Lakers News: Dirk Nowitzki Takes Jab At Kobe Bryant For Contract Extension

Lakers News: Dirk Nowitzki Takes Jab At Kobe Bryant For Contract Extension


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After the Los Angeles Lakers signed Kobe Bryant to a two-year contract extension worth $48.5 million back in November, a lot of people were surprised and baffled that the team would invest so much money in an injured superstar with an uncertain future.

The consensus was that the team re-signed the future Hall of Famer out of respect for everything that Kobe had done for the franchise. Not to mention the fact that Kobe staying in Los Angeles guarantees ticket sales and merchandise continuing to fly off the shelves for at least another two years, if he’s able to stay healthy.

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Along with all the criticism about Kobe’s new deal from NBA analysts, former players like Magic Johnson and even Phil Jackson, one current superstar in a similar position has also chimed in on Kobe’s enormous contract.

Dirk Nowitzki will become an unrestricted free agent this summer and vows not to take Kobe’s approach in contract talks with the Dallas Mavericks. Nowitzki takes a somewhat subtle shot at Kobe for not putting the team ahead of his own need for a lucrative deal according to Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News:

“We want to get better as a team,” Nowitzki said. “And I’m pretty sure I’m not going to sign Kobe’s deal – unfortunately (Bryant signed a two-year, $48-million extension).

“We’ll find a good way where I feel respected for what I did and we still have enough money left for us to get great players in here. Cubes has been great to me and been loyal to me for a long, long time. I’m sure we’re going to find a great solution for everybody.”

Basically, Nowitzki is willing to live with the enormous amount of money he’s made over the course of his career in an effort to sacrifice for the team. Nowitzki, like other stars at an advanced age, is willing to take a pay cut to help bring in talented players in order to get the Mavericks back to title-contending status in the final years of his career.

It remains to be seen how things will pan out for both players in the twilight of their careers. Nowitzki’s approach is noble, but it may not produce results. Kobe, on the other hand, is trying to get paid what he’s worth while banking on the attractive destination of Los Angeles and the Lakers franchise to lure in big-names.

In a few years, we’ll know the answer in terms of whose approach paid off and if Nowitzki taking less money was truly the right way to go for the German superstar.
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  • Action Jackson

    How was this a jab at Kobe? He said he wont sign a Kobe deal meaning he doesn’t think he will get that much from the organization.


      Did you not read between the lines kid? Dirk said the team comes first. Want to make the team better rather than to look out for his own interest.

    • Andress Lua

      he’s saying that kobe was selfish for not taking a pay cut to help out the team by getting new players.

      • Eljireh Bankston

        he did take pay cut

        • Andress Lua

          no he didnt.

          • oabesamis09

            Technically he did…He got 30 million this season….

    • B!

      HE didn’t have to Put Kobe ‘ Name in his mouth!

  • TimeisIllmatic

    Oh stop. Dirk was not taking jabs at Kobe: he was using Kobe’s contract as an example.

  • Shaheen

    Jab or not, Dirk = 1 ring, Bryant = 5 rings. Nuff said.

    • MFFLbutrespect Kobe

      No need to go after Dirk as this was one of those slow media days so the writer fabricated some drama..

  • roseducanna

    KOBEEN never do like DIRK and DUNCAN.So he never get #6 ring.

    • lakers72

      you are right.. he’ll never “do like dirk” and be stuck with 1 ring…

      • Brad


      • marcusgrimes

        Kobe will be stuck on #5 when he retires. I’d be ok with that if he didnt eat up half the cap for the next two yrs. I’m kind of upset he signed it. I think 15-20 million would have been more feasible. I still can’t wrap my head around why he was given this deal. This handicaps the next two yrs as far as i’m concerned.

        • Peter Maguire

          really a bad move on his part if he truly wants any talent to come to LA … but they can pay to tax – obviously they are the biggest winners in the league for years time to dump some money back into being good again. The NBA wanted parity -they got it


          He took that deal knowing damn will he’s not going to get his 6th. Juiced the Lakers as much as they can. Lakers only have him that deal for ticket sales etc. To bad season ticket holders this year for assed out. Lol. All that talk about coming back better than ever was to get people to come back next year and so forth. Also he came back just to beat M.J in all time scoring to #3 spot. To bad it took him 3 more seasons to do so..

    • Laker4l1fe

      First of all learn to speak you idiot. Second kobe will get his 6 ring if you like it or not. Deal with it the lakers will be beast within the next two years. Sorry but dirk will never get to 4 championships.

      • laker4l1fe is an idiot

        Dirk will never get his 2nd. Also you’re a bigger idiot if you think Kobe is going to get his 6th. After the contract is up he’s done. Damn you laker fans need to move on and accept it. Stop loving in your glory days.

      • roseducanna

        Let see who idiot.I like KOBEEN,but he can forget selfish and keep a ball and shoot too much.I want LAKERS get a championship.

      • TitletownX5

        The Lakers are Crap now and still be Crap when Kobe is gone. It’s over laker nation. Watch your tribute dvds cause that’s all you’ll see. enjoy!

    • Laker 4life

      dumbkin, dirt total =5rings

      kobe alone =5rings

      get it? hater!

