Lakers News: D’Antoni Talks Kaman’s Minutes, Expects Him To Play Reviewed by Momizat on . In recent weeks, Chris Kaman has voiced his displeasure with his role on the team and his lack of minutes. Kaman was a steady part of the rotation during the pr In recent weeks, Chris Kaman has voiced his displeasure with his role on the team and his lack of minutes. Kaman was a steady part of the rotation during the pr Rating: 0
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Lakers News: D’Antoni Talks Kaman’s Minutes, Expects Him To Play

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Mike D'Antoni

In recent weeks, Chris Kaman has voiced his displeasure with his role on the team and his lack of minutes. Kaman was a steady part of the rotation during the preseason and tends to play relatively well when he does get minutes, but D’Antoni constantly changes his rotation, usually leaving Kaman out of it.

Coach Mike D’Antoni appeared on ESPN LA 710 this morning, and spoke on why Kaman hasn’t been seeing much time on the court lately:

It is true that Kaman and Gasol have similar games in that they are excellent passers, have great court vision, and can operate from either the post or the elbow with ease. In the preseason, D’Antoni seemed open to playing the two together, but things change, especially after the amount of injuries the Lakers have suffered.

With the recent release of Shawne Williams however, it does look like Kaman will see an uptick in minutes going forward:

The Lakers have only been suiting up nine players recently so every player will be essential to the Lakers success as they are in the midst of their worst slump of the season, not to mention the Lakers are set to embark on their annual Grammy road trip.

Time will tell whether Kaman will lock down a spot in D’Antoni’s constantly changing rotation.


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  • Falco_Crescendo

    Play Kaman and Sacre together. Twin towers. Will dominate the league.

  • Avery Johnson

    MDA is shit.

  • Lakers Fan

    So the only reason he is playing him is because Williams got waived and he pretty much HAVE to play him? Typical D’Antoni.

    • jeremy

      Sound like when he only played Marshall when Henry got hurt

      • Lakers Fan


  • kennedy

    Coach seriously sucks! Our season seems doomed but we have a good squad that plays together but other than young and gasol no one else really played a lot on their old teams. We could have had a good season if kobe and jordan werent hurt! I really dont like the thought of tanking and the way Kobe plays i know once he gets back they are going to compete! Next season dantoni needs to be gone or even sooner but if we dont bring Phil back which we should and Jeanie should be running this organization but i think George Karl would be a good replacement!

    • Al Haldie

      Does not every body understand PHIL has said he does not want to come back–or do u just want some thing to bitch about…

      • kennedy

        Haha k dumb fuck u should have read the rest i said George Karl

    • Sylvia Ross

      EX-LAKER and DEFENSIVE MINDED BYRON SCOTT should be the next COACH!!!

      • Mdasucks

        Like Walton can coach or have worthy coach

  • Manzoman

    i really think MDA is a big cause for the Lakers bad season, i have been watching the Lakers since the late 70′s and i dont think i have watched more then 5 games this season becasue he just is so rigid in the way he coaches. He is suppose to have an exciting brand of basketball, but i am just not seeing it.

  • 3339

    dantoni needed a whole season and injuries to every guard on the team to realize that Dwight and Pau could play together.
    This guy is a legit joke. Hearing Mitch defend this guy is like hearing the jury saying OJ was innocent.

    • Daryl Peek

      Injuries to the starting PG was the inception to the friction between Pau and Howard. Gasol was supposed to be traded last season as Howard was gonna be the big man in our big three of Kobe, Nash and D12.

      BTW, Pau missed 33 games last season during the feeling out process of MDA. .

      • 3339

        ok whats this do for ya
        dantoni quote ” I’ve come to realize that we can play with the two big guys. I kind of had a preconceived notion that probably wasn’t right.” took him all season to figure that out. Pau
        Gasol got benched (when he was still healthy) within the first week or two that this guy had the job.
        I really can’t believe people defend this guy based on how he has turned us into an absolute laughing stock.

        • Daryl Peek

          His system calls for a stretch 4. Why would he be thinking twin towers from the jump? This fully explains his comments coupled with the feature Howard mandate. If you think the FO did push that I got a bridge to sell you.

          Again, Pau was hurt in the season and was under performing. 33 games missed was proof in the notions pudding. This made it even more difficult to feel each other out. Pau wanted low post touches. Howard wanted them also. Kobe was in the post too. WTH was MDA supposed to do? Pau was the obvious choice as low man in the pecking order. Couple that with his passive nature.

          I can’t believe people hate so much they don’t want to look at all that actually happened.

    • Big Mel

      OJ was innocent.

  • Daryl Peek

    I find it very funny how so many Laker fans have such short memories. Phil rarely played twin towers. Shaq played along side of Horry at PF, a stretch 4. Rick Fox often manned the 4. Shaq never played beside another center.

