Lakers News: Dwight Howard Finally Acquired by Lakers

Lakers News: Dwight Howard Finally Acquired by Lakers


Months and months of speculation are finally over. The drama, rumors, and sources can finally rest as the Los Angeles Lakers have acquired Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic. At first Howard insisted he would only go to the Brooklyn Nets, then it was reported that he would make his way to Dallas; however, Los Angeles will be his home.

The Lakers have added a perennial MVP candidate and three-time Defensive Player of the Year in Howard. With Howard now roaming the paint, the Lakers have a great starting five with Howard, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol.

Los Angeles did give up Andrew Bynum, who will go to the 76ers, but brought back Howard in return. After speculation that they would lose Pau Gasol as well, it turns out the team will indeed keep the Spaniard and still acquire Howard, according to ESPN.

The Lakers are losing Bynum, who averaged 18.7 points and 11.7 rebounds per game last season, while Howard put up 20.6 points and 14.5 rebounds. Howard did not compete in the 2012 Playoffs due to a back injury, something he has been working on this off-season. Based on the numbers, creating a deal that would land Howard is a no-brainer for the Lakers’ front-office. Still, despite the fact that Howard averages more points than Bynum, the Lakers’ center is more polished offensively.

Bynum has more low-post moves and the Lakers can trust him to create something with the ball in his hands. Howard cannot do as much as Bynum can in an isolation play and relies more on penetration from guards to score points. Bynum has go-to moves he uses in order to scorer points, and not to mention Bynum’s free-throw percentage which is close to 20 percent higher than Howard’s.

Still, Howard is much more effective defensively than Bynum is. Howard is the best defender in the NBA and his individual accolades justify that. Howard is more athletic and a more dominant force in the paint than Bynum, something the Lakers cannot overlook. Bynum was drafted by the Lakers, and although the front office has gotten to love the young center, they could not pass up on the idea of Howard in a purple-and-gold jersey.

The deal has been submitted to the league office and is expected to be approved Friday morning.

  • maza

    Dwight Howard
    Pau Gasol
    Metta       +
    Kobe Bryant
    Steve Nash

    • Marquez Conner

      they still need a bench tho

  • joelsky

    Owws, is this for REAL? Really Dwight to Lakers?.. We’ll see tomorrow.

  • Norberto Morales

    Finally!!! The drama is over…i hope

  • Jannmichaeldaamo

    HELL YEAA!!!! 



  • Gogonsky_34

    hope it doesn’t get V-E-T-O-E-D! again

    • maza

      It won’t. If it does, there goes the NBA’s reputation!

  • Jayro Alvarez

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    I am so happy,
    I’ll jizz all over you!

  • casper

    lollllll i have been waiting for this day for a long time……….. d12 to LA babyyyyy 

  • Laker Fan

    damn, i hope his back doesn’t give out on the team. Also, he REALLY needs to work on post moves like Bynum did.

  • James

    if only i wasn’t a chicago bulls fans:P


    as i’ve always said…the greatest team in all of sports!!!…thank you the buss family…for wanting to win now…and not waiting to rebuild.

  • Sonny Monaraci

    Let see if Hitler Stern would agree with that deal…

    • Guerra

      he cannot veto this one..sorry!

  • S_i_ny

    Where are all the cry babies who said it was too many stars on the heat ?

    • Dee Jay

       You must be smoking rock dude…They only have two stars on the team…That left handed crybaby is average at best…

  • jwickabdurrahim

    All I gotta say is. I hope he resigns with the Lakers after this season. I want to see this be a team for a good number of seasons. But you know what, it was worth the risk I think. All I care about is the team getting Kobe Ring Number Six.

  • Sammie

    I bet Miami fans are crapping in there pants right now lol

  • SwooshNike24

    Now lets get Phil Jackson back! 

  • Marquez Conner

    the lakers are not done until they get some bench players

  • Sammie

    dwight is going to make lebron his little bitch

  • Crystal

    Nice. Glad we’re keeping Pau. Only thing missing is Phil! Staples Center is gonna be crazy in a few months XD

  • Dillo

    Mitch your a bad mother shut yo mouth!!!

  • james fox

    big three vs big five..metta is not consider a part of big five.. But he give a problem to lebron,durant and any small forward.. 

    • dadz litonjua

      Let’s call it Metta World Peace and the Awesome Foursome. :p

      • dazed

        If Metta plays like He did in Indy… it will be a big 5 lol… as of now big 4 lol

  • Kmac562

    Lakers r already making the 2012 – 2013 banner and putting up the balloons up in the rafters as we speak…. 

  • Dee Jay

    Kobe, Howard, Nash, Gasol, World Peace….Defense, Rebounds, Assists, Points…Damn the lakers are going to be the shit this year…Need a little more bench and I would put them up against anyone in the NBA…I 

  • Lyndon Griarte

    Time to get Kareem back as special assistant coach to work with Howard on those isolated low post moves :)