      • MavsFan

        Duncan – 4 rings
        Dirk – 1 ring
        Kobe (without Shaq) – 2 rings

        No matter what anyone says, it’s almost too easy for a volume shooter to score 30 in the playoffs when you have people constantly giving their attention to one of the greatest centers of all time.

  • lakers4life

    It is a jab at kobe…hes pretty much saying he’s willing to take a pay cut in order to get better as a team…and the deal kobe signed the lakers aren’t going to be able to bring in players because there aren’t going to be any money left over…pretty much hes saying kobe is selfish for not taking a bigger pay cut for the good of the team..something dirk is willing to do

    • lakers4life

      Arent going to be able to bring in two max players instead of one

      • Shasan

        Kobe wants to earn his ring. He could’ve taken a two-year deal for 10 million. This way Lakers can bring in Melo this year and Kevin Love and another superstar (if salary permits) the following year. So if Kobe wins his 6th ring, people will say, kobe won cause of Melo and Kevin Love and whoever else the Lakers bring in. Kobe doesn’t want to buy his ring, he wants to earn it. Kobe would pay for 5 bucks, I’m exaggerating, but it is not meaningful.

        • nonwing

          Well i guess Kobe will be stuck on 5 rings then. No Kobe wants to be selfish its all about him he is no team player.

        • Brian Rubin

          we will still get star players without Kobe taking a pay cut this is the LAKERS the best franchise in the WORLD!!!

          • TitletownX5

            Sorry but the best nba franchise in the nba and top 5 sports franchise in the world for some time had been San Antonio. The most 50 plus game seasons, the most playoff seasons in a row in the last 17 years. Could had 6 or 7 championships in the Duncan era if it wasn’t for a few bad breaks or calls. But hey we can’t complain cuz we’re right again in the thick of things again. Well make the playoffs again next season as well and be competitive also. We have talent stashed away in Europe right now as good as our bench and our bench is good. Take a look at Adam Hanga on you tube he’ll be taking Ginobilli’s place after next season just to name one. We have a good scouting program, organization, coach so that when Duncan, and Ginobilli leave we’ll still be winning games. We don’t put all our money on one person. We just develope the young studs and “keep pounding the rock”.

        • TitletownX5

          The Lakers never do squat with old superstars added to the roster with Kobe. If they are smart they will keep the young talent and develope them like Pop does instead of relying on outside help sucking up your payroll and having no bench.

      • god

        You forget what kobe did just last season. Still elite still the best for his age. Amazing.

    • laker4l1fe is an idiot

      He is selfish you idiot. Damn you laker fans are blind and idiotic! Lol

    • J’aqen Hghar

      What do you mean “there aren’t going to be any money left?,” we’re the Lakers, man. Money is never an issue. The payroll can go $100mil over the cap and mgmt would have no problem paying every dollar.

      • TitletownX5

        Sooner or later the well is going to dry up. Then what?
        The nerve of Kobe to dictate what coach is hired. Like he’s going to be around the 10 years. You all doing it all wrong. Time to move on and develope your future and not accommodate one selfish person.

  • Vi5ion

    Difference is Cuban would NEVER offer Dirk that contract. Dirk is great, but his worth to the Mavs isn’t what Job is to Lakers. Like the article mentions, Kobe does more than win games, he sells tix, jerseys, and is much more marketable (sure I misspelled that lol). Lakers are the ones who offered that total, if Mavs offered that to Dirk he’d take it too.

    • TitletownX5

      Maybe they should have hired Kobe as a greeter to sell tickets.
      They could have saved a lot of money. Cap money. Which does matter.

  • lakerfan

    Kobe was offered that contract… what would someone do when you get offered 48 mil for 2 seasons. Say “No i want Less” …..

    • hookedonnews

      That is exactly what you would do if winning another ring was the most important thing to you. And all his recent talk about wanting to win now and not waiting so the team can acquire the better players who won’t be available this off-season is another example of someone who is focused on himself. He had the right to accept the big contract, but don’t say that winning is the most important thing. If it was, he would have done what players like Tim Duncan, Dirk, Wade & LeBron have done. He would have taken less money and understood the need to save your cap space for the big names who will be free agents in 2015-2016. If he’s not able to play at the level we expect or unable to stay healthy, this is going to be doubly harmful to the team. Hopefully that won’t happen.

      • Terrell

        Hammer meet nail. Well said Hookedonnews, but alas, prepare to be cursed and crapoed on by the majority of posters here because what those other superstars you mentioned did for their team, I guess is beneath the God that us Kobe Bryant.

        • Brian Rubin

          You are idiots you really think that kobe in your locker room doesn’t help your team he ALWAYS tries to teach these young kids the ropes and does a great job just look at some of the stars that have left the lakers they talk about how he helped them LEARN!!!!

          • TitletownX5

            Wonder why they left? To give Kobe more money. It’s a circus at this point. And its not greatest show on earth.

      • ffdasf

        you misunderstood the whole story man,.. Kobe never demanded the 48M., he was offered that money. If you think its a huge amount, then blame the FO not kobe. THis need only 0.5% of your brain to understand that.

        • hookedonnews

          Nobody misunderstands the fact that the FO offered him that contract, and they are at fault for offering him that much money. But he didn’t have to accept their offer. He could easily have told them he didn’t need that much money & that he wanted them to have the flexibility to bring in some good players. There has never been any indication that he attempted to do that.

