Lakers News: D’Antoni Says Players Too Focused On Individual Stats Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="138"] A night after losing to the worst team in the NBA, the Lakers were blown out of the building, courtesy of a 143-107 drubbing from the [new_royalslider id="138"] A night after losing to the worst team in the NBA, the Lakers were blown out of the building, courtesy of a 143-107 drubbing from the Rating: 0
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Lakers News: D’Antoni Says Players Too Focused On Individual Stats

A night after losing to the worst team in the NBA, the Lakers were blown out of the building, courtesy of a 143-107 drubbing from the Minnesota Timberwolves. With a roster full of young players on one year contracts, it was expected that the team would have a hard time being competitive on a consistent basis.

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Following the loss, Mike D’Antoni called out his players, saying they focused too much on individual stats rather than team success, as quoted by Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

With only 10 games remaining on the schedule as well as the Lakers being eliminated from playoff contention weeks ago, the players can easily lose focus during the course of the games. Without the backing of a long term contract, players can try to overexert themselves in hopes of proving their worth to the other 29 teams in the league.

Coming into the season, the Lakers were able to play inspired basketball because of these young players who were playing with a chip on their shoulder. As the season wore on and the injuries and losses mounted, the Lakers started to lose the cohesiveness and chip that allowed them to perform so well earlier in the season.

With the season dwindling down, Laker fans can only hope that the players can continue to compete as a team on a more consistent basis. This team consists of quite a few players that have the ability to contribute on a contending team, but they would be better served focusing on team aspects instead of individual if they are hoping to cement a place in the league.
Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Meets With Jim Buss, ‘Goal Is To Win And Win Now’

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  • nitsPurpnYellow

    Just by your comments Mr Dantoni, us die hard Laker fans can see you have lost all control of this team. You continue to run through the motions and have showed no heart of a coaching who has a heart of a winner. One thing you are good at and I’ll give you this, is becoming friends with the players. Cool, coach college. The NBA has athletes who will rip your heart out with their personalities and you continuously have shown you cannot control them. Not Nash not Melo not Kobe. I’ve tried to convince myself to try to like you as a coach but you are an embarrassment to the Lakers franchise and make us Laker fans put our tails between our legs to all the shit talking all year long. Back your bags Mr Ratatioulle, your services are over stayed here.

    • Chrmngblly

      MDA was not Mitch’s choice or Kobe’s choice or Jeanie’s choice, he was Jim Buss’ choice. Who is going to chose our next coach? Yep, the man who gave us Rudy T, Mike Brown and now MDA. God save us.

      • Moveover Andbark

        With Jeanie’s sudden confidence surge, perhaps she will claim “final say” on coach hiring. I’d go for that.

        • Chrmngblly

          Oh God. I doubt that what she has is confidence; it is fear. She has to go into the office and cut her brother’s nuts off in order to save herself and the rest of us. It takes more than just wishing it could be so to run the Lakers like a world class BB franchise. I hope she finds that out in time.

      • hookedonnews

        Wrong once again. MDA was Dr. Buss’s choice according to every person who’s spoken on the subject. I also recently saw the transcript of a radio interview where Kobe said that D’Antoni was his original choice before he knew Phil would be an option, and that either one of them would be good. As much as everyone wants to lay this at the door of Jim Buss, he’s the one who wanted Phil. I can’t speak to Rudy T or Brown, but even Phil said it was Dr. Buss who made the call on MDA.

        • Chrmngblly

          March 20, 2014

          In these troubling times, many fans in Los Angeles and around
          the country must be asking themselves how the Lakers Republic transformed into
          the present Empire run by Jim Buss. The championships and playoff runs were
          flowing steadily until just the last couple of years. The drop off from being
          the gold standard in professional sports to laughingstock of the NBA all seemed
          to happen so suddenly.

          Of course, it really wasn’t a total surprise. The signs of
          decay were prevalent long ago, but many just chose to look away. One could
          argue that the only reason the Lakers have not crashed under Jim’s leadership
          earlier is because Phil Jackson’s powerful presence intervened to save the
          franchise twice (in 1999 and 2005) from the consequences of the incompetence we
          are now becoming familiar with. Unfortunately since he has now left Los Angeles
          for the Big Apple, Jackson cannot be counted on to save the Lakers once again.

