Lakers News: Dwight Howard Denies Reports That He is Unhappy

Lakers News: Dwight Howard Denies Reports That He is Unhappy


When superstars struggle, there will be drama, you can be sure of that. When the Lakers are involved, that drama is magnified, which is proving to be the perfect storm for Dwight Howard and the media in Los Angeles.

Dwight HowardThis morning, ESPN’s Chris Broussard chatted with Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio, where he confidently spoke of Dwight’s unhappiness here in the city of Los Angeles, to the extreme where he uses “miserable” to describe the All-Star center who’s been repeatedly criticized for his joking demeanor and shameless smile.

“Dwight is not happy. He’s basically miserable. He doesn’t like the way he’s being used in Mike D’Antoni’s system. He and Kobe don’t have any personal beef but it’s hard for him to play with Kobe. Is Kobe gonna shoot? Is Kobe gonna pass? Dwight would certainly welcome a trade to Brooklyn.”

If you missed Broussard on Mike and Mike in the Morning, chances are you could have caught him expressing these same sentiments all over ESPN throughout the day. Those were some big words from an individual that is well respected in this industry. Thus, it only deemed fit to address these powerful accusations to Howard before Lakers practice today, to which Dwight refuted the statements.

“Listen, I never said anything about none of this stuff. So, if anybody has a report or anything they say about what’s going on, if it’s not from me, then obviously it can’t be true. I’m not going to let this situation defeat me.”

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Dwight Howard’s demeanor is only one of many aspects brought into question over the past few days, and several weeks. Reports (maybe better labeled as rumors) that Howard wants to be traded have continued to circle throughout the media. Again, it was only appropriate to ask Howard if there is any truth to these reports, which is exactly what ESPN’s Shelley Smith did at the end of the media session. Smith asked Howard if there was any part of him that wanted to be traded. His response was simple, yet unclear.

“I just want to win.”

So, Smith continued to prod by asking, “Here? Or, elsewhere?” The response was the same.

“I just want to win.”

Mitch Kupchak confirmed once again today, that Dwight Howard will not be traded before the deadline. Dwight said that Kupchak has been telling him that for the past month and a half.

Yet, Dwight Howard couldn’t find it in him to squash the trade rumors with an even simpler response, “no.” Instead, we are still left with our minds wondering.


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  • laker fan 4 life

    Plain and simple we need the big fella here in Los Angeles Howard keep your head up your the future go out there and play your game Mitch got you because your the best center in this game. That’s why he don’t want to trade Howard.

    • Angela Nicole

      lol he cant commit to the lakers. Dont count on him for the future. Hes immature and not dedicated 100% to the lakers.

  • honestly

    so he does wanna leave… “i just want to win” … how about u stop crying?? u can make hook shots from half court but cant make a fucking free throw.. C’mon man, youre a defensive player, not kareem abdul jabbar

    • Magic Johnson

      kobe said a similar thing, just want to win means that he has no time to worry about being traded just to focus on winning

  • kb

    D12 needs to pot his….

  • DJ

    Stop whinning and start being a part of the solution Howard…OMG, sports today is just Ass*of*Nines! Does not matter where your at, where you play, Brooklyn or L.A. attitudes exists, other players exists, the formality is to just “DO YOU” and step above it ALL

    • Terrence

      It also is partly that the league requires that the players talk to the media. None of the other sports leagues require this level of access.

  • Juan Dela Cruz

    deal with DH12! there are other great talents around NBA with a heart of a Champion!

  • JohnC

    Howard saying he’s not happy with D’Antoni’s system? I think people had the perception LA had a unique opportunity to make a historical team with Kobe, Nash, Pau, Howard, MWP, Jamison… Maybe it was not true, and people need someone to blame: D’Antoni. Or maybe there was a real chance for that historical team and there is someone to blame: D’Antoni?

  • joelsky

    Wed don’t need to trade Dwight Howard (period). “Dwight is the future of Laker and deserves a statue outside Staples Center” – Mitch K. I agree with this. Let’s give him another chance he’s not 100% yet but he is doing his best now. Laker fans stay away from media they just make all things complicated.

  • hookedonnews

    Why can’t this guy be a Bill Russell? He needs to let the Lakers know whether he intends to stay right now–today. If he leaves them high and dry he is always going to be thought of as a total jerk. Make up your mind and do the right thing for once.

  • colo

    F**K..D 12..PERIOD