Lakers News: Dwight Howard Says It Took ‘Guts’ To Leave The Lakers

Lakers News: Dwight Howard Says It Took ‘Guts’ To Leave The Lakers

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Not so long ago, Dwight Howard was preparing for his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers, and almost everyone in the NBA had the Lakers going to the Finals. However, fast forward a year, and now Howard is in Houston and there are a lot of doubts lingering with the Lakers.

Over the summer, Howard decided to join the third team in his NBA career by leaving Los Angeles and joining the Houston Rockets. For the first time in history, a high profiled name willingly left the Lakers and chose to sign with another team.

Howard spoke to the media recently, and the Los Angeles Times writes that Howard believes it took guts for him to leave the Lakers:

“I said, ‘You know what? People are going to hate me for whatever reason, so I can’t allow that to stop me from making my decision,'” continued Howard.  “I thought that my decision took a lot of guts because everybody’s saying, ‘How could you leave the Lakers and 6 billion fans?’ But I don’t care about being an outcast or about being somebody that may look bad. All I’ve got to do is win now, and I’m in the right situation.”

The Lakers have a rich history of successful big men, and the front office was hoping Howard would one day join the elite pedigree of centers. However, Howard is now in Texas, and the Lakers must decide how to prepare for the future. With the center gone, the Lakers have a lot of cap space to work with in the 2014 offseason and are hoping to rebuild the franchise.


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  • Daryl Peek

    Nothing to see here, both sides have moved on for good reason. #GOLAKERS

    • CJ

      I agree.
      We’re starting to sound like Haters, discussing Howard so much. Come on Lakers Nation, that’s Rockets news. We’re the Lakers(AI voice), 16Xs.

  • Lakers#1

    Who’s Dwight Howard? He played for the Lakers?

  • Balty Salls

    Wow! It took guts to leave the Lakers? Really??? So “putting on your big-boy pants,” learning from the greats and leading a team without their injured superstar is a walk in the park for you? Dwight, you are really off. It takes more guts to stand up for a team and lead them to victory rather than join a team that would (in your opinion) lead YOU to victory!

    • Paytc

      Exactly ! Well stated :-) The sad thing is I think in D12’s mind he did the right thing? To him and many of today’s players the easy or safer road is the best. But we know who has the most guts. Go Lakers !

  • Paytc

    It took a lot more guts to “stay” and battle with your Laker teammates. What’s gutsy about running to what you believe is a easier situation? How you win is more important than just winning in my book.

    That is why I don’t even put Lebron James in the same league of greatness as I do Magic,Kareem,MJ,and Kobe. And D12 is not in the discussion of “great” players in my book. Running to be on a stacked team era can’t compare to the ole school. IMO

    But as always I wish D12 well, as long as it does not prevent the Lakers from winning more championships.

    Go Lakers !

  • Rarthadys

    It takes guts to run away from a situation? Oh that’s right, he thinks he is such a man to run away from 5 women he had baby with also.

  • Jim213

  • Super Girl


  • Super Girl


  • Gary Gray

    Its hard to play in LA not many can so take yo guts and kick rocks don’t want to be here, then we don’t want cha Lakers will be just find without you.check our rings.I bet we get another ring before you do. Guts no tr y coward and stupidity. LAKER NATION OUT

  • hplalakrs2001

    Having Dwight for a season reminded how GOOD Bynum was during that 2011-12 campaign. Bynum is the more skilled center while Howard is the more athletic. But in terms of big man fundamentals, Bynum is better. Howard is the more intimidating defender as Bynum liked to pick and choose when to play D (I mean he did have 10 blocks in a Playoff game). Honestly, I would’ve loved a Bynum-Gasol-Kobe-Nash core.

  • Chris Lilly

    We sound like haters. Both teams made the right decision. He get to spend money on two superstars next year, surround them with shooters, and keep gasol and kaman for much of nothin. Championship right there

  • boccs5

    I think we need to stop with signing these choir boys and go for gusto. Don’t care what you other fans think, but blake and meeks need to go. We need skill and toughness, I mean how can a guy like Xavier be on the bubble? We could of had delonte aka the king’s step father at the back up point and he could actually guard the two as well. Stop playing with these choir boys yell

  • ra

    Hm. This new generation of players is in great position to talk about themselves so much. I just saw, on the show “Highly Questionable” an interview with Coach Mike Krzyzewski, in which he informed everyone that prior to receipt of outstanding sportsman award, LeBron James approached Coach and asked if he could speak on the podium for 10 minutes about him (LBJ). LeBron wanted Coach to tell everyone how great he (LeBron) is. ??????

    LeBron wants to tell everyone how great he is. DH wants everyone to know how much guts he has.

    If you have to ‘tell people’ how good you are, how much guts you have, how great you are, there’s a problem. Maybe you’re not good, maybe you’re not sure if you’re great or not, maybe you don’t have guts. You have ‘tell’ everyone? And, you have to talk to someone who is respected (Coach K), and ‘ask’ him to tell everyone? Nobody believes it?

    We have diapers and plenty of Similac for people like this.

    • ra

      Also, message to current players: Wait till you retire, and then you can tell everyone how great you ‘WERE’. (e.g., Shaq, after retiring, told everyone that he and Kobe were the most dominant pair in NBA history – that’s ok – true or not, it’s a valid point and worth discussion).

  • Fred Elliott Sr.

    He definitely cares or he would shut up and PLAY for Houston. He left LA what 4 MONTHS AGO ! Move on Hommie and show us what you got. Last year you clanked free throws worse than Shaquille and that’s hard to do. Looked like you had butter on your fingers ( haven’t seen that since Quammie Brown ) and seems like you don’t actually SHOOT the ball, you just kind of chunk it towards the hoop and Hope it drops ( you have no touch ). You’re built like Hercules but probably not very tough as your sensitivity shows up like Tevin Campbell on ” Can We Talk “. As a Laker fan since Happy Hairston in 1969, I was sincerely happy when you didn’t sign ( negotiating to get rid of Kobe and you’ve won just as many rings as me ) as you lack the HEART it takes to be a Laker, no hate to you at all. I wouldn’t want to be Harden, you can’t handle being the second banana, and sooner or later you will try and stab him in the back. Just you true character ” spoiled your whole life ” and probably an only child who NEVER had to share. Good ruck !

  • Eddie Lazaro

    it take guts to leave “COZ NO BALLS TO STAY!”

  • Matt Williams

    I understand that the Laker Franchise is intimidating. 16 championships, instant stars made, always in the spotlight, entertainers are always in attendance. Lakers are considered the greatest NBA franchise in the world. However you have to have “guts” to want to be on the Lakers. You have to have guts to be a history maker. Dwight needed “guts” to be apart of the Mount Rushmore of Laker centers. He just didn’t have it because it was intimidating. Winning is not in him. He doesn’t have that dominance that Shaq had. He’s comfortable where he’s not expected to win. He’ll talk a good game but he doesn’t want the spotlight or the championship. So I say good riddance. I’ve been over it since they announced that he left.

  • Foward the Huck

    That wasn’t your “guts”, Dwight ol’ boy, that was your tail between your legs.

  • Moe23

    Guts My Ass…ur a big PUSSY who couldn’t deal with the spot light on u cuz u know ur game play would be exposed and show that u have no offense of game you bum