Lakers News: D’Antoni Suggests That Farmar May Start Thursday

Lakers News: D’Antoni Suggests That Farmar May Start Thursday


Since returning from injury, Jordan Farmar has looked quite impressive. In the last four games, he has really stepped it up and more often than not, has found himself on the court at the end of the game.

In tonight’s loss to the Pelicans, Farmar started the second half in place of Kendall Marshall, and that may continue going forward as, according to Lakers reporter Mike Trudell, D’Antoni is considering placing Farmar in the starting lineup:

Marshall has really struggled offensively lately. Though he has continued piling up assists, he has failed to hit double digit points in the last seven games, going scoreless in four, including tonight.

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Farmar’s athleticism and speed really gives him an advantage over Marshall on the defensive end, and with his shot falling right now, it could really help to stretch the floor with the starters if he is put in the lineup.

Farmar has also become one of the more vocal leaders of this team and his veteran presence could really help the Lakers to get off to better starts.

Though Marshall may move to the second string, this could really help him as he would be matched up more with backup guards, and his minutes still won’t take a significant hit as he is the only other point guard on the team.

Marshall has had an exceptional season by all accounts and now he has hit a slump just as Farmar has gotten hot. It only makes sense for D’Antoni to consider the move, and we will see if he goes through with it.
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  • kobe24

    Let the mad scientist do his thing!!!!

    • richard

      What do you expect?

  • Jim213

    Hopefully Farmar has a routine going before games (precautionary purposes) against another re-aggravated injury.

    • richard

      knock on wood Jim….

      • Jim213

        As long as he has a regimen and does 20 minutes of jump rope before games he’ll be alright IMO.

        • richard

          These guys are pros… and this team takes care of those things for these people by providing strangthening coaches and trainers… I don’t think someone is gonna forget to do it…

          • Jim213

            Given this season’s injuries???

          • richard

            come on Jim… those are misplaced blame… we shouldn’t even go that blame game thing…. these are pros, the one you mentioned about stretching is an elementary and habit thing… my children who are teens and still on amateur sports doesn’t skip those things… they are habits formed decades prior to being a pro, and you cant be a pro without developing those habits… there is just no way in any shape or form these professional NBA player doesn’t go through dynamic stretching regimen… and yes, even given the slew of injuries this season… it’s not like, these people suddenly forgot to do it, right?

          • Jim213

            Not sure of the staff their now given the re-aggravated injuries that have resulted with 3-4 players. But X did the right thing to return when fully healthy as tho he’s just returned it shouldn’t take too long for him to play his way (hopefully).

  • richard

    it is just right… Marshal is basically a rookie… Farmar has tasted how it is to be a winner and is a vet and knows how to lead a team, Marshal will benefit more from this move. Only a fool would say Marshal is better than Farmar. Heck if Fisher is here, all of you would say, Marshal should start over him,still fisher will start over him even at this point of Fisher’s career. There are things like seasoned veterans and inexperienced…. I just hope people should not mistake one for the other.

    • Daryl Peek

      I got mad hate thrown at me back when LN posted the Blake or Marshall starter debate and I said no way KM starts over Blake.

      • richard

        I was one of those who defended your point on that… I just wonder how people thinks so shallow these days… they can’t even see the difference between a vet and a rookie… how much more a seasoned vet from a newbie… just outrageous! It drives me crazy how people comes up with those ideas.

        • Daryl Peek

          It’s the futures analytic’s tankers though process. You look at what’s unproven that shines on a lower level and overvalue them because they don’t have a professional history.

          • richard

            well said….

  • Daryl Peek

    Could see this coming. Marshall is regressing in all areas except passing but his turnovers are becoming a serious problem. No need to mention defense.

    • daniel

      Marshall does not belong here. He can’t play defense, he can’t score regularly, he might be a third PG in a team, but not the leader of the lakers. Now, we will see if he can compete playing against backup PG. We need another PG to help Farmar and strong and fast presence in the paint. I think we are Ok with guards and small PF.

      • richard

        I am not going that far to say he doesn’t belong here… with the skill set he has, he does belong in the NBA., starting though is a different story.. but he needs to hone his skills more and develop his defensive stance better, he is still to raw to command considerable minutes on the floor. That is why I have been advocating that he comes off the bench behind Farmar.

        Oh and by the way…do you happen to know @Chrmngblly:disqus, ? Coz it seems this person knows something we don;t about Marshal. Might ask him, bro. lol

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      Yea man – he’s gone 0fer in 4 out of the last 5 games and had 18 TOs in the past 6 games. When any kind of pressure is on he folds like a bad hand. People wanted to get behind this guy because his is the epitome of an underdog story – but the truth is he is not an NBA caliber player with his current skillset – and certainly not the future of the Lakers. Farmar is brimming with confidence now and calms the guys down in crunch time – he needs to get as many minutes as possible.

