed any more.

  • Aaron Matthews

    The difference is Pau is soft as tissue at least Boozer will have more back bone and help on defince..

    • Okaaay

      I was with you until you mentioned defense. Boozer’s weakness is his help-side defense and lack of aggression against post up players.

      • nlruizjr

        some players will respond to team mates and coaches with one team differently than with others, wasn’t that the reason he was an allstar with Utah and not with Chi, I think he will respond with Kobe and BScott but it remains to be seen.

  • tehabz

    I think he will play one of his best years..He have the chance to play more ..and this is his last year in contract so he will work his butt off to prove he gets good contract next year from any team I see him double double machine

    • Kap

      Lakers are going to surprise a lot of people this year. No matter how you look at it, Lin is a HUGE upgrade at the PG and he’s one of the best in the league at getting to the rim, a motivated Kobe and Boozer, a young stud in Randle, two good defenders in Ed Davis and J. Hill and last but not least a coach who will at least attempt to preach defense. I say 45-50 wins next season.

      • Bruce

        You forgot SWAGGY P !!

      • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

        Dont Forget Wesley. Even Xavier Is Decent.

  • APrince66

    FFS, these experts are morons. Lakers will turn some heads and make a splash pending no major injuries.
    You know what, let them think this. Underestimate away “experts”

  • Lakers Run This World

    The Lakers would give the haters from ESPN a big heart attack if they actually make the playoffs.Give them a heart attack by surprising the ESPN idiots.

  • Henry Martinez

    ESPN? what do they know about good basketball? They are biased; Players have different role in different teams. We should all consider that specially you ESPN. They say Kobe is washed up. All they admire is the black gorilla name Lebron and no one else. Let me remind you that Kobe is ONE of the best if not the BEST basketball player of all time. Don’t count him out because He knows how to win.

    • nash screwed the lakers

      Wow The Black Gorilla name LeBron?


      • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

        Lol. i Died When I Read That!

  • eddie

    Paul Gasol is a pussy. He shoots to many jump shot and at 7 feet, he should have had his butt closer to the rim. He does not block shots, he gets pushed around by other centers and he gets his shot blocked to much. I am a Laker fan for life, but I’m ok with him leaving. Appreciate what he did to help the Lakers in the past, but I think he’s had his best days. I have never been a Boozer fan, but I’m willing to support him as a Laker.

  • RussinSactown

    Note to Carlos:
    Take a picture of that tweet
    Put it up in the locker
    Read it every time you go on the court
    Prove them wrong. Very wrong
    When a reporter from ESPN asks you a question, give them a copy of that tweet and tell them to STFU!


      TRUE DAT

  • Nexzen

    You could tell they do this on purpose because LA gives them the most recognition.

  • DocMD

    Screw Charles Bark-ley…when was the last time that buffoon had something nice to say about the Lakers? Hey Barking ley, so glad you never won anything. Always sound like a drugged up drunk. LAKERS will be relevant long after your gambling debt collecting butt is gone…As far as Boozer goes, give him a chance…only one year 3.5m contract for LA.




    Gasol’s offensive numbers were INFLATED playing on an injury depleted team that featured Gasol as a primary go-to-guy, this being the perfect storm & formula for failure, thus assuring the eventual lottery pick… Gasol is a “Major Liability” and will doom any team’s aspirations, if allowed to roam for major minutes in the arena… The Spanish Matador will be exposed even further while running with the Bulls in Chicago… Ole’ Ole’ Ole’ …ROFL!
    …These are the plain and simple FACTS! …Read em & weep, Babies

  • Mysterr Eeleven Thirtyfourr

    The Lakers hate is so thick right now at BSPN.

  • nash screwed the lakers

    If Boozer is ranked worst newcomer for the ’14-’15 season, Nash should be ranked worst newcomer in NBA history.


  • Tom Bruize

    There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. ~ Benjamin Disraeli



  • mikesclassicsdotcom .

