Lakers News: Dr. Judy Seto Discusses Traveling With Kobe In China

Lakers News: Dr. Judy Seto Discusses Traveling With Kobe In China



When Kobe Bryant tore his left Achilles tendon at the age of 34, most feared that he would never return the same. While it remains to be seen, there is great optimism and confidence that he will return better than ever with the guidance of Dr. Judy Seto.

Dr. Judy Seto is the team’s head physical therapist and has been instrumental in helping Bryant recover from a perceived devastating injury. She has seemingly traveled around the world this summer, helping the Laker superstar get back to the court as soon as possible.

In an interview with Lakers’ reporter Mike Trudell, Dr. Seto discussed what it’s like to be around Bryant in China. To no one’s surprise, it’s pandemonium when Bryant makes his yearly visit to the country:

“It’s fanatical. Pandemonium. The fans are absolutely exuberant, with the best of intentions. “

Dr. Seto also shared a humorous story about one of her trips with Bryant when security thought she was a local fan:

“One of the funny things is that the trips I’ve been on with him — they think I’m a local fan, so I get pulled out of his group by local security, and I have to show my badge. There may be eight people in our group, so now they put me in the middle to make sure I don’t get lost in the crowd.”

While many may not be familiar with Dr. Seto, Bryant gives all the credit for his fast recovery to her. After Bryant sustained the injury, Dr. Seto recommended that he immediately get surgery instead of waiting for the swelling to reduce, which has sped up the recovery process.

With guidance from Dr. Seto, Bryant has made headlines throughout the entire offseason by saying that he was ahead of schedule in August and recently mentioned how he could probably play right now if it was the playoffs or NBA Finals.


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  • Paytc

    It sounds like a perfect match ! Dr. Seto being perceived at least as the total knowledgable and professional Dr. And Kobe the patient who will totally work hard in rehabbing himself. They should make each other look… oh soo good.

    Kobe still has some unfinished business to handle in the NBA so that’s great.

    Remember Kobe, it’s not how soon you return that matters. It’s how prepared and ready you are to continue playing at the highest level. We trust you will be ready to play at the high level we have come to expect . Cheers to you, and your team of specialist . Go Kobe !

  • dearbuss&kupchak

    this team can contend, but unless the lakers trade or get rid of s. blake, sacre, darius odom and landry they will not win a championship.
    dantoni must move farmar to be backup point to nash or trade nash or gasol by the deadline for an efficient defender and 3pt shooter who doesnt over dribble and turnover the ball like blake and nash during crucial times in games.
    ryan K. , x. henry, shawne w. and elias should make the final roster they can defend and shoot.
    but as long as dantoni puts in blake or sacre in the games when the game is on the line the lakers will not win a championship this year.
    notice preaseason game 4 in beijing the lakers were leading at most by 13 points and then freaking dumbtoni put in blake and sacre to fuck the lakers lead and cost the lakers the win…
    buss and kupchak better fix this problem now and fast!

    • MiT-Chell Nacario

      In short Get rid of D’Antoni.

      • L. Coats

        I agree with you in that Buss & D’s (or whomever making those decisions) get it wrong – from time to time. But if you really study that game, you will see that Nash turned the ball over more than Blake and anyone other than Sacre, would be able to catch those passes. Should have released Sacre and signed Gradzic, but I guess the front office cares more about cheer leading, than winning….

    • Paytc

      You are making a few very solid and valid points. Sometimes players have good timing or know the right people and sign large contracts. When that happens the team feels obligated to play them or someone looks like they made a poor decision giving the size of the contract.

      You also get people who just are very likable so many turn a blind eye to their ability and performances. This year at least there are people on the bench to turn to when someone is not getting the job done. We had a few on last years bench who were more capable and did not see enough play time. Hopefully players are held accountable and must “STEP UP ” or pass towels.

    • Paytc

      MDA is just evaluating the players at this point. If these were regular season games my guess is we would have the “best” players on the floor. But time will tell what decisions are made,and who is most capable.

  • Jim213

    Plain an simple the East views KB24 as the Michael Jackson of basketball.