          The demise of the Lakers really began when the venerable Dr. Jerry Buss
          concocted an unrealistic plan for his children to split his Lakers Empire with
          Jim Buss as the man in charge of basketball decisions. The problems inherent in
          this were touched on by a wonderfully foreshadowing article by Frank Lidz in
          the November 2, 1998 issue of Sports Illustrated. It has been clear for a long
          time that Jim Buss (1) was very eager to take over for his father; and (2) was
          going to be a very poor owner.

          Lidz’s article is revealing, especially when seen in the light of wisdom
          available to us from a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . .


          November 9, 1959 -1980. The Jim Buss Wonder Years.

          Jim Buss is born, the second of four children to Dr. Jerry Buss and Joan Buss.
          He has an older brother John and will later have two younger sisters, Jeanie
          and Janie. The couple ends up divorcing in 1972 and Dr. Buss eventually has two
          other children from another relationship.

          Jim attends USC and majors in math. Unlike his father, who received a PhD in
          Chemistry before purchasing the Lakers, Jim drops out without even a bachelor’s
          degree. (Jeanie later graduates from USC with honors).

          Later young Jimmy, who spent a lot of his youth at the race track, decides to
          attend jockey school even though he is six feet two inches tall. Unsurprisingly,
          a career as a jockey was not in the cards.

          “Jimmy is easily distracted and has no instinct for the jugular. Jeanie is
          the most capable one, yet she is overlooked by her loving dad.” – A longtime
          Jerry Buss business associate

          “Wonderful the mind of a child is.” – Yoda

          1981-1997. The Pre-Lakers Work History of Jim Buss

          Jim Buss opens a small business with his best friend, Bill Goldenberg. After
          Goldenberg’s tragic death in a car accident, Buss lets the business fade.

          In 1985, Jim takes over for his brother John as president of his dad’s indoor
          soccer team, the Los Angeles Lazers. Despite his best efforts, the team folds
          in 1989.

          In 1990, Jim Buss became a horse trainer and his father gives him six
          thoroughbreds to work with. Track insiders question his dedication and indicate
          he generally just shows up when he wants to. In 1997, Dr. Jerry Buss divests
          himself of his increasingly unprofitable horse stock and asks his son Jim to
          come work for the Lakers.

          “[John and Jim] would love to run my father’s operation but I don’t think
          they could.”- Janie Buss

          “Try? Do or do not. There is no try.”- Yoda

          1998. Jim Buss Starts Working for the Lakers

          Jim begins working with the Lakers as an apprentice to GM Jerry West and his
          assistant Mitch Kupchak. Within a year, he figures he pretty much knows what he
          needs to know. For entitled men like Jim, who have suspect work habits and have
          never really succeeded at anything by the time they are almost forty, a belief
          in shortcuts is necessary in order to assume leadership when you are
          unqualified. It is also a wonderful way to avoid taking a serious look in the

          “Right now my dad is Number 1 in the Lakers organization, and I’m Number 4.
          After another year of apprenticeship, I’d feel comfortable going from 4 to 1.”
          Jim Buss in 1998 during his first year working for the Lakers.

          “A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind…All his life
          has he looked away…Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing.” –

          July 2000. Jerry West Quits as Lakers GM

          After the Lakers win their first NBA Title since 1988, the perpetually
          underpaid and underappreciated Jerry West resigns and is replaced by Mitch
          Kupchak. The resignation is motivated partly by Dr. Buss’s desire to entrust
          full power into the hands of his clearly-not-ready son Jim, who he blindly
          believes can somehow be molded into a basketball mind like West.

          “Jeez! Jerry West is like a god. It’s hard to think of him and Jimmy in the
          same sentence.” – Janie Buss

          July 1999 – June 2004. A New Hope: Phil Jackson Comes To Los Angeles

          Phil Jackson begins his first tenure as Lakers Head Coach. His strong
          personality and impeccable resume give the Lakers credibility once again.
          Jackson eventually leads the Lakers to 3 NBA Championships and 4 NBA Finals
          appearances within the next five years. He also begins dating Jim’s sister,
          Jeanie Buss, in 2000.