      • richard

        agree! someone by the handle of @Chrmngblly:disqus… surely knows something that we don’t… or have watch Marshal play somewhere in Pluto that we werent’ able to watch.

        The truth is, when Marshal is on the floor, the intensity of the team goes down, he doesn’t command leadership yet…most people just watch the game and nothing more… they see some superb assist and take those as the ultimate barometer of team play….

    • Chrmngblly

      Daryl, you and Richard should both apologize. I would far prefer we burn up these pointless games developing a player with much more potential than Farmar. We all like Farmar but we know he is just roadkill against elite PGs in the league. Even if Marshall is not “the One,” we need to get that information—which we won’t if we listen to you know-it-alls.

      As you constantly remind us, you, and every other kid who passed 3rd grade in reading proficiency, predicted Marshall would hit “the Wall”. Those of us who have not swooned over your gift for prophesy have been astounded that KM held it relatively together in the clutch like he did, when the team had no one else to turn to. You, especially, ought to be thanking this young man, not turning your back on him when he finally runs out of adrenalin and comes back to earth. Shit, YOU predicted this.

      I don’t want it to sound like I think it is all your fault or that I am blaming you for putting “the curse” on Marshall or that your negative vibes are bringing him down. But it does seem possible. Plus, now you are attracting weak hangers-on like Richard, who is too lazy to think for himself and just follows you around, eating out of your hand. You are now leading the faithful astray. It’s no good, Daryl. Get off of Marshal.

      How are these sophomores supposed to avoid or minimize the sophomore jinx? What is the solution? I think they have to play and practice through it and not have their confidence undermined by fair-weather fans. Like you.

      • Daryl Peek

        WOW! Tell me how you really feel. LMMFAO!!!

        I’m damn near speechless. Apologize? Straight buffoonery! I never said Marshall would hit a wall, I said there’s no way he should start over Blake or Nash if healthy, and I stick to that!!

        KM is getting his chance and failing when we have a better option. That’s on him period! It’s also part of the development process. Remember a young Kobe riding the pine behind Eddie Jones for two seasons? Or Derek Fisher sitting behind Nick Van Exel and Derek Harper? Phil didn’t even commit to starting Fish and that was in his 4th season a Laker PG. Unless you’re that rare once in a generation talent you pay your dues before you ascend, PERIOD! That means you must take the reigns and prove yourself without a doubt! Even Nash had to ride the pine behind Kevin Johnson for a few seasons.

        BTW, outside of saying he’s not ready to be ahead of the other PG’s on roster, when have I trashed KM? He stepped in and did a very good job in a miserable situation. Bottom line we were losing games like crazy during this time so you can’t put too much emphasis on his production at the time. You like many other quick trigger what’s next types don’t value veteran leadership. Pathetic and novice.

        Other teams have scouted KM now and are ramping up their level of play as all contending teams do this time of the season. It’s playoff seeding push time and play time is over. KM will still get PT. This was assured when Blake was traded, so stop ya bumbaclot crying and grow up, cause this is a big boys world.

        Miss me with the be easy on KM and fair-weather BULLSHIT!!!

        • Chrmngblly

          Perpetually the weasel… What an ingrate! The kid played with nothing but guts—and you can’t even say, “Thank you, Kendall”. I am ashamed to know you, Daryl.

          I am sure KM would have been thrilled to have the opportunity to ride the pine behind Steve Nash for a year or two. Marshall didn’t even have time to go to the hotel from the plane before he was starting on the Lakers, the biggest name in his profession, let alone get his feet under him. They must have faxed him the play book. But you can’t say, “Thank you.” It’s shameful–have you no remorse?

          Now, if you want to crawfish back away from your earlier predictions, let me admit that I agreed with you—but I never wanted to jinx the young man—or undermine him with my personal negativity, by saying so–like certain people I know. I supported him then and I support him now.

          Here again, you throw up this cloud of unknowable facts like who sat behind who on the bench and what Phil did or didn’t say privately or publicly to or about which Lakers reserve guard in the distant past. Shit. Nobody could follow you through that briar patch. Of course, that is your plan. It is called a smoke screen, used to conceal the movements of a nefarious person when used in a literary sense.

          You should just apologize to KM and let it go, Daryl.

          • Daryl Peek

            Apologize for what? I don’t believe in that jinx mumbo jumbo. Again, where did I say anything bad about the kid? Where did I predict his failure? Straight observations based off his performance. Stop trying to put words in my mouth!!