          • kookiebuger

            Their is no franchise changing free agents available for the Lakers this year Melo will probably stay another year and LeBron will probably stay another year as well. That leaves Lowry,Turner,Stephenson,Bledsoe,Monroe,Deng,Gasol,etc. at best the team will finish at 7th at worst 10th but only puts the franchise in this bad situation, can make the playoffs constantly but go nowhere.

          • hookedonnews

            I agree about the FA situation this year. Mitch has pretty much said that the major moves won’t come until after next season. If the team can stay healthy (especially Kobe & Nash) they could have a decent season. Hard to predict because we don’t know who’s going to be on the roster other than Kobe, Nash & Sacre at this point. I don’t think they can compete with the top teams until they get some better players, and we still don’t know who’s going to be coaching. Season after next should be much better because you have to believe they will bring in some top FA’s. Fans just have to be patient and not expect everything to change overnight.

          • kookiebuger

            Next year can be better but it would best to tank since their 2015 1st round pick is top 5 protected and try to get a big man or Mudiay.

          • hookedonnews

            Mitch Kupchak and Kobe have both made it clear that the Lakers don’t tank. They didn’t have to this year because injuries did it for them. As long as Kobe’s on the court, no one is going to tank.

          • kookiebuger

            The Lakers should swallow their pride and tank. Kobe missed a 1 1/2 and will be 36 year olds coming off of a major injury, his timing and pacing will be off (will come back with time) and may never be the same (No longer the black mamba). I’m not trying to get my hopes up high in case the worst case scenario happens to both Kobe and the Lakers.

          • hookedonnews

            Tanking hurts the brand and affects the team culture. Not going to happen. Not saying it’s not possible for them to have a bad year if Kobe is slow to return to form or if other injuries cause problems. But to lose on purpose? They’re just not going to do that.

          • kookiebuger

            If the Lakers try to reserve their cap space for next year then they will sign a bunch of 1 and done players (Humprhies,Okafur,Beasely, Ben Gordon,etc.) again this offseason with maybe 1 big money acquisition (like Stephenson as a building block for the future) then they are essentially tanking.

          • hookedonnews

            Unless you’re losing games on purpose or getting rid of all your decent players (Philly) so you’ll lose games you’re not tanking. The reason the Lakers aren’t going to pick up a lot of great players this off-season is that the best players won’t be available then. If Kevin Love or other top players were free agents now, they would try to sign them I imagine. They are waiting for better players, not trying to lose games.

          • Computer Networking

            Lowry, rudy gay are out there too. I think that it would be good to go after gortat. He would be pretty cheap. Bring in lowry and there would be enough left to bring in either bosh or rudy gay. That’s one scenario. There is plenty avenues that you can take.

          • Brian Rubin

            the lakers always surprise you look what happened with the paul trade no one expected the lakers to get chris paul we will get stars like it or not stars want to play here.

          • TitletownX5

            I would love to have Jodie Meeks on my Spurs team.

          • Kieran Sanders

            Dude really u think bron r anyone else is gonna turn down 48 million for 2 yrs. Stop it just stop it. The only person who took a pay cut was Wade.

          • hookedonnews

            Not true. They all accepted less. Look it up. Yes, I think LeBron would take less than $48 million if it meant a chance at another championship. How much money do you think these players need? They’re all making more money than they could possibly spend, plus all the endorsement deals, etc. LeBron, Wade, Bosh, & Duncan have already proven that they will accept less than they’re worth to help their teams.

          • Brian Rubin

            He’s already done it!

        • TitletownX5

          No he could have said let’s take some of that money and get us a couple of good free agents. Yes if he wanted to bring success to the organization and you the fan(s)! Guess he’s not thinking about you.

          • ffdasf

            man,, come on man,, the FO is more knowldgeable than you, im sure the organization neither lister to your arguments, they know how owrht bryant is, its not just about playing in the court that he can offer, its the charisma, the attraction. People watch laker games because of bryant. thats a truth.. if you think you know kobe worht more than the FO, then you are stupid. GTFO

      • ffdasf

        Basically, Kobe did what lebron, dirk and tim did, he accepted the contract offered to him, and did not demanded more. Its not like, tim, dirk and lebron were offered and they said ” no, i need you to change the offer, i will take less money”. They just accepted whats on the table like how kobe accepted the offer.

      • nlruizjr

        Kobe wants to win now and Mitch wants to win now, what the Lakers offered Kobe is besides the point, if Jimmy and Mitch felt that this offer is not going to harness the Lakers from making a competitive team, then they more than likely wouldn’t have offered Kobe that contract, who knows there situation better than the FO and without you knowing all the factors involved, then blaming Kobe for accepting that contract is based on insufficient knowledge !!!

        • hookedonnews

          Are you trying to tell me this FO doesn’t make mistakes? I haven’t heard one NBA expert who believes that offering Kobe that contract was a smart move, especially considering his age and the questions about his health. These are the factors that are involved–giving him that kind of money has limited their flexibility in going after other top players. It ain’t rocket science. I don’t know what you think I need to know other than the fact that he accepted a $48 million contract while claiming that winning was the most important thing to him. I’m pretty sure he knows he can’t do it by himself. More money for him, less money to bring in other good players. It’s pretty simple.