          After five extremely successful seasons, Phil Jackson steps down/is fired as
          Lakers head coach. Although his health and the Shaq-Kobe feud are contributing
          factors, Jackson is also just tired of butting heads with Lakers management and
          the increasingly annoying input of Jim Buss, who some speculate is pushing his
          father to fire Jackson and hire Rudy Tomjanovich. Despite his great success, Lakers
          management appears happy that Jackson is leaving and offer him no future role
          in the organization. Jim is chomping at the bit to start running basketball

          “Don’t everyone thank me at once.” – Han Solo

          “I always wanted to be a G.M. With a colt, you watch his stride and how he pops
          to extension. I just have to learn the qualities to look for in humans.” – Jim

          June 2004. Rudy T gets hired.

          After Shaq is traded and Kobe re-signs, Jim Buss is given increasing control
          over the team despite his apparent ignorance about the sport of basketball.
          Excited to finally put his personal imprint on the team, he is the one who
          selects the next head coach of the Lakers. He signs Rudy Tomjanovich to a
          five-year, $30 million contract.

          Jim’s first major move ends in failure: Tomjanovich quits midway through the
          season citing exhaustion and the Lakers finish 34-48, missing the playoffs for
          only the second time in thirty years.

          “Traveling through hyperspace ain’t like dusting crops, farm boy.” – Han

          June 14, 2005. The Zen Master Returns

          Despite the Lakers having an incredibly weak roster and very little hope of
          competing for a title, Phil Jackson benevolently returns to the team. Fans are
          overjoyed and his very presence stabilizes a franchise that looked headed for
          the toilet. On his first day back, the Zen Master mockingly tells Jim that
          while he (Jackson) will be at the office in the morning, he knows Jim won’t be.
          True to form, Jim basically continues to show up at the office whenever he
          feels like it and keeps no regular schedule.

          Jackson meanwhile, immediately raises the team from horrible to respectable and
          they make the playoffs the next two years. In 2008, Mitch Kupchak trades for
          Pau Gasol and the Lakers appear in the NBA Finals the next three years, winning
          the title two times.

          “Jim Buss is not around much…the only time he is here consistently is a week
          or two before the draft.”- Ronnie Lester, former Lakers Assistant GM, scout,
          and player.

          June 28, 2005. The Andrew Bynum Pick

          Prior to the 2005 NBA Draft, Lakers scout Ronnie Lester brings 17-year old
          Andrew Bynum to the team’s attention and Jim Buss falls in love with him. Jim
          pushes hard for Bynum’s selection in the first round and the Lakers end up
          picking him. This might be the highlight of Jim Buss’ professional career.
          Through the years, Jim is Bynum’s biggest supporter and he repeatedly pushes
          back trade demands for him.

          “Great shot kid, now don’t get cocky!” – Han Solo

          May 2011. Phil Jackson Retires

          Jackson retires after the Lakers are eliminated in the second round of the
          playoffs. His relationship with Jim Buss has almost completely deteriorated at
          this point. Jackson publicly comments that he had not spoken to Jim for the
          entire season.

          Jim also appears increasingly resentful that Jackson has gotten so much of the
          credit for the Lakers success in the last twelve years. Although common sense
          suggests that Jackson would be offered an important front-office position with
          the Lakers, Jackson only acts as an “informal consultant” for the Lakers.

          “You are on the Council, but we do not grant you the rank of master.” – Mace

          Now up until the end of the 2011 NBA season, Jim Buss can be seen as building
          up his educational and managerial experience, both outside of and within the
          organization, This is in preparation for his planned team takeover, per the
          directions of owner Dr. Jerry Buss. Jim has wanted total control of the
          basketball decisions (though not necessarily responsibility for those
          decisions), but has never been able to totally assert himself because of the
          presence of strong personalities like his father, Jackson, and even Kupchak (at
          that time).

          However, with Jackson leaving again, and the declining health of his father,
          Jim is truly now totally in command. After this point, the major moves are
          unquestionably Jim’s responsibility.

          This is true even though Jim consistently tries to misdirect criticism by
          declaring that any controversial decision is really coming from his father,

          May-June 2011. The Search for Jackson’s Replacement

          Brian Shaw, Rick Adelman, and Mike Brown end up becoming the top candidates to
          replace Phil Jackson. Jerry Buss tells the new coaching candidates that Jimmy
          “is in control now and he has to let him make whatever decisions that he
          makes.” Jim then informs the head coaching candidates that Andrew Bynum
          must be given the ball inside more often by whomever is chosen as the next

          Brian Shaw is advised by Jackson to downplay his relationship to the former
          coach during the interview process as the Zen Master knows Jim doesn’t like
          him. Nonetheless, Shaw states he felt he had to defend Phil Jackson after
          hearing Jim Buss “bashing” Phil several times during the job interview. This
          does not go over well with Jim.

