Lakers News: D’Antoni To Consider Change To Starting Lineup Reviewed by Momizat on . What was supposed to be a great night was ruined as the Lakers fell to the Toronto Raptors 106-94 in Kobe Bryant's return. The Lakers, as expected by many, stru What was supposed to be a great night was ruined as the Lakers fell to the Toronto Raptors 106-94 in Kobe Bryant's return. The Lakers, as expected by many, stru Rating: 0
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Lakers News: D’Antoni To Consider Change To Starting Lineup

What was supposed to be a great night was ruined as the Lakers fell to the Toronto Raptors 106-94 in Kobe Bryant’s return. The Lakers, as expected by many, struggled to integrate Bryant into the lineup, especially on offense. This lead to the starters totaling only 23 total points, with no one reaching double figures, while the five players off the bench all scored in double figures, totaling 71 points.

As a result of this, Coach Mike D’Antoni is now apparently considering another change to the starting lineup, according to Bill Oram of the OC Register:

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as the constant injuries have forced the Lakers to continually change lineups. Bryant seemed to be looking to pass far more than shoot, but with a frontcourt of Robert Sacre, Pau Gasol and Wesley Johnson, there wasn’t much floor spacing.

D’Antoni went with Jodie Meeks and Shawne Williams pretty early in the second half so either one of those two could be added back in the starting lineup to bring shooting and spread the floor. Meeks, in particular, has been in the starting lineup for most of the year so he could easily be re-inserted into that role with Bryant moving over to the small forward position.

Whatever the changes may be, expect constant lineup and rotation changes until the Lakers get healthy. Only then will D’Antoni be able to work out a proper rotation.

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  • Daryl Peek

    Not much to say about this one. Very disappointing loss.

  • Neal Craft

    I think he need to start Kaman and X and bring west off the bench

  • kobe24

    I only watched the 4th quarter but looking at everyones stats it didn’t really seem like a great offensive performance (nor a defensive one I’m betting).

    However, it pissed me off to see X Henry get pulled to the bench when that kid was on FIRE 17 points in 13~14 minutes and MDA takes him out?!??!?!?

    I think there needs to be a change of lineup and seeing how MDA made a successful lineup so far I’ll trust him on this one

    P.S. Gasol seems finished

    • Daryl Peek

      So was MDA supposed to tell Kobe sit the rest of the game out and ride the hot hand like he’s done all season? Kobe came in for X. X didn’t play a minute with Kobe tonight and there’s a reason for that. They are both players who are effective with the ball in their hands.

      • True

        I was cool with Kobe coming back in, but X should’ve stayed in the game and Meeks out PERIOD!!! I’m still pissed about that decision!

        • Daryl Peek

          Meeks out?!? Jodie is our most consistent player and was so last night.

          • nlruizjr

            Kobe should not have been in there in the 4th Qtr, period. Grow some ba##s MD, quit sacrificing wins for Kobe’s sake, the lakers need every win they can get and can’t afford to be giving away any games !!!!!!

          • Daryl Peek

            I agree but everyone knew that was not gonna happen on that night, NO WAY!

      • Joseph Apohen

        MDA could have taken somebody else out and not X who was responsible for cutting the deficit when he played. There is nothing wrong with having two players who are effective when they have the ball. You want all five to be effective when they have the ball.

        • Daryl Peek

          Who was coming out? X was playing PG at the time and MDA subbed Kobe to play PG down the stretch. I’m curious if that was in part why Blake was upset in his post game interview with Ireland?

          • Daryl Dick

            Dude youre a troll. Stop acting like you know everything about basketball. X should have stayed in the game. He had 17 points. Even mike brown would have left him in. Take out Johnson and let kobe and X play together.

          • Daryl Peek

            First off please don’t address me like that. I don’t play the child games. Keep it non personal if you want grown folks conversation.

            Now I agree X should have stayed in but that was not gonna happen. This was all about the return. Mike Brown nor Phil Jackson would have Kept X in, in that situation. Kobe is the Lakers meal ticket and that night was about him, period.

      • nlruizjr

        not if one of them is 8 months behind, get real !!!!!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yet another starting lineup change,i have never seen a Lakers coach change the starting lineup so much.We probably lead the league in lineup changes lol.MDA gets paid the big bucks so he knows best IMO.

  • Jonathan

    Kobe should have sat out the fourth. The lakers had a better chance of winning with Henry on the floor.

    • celso bacalla

      MDA is out of his mind..again in again!!

      • Tony

        MDA’s hands are tied. Without Kobe, the Lakers should have won last night’s game. But MDA has the obligation to play a guy who’s paid $31 mils, and beloved by LA. Xavier is a fantastic young kid to watch.

  • Al Haldie

    If ur going to change the starters game let BLAKE go to the bench bunch, anyone can bring the ball up and PASS the ball to KOBE, I could be wrong but i did not see the ball come back to BLAKE after he passed the ball to KOBE–just bad shots and turnovers, thats all i saw ?

  • Gregory Choa

    I’m guessing if there is a change, it’ll involve Meeks replacing Wes Johnson in the starting lineup, with Kobe shifting over to SF.

  • Ralphizm

    I love the Lakers but Mike D’Antoni is just flat out terrible.

    • Daryl Peek

      Funny how great he was doing but in one game he’s lost all that momentum?

    • Phil Jackson

      I agree. I hate D’Antoni. He’s terrible. His shitty lineups cause games to be too close or even cost the game. Inconsistency. We want Phil! We want Phil!! We WANT PHIL!!!

  • jeff

    I just hope D”Antoni can grow a pair and sit Kobe when he’s killing the flow.

  • Joseph Apohen

    The change MDA is thinking is to switch the roles of the team. The bench mob becomes the starter and the starter becomes the bench mob. Why not? The bench is outscoring the starters. However, we may have to wait for Farmar to return for this to take effect.

    • Daryl Peek

      I highly doubt he’s remotely contemplating that.

      • Joseph Apohen

        You never know what MDA will do. It could work.

  • nlruizjr

    I have an option for MD, grow some ba##s and put Kobe on the 2nd unit and have Kobe learn his team mates, learn the chemistry and learn what he can do and can’t do before you sacrifice another win just to work Kobe into the flow of things because he’s throwing off the chemistry, big time so put him on the 2nd unit and bring him in at certain moments and for holy sakes stick to your game plan of 20 min. or less, you can’t put someone in to play starting minutes when they have been off 8 months, that’s just bone head coaching, you don’t have to sacrifice any wins just to bring Kobe up to speed, Kobe will get up to speed just ok on the 2nd unit and then move up as he improves and learns the system, the team mates and himself. If anyone deserved an “F”, it MD for piss poor planing and player management, damn even a Jr. College coach would know you don’t bring in a player who’s been off for 8 months, he has to start at the bottom and build up from there, I just couldn’t believe MD play plan to keep Kobe in the starting lineup and watch the starters bomb because of chemistry problems, this imposter of a coach has got to go and maybe even Mitch and Jimbo !!!!!!!

  • nlruizjr

    how about changing MD for B. Scott !!!!!!!!

    • Lakees

      Orrrr James Worthy. :)

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