          • nlruizjr

            and your trying to tell me you know more than the FO, I sure don’t see your name in any of the Laker decision making processes, like I said the FO has info that you are not privy to, any asshole can make stupid assertions but in the end that’s all they are, is stupid assertions, I’ll lean on what the FO knows and not what hookedonnews knows because it’s apparent you know less than the FO !!!!!

          • hookedonnews

            Every NBA expert that I’ve heard comment on Kobe’s contract has said it was a huge mistake. It’s not just my opinion. Just remember what you’re saying here when the FO makes some move you don’t approve of. If I’m not mistaken you thought the hiring of Mike D’Antoni was a mistake, and now the FO can do no wrong? LOL. I don’t know what information you think they have that the public is not privy to that would make offering $48 million to a 36 year old guy who has had 2 major injuries the last 2 seasons a good idea. He would have signed for less if it had been offered. He already said that he intended to finish his career as a Laker. It would be different if the team was not in need of players who are going to want to be paid big bucks,

          • nlruizjr

            I also said that I would not pass judgement on Dantoni and would hold my reservations until after and it doesn’t matter what information I think or you for that matter that formed the decision the FO uses to make their decision and yes the public is not privy to all info the FO base their decisions on, if you know basketball you would realize that our decisions do not matter and if your sitting by your phone waiting for the lakers to call you so they can make a dceision by all means hold your breath !!!!!!

          • hookedonnews

            Dude, quit trying to make this about me. There aren’t 10 people who believe offering Kobe that much money was a good idea.

          • nlruizjr

            Dude, your the one making it about you, since you think you know more than the Laker FO and yes just keep reading the posts and you will find those 10 people who think offering Kobe that much money was a good idea, here let me help you (1,2,3,4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and repeat)

          • hookedonnews

            I think you’re mathematically challenged. You can argue with all the NBA experts who understand why this contract offer was a mistake. If I paid $50,000 for a car I could have bought for $10,000 no one would believe that was a good idea.

          • nlruizjr

            I think your mentally challenged and no I don’t have to argue with NBA experts because there are enough that know the Laker FO is the ultimate expert because they are the ones that have the private info to base their decision on why they made such an offer to Kobe in the first place, your opion, your experts opinions are just that opinions and I bet the Laker FO didn’t call any of your experts to arrive at their decision, now if you want to pay $50,000 for a $10,000 car, don’t let me stand in your way, hell even I have a car to send you, just send me the money in cash !!!

          • ffdasf

            Dude, ever wonder, no one agrees with you, or you dont get up votes on each of your argument???

          • Terrell

            Give it a rest Hookedonnews. It makes no sense debating with great points and rational thought with the majority of posters here. I agree with your points and I’m certain a good chunk of Laker fans agree too, but the vocal Kobe fans aren’t having it because I guess they want everyone to just be blindly loyal to the player. Sorry, but the team won before, during, and after every Superstar era, and I have faith they will again. A lot of Laker fans are not really Laker or team-first fans, they are Kobe fans now. Kobe is beyond reproach in this site. All you are going get is being crapped and cursed on for bringing up salient and valid points that in even a little way critiques Kobe or lays even an inch of culpability on his lap

          • hookedonnews

            You’re right. It’s pointless to try to reason with some of these guys. It’s like talking to yourself because it really doesn’t accomplish anything. You would think some things are obvious, but I guess not.

          • jff

            Kobe’s offer is fair- he is injured because of playing hard. Dirk is not Kobe- you can take to much pay cut and not win a ring. Tim Duncan took pay cut but he did not get a ring yet.
            They played with Howard but they did not get a ring

          • laker4l1fe

            Dont mind these laker fans. They are in denial. You giving your opinion frlls like a personal attack to the lakers. They just need to accept it and move on from the glory days.

          • Frank Lyons

            It was a good thing to offer him this. Keeping him is important. You do not let a franchise player walk away who has done that much with gas in his tank.

          • hookedonnews

            Kobe had already said that he was going to finish his career as a Laker. There was no threat of him walking away. No one wanted him to leave, but it wasn’t necessary to make him the highest paid player in the league. We don’t know how much gas is left in that tank. This was a gamble that could blow up their faces if he’s not able to perform at the level everyone expects or if he continues to battle injuries. They should have gotten together and come up with a reasonable figure that he could accept and that would allow the team more flexibility if they wanted to try to get back to the top before he retires.

      • LakersOverEverything

        Kobe does want to win, and he does want #6, but what’s the point if he’s buying it? How could he ever be compared to mike anymore if he takes some crazy pay cut just to buy a ring. I want another laker championship, but I’m glad kobe would rather earn it and accept his well due money

        • hookedonnews

          That is some convoluted reasoning. Kobe didn’t mind them getting Shaq or Gasol to help him win championships. You can’t win a ring without great players around you. Jordan couldn’t and neither can Kobe. He’s sure not going to get #6 with the players the Lakers have now. Kobe’s already made it clear he expects them to bring in players to help them win. Kobe taking a pay cut wouldn’t guarantee a championship, but it would make it easier to get the players they need to try and get one. I don’t know where you got the idea that trying to get better players for your team is buying a championship. That’s the goal of every team. You’re sure not going to win anything without some great players.