          “Anger, fear, aggression…the dark side are they.” – Yoda

          June 2011. The Mike Brown Hire

          In a move that perplexes almost everyone, Mike Brown is hired as head coach
          over Brian Shaw (Kobe’s choice) and Rick Adelman (Kupchak’s choice). He signs a
          5-year deal for $20 million.

          Shaw, who had worked 12 years for the Lakers as a player and assistant, was
          very close to Kobe Bryant and was familiar with Jackson’s successful triangle
          offense. Kobe Bryant is not told of the decision beforehand, angering the
          Lakers star. Shaw is also not contacted until weeks after the decision is made.
          Shaw, a well-regarded former player and coach by all accounts, publicly
          criticizes Lakers management over the way he was treated.

          “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” – Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan

          2011 NBA Lockout. Firing of Longtime Lakers Employees

          Jim Buss fires over two dozen employees with over 100 years of experience
          working for the franchise.

          Among these are: (1) athletic coordinator Alex McKechnie, who had worked for
          the Lakers for 12 years and was previously instrumental in extending the
          careers of Shaq and Grant Hill; and (2) lowly equipment manager Rudy
          Garciduenas, who had been with the team for 30 years. Both had the misfortune
          of being close to the retired Phil Jackson. The firings are articulated to be a
          cost-cutting measure even as the Lakers negotiate a $3.6 billion television

          Buss further cans the scouting staff, including International Scout Adam
          Fillippi and even highly respected Assistant GM Ronnie Lester, who had worked
          for the Lakers for 24 years, including as a player and scout. Lester states,
          “Great organizations don’t treat their personnel like they’ve done.”

          Jim later hires Charles Osbournet, a former bartender friend he used to hang
          out with at the race track, to be on the scouting staff.

          “Evaluating basketball talent is not too difficult. If you grabbed ten fans
          out of bar and asked them to rate prospects, their opinions would be pretty
          much identical to those of the pro scouts.” – Jim Buss

          “I have great admiration for what scouts do. If the job is so easy, then why
          do some teams always have more success than others.” – Jerry West, responding
          to Jim’s comment.

          2011-2012 preseason. The Vetoed Chris Paul Trade; Alienation of Gasol and

          Before the season begins, the Lakers engineer a three-way trade that would have
          sent Pau Gasol to the Rockets and Lamar Odom to the Hornets in exchange for
          Chris Paul. However, Lakers management does not do its due diligence regarding
          NBA rules. They let the details go public before checking with NBA Commissioner
          David Stern whether the trade is acceptable to the NBA (the NBA owned the
          bankrupt Hornets at that time).

          (*Fascinating to this day why nobody bothers to ask why Lakers management
          failed to understand they needed Stern’s approval in the first place. Not
          knowing something like that would qualify as malpractice in many other fields.)

          Stern soon vetoes the deal, leaving Gasol and Odom, both known to be talented
          but moody, upset with the organization. Gasol’s production declines that season
          and Odom, the reigning NBA 6th Man of the Year, suggests he can no longer play
          for a team that does not value him.

          Lakers management chooses neither to coddle Odom to return or simply demand he
          play. Instead, they essentially give in to Odom’s whimsical demand and trade
          him to the Dallas Mavericks for a trade exception and future first round pick.

          The Lakers sorely miss Odom’s presence and suffer from Gasol’s inconsistent
          play during the 2011-2012 season and playoffs. The two-time defending champs
          finish with the 3rd seed in the West and are bounced in the Western Conference
          Semifinals by the Oklahoma City Thunder, 4-1.

          March 15, 2012. Trade for Sessions and Trading Away Derek Fisher

          During that same season, the Lakers trade Jason Kapono, Luke Walton, and their
          2012 first round pick for point guard Ramon Sessions and forward Christian
          Eyenga. Eyenga never plays for the team and Sessions, after a mildly productive
          couple of months, is allowed to sign elsewhere.