    Pau is a better passer and both suck at defense although I would give a slight edge to Pau. There pretty close in all other categories, yes Boozer is a downgrade, but not a huge one he will still be helpful should be a lock for 15 points and 9 rebounds per game if he plays 30 minutes a night we certainly could have done worse with 3.5 million the way people were throwing money around this offseason

  • vdogg

    for the lakers, paying boozer 3M for one year is a much better deal than keeping pau for two or three years at about 9 per. booz is younger and faster. has anyone seen pau try to run up and down the court lately? not pretty. as a laker fan, i love pau and always will. but it was time to move on.

  • afs

    To those comparing Gasol and Boozer. I honestly think Gasol IS the better player than Boozer. However, that doesn’t mean Boozer can’t be an important player on a team. We have a bunch of young bigs and we need a big vet to get continuous production from. I think Boozer is someone we can count on.

  • TheZuluNation

    The hate is too real for the Lakers. Oh boy.

  • gravity2015

    The fact of the matter is, we don’t need Boozer to be a scorer. We need Boozer to bang, bruise and be aggressive. Something we could never get from Pau!

  • lakeshow

    What bullshit. This is what I mean when I say as SOON as you become a Laker the hate starts. So many people have deep rooted hatred for the Lakers! No way in hell is Boozer worse than Felton or even Kendall Marshall. Get this shit outta here!

  • Jon Colon

    To be honest what you guys need is a banger and boozer is not that he’s a scorer….so yes he’s the worst fit of any newcomer the the equivalent of gasol…..but for the price you guys paid what more can you ask for…..the problem with this team is you let Dwight get away and now you have no C in the conference with all the good bigs the Lakers are an 8 seed at BEST…and that’s kinda sad for Kobe to end his career this way……this team is

  • Reji24

    Gasol and Boozer have different talent…much better if they give their all out game with hardwork on their new team. Good luck Boozer…we hope you are a great addition to the Lakers so that you can prove to them what you are. LAKERS in 2015 Playoffs.

  • ColeWorldNoBlanket

    If espn has Lance Stephenson on a worst newcomers list(as if he won’t clearly make the Hornets better), then they don’t know what the hell they are talking about, as usual…As for Booze I definitely don’t think he is the worst, if anything Felton should have won that stupid ass poll by a landslide.

  • black mamba


  • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

    What does this poll even mean? There are clearly much worse players in the league who signed with new teams this summer.

  • Brendon Edwards

    Lance Stephenson is on this list. That’s how you know it’s complete BS. How are you gonna say he’s one of the worst newcomers when he’ll lead his new team in scoring next year. GO HOME ESPN YOU’RE DRUNK!!

  • Eddie Lazaro

    Here we ago AGAIN! I can’t believe BSPN is still ragging about the LAKERS and now every players we have seems to look so bad to them, AND A LOT OF FANS ARE ENGAGING ON IT?… is that something NEW? They have been doing that since the lakers went BACK-To-Back-To-BACK CHAMPIONSHIPS during the early 2000, and they have been eating their shit since then like CHUCKY “OINK OINK”, NO RINGS) BARKLEY! Carlos will be great with LAKERS, he maybe a downgrade but PAU has be a downgrade of himself in the last couple of years. They are in two different situations and can not be compared. my 2cents!

  • http://GymAlien.com/ GymAlien

    I think it’s nice to have a wily veteran around to teach young Mr. 7th pick; and provide competition that the youngin’ has to overcome to become a starter.

  • nash screwed the lakers

    #weRUNLA to the 2nd round of the playoffs? #truth #ALLINthe2ndRound



  • Kb24

    Good luck w/ okc or sas dude, might as well in the 1st roundif u face the lakers

  • TheZuluNation

    Still wondering as to why you are here. We all know the Clippers are better than the Lakers currently. I hope that new owner moves them to Anaheim lmao.

  • Bruce

    Better yet Clippers move back to San Diego where they belong, we don’t want them in LA

  • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

    Im Starting To LOVE The New You. Nothing About Steve Nash From U YET.

  • TheZuluNation

    Even better. Terrible sports city.

  • clippers r garbage

    You tellem’!!

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