          • Victor

            So you’re basically calling Kobe a douche bag while you call out the Lakers FO!

          • hookedonnews

            I think you need to re-read my comment (and the comment I was responding to) because I said nothing of the kind about Kobe. Yes, offering Kobe $48 million was a mistake in the opinion of every NBA and sports commentator I’ve heard comment on it. I don’t think that’s a controversial position. When you’re trying to rebuild a team you don’t spend that much money on a 36 year old player who only played 6 games this season and is coming off 2 serious injuries. He would have signed for less if they had offered it because he had made it clear he wanted to remain with the Lakers. If they already had the players they need it might have been more appropriate to give him that kind of money, but this team needs players. Free agents are going to expect to be paid. His contract makes that more difficult. Kobe had the right to accept that contract, but he knows as well anyone that it limits the ability of the team to go after other top players.

          • LakersOverEverything

            Apparently, you misunderstood me. There’s nothing wrong with getting better players, and of course kobe wants that. The thing is, some fans want to cry about his extension because now the lakers can only afford to get one more superstar, and good role players…wtf?? Why are people complaining that they can’t afford 2 more max contracts, as opposed to the 1 more max along with good role players? The lakers, with Kobe’s extension, have plenty of money so fans need to pipe down and quite crying over spoiled milk. THAT is my point. Do have a differing opinion?

          • hookedonnews

            I do have a different view. The Lakers need more than one great player besides Kobe. Nash will be gone after next season. You’re going to need an elite PG, a presence in the paint, and someone who can take over for Kobe when he retires, and that’s just for starters. Two is always better than one when you are looking for a championship. I don’t know if the Heat could have won 2 championships without Bosh, and they had LeBron. There aren’t that many players like LeBron who automatically put you in the hunt for the Finals. Role players also want to be paid, and there is going to be competition for the free agents who will be available in the next couple of years. So yes, I would have preferred a smaller contract for Kobe and more money to add players. You are right that it’s done, and there’s no reversing it now. The reason it’s still an issue is because of the effect it has on the cap space available to acquire the players we need. So don’t be surprised if it continues to be brought up.

      • Computer Networking

        Ok. Everybody needs to chill. First, the cap just got bumped up 6 million. So the Lakers have approximately 28 million to spend. If they waive nash, that gives them another six million which would be 34 million. There are more than one option that you can take to build a championship contending team for the upcoming season. So regardless whether the gave kobe other contract or not, they still can build a contending team.

        • hookedonnews

          They’re not going to waive Nash. If you’ve heard anything that Mitch Kupchak has said you know he’s said it’s going to take at least a couple of years and maybe more to rebuild the team. They aren’t interested in most of the FA’s available now. The best players aren’t going to be FA’s until 2015/2016. Kobe’s contract is going to keep them from getting at least one max-contract player. They will eventually have a contending team, but it’s likely to be 2016 before it happens unless they’re extremely lucky.

          • Computer Networking

            I know they are not going to waive nash but that still leaves 28 million. They can do plenty with that. The Lakers don’t have to worry about max players. They need trade assets. The Lakers never rebuild, they always revamp. They may take a Draft pick here and there but they just don’t rebuild. I’m pretty sure that we all have scenarios the can take could take place to benefit the Lakers now and towards the future. That should be the goal. For example, kobe is there for two more years. Trade assets are the way to go. Go get lowry. This way you have someone that can be on a championship contender team and is a valuable trade asset for irving whom the Lakers want anyway. That trade could be possible as early as the trade deadline. The Lakers wants love. Well do a sign and trade for randolph. He has one year on his contract and could be traded to minnesota for love by the deadline. At worse, he helps the Lakers in the playoffs and then he is off the books. There are different avenues. They just have to take one of the avenues.

          • hookedonnews

            I agree that they don’t plan on rebuilding through the draft. They have shown no interest in Lowry. He’s going to want a big contract. From everything I’ve heard & read they are just going to wait until players like Irving become free agents. I understand that fans want something done now, but Mitch Kupchak keeps saying that we’re going to have to be patient. There’s no guarantee that you could pull off the trades that you mentioned. I think they’ll just wait for Love to be a free agent. Of course, anything could happen. I guess we’ll find out after the season is over which direction they’re going.

          • Computer Networking

            You are right. We will find out but I will be disappointed if the lakers can’t even contend in the playoffs. Like I said, there are things the Lakers can do to make something happen. They can pick up a big man in the draft, resign gasol and sign rudy gay. If they don’t want a big contract, then go after beasley, gortat, and a big man in the draft. At least this with give kobe a second option in beasley and a physical center. Give him something he can work with. Last, resign nick young and bazemore

          • hookedonnews

            It’s so hard to predict what will happen because we don’t know who’s going to be coaching or who the majority of the players are going to be. You have to believe that if Kobe is healthy the Lakers will at least make the playoffs, but at this point it’s impossible to know much. I don’t see them going after Beasley. They weren’t interested the last time he was available. A lot depends on the coach and his philosophy. Should be an interesting summer.

          • Lenny

            The Lakers can likely get Kyrie Irving via trade if the Cavs and Irving reach a impasse on the contract extension.The Lakers would then trade our lottery pick and Steve Nash for Kyrie Irving.Lakers are going to be contending sooner than most people think.Be prepared for a top tier Lakers team.