          The Lakers also trade Derek Fisher, a beloved player who was integral to the
          Lakers as the starting point guard on five NBA championship teams, and the
          first-round pick acquired from Dallas in the Odom trade, in exchange for
          forward Jordan Hill (a player who was originally drafted by the Knicks and
          clashed with then-Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni).

          Management’s disloyal reasoning appears to be that the other point guards on
          the team, Sessions and Steve Blake, will somehow not flourish simply if Fisher,
          the most respected player in the locker room, is on the team.

          Kobe Bryant, who: (1) began his career with Fisher when the two were Lakers
          rookies in 1996; (2) started in the backcourt with Fisher on all five of those
          championship teams; and (3) was closer to him than anyone else on the team; is
          once again angered by not being given a heads up about the move.

          July-August 2012. The Nash and Howard Trades

          On July 1, 2012, the Lakers use their trade exception from the Odom trade to
          acquire Steve Nash from the Phoenix Suns and sign him to a three year deal for
          $27 million. In exchange they send the Suns two first round draft picks (2013
          and 2015) and two second round picks (2013 and 2014).

          Jim Buss is publicly given almost full credit for this deal by Mitch Kupchak.

          On August 11, 2012, in a four team trade, the Lakers give up Andrew Bynum, Josh
          McRoberts, Eyenga, a conditional 2015 2nd round pick, and a conditional 2017
          1st round pick, for Dwight Howard, Chris Duhon, and Earl Clark. Though Howard
          is in the final year of his contract, Lakers management expresses confidence
          that they will resign him. Howard is recovering from back surgery, but is
          expected to return by the season opener.

          October 2012. The Mike Brown Firing

          The Lakers start the season 1-4 (after losing all of their preseason games).
          Jim Buss publicly gives coach Mike Brown a vote of confidence…before the Lakers
          fire Brown a few days later.

          Jim later states the decision was contemplated for a month prior, making the
          vote of confidence all the more bizarre. Brown’s guaranteed contract will have
          to continue to be paid off over the next few years.

          After hearing Lakers fans chanting Phil Jackson’s name during home games, it
          suddenly occurs to Lakers management that they should consider hiring Jackson,
          who is: (1) the team’s former coach who led them to five titles; (2) the most
          successful head coach in NBA history; (3) a Los Angeles resident; and (4) the
          fiancé of Jim’s sister, Jeanie Buss, who is also in charge of business
          operations for the Lakers.

          “Both my brothers are fearful of getting what they want and fearful of
          failure…Only Jeanie has the brains and the desire…At some level, Johnny and
          Jimmy must understand that.”- Janie Buss

          “Named must your fear be before banish it you can.” – Yoda

          November 2012. The Phil Jackson Fiasco

          After a Friday meeting on November 9, 2012, between Jackson, Jim Buss, and
          Mitch Kupchak, the former coach indicates he feels up to taking the job but
          would like the weekend to think about it. Jackson’s agent is set to fly in on
          Monday to discuss terms which have not been addressed yet.

          Lakers fans are ecstatic about what appears to be Jackson’s inevitable return
          and chant his name forcefully during the team’s next game that weekend. Both
          Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant strongly endorse Jackson as well, one of the few
          times they will be on the same page that season. Everything seems set up for
          another Lakers run of dominance.

          But Jackson receives a call from Mitch Kupchak just before midnight on Sunday,
          November 11, 2012, informing him that the Lakers have hired Mike D’Antoni. Both
          the decision and the seemingly shady manner in which the Lakers executed it are
          roundly criticized by fans, media, and former Lakers.

          “I don’t believe in Jim Buss.” – Magic Johnson on national television after
          Jim Buss vindictively refuses to bring Phil Jackson back to co

          • hookedonnews

            That was an excruciating read, and way more than I ever needed to know about the Buss family. Some of what you said there was opinion and not fact, but whatever. I noticed that you glossed over the fact that Dr. Buss wanted D’Antoni and Jim was set to hire Phil. It really doesn’t matter what we think of Jim Buss. He’s got the job. The next couple of years will tell us more than this saga does. Dr. Buss is gone, and he’s on his own. Let’s see which players the team goes after,etc. Hopefully Mitch Kupchak will have plenty of input. I’ll say this, the continued bashing of Jim Buss by fans and people like Magic doesn’t help the reputation of the Lakers.

          • Chrmngblly

            The man should be exposed for what he is, a ne’er do well. He should be made uncomfortable to walk down the street.

