Lakers News: D’Antoni’s Interesting Comparison, Farmar Vs. Marshall Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="169"] When the Los Angeles Lakers signed Kendall Marshall in December, they were desperate for a point guard. Both Steve Blake and Jordan F [new_royalslider id="169"] When the Los Angeles Lakers signed Kendall Marshall in December, they were desperate for a point guard. Both Steve Blake and Jordan F Rating: 0
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Lakers News: D’Antoni’s Interesting Comparison, Farmar Vs. Marshall

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When the Los Angeles Lakers signed Kendall Marshall in December, they were desperate for a point guard. Both Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar were out with injuries, and Kobe Bryant who was forced into running the floor for a few games, was out again with a knee fracture. Xavier Henry, who had not run the point since his adolescent years, had no choice but to handle the ball.

In his first couple games with the Lakers, Marshall played garbage minutes while learning the offense and showing head coach Mike D’Antoni his talents. By just his third game, and mostly due to necessity as Xavier Henry went down with a bone bruise, Marshall had found his way into the rotation.

Even upon Jordan Farmar’s second return mid-February, Marshall secured his starting spot. Even more telling, D’Antoni has recently decided to finish games with the young sophomore. In the Lakers win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday afternoon, Marshall was chosen over Farmar to finish the game. According to D’Antoni, though Farmar’s the better shooter, Marshall’s ability to run the team and create better shots for other players is giving him the knock up over Farmar:

I thought Jordan did have a good game. I thought he shot the ball well. I think Kendall runs a team pretty well,” D’Antoni said after the Lakers win over the Thunder on Sunday. “He settles us down to give the team a little bit better chance to score.”

In 27 games as a starter this season, Marshall has averaged 8.9 points and 10.9 assists, handing out double-digit assists in 18 of those games. Marshall’s had eight games of 14+ assists, tied with Chris Paul for the league-lead. Plus, in just 36 games, he’s had 12 games of points/assists double-doubles, 7th most in the NBA.

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Marshall has deserved his spot in the rotation, and there’s still plenty of room for Farmar, who has voiced his desire to get more minutes. In 11 games since Farmar’s mid-February return, though Marshall has remained the starter, Farmar is still averaging a little over 23 minutes per game. Farmar even had a career-high performance against Sacramento on February 28th with 30 points on a career-best eight three-pointers (on just 10 attempts).

With 16 games left in the Lakers season, D’Antoni could switch things up and start Farmar, but Marshall has earned the responsibility of starting and, now, finishing games.

VIDEO: Mike D’Antoni On Jodie Meeks’ 42-Point Performance, Kent Bazemore, Oklahoma City Thunder

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  • Jim213

    Smh, yet who manages to get most of the minutes in the 4th quarter while playing D and running his system better (ball distribution/transition)?

  • independantbynature

    Don’t know what Serena has been watching.Farmar is the one who has been finishing games.Several times he played the entire 4th quarter.Sunday was the first time Marshall has finished the game in weeks.

  • Kay Carter

    i like Marshall alot but he really need to step his game up…..have potential to be a rondo type player

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      yeah, I believe that too.. i think that will come with experience and maturity… that’s why I have advocated that he comes off the bench, I think his potential will come into full in 2 years, provided he continues with this progress. The way the season has turned out with the injuries have actually been to Marshall’s advantage experience wise.

      • truth24

        Marshall sucks he’s lucky he’s on the Lakers team he would be on the bench somewhere else like he was on the suns. You think he’s gonna get a ring haha that’s funny

        • Thomas Klein

          well his passing ability sure doesn’t suck, he’s one of the best passers playing, and his assist to turnover ratio does not suck (3.25) 4th best in league, and his shooting percentage from 3 point land (46%) does not suck, best among guards, and his ability to get to the rim and finish is good, and he does not have a problem with fouls, so where EXACTLY do you see that his game sucks so bad ?????

          • Kay Carter

            this guy is a troll he doesn’t know shit bout basketball so ignore his dumbness Thomas lol

      • Kay Carter

        indeed, he’ll have to work hard as crap tho in order for him to be good/better….but that’s what Kobe is for lol

    • truth24

      You think marshall is gonna be Rondo type player wut the fuck are you smoking so sacre is gonna be a dirk nowitzki???