    LO got the bulk of the minutes as a stretch 4 next to Gasol. Phil sat Drew in the 4th quarter opting for the stretch 4 VS twin towers all the time and Bynum rarely got minutes in the playoffs.

    Memphis, and San Antonio are the only teams you can point to that run twin towers and the Spurs stagger Duncan and Splitter like Phil use to with Gasol and Bynum. Pop goes with the Stretch 4 in Diaw or Bonner more often than not.

    These are D’Antoni principles. As you can see, even Phil used the in the triangle. Some of y’all are a trip?

    • antzer

      Are you saying we should’ve kept Williams? Pops system is proven to win championships whereas mda has won what exactly? Couldve been does not count! Lets not compare apple n oranges.

      • Daryl Peek

        My point is Pop, Phil and 90% of the NBA is using MDA’s small ball principles and their rotations are mirror image of D’Anton’s. Williams has performed better than the guys on the Spurs I named. We almost beat them with a young healthier bunch. That’s a seasoned roster with years of chemistry on their side, and again they’re not dealing with as many injuries.

        • Chrmngblly

          I agree, but you have to have the personnel. MDA irritates me because he won’t use Pau for what Pau is good for: Pau is a center–and a pretty good one. He does not have the speed anymore to play the 4. Please leave him at the 5 and let Kaman, Hill and Sacre back him up. I can also remember Phil putting Bynum, Pau and LO in at the same time. We need Nash to adopt Marshall and teach him the old Phoenix pick and roll and let Hill or Kaman do the Amare Stoudemire power forward game.

          Why did they dump Williams, anyway?

          • Daryl Peek

            MDA has given Pau the freedom to post up Roll to the basket or pop. It’s all on Pau because he opts to pop and is rarely effective in the post.

            Williams was cut to save money and open a roster spot for trade purposes IMO. If we trade Pau we’ll likely be taking back multiple players as there are not that many players making 19 mil.

            Phil did put LO, Bynum and Gasol on the floor together at times. MDA has had Gasol, Sacre and Williams on the floor at the same time or Gasol, Hill (Sacre or Kaman) and Kelly also. Again, MDA has been much more flexible than most give him credit for.

          • Chrmngblly

            They are sleep walking out there tonight against the clippers.

          • Daryl Peek

            Yes they were. It was on the players as they absolutely laid down. A HC is responsible for motivating his players but he cannot force a grown man to knuckle up. Pride comes from within. If you can’t muster the will to punch back when you get slapped, that’s not on anyone but you.

        • Uche

          Your right but Peoples problem with Mike Dantoni isn’t his offensive philosophy but the fact that his SYSTEM causes too many bad shots which lead for the opponent to get out in transition for easy buckets. Also unlike Phil or Pop systems MDA relies to heavily on a PG a ball dominant one at that. Phil’s triangle doesn’t even call for that. & Pop has won without a dominant PG (1999). Another reason why MDA needs to change his system is he needs to work for higher percentage shots like Phil & Pop do which then translates to a better defensive team because your giving your team time to set up on defense

          • Daryl Peek

            Excellent points! I agree. Most take offense to me defending MDA. I’m not a fan of his coaching style or him because I prefer old school inside out basketball but I don’t play the blanket statement blame game. Everyone deserves a fair shake. The only thing I try to show is how his coaching is not so drastically different from that of Pop and Phil in some of it’s principals.

            One thing we seem to differ on is D’Antoni’s willingness to adjust. Since becoming the Lakers HC he’s absolutely done this. Last season he adjusted to the roster. He may have done so begrudgingly but we never saw the classic D’Antoni system last season.

            This year with a roster better suited to run his style of play we saw his system. When healthy we actually got a glimpse of some high energy exciting basketball. The system is very dependent on a PG but is more so about constant ball movement. This is where his “the ball finds energy” comes into play. Right now we see the Blazer working this style to near perfection. Continuity breeds consistency. The fact that this Lakers roster has so many injuries, and most are primary ball handlers, has destroyed any chance of continuities chemistry.

      • mdasucks

        He plays better than sackre

    • hoperhetoric

      Dantoni never had a super star in Phoenix that can take over a game. They are just bunch of all stars. thats why they never advance.
      As for being a knicks coach, Melo can’t beat The trio of Lebron, wade, bosh!

  • Aljo Chavez

    No offense but d’antoni sucks, he’s a good coach but not better, if the head of of the lakers wants to win championships, hire phil jackson.if not, you suck.I’m sorry but I just hate and angry about every loses, the injuries can be an excuse but the way he runs his players is so wrong.does this the laker team who won trophies? The way I see the person who manage the team right now is a new born baby who doesnt know how to run this shit

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