Lakers News: D’Antoni Talks Kobe Bryant After First Full Practice

Lakers News: D’Antoni Talks Kobe Bryant After First Full Practice


Kobe Bryant and Mike D'AntoniLos Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was back at practice this afternoon with the Lakers having four days off between games. Bryant was first at practice on Saturday and was cleared for full contract the next day.

Bryant participated in the full-court portion of the practice and when the media was let in he was on the starting unit for a half-court scrimmage. While the reports sound like Bryant is back to his normal self, head coach Mike D’Antoni left the door open for a possible Bryant return on Friday according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

It sounds like Bryant ran at full speed throughout practice and the starting unit defeated the bench 21-3 with help from the 35-year-old guard. A shooting guard for seemingly his entire career, Bryant was playing the small forward position at practice today as leading scorer Jodie Meeks got the nod at the two spot.

The Lakers will play Friday and Sunday before embarking on a three-game road trip to the east coast and it sounds like there’s a chance Bryant could make his return during this upcoming stretch. At 5-7, the Lakers find themselves with a solid starting lineup with the emergence of Jordan Hill, but getting Bryant back will do wonders for the team.

Reviews of Bryant at practice suggest he was facilitating more as it’s his first time playing with so many unfamiliar faces from the last time he was on the court last April.  Throughout the process, Bryant has maintained that he nor the Lakers have a timeline or date in mind when he’ll return to the court, but it’s getting to the point where the next game could be his first of the season.


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  • Gregory Choa

    Kobe the facilitator – genius!

  • Osi Aminu

    Not this Friday. Give him a week more to see what he really has in other practices.

    • Paytc

      I agree that he should not rush back. But Kobe senses the need his team has for him to help them stay in playoff contention. If they can win winnable games at the very least, he would not be pushed to return as soon.

      • Gregory Choa

        The Lakers are a .500 AT BEST without Kobe in the lineup. Now, imagine those couple of games, and I can point to two or three so far this season, where the team has brought a double-digit lead into the 4th quarter and coughed it up…this is where a guy like Kobe can take a 41 win team and make them into a 55-60 win team.

        • Paytc

          I agree. But the record the Lakers have won’t be significant enough to risk bringing Kobe back too soon. Even with Kobe they most likely won’t get higher than a 4 or 5 seed. Let’s just make the playoffs. if Kobe and Nash are healthy in the playoffs their experience brings value to the team when it counts most. Obviously Kobe probably could come back now and play pretty well. But I want to see Kobe wait till mid or late Dec. It is most important to be healthy and hit your stride at crunch/playoff time.The team is doing ok without Kobe and that will pay off down the stretch and into the playoffs.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Now that Kobe is coming back.Also with the way young players have developed this season and how they have learned how to accept much bigger roles,this Lakers team is perhaps dare i say a contender.But of course the team needs Kobe to play like his old self or at least somewhat similar in order for the Lakers to challenge the top teams.The bench has developed nicely best bench in the NBA IMO.Kobe come on back and win number 6!

  • meep

    it seem too soon for kobe to be coming back, but it kobe you never what he going to do. so all we can do is trust the guy. he knows his body best

  • richard

    This is why I am not too concerned about our PG position even if Nash isn’t able to come back. Kobe can play the 1 position in this offense as we have seen last year, if needed. Our biggest need is still the 4 position, if perhaps Ryan Kelly can get the necessary experience in the D-league, and come contribute 10 minutes of meaningful floor burn, we become pretty solid on that 4. But if not, we should really take a hard look at LO.

  • regularC

    Lets Go Lakers