            I believe that the truth sets everyone free–even Jim Buss. Shakespeare said “Truth will out and dreams come surely true.” The Lakers need to hire a truly great coach who will demand influence over personnel. The players and fans will have a say, whatever you think.

            You are still the biggest Butt-Kisser I know….:-)

          • hookedonnews

            If I were you I would not try for a job in public relations.

            Yes, the truth will set you free, but your opinion or take on things is not synonymous with truth. It’s just possible that you are not the possessor of all the facts about what has gone on with the Lakers in the last 10 years.

            I don’t know an unemployed coach out there with the clout to ask for a say in personnel. If I owned a team I wouldn’t base one decision on the opinions of fans. Players can be asked about certain things, but should in no way be given the power to say who should be hired or fired. The Magic fired Stan Van Gundy because of Howard, and then he left them anyway. They lost a good coach for what?

            I am not a Buss fan. I don’t think I’ve ever given him a compliment on these threads. I just don’t think it’s good for free agents to see fans (or people like Magic) constantly trashing him, and it’s not going to get him out of the job. It’s bad PR for the Lakers. Besides, Jeanie has said that they are all going to work as a team. Why don’t you relax and give them a chance? Dr. Buss has only been gone for a year. He might actually make a decision that you approve of. I know that’s unlikely, and he won’t be given the credit if he does because we all know he’s an idiot. Right?

          • Chrmngblly

            I am a Buss fan—just not Jimmy. I resent the dead doc pushing his black sheep son on us. This is like bait and switch; you root for the Lakers because of sustained excellence and then we get the last place team in the league.

            You should feel the same outrage that the rest of us do. Instead, you line up on the side of mediocrity and your kindred spirit, Jim Buss. What’s wrong with you? It doesn’t matter what we say on this site, the word is already out on Jim Buss. Superstars we might persue are not going to be fooled. Howard wasn’t.

          • hookedonnews

            Trying to communicate with you is like trying to talk to a Martian. You seem to be outraged because the Lakers are having a terrible season and according to you it’s Jim Buss’s fault (I thought it was MDA’s fault). Whose fault is it that Kobe has only played 6 games this season? Whose fault is it that Nash has played 11? Whose fault is it that the team has had 260+games missed because of injury? The FO brought in some guys in the offseason who were on track to be the best bench in the league before they started dropping like flies. The last 2 seasons have been injury disasters, but you don’t seem to believe that is relevant.

            I don’t have any love for Jim Buss, but it doesn’t help the team for Magic to trash him in public. Fans like you act like irrational maniacs when it comes to Buss & D’Antoni. You seem incapable of understanding that injuries have decimated the team, and they just keep coming. I don’t agree with every decision that has been made, but if not for the injuries this team might have gone farther into the playoffs last season and probably made the playoffs this season. I realize that nothing short of a championship is acceptable, but you have to have the players to make that happen.

            Every team goes through these cycles of rebuilding. You act like the Lakers have been an elite team every single year. I don’t agree with giving Kobe $48 million, but we’re still going to have the cap space to bring in some great players in the next 2 years. Are the Celtics fans screaming for the head of Danny Ainge because of what’s going on up there? You need to get some perspective. Every FO makes mistakes. Dr. Buss has made his share, and so has every other guy in those positions around the league. Mitch Kupchak is not a dummy . You’re not going to get rid of Buss. What’s the point of all the ranting & disrespect? I don’t know what you think it accomplishes. You’re not helping the team.

            Dwight Howard left because of Kobe not Jim Buss. He said he wanted to be happy, and he couldn’t be happy putting up with Kobe for another 3 years.

            I don’t like mediocrity and Jim Buss is not a kindred spirit, but I’m not delusional. I realize that teams have to be built and that takes time, and that owners can’t be run out of town by fans. I’m willing to be reasonable and give them the time to get the players they need. They don’t have them right now, and the ones they have can’t stay on the court. Maybe Jim will be more open to advice or maybe he’ll get bored and let Mitch run things. Is patience not in your vocabulary?