      • Kay Carter

        Wat tha fuck are YOU smoking, did you see me use the words gonna be? learn to read before you make a stupid reply

        • truth24

          OK your on this guy’s nuts so hard I just don’t see him or compare him to be like rondo in a few years. Look we got Marshall for nothing cuz the Suns still had players that were and are still better then him. You want to wait long for him to get better but kobe is not gonna get his 6th ring waiting for these fucks. Too much hype on this guy like there is on henry, brooks, bazemore! Not good enough for me

          • Kay Carter

            NO you’re on my nuts, once again dumb ass i said he have the “potential” to be a Rondo type player…..obviously you on Rondo nuts thinking Rondo is a superstar he isn’t…do you even know the difference between Rondo and Marshall at this moment?……Why is you on Kobe’s nuts? he isn’t getting a 6th ring by time he is retired so get off Kobe’s dick…go take your medicine

          • truth24

            Fuck that potential bs you know what the Fuck I’m talking about Marshall sucks dick. Oh your a kobe hater no ducking wonder

          • Kay Carter

            defensively Marshall sucks, only bkuz we have mr. pringles ass a coach nd Nash who is known for sucking on defense to teach a guy who never started in his career bkuz it’s only his 2nd year…so yes he’s Gonna suck defensively……The guy is #2 in assist, is shooting the 3 ball better than any player on our team with 45% highest in the league….all he needs to do is shoot better nd score more points, shoot a better FT% nd start playing good D, #’s dont lie…he have potiental IF he train himself to be better, like i said Rondo was never good intill his 3rd year

            nd no im not a Kobe hater im just realistic unlike your dumbass lol even YOU said this “The lakers organization is going down. I feel for kobe but your not gonna get a sixth with any of these mediocre bums I fucking guarantee it. Fuck doesn’t matter if it’s 2016 were not going anywhere as long as Jim bust is running shit.”

            So even your stupid ass know he isn’t Getting no ring by 2016 lmao fucking idiot

          • truth24

            Man I been a laker fan since van excel days and they even sucked during those times but my standards are high and Marshall doesn’t cut it for me. You sure like them scrubs hes getting all those stats cuz he cant fucking score on his own will hes to weak just like your comments.He’s weak sauce just like you. Like Lil Jon said ” get off my level ho”!!!!!

          • Kay Carter

            lmao Go take your medicine, you have no clue about basketball….and who uses weak sauce nd qoutes Lil Jon :/ you must be a kid lol

          • truth24

            Yah go blaze one you need it

        • Chrmngblly

          I think he’s going to be more like a young Nash. I believe in the kid. I imagine he will also learn to play “team defense” the same way Nash does—if the Lakers find they do have to resort to playing D to win ballgames, LOL. Whenever that happens…

          • Kay Carter

            Yeah i think that too since Nash nd MDA is pretty much his only Guidance at this moment smh…..lol that’s a never

      • Chrmngblly

        Right on. I like the way you size up Rob Sacre…:-)

  • LakersHeatBeef

    MDA is overrated as a coach for real,both these guys would do just fine playing Point Guard for any other coach.Both players are good at certain things but likely both are better suited as backup players in the NBA.Kyle Lowry and Eric Bledsoe are both set to hit free agency in the summer i would pick one of those guys to run the Lakers at Point Guard as a starter for next season.Kyle Lowry has been balling out of his mind this season,i have watched some of his games and he is the reason that Toronto has won all those games to put them in the top 3 in the East.Lowry is ultra competitive and he is a winner that plays with heart he plays good defense.Bledsoe is a restricted free agent coming off a knee surgery,he is great.

    • truth24

      Those guys are faster tougher and stronger then marshall. Those guys are wut Lakers need. Marshall is way too slow doesn’t attack the paint enough. Like I said too much hype

  • michael

    marshall better than Farmar? Please fire this douche

    • Chrmngblly

      He may have more potential than Farmar. Since this is the development and evaluation phase of our junk year, I am cool with it.

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