Lakers News: Dwight Howard Reportedly Adds Spurs To Free Agency List

Lakers News: Dwight Howard Reportedly Adds Spurs To Free Agency List


Dwightmare: Part Two is certainly underway as the NBA Finals draw to a close in the next week and free agency will be upon us July 1.

Howard hasn’t been in the news himself lately, but there has been speculation all morning about him and Clippers guard Chris Paul joining forces.

However, it sounds like Howard has added another team to his ever growing list according to Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld:

The shocking addition to the list is the San Antonio Spurs as the other five teams have all been mentioned as a possible destination.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Howard would be an interesting fit with the Spurs only since Tiago Splitter, the Spurs only big body besides Tim Duncan, has shown during the finals that he isn’t quite ready to step into the starting lineup.

However, Howard and Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich had a run-in during the All-Star game in February after Howard refused to re-enter the game.

It’s uncertain if Popovich would be able to deal with Howard’s antics for a full season as his first season in LA didn’t go as planned.

Like Houston, San Antonio would offer a contract with no income tax attached to it, but with their current cap situation, he’d have to take a pay cut. Would he do that to win a championship? Well, that remains to be seen as he’s maintained throughout this process he wants to find a team that is committed to winning.

For Lakers fans, this summer will be one of the most difficult in recent memory as Howard’s decision will set the tone for what Mitch Kupchak is able to do in order to remake the roster to compete for a championship next season.


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  • honestly

    i think he’d do good with the spurs. if he wants to leave let him leave, as long as d’antoni is the coach we wont be going anywhere so might as well let dwight go. sign and trade him to houston for asik and parson chandler

    • nujram

      no sign and trade deal for UFA

  • George W.

    Dwight Howard is one of the worst centers the Lakers have ever had. He came in from day one crying about “not getting enough touches”! So they give him the ball, they foul him, and he responds by shooting 49.2 %. He also got stripped 3 or 4 times a game. The only shot he can consistently make is a dunk. I’ve been watching the Lakers since 1958. He is one of the worst centers EVER. Let him go, PLEASE!

    • JackyAu

      And he can dunk 90% because of teammates good passes.

    • brayt

      you are right, he is not fit for our lakers, roy hibbert is better than him and 100 percent free throw shooter

  • Steven

    Get D’antoni out of LA

  • spurraider21

    dwight is the best center in the league. you need to surround him with shooters like Orlando did so he WON’T get crowded and stripped, since his offensive game is raw. since lakers had scrubs like MWP, Clark, Meeks out there with him half the time, people double/triple teamed off your mediocre shooters and gave him problems. he’s not coming to the Spurs, but you can bet your bottom dollar they’d use him more effectively than D’antoni

  • Theshockingtruth

    Dwight Howard needs to GROW UP. The Lakers would be so much better without him. They should have traded that whining under achiever when they had a chance. Now on to that worthless, failure of a coach D’Anstupid…really! He could care less for the franchise or the players except for that washed up Steve Nash. He’s the reason Kobe Bryant is injured today. I listened very carefully to what he said after that injury and he didn’t care about Kobe’s well being AT ALL. It was all to make himself look good. Say what you will, but the job of the coach is to manage the team. Period. He failed at that MISERABLY, if you can’t manage then leave. Next in line is who the hellever is making decisions in the office, its truly sad. You would think a crackhead is sitting at the desk. All I will say is that Dr. Buss is probably spinning in his grave for such asinine decisions. Good Luck to my Lakers, I still believe!