Lakers News: Deron Williams Keeps Options Open With Lakers

Lakers News: Deron Williams Keeps Options Open With Lakers


New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams has made a wish-list of teams he would like to play for if the Nets cannot build a championship quality team. In simpler terms, if the Nets cannot acquire Dwight Howard, Williams will find another place to live.

ESPN reports that Deron Williams has the Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers on his desired destination teams. Williams would prefer to remain and build something with the Nets in Brooklyn, but just like every player, he would like to win.

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Still a lot must work in the Lakers’ favor in order for them to acquire Deron Williams. Not only must they add younger players, but cap space may also become an obstacle.

“Then there are the Lakers. Williams likes Los Angeles and lives in nearby San Diego during the offseason. Before the season began, the three teams on his wish list were New Jersey, Dallas and the Los Angeles Clippers, according to sources. But with the Clippers having traded for Paul, playing there is no longer a possibility.

Getting to the Lakers would be difficult for Williams because they will not have cap room in the summer and they lack the promising young prospects the Nets would look for in return.”

The Lakers could add another team in the deal which could send younger players to the Nets, or they can explore the amnesty option and get rid of a contract. There were rumors that the front office was thinking about using the amnesty clause on Metta World Peace, and doing so now would help the team in bringing in Deron Williams.

The Lakers would surely be a much better team with Williams on their roster. Not only is he a dynamic point guard, but he has the ability to score the ball when Kobe cannot. If the Lakers really want to make a push for the NBA Finals, Deron Williams must be a person of interest for the front office.


  • Sti1lmatic

    Mitch are you reading this? Gasol to Nets for Deron Williams. Bring in Barbosa to help Kobe!

    • Zpii24

      pau gasol, darrius morris, devin ebanks, both first round draft picks, trade exception, for deron williams and johan petro

      • Zpii24

        Would that be a good fair trade ?

  • Kevinmoradi71

    The amnesty clause cant be used this season. 

    • boom

      whys that? i thought new york used the amnesty clause on billups and cavs with baron davis

      • JG

        The deadline is already over. The amnesty could bee used in the beginning of next season.

  • Bizdady

    Im willing to use the Amensty clause on Artest even if we nothing in return!

  • Oscar Kingnoso

    If I’m correct, they can’t amnesty anyone until next season. So if the Lakers don’t have the caproom, they some how need to get rid of a few players.

  • Kliff

    do whatever it takes to get D-will we need him.. we need a PG that can attack the rim.. he is the right one.

  • Jimmy Fennell

    are you serious just what we need a consistent point gard. coby need help bad I believe in you gm front office let’s make this happen because we will not make the playoffs with the roster that we have now we need a consistent point gard get rid of world peace paul and who ever else.just make it happen. okay again I believe in you front office the lakers have that kind of power let’s go get 3 more championships.

  • JohnSmith00

    In the Chris Broussard article it said that his decision is tied into where Howard goes, i knew it. If the Lakers go after Howard, Williams will follow like a bee to honey. Were the Lakers to acquire both it would feel so great, like taking a huge steaming pile of horse shit and rubbing it all over stern’s face.

  • Marty Susman

    I wonder what the Lakers would have to give u to get Kyrie Irving to the Lake Show ??? He is the type of player that could become the next Kobe in Los Angeles so rather then trying to get D12 who after all has been with the Magic for a long time & has NO rings might not be the best way for the Lakers to go…

    Imagine if say Irving & a disgruntled Love were both on the floor along with Kobe, that would be a real threesome to contend with. The Lakers need to think youth & forget the old guys that Phil would have wanted… 

    In order to get a D12 they would have to gut the team, not that the team has much to gut but whatever it is, they would be left with Kobe & Dwight & a bunch of also runs no one wanted…. They would NEVER win anything with that & D12 is not going to wait around waiting for the Lakers to get lucky with new guys…

    The team needs to think out of the box, maybe the Cav’s would give up Irving for Gasol & Blake or Morris or both…. Maybe we can send Andrew for Love & so on going after nothing BUT YOUTH…. That’s the way it needs to be done, not the old guys.

  • Winkler_911

    Forget Dwight!! Amnesty Artest aka (whirled peas). Get Deron!!

  • Charlienguyen76

    Trade Bynum for D-Will. Then trade Gasol and 1st round picks for the next 3 years for Howard

  • Reland18

    Love to see him wear the gold and purple..

  • RealTalk101

    Lakers should gett Paul Pierce and Deron Williams and gett rid of luke,World peace and then lakers would have a new Big 3



  • JoeBlack2

    It is proven historically that amnesty is a great process for World Peace.

  • LakerLyle

    RICKY RUBIO! He’s the best fit for LAKERS point guard spot. Go get Dwight. 

    Ricky Rubio
    Kobe Bryant
    Paul Pierce
    Pau Gasol (Clicks really well with Ricky Rubio)
    Dwight Howard

  • Mark

    Trade Bynum for Deron Williams. An All-starr for an allstarr