            You can toe tap around the reality of the situation with your emotional jabs all day but the fact of the matter is he needs to prove himself and will not unseat a proven Vet til he’s done so.

            KM knew he was gonna sit when the incumbents returned. You talking foolishness like I never praised the kid? Just because I said he’s not gonna start over Nash and them? Sounds to me like you’re an overly protective Marshall fan.

            There’s nothing to apologize for and I absolutely appreciate his efforts the same as I do Nash, Blake and other Laker, so again miss me with the BS.

          • Chrmngblly

            Daryl Peek • 19 hours ago

            “Could see this coming. Marshall is regressing in all areas … his turnovers are becoming a serious problem. No need to mention defense.”

            These are your words of prophesy and negativity. For shame, Daryl, for shame.

          • richard

            negativity??!!!??!! hahahahahahaha….that is all I can say….I will allow Daryl to response to that….

          • Daryl Peek

            “words of prophesy” ?!?

            Did I say this back in December when he first took the court? In order to prophesize in the manner you’re speaking I would have needed to say this stuff before Marshall took the floor in a Lakers uni.


            When did telling the truth in assessment of past and present performance become negativity?

            You got it twisted and are trying to play games. SMH You came at me with this as if I said this stuff before “Daryl Peek • 19 hours ago”

            Now you trying to throw that up as your sample? Child please!

            As both Richard and I have said, no ones bashing Marshall. Please miss me with your Cerrano Mumbo Joumbo

      • richard

        Apologize for what?

        hahahahahahaha… you surely know your basketball… and you surely know how players developed…. let me ask you one simple question.

        Have you ever wonder why Phil Jackson doesn’t play rookies that much? Or why, you don’t see many rookies play considerable minutes in the league?

        I am not bashing Marshal or anything like that… I don’t even recall saying he will hit the wall! Where did you get that? And if he did infact hit the wall, what do you think it has to do with Farmar starting over him? I am just telling you the truth. Marshal needs to come off the bench,

        1. for him to ease into his development.
        2. to take off the pressure of leading a team on a starting capacity.
        3. for him to further understand the ladder of success in NBA.

        EVery team sports has this ladder mind you. I know it, because I went through in it college varsity.. EVen the great Kobe went through it. How much more Marshal?

        And by the way, what does 3rd grade reading proficiency got to do with basketball? You are blinded by your ignorance of sports.

        • Chrmngblly

          I feel a giant fish nibbling on my bait….wait, slow day…just throwing you a softball…:-)

          Marshall has hit a little wall. I think it is due to several things:

          1) he has learned that he doesn’t need to be a scorer as long as someone else is—one game I noticed he had 0 pts but he only took 2 shots. So if he tries a couple and they don’t fall, why push it if somebody else is hot?

          2) I think he was on an adrenaline high from being rushed onto the court direct from the airfield—and the Lakers had nobody else. I am exaggerating, but you know what I mean. The kid came through in the clutch, more or less, every game when there was no Farmar or Blake or anybody and now he’s coming back to earth a little.

          3) You and Daryl’s putting the hex on the young man. The power of hoo-doo and voodoo and chanting in a circle like you and Daryl do, cannot be underestimated for their power to put the heebie-jeebies on a young guy like Marshall.

          So take it back, Richard. Cancel the curse. Don’t listen to Daryl anymore, either. No one else pays him any attention at all. :-)

          • richard

            You have a lot of fear in you,mayn… be release from it. You do not exist to fear from those… if only for that we are afraid saying what is obviously a developmental thing… then, man should have never begin as infants and just pop out of the ground a grown up… but no, every living thing in this world must pass through the same development form immature to mature, from mediocre to best… from fear to freedom. You have got to be free from that.

            In fact it is you who should take back what you have said… they are all ground in fear… Marshal doesn’t even understand that… if you watch his interviews you will know that I and Daryl have been saying is the same thing he is saying as well as his coach is saying… it has nothing to do with your voodoo.

            And by the way, this is the last time that I will respond to you until you are free of your bondage to fear.

          • Chrmngblly

            Yes. It’s true. I am gripped by fear sometimes so real at night I can hear my own heart beating: louder and louder, thump-thump-thump, booming in my ears all night long—Ayeeeeeee!…call it off! Ple-e-a-s-e! Call off…..
            THE CURSE.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Bro – you are out of your mind

          • NickOld

            Actually this guy is funny as hell, just like most people who are high

  • Jay Brodes

    wow dantoni getting things right..bout time..he sitll should be fired! congrats jordan!!!