Lakers News: Earl Clark Wants to Re-Sign With Team

Lakers News: Earl Clark Wants to Re-Sign With Team


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Houston RocketsThe Los Angeles Lakers found a diamond in the rough in Earl Clark and he has earned a spot in the rotation with Mike D’Antoni.

Clark has played a very important role on this Lakers team and the coaching staff has shown trust in the young forward. Clark did not receive a lot of playing time early in the season, but once he was given the chance, Clark showed what he is capable of.

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Clark spoke to the Los Angeles Times and he talked about his future with the Lakers.

“Obviously, not playing earlier and averaging those [low] numbers, I didn’t know where I would end up,” Clark said. “Playing good now and with other teams wanting you, you can pick your own destiny. It feels good to be in the driver’s seat.”

“This is my first team that gave me an opportunity. I love the guys here,” Clark said. “The organization and the style of play fits me. I really want to stay here.”

Clark will be a free-agent at the end of this season and there is a chance the Lakers decide to bring him back for the long-term. After D’Antoni decided to place Clark in the starting lineup, the 25 year old has averaged¬†10.8 points and 8.5 rebounds per game.

  • Juan Jones

    I would trade Gasol, Ebanks and Duhon for the following:

    Denver: Paul Gasol $19M

    Lakers: Danilo Gallinari $9M, Andrea Bargnani $10M, & Derrick Williams $4M/Alexi Shved $2.9M and Hamed Haddadi $1.3M

    Raptors: JaVale McGee $10, Chris Duhon $3.5M

    Timberwolves: Linas Kleiza $4M, Devin Ebanks $1M

    • melatonin

      lmao mcgee $10

    • Terrence

      Yea, Denver doesn’t want Pau. He can’t play at their pace. The Timberwolves get screwed in that deal.

      • Rashad Cowan

        No denver would be screwed but that trade wouldnt makesence because mcgee makes a max contract nd they love him even tho hes goofy lol and thats too many players for the lakers

  • hookedonnews

    Hope he stays. Glad he’s gotten a chance to play.