Lakers News: D’Antoni To Go With Same Starters Against Nuggets

Lakers News: D’Antoni To Go With Same Starters Against Nuggets


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Head coach Mike D’Antoni rolled the dice heading into the matchup with the Utah Jazz on Friday night going with Kendall Marshall and Robert Sacre in the starting lineup. The Los Angeles Lakers had lost six straight games before taking on the Jazz, but were able to snap the streak with Marshall leading the way.

Apparently, D’Antoni sees no reason to mix things up further and will stick with the same starting five on Sunday against the visiting Denver Nuggets according to Mike Trudell of via Twitter:

Marshall had a breakout performance in the win over the Jazz on Friday finishing with 20 points, 15 assists and six rebounds. The former D-Leaguer proved to many that he’s more than capable of shouldering the load at the point guard position with extended minutes while Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Kobe Bryant recover from injuries.

Along with Marshall having career night in his first NBA start, Pau Gasol also played well showing no ill effects from the upper respiratory infection that sidelined the veteran earlier in the week. Gasol led the way in the scoring department with a game-high 23 points while also ripping down a game-high 17 rebounds, dishing out eight assists and blocking three shots.

The Lakers will face a tougher challenge against the Nuggets on Sunday, but not by much as Denver has lost eight out their last nine games. Marshall will be given a true test at the point guard position in the form of Ty Lawson while Gasol and company will have to battle it out with Kenneth Faried in the paint.
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Oh i like what i saw from that starting lineup.Kendall will lead the way again.

    • Sti1lmatic

      Yeah, don’t know why everyone is doubting KM. Of course we can’t expect that kind of game every night. Maybe if he was a franchise PG but he’s not. He showed me more than enough at what he can do. Blake and Farmar don’t have the same court vision and passing skills.

  • Marty Susman

    Yes Marshall could be scouted buy teams & not be as good as he was last night BUT he was young when he came out & playing a starter for the rest of this season just might, maybe, possibly he could be the player they thought he was when he was drafted. The bottom line here is let the kids play, lets see who will be offered a contract after this season. Sacre, Marshall, Young, Hill, Henry, let them all play BIG MINUTES & lets see how they play at seasons end, lets see if they can be NBA players & lets see if some of them can be part of the BEST bench mod in the NBA.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    i noticed the Lakers were playing a zone defense last night and when the Jazz players tried going in the paint the lane was congested by Gasol and Sacre or whoever was in the paint at that given time.

    The zone defense was very effective in the game last night.Also i wold love to see some hard traps with double teams actually i wold love to see some of the defense the Lakers used in the Summer League incorporated into the games for the remainder of this season.

    Hard traps on guards and the same zone defense from last night a mixture of that can be the best way to play defense in effective manner.Lakers need to defend this season.Zone defense the way they played it last night will be great to see.

  • Cali Jeff

    Sacre adds some much needed toughness to the line up. Way to marshall the forces Kendall!!

    • Joseph Apohen

      Jordan Hill does not add tougjhness to the lineup? What I don’t understand is Jordan plays really well and the next game he is on the bench as Sacre starts. Hill is a monster on the boards. Isn’t that what we want? He also has more offense than Sacre. I like Sacre but I prefer Hill getting more minutes as a starter. Utah game was great as the team was orchestrated by a true point guard much like before Farmar was injured. On top of that Gasol had a hof night. Hopefully that continues as he seems to be healthier and getting over the respiratory ailment. If he continues to play like he did maybe the FO should consider keeping him. I think he still has game. Anyway, let’s see what Marshall will bring to the next game. He was fantastic last night!

  • Gregory Choa

    I really like the starting combination of Sacre and Gasol at the 4 & 5 spots – it essentially allows Pau to play center on offense, albeit from the elbow, and Sacre to be the rim protecting center on defense. With Kendall Marshall effectively running the point, the Lakers are getting into their offense much more effectively and efficiently. I’d prefer to see Jodie and Wes playing the 2 & 3 spots and Nick coming off the bench.

    I also like that MDA is finding some meaningful minutes for Ryan Kelly…as long as the Lakers are still so banged up, Kelly should get a real chance to prove himself. It’s amazing how good Pau is when he’s 100% healthy and facilitated by a real point guard.

    • Dragon7s

      I completely agree with Meeks starting and Young leading the bench crew.
      Meeks is steady, despite not being spectacular, and Young is much better if he’s given a chance to watch the opposition and then come into the game.

  • Lakers Fan

    I like Marshall, but lets calm down for a minute. He had a great game against the Jazz, but lets see how he plays these next couple of games. This will be a tough stretch coming up, and this will be the perfect time to see what we have in him. I’m hoping he can be the point guard we need. He is still young, and has the potential to be a good point in this league. If he turns out to be what we need, then that will be one less worry for this upcoming offseason.