          • hookedonnews

            There’s little chance that Steve Nash would be included in a trade with the questions about his health. He wouldn’t go to Cleveland. He would retire first because he has already said he isn’t going to move his kids again. Not sold on Kyrie Irving myself. The Cavs played better when he was out this season. I would be surprised to see them trade our draft pick for him, but anything is possible. We can get him as a free agent next year if that’s the direction they want to go. I’m not that optimistic about next season. It’s too early to predict what kind of a team we’ll have. We don’t know who’s going to be on the roster or who’s going to be coaching.

    • TitletownX5

      Yes if you want to help your team win.

  • Byron Scott

    Thats what they offered him! There wasn’t even a back and forth no i want more discussion. Yeah Kobe would probably feel disrespected if he got like a veterans min or something like that, but that is what they offered. I swear sometimes some people just read way way way between the lines over everything and anything. Kobe deserves what he feels and what the FO feels is his worth. If Kobe was in Dirk’s position and if Kobe was playing for Mark Cuban, I’m sure he’ll get whatever Dirk ends up making. But Kobe has 5 rings, 2 finals MVP, 1 MVP, he’s an olympic gold medalist, he’s well known in Europe, the US, and Asia, and i bet 200% people would come see him in any game rather than Dirk. So that is why he got the money from the Lakers.

    • MFFLbutrespectKobe

      Man I expected more out of you. You must not be the Byron Scott that was in the league. Because that Byron would’ve looked at the original story and realized this recent article claiming Dirk took shot at Kobe was fabricated garbage. I guess it just doesn’t take much of a hard count to make Laker fans jump offsides..
      I respect the Lakers history and Kobe but, laker fans always jumping at oportunities to remind everyone The lakers have a good history just tarnishes the dynasty. The two worst players that ever put a Mavs jersey on came from the lakers Lamar & Derrick… Represented laker like class here

      • HonestLaker

        Yes, it was embarrassing how classless Odom and Fisher acted that brief time playing for Dallas…. They were quitters

  • purp& goldpride

    Yeah….Dirk will take less, and Dallas will miss out on FA as usual. No Dwight, no cp3, no deron Williams.

    The Lakers are a billion dollar business, they aren’t scrubbing for cash

  • Josh

    Pretty sure he called it unfortunate that he won’t get Kobe’s deal. Kobe’s deal would still be a pay raise for Dirk, while it is a 23% reduction for Kobe. Don’t know many people who would beg their bosses to make them take more than a 23% pay cut so they can have better coworkers.

  • $20509373

    That wasn’t a jab at Kobe. He basically said he still wants to get paid, but not in a way that is detrimental to his team. He wants help and is willing to take less money to get it.

  • CCX

    Dirk mails it in as often as he shows up and plays. At his peak he was a fraction of Kobe’s peak and his merchandising worth is a fraction of Kobe’s so he realizes he’s not worth a fraction of Kobe’s contract. Therefore it’s no wonder that one of the most overrated ‘superstars’ of this era bitterly knocks this era’s best.

    You got lucky LeBron and the Heat melted down to get you a title Dork, now sit down and eat your cookie…


      Wow you know when you were talking about mailing it in as often as they play… It sounded just like Derrick Fischer and Lamar Odoms time in Dallas… Displaying Their laker class

      * you obviously have no clue if you think Dirk mails it in. No knock on Kobe he and Dirk respect each other. It was the idiot that twisted this story trying to start something out of nothing.

      • CCX

        If you really want to look at it Dirk has gotten by all these years because of his jumper, he’s never dedicated himself to playing hard on both sides of the court.

  • Levy

    Dirk is an awesome guy. People are taking his words out of context again. Either way, both Kobe & Dirk have mutual respect for one another.

  • Kïd Špłãšh

    Its not like Kobe asked for the deal!’ Mitch offered &he accepted!’ Be realistic now…honestly who’s gonna decline a 2yr offer of 45mil???*48mil*’

  • hookedonnews

    LA may attract big names. but you’ve got to have the cap space to pay them. Expecting other stars to come to the Lakers for less while Kobe is the highest paid player in the league doesn’t make a lot of sense. I don’t think Dirk was taking a shot at Kobe. Most people understand that Kobe’s big contract is not going to help the Lakers, but it’s a done deal. The team will just have to work around it.

    • JK_Lakeshow

      Lakers can always just pay the Luxury Tax and go over cap if they feel the players is wroth it.

      • hookedonnews

        They have made it clear that they don’t want to do that. That penalty for being a repeat offender is not chump change. It’s easy for fans to sit back and say just pay the luxury tax, but this is a business and millions of dollars paid in taxes & penalties is not good business.

      • Jeremy

        Have you read the details of the luxury tax of he new CBA? It’s no longer as simple as dollar for dollar. There are escalators and repeater that are just insane. As Gabe pointed out, while the Buss’ won’t go broke anytime soon, they ARE a mom and pop business. Other owners have other sources of revenue that generates hundreds of millions for them that allowed them to own an NBA team. The Lakers are all the Buss family have. Yeah, they have that Billion Dollar TV deal, but as what was already mentioned, the NBA gets nearly half of what TWC pays the Lakers annually.
        Jim Buss and Kupchak are on uncharted waters with a CBA that Dr. Buss and Jerry West never had to work with. It’s a cap that is designed to purely handcuff teams like the Lakers. When it was time to vote, I read only the Lakers and the Heat voted against the new CBA.

