Lakers News: Dwight Howard Talks About Relationship With Kobe Bryant Reviewed by Momizat on . After a season filled with off the court drama, injuries and various of other distractions, the Los Angeles Lakers have been eliminated from the 2013 NBA Playof After a season filled with off the court drama, injuries and various of other distractions, the Los Angeles Lakers have been eliminated from the 2013 NBA Playof Rating:
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Lakers News: Dwight Howard Talks About Relationship With Kobe Bryant

Dwight HowardAfter a season filled with off the court drama, injuries and various of other distractions, the Los Angeles Lakers have been eliminated from the 2013 NBA Playoffs.

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A lot went on in Los Angeles over the past several months, and despite having one of the best off-seasons of all-time, the Lakers settled with a first round exit. The team found a way to scoop up Dwight Howard over the summer, but there was never a time when he and Kobe Bryant clicked on the court. Even though they both played well for stretches at a time, the injuries and setbacks thwarted any chance of them developing basketball chemistry.

The Lakers got swept out of the first round by the San Antonio Spurs, and after the game, Time Warner Cable SportsNet got a chance to ask Howard a few questions. There was a lot made of Howard’s relationship with Kobe Bryant and the center spoke about that once the season ended.

“We’re not best friends but I’m going to be there for him.”

Howard said that this season was a “nightmare,” something the front office may not want to hear as the big man will be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Howard’s decision on whether or not to stay in Los Angeles will depend a lot on how he feels the direction of this team is going. Bryant will still be with the Lakers for one more season and Howard will definitely take that into consideration when choosing which team to play for next season.


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  • jit

    this is written very well!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003500738608 Nita Norman

    Dwight the decision is yours, we would love to see you stay with the Lakers, I am sure that given time you and Kobe could get along fine. You are fun to watch on the court. I only hope that the head office will get rid of the coach and Nash, feel these two had a lot to do with the lose of the team in the playoffs.

  • http://twitter.com/HeavensMyChoice THE I EVANGELIST .K.

    Bottom line KOBE is the man he has earned the top spot and Dwight needs to realize that as a Laker he is not the wonder it is about the team and this team has a captain and his name is the MAMBA if not trade him fast and lets get about winning number 17 with a team that wants to win. No man is an island and The lakers already have a superstar, get in D12 where you fit in or get on. #GIVEPHILWHATHEWANTS!

  • Mohammad Shirmohammadi

    Bring Phil Back. Persuade D12 to stay, sign his contract, and then trade him for valuable pieces. D12 doesn’t belong to this Lakers Franchise. Keep Pau Gasol and MWP. Sign Earl Clark. Let Kobe do what Kobe does. Lakers 2013-2014 Champs. #LetsGo #Ring5 #Tie Boston

    • Terrence

      Nah, let MWP go if he opts out. Time to get younger and more athletic.

    • ARealisticLALfan

      You sound completely stupid with this trade.

  • Terrence

    It’s interesting how Dwight can’t really answer any questions about what the team needs to get better without sounding like he’s staying. He keeps reiterating his FA, but kept talking about “we” as in the team and had trouble separating himself from it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/charles.lyons.9406 Charles Lyons

    We should build a team around dewight he is the future of the lakers we need to think about the unknowns with koby face the sad truth at his age he may not ever play again and if he does how long and will he be the koby we have all loved


    Dwight, The decision is yours, but you will be back probably healthy and stronger, so ink a big deal and please stay… You’ll do great, you played through lots of pain, this season….. Good Luck bro…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/teflon.sean.7 Teflon Sean

    Dwight can stay or go, he has already proven that he is not a leader throughout his career. If he accepted his ROLE on the TEAM then we might have had a chance to at least not get swept in the first round of the playoffs. What the Purple and Gold needs are young, athletic, Point Guards, and young athletic Power Forwards, plural on both, we need to strengthen our bench and make it very deep, so when our Stars go down, there are players ready to take their place and play their roles and contribute to help the team win games. The coach ( I won’t even mention his name) needs to be replaced. He played Kobe until Kobe broke, the first time Kobe got injured, I would have demanded, as the coach, for him to come out of the game immediately after he made his free throws. We need a coach who knows how to coach in Los Angeles for the Purple and Gold, and one that has a long term plan for the team.

    • Crystal

      You hit it right on the nail. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • MaddYo

    D12 is supported by real Laker Fans not the fair weather bandwagon Foo’s. D12 is surrounded by garbage the ire from fans should be directed towards Jimbo Bust who needs to drop D’Antoni now. I bet they’re ready to throw away next season already by keeping that bum as coach. Pau, Metta, Nash, Jamison, Morris, need to go. The time to flip this roster n build around d12 is now. Don’t penny pinch n wait another year throwin next season away either. If they stay put roster wise they can 4get it

    • Charles Colemon

      I agree with all except for Morris, I think he can potentially become a solid, defensive minded, backup point guard in this league. We need to get younger, faster and stronger. Better defenders would be my top priority. Bring in Phil, or at least Jerry Sloan. I’d look for a solid starting point who can defend and distribute, he doesn’t have to be a great scorer but the ability to drive and knock down the occasional jumper would be a plus. I was a big fan of pursuing Jrue Holiday a couple seasons back. I still think this is the type of dynamic, young pg we need to add to the mix. To have Kobe for another year, Holiday would make a lot of sense in the transition between the Kobe era and the Howard era. Add a shooter who is able to stretch the floor and another solid perimeter defender and, IMO, we’d be moving in the right direction.

  • manazenon

    7 points in the whole game, get this looser out of LA

    • Charles Colemon

      He took 2 shots! You don’t score without the ball.

      • ranfan

        He doesn’t understand logic and basketball obviously

  • Charles Colemon

    Dwight, come back stronger and more focused. Don’t doubt yourself, you can carry this team, just trust management and yourself, they build Dynasties.

  • lakers_824

    id rather keep bynum and miss him for a whole season then keep this drama qween for a season. Dwight just showed everyone that he cannot lead a team and he just cannot score 7 points really dwight, u have fukin d league players getting more points. (AND HE GOT THE TOUCHES HE JUST HAD TOO MANY TURNOVERS OR HE DIDNT POSITION HIMSELF RIGHT) the shoes were to big for him to fill. AND his attitude during postgame i jus feel like slapping the shit outta him.

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