  • Gabe

    It’s ok and not a crime that Kobe took what was offered, but he shouldn’t turn around and cry and bash the FO demanding they spend to reload the team immediately because he’s not waiting, when he knows that by taking that money the team is handcuffed to only getting 1 Max guy. People keep harping about that Billion dollar tv deal so money shouldn’t be an issue, but please read up on the new CBA. Those repeater taxes are insanely punitive. And let’s not forget the Buss’ are a mom and pop franchise per se. The lakers are all they have while other owners have other primary business ventures that bolster their coffers. Also, besides the luxury taxes, about half of eh at TWC pays the Lakers as part of that TV deal is flipped and sent by the Lakers to the NBA with their revenue sharing agreement. Jerry Buss and Jerry West never had to deal with this kind of CBA that basically shackles teams like the Lakers. The Lakers cant just live on outspending others like in the past. They have to get creative financially and may have to grind out a 2-3yr rebuild wherein they develop talent since the days of the “home-run 1 offseason FA shopping spree quick fixes” are likely over.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    Any player talking about Kobe is a jab they can easily leave his name outta their mouths and worried about them selves

  • Nashir Mohammed

    the CBA is garbage, fans should not have to be talking about cap space and who deserves their salary. and taking less for billionaire owners like sterling to look good…..well that’s another story. kobe is the one who will be limping around the rest of his life with advanced aging in his knees so i’m not sure you can put a dollar value on it.

  • Pick yourshoes

    Kobe’s contract in perspective puts the team back two or three years. Management said they wanna win but fans have to be patient. Meaning we gave kobe a big ass contract and have very little to play with until he retires

  • Baram909

    I see nothing wrong with his cont to be honest. L.a. Is still a premiere spot for free agents and players also it’s not like all the money is his and I doubt the lakers would max out anyone else no matter who they were. Besides as a person would you want to be told here have less money after dedicating your life and career into us we want to win and spit in your face to. The lakers have always had big players with big contracts as do other people. I have no doubt his contract won’t affect to much especially if they sign others at lower rates such as gasol who was somewhat consistent but not superstar status like he was before. He deserves that contract and I don’t blame him I have faith in my team idc who’s running them I’m sure the lakers will find a way to pull things out.

  • vdogg

    dirk is great. mad respect for him. but this is apples and oranges to a certain extent. kobe has 5 rings and has been the face of the league’s glamour team for more than a decade. he is box office gold. he has probably made the lakers hundreds of millions off the court during his career. dirk’s influence with dallas is not close on a worldwide scale. still love the guy, though. great player and class act.

  • Godfrey Uche

    If I were Dirk, I would mind my business without mentioning Kobe’s name in his own pay cut or pay increase, that is a cheap shot coming from my German boy that I respect.

    • laker4l1fe is an idiot

      Is this circa 1934 nazi germany? If he wants to voice his opinion then let him. He knows more nba politics and basketball then you do.

  • ImUnderTheGun

    Dirk is one of the classiest players in the league and has said numerous times Kobe is the best player of his era, it is in no way a jab at Bryant.

    • laker4l1fe is an idiot

      Its no jab. Its the way the people perceives it. Which laker fans will because they are hard headed with comments and take everything to offense. Lol

  • Robert L. I.

    I don’t see the problem with Dirk’s statement. He made a logical/professional observation. His salary will not STRANGLE his team so they will afford top notch talent. Kobe doesn’t need the cash with all the endorsements. This is my dick is bigger than yours mentality.

    I must add, Kobe did not ask for that kind of pay out. Jeannie did the honors. One must wonder if she did it to strap Jimbo down for dissing Phil. No one on planet earth thought that was a good deal for the Lakers did they?

  • Big J

    dont compare kobe to nowitzki, kobe got 5 rings and dirk got 1. now tell me whos deserving for the big money……

  • gio

    wasn’t even a jab. he was just stating fact. fucking slow news day and these jackasses have to sensationalize shit. get a life.

  • TrueLakerFan

    Sorry to say, Kobe will finish with 5 rings. Please give me the next Lakers star!

    • laker4l1fe is an idiot

      Finally a REAL laker fan. Understanding that times are changing and not living in the past. Kudos to you!

  • reg

    Not a jab but pure honesty. When a player really wants a ring he makes sure other players have money. That’s what build franchises. Could be the reason the Lakers didn’t make the playoffs!

    • krow132

      Huh? what Kobe made this year was under his old contract. Has literally 0 to do with why they didn’t make the playoffs.

  • marcusgrimes

    That Kobe deal IS really god awful. Jeanie dropped the ball on this one. What does Kobe expect? Other stars to come in here and be the robin to his batman while he is in STEEP decline and they are in their primes?! Hell naw. Dude ate up half the cap. We will NOT win another ring while Kobe is still here and that’s a fact. Playoffs maybe but no finals until Kobe retires. As much as i am a Kobe fan, i am a Laker fan first. And that extension was a big mistake.

  • Richard

    Uh uh……No comments

  • Gelo

    Hey c’mon guys. Kobe and Vanessa are expecting another child. He needs to be able to support his family. Give the guy a break.

  • Geoffry Evans

    He doesn’t have the value to earn what Kobe earns.

  • Richard

    Right on Bryon and the others. Thank you. You convinced me that Kobe deserves to be paid what he got. His statistics and history speaks of him as one of the very best to come down the pike (no puns intended). He gave Lakers and fans everywhere around the world some of the best Basketball in modern NBA history.

  • LakersPHPride

    Taking huge pay-cut will be a trend on NBA just to earn championships. Its no different than buying it. Thats why MIAMI was built, everyone on that roster took a huge pay cut just to have a SUPER TEAM. Kobe had been just a great example of pride and ego of a true superstar. His age and his injury are a factor but hey the guy is competitive enough to shut you down. He works harder than anybody else on the league, he got no power and speed of a lebron, no athletic ability like westbrook and no length like KD but still putting a great fight in every game. Thats one thing i admire about Kobe, his pride and ego. Nobody on the league can take that from him nor anyone on this earth. Win or Lose still you have that EGO to fight and trust on what you got. A warrior at Heart and a Champion on his blood. KB Salute !

  • BruhMayne_5thFlo

    I think they make the decision based on sales…there are people that come to see dirk play but when kobe hits the floor “everybody” comes.

  • Laker4l1fw

    I honestly love the crap out of kobe but I think he took to much money. I some what agree with dirk

  • Victor

    Mavs must know the Lakers will possibly look like this next season.

    PG Darren Collinson
    SG Kobe
    SF Andrew Wiggins
    PF LeBron James
    C Chris Kaman

  • Decep

    No need to attack Dirk on this one. But the Lakers are the ones to blame, Kobe’s always been me, me, me. Lakers should’ve seen how Kobe was after last year, then rethought the contract. Kobe’s always been and always will be selfish, ran Shaq, Ariza, and Shannon Brown out of town. I don’t think players wanted to bounce on Magic, just saying.

    • vdogg

      how did kobe run all those guys out of town??? get a clue.

  • Christopher Chantaramaha

    Dirk is mad because Kobe does his shot better. =P


    Actually the Lakers laid a deal on the table and Kobe accepted it. There was no contract negotiations. I like how people manipulate what is said and what happens so they can get their opinion heard…

    • laker4l1fe is an idiot

      Because you saw a picture of him signing papers? How do you know Kobes agents werent involved? I’m certain lawyers and agents were present. Especially signing a contact as large as that one was…I’m sure they made a deal way before the contacts were drawn up.

  • William

    Kobe Bryant-5 Rings (plural) Dirk-1 Ring (singular) nuff said

    • laker4l1fe is an idiot

      More like Shaq + Kobe (riding coat tail of Shaq) got them 2 championships (plural superstar with egos.)

  • box5

    I knew dirk was soft, but damn he’s a dumb submissive pussy. Those owners got money they could spend (brooklyn anyone), and if you did a lot for the franchise you deserve to be paid well, fuck these dumb fans who say otherwise. Kobe, dirk, duncan guys like that it should be a special rule made for guys like that, fuck a salary cap yell

  • corky carroll

    Kobe did not ask for the deal he got, it was offered to him and he merely took it. GO LAKERS

  • Mamba venom gud

    Jordan was getting 30-33 million in his last two years and that was in the 90’s… California entertainment tax will take approx 30 percent of the contract so it’s not as much as it looks. Another point is La will definitely go deep into their luxury tax to get players like the nets owner so but La not only have money but prestige and know how to build championship teams…plus they came to him with the contract. Who wouldnt take it in their last couple of years?

  • Marty Susman

    I agree with Dirkj…

  • BestxInTheWorld

    Dirk would get Kobe money if he was walking box office like Kobe.

  • Bryant Williams

    What’s wrong with the former nuggets head coach George Karl to be the Lakers head coach? He always gave the Lakers problems when they played the Nuggets

  • Michael

    Dirk = human nature. Kobe = cheered in every arena he plays in. Kobe = household name and basketball legend. Kobe = makes more money, more endorsements. Kobe = 5 rings, Dirk 1. All this to say what haters feel = I’m not happy. Why should you be?

  • Dion Richardson

    Let’s see 1 ring to 5….not worth the same! Kobe’s jersey alone has been #1 or top 5 for the past decade or so….People come to see Kobe. That’s why this year’s ticket sales was a bust.

  • Jason R Heard

    I love this ridiculous talk Kobe Bryant” stuck” with 5 rings ,one guy mentioned has 1 the other 4 and most HOF’ers have none yet Kobe is stuck with 5 the Kobe haters are in rare form with this one,LMAO!!!

  • oabesamis09

    As a laker fan, I was actually hoping for kobe to take less(around 15-18m) but what’s done is done. Although I don’t agree with the amount, I do think that it’s fair because of what kobe has done for the organization. In a way, the lakers are sending a signal to future franchise players. The lakers are basically saying that if you decide to sign with the lakers and help the organization achieve great things, the team will reward you….

  • Hed Furst, III

    Remember the Lakers got 3 Billion from Time Warner? It handicaps the team in no way they have the $ to pay any fine levied, like over the salary cap.

  • DOC4DaLakeshow

    Dirk aint Kobe!!!

  • DOC4DaLakeshow

    People dont realize miami tax laws help players to take less slary