          • Chrmngblly

            My patience has been abused. You act like this is a new problem and only I have spoken out of turn. It is you, hook. Get your head out of the sand. It is very uncertain if we can land the quality of people we need with our loafer-in-residence at the helm. You are pissed at me, you are pissed at Magic, I suppose you are pissed at all the writers the write about this and the commish, as well. The Lakers are in crisis, even though potato-heads like you are unaware of it.
            You act like it is simple to turn a team culture around once it goes in the tank. It’s not. If they had met Howard half way and brought Phil in do you think Howard might have stayed? I don’t know. Was it all about Howard hating Kobe? Or was it just the whole situation AND Kobe was a dick, too? People don’t leave their jobs because one person rubs them the wrong way.
            What I object to is JB has such low standards, nothing he does or anyone he hires can rise above them. Do you not know how the chemistry of human organizations works? We have a real problem and I am not the only one who sees it—and I am not talking about casual fans, I am talking about people like Magic and the NBA Commissioner–wise heads, I guess most people would say. A few sports writers, too.
            Jim Buss has his own track record, even if you find it difficult to accept. Whatever the opinions, the facts of his life are the facts of his life. Does anything he touches ever turn to gold? Anything? I understand why Dr. Buss wanted JB to succeed at something so badly, but now that era has passed and Jeanie is in charge. She is going to have to be the one who upholds the standards of the organization or they will not get upheld–unless you believe a leopard can change his spots. I don’t.
            What good it does for you to list all the excuses you do is beyond me. Keep doing it if you want. If we hire one more lower-grade coach, it will be a great tragedy for the Lakers rebuilding effort. I am sorry you didn’t have the guts to read the time-line article I sent and really think about it. But maybe you don’t relate to what working for a guy like that means to an organization that needs all the excellence it can find.
            Be fair and think about this from my viewpoint.

          • hookedonnews

            I did read the article. I told you it was an excruciating read. Buss sounds like the typical rich kid going from one thing to another and not willing to put in the work to make it succeed. I’ve read that he loves the Lakers. Maybe he’ll grow in the job or maybe he’ll realize he needs help and get it. I don’t know what’s going to happen because I’m not a psychic. Maybe Jeanie will help. It all remains to be seen.

            I understand your viewpoint. You’re frustrated and mad about what has happened. I just think you’re overly pessimistic about the future. You would have a different perspective if Kobe had been able to play this season, and if Nash had been healthy. Kobe IS the Lakers. When he’s not out there, and when you have a team full of guys that most people outside LA couldn’t name if their lives depended on, it changes how the Lakers are viewed. But that will change when Kobe comes back. I don’t think the culture has changed. This is a temporary set-back, not a permanent thing IMO.

            What you call excuses I call facts that impact whether a team is successful or not. You keep going back to the Phil/Howard thing, but Dwight Howard was unhappy from the day he got to LA until the day he left. And yes, Kobe was the major problem. Sure he would have preferred Phil to MDA, but as you know, Phil is not able to handle coaching anymore and could not have continued as coach even if he’d been hired. He has said so numerous times. Howard wanted to be the star. Kobe wasn’t going to hand the team over to him and said so. He was also on Howard from day one because he didn’t live up to his standards. He didn’t want a clown. He wanted someone who worked hard and was all business. Even MWP has said that when Kobe said he was coming back for at least another 2 additional seasons that he knew Howard was gone. Some people want to blame MDA, but people close to Howard and the team know that he just didn’t want to deal with Kobe.

            Howard’s leaving didn’t help, but I don’t think it’s something that the team can’t recover from. At times the Rockets look better when he’s not on the floor. He’s a great defender, but he turns the ball over a lot and isn’t as good offensively as he should be.

            I hate the bad games (Minnesota) and the won/loss record. No one loves what has happened. But reasonable people should be able to understand that no team can survive the kind of injuries this team has had this season. I can’t see why this is so hard to grasp for so many.

          • Chrmngblly

            Something’s bothering me, hook, you don’t see what others see. Why do you suppose the commissioner makes a trip to see Jeanie Buss and tells her she has the power to get involved in the FO and she should use it and be aggressive? Why are there articles showing up wondering aloud when Jeanie will take over? Why are the Lakers thought of around the league as being “in disarray” and “low wattage”? None of this is my opinion. People know Jim Buss.

            JB does not have the self-confidence to hire someone who is smarter than he is or has more presence than he does—but that’s exactly what we need. Really secure people can and do do that. We need a coach, for example, who demands at least partial control, a voice in decisions regarding his assistants and the players he coaches. If you don’t know it, that is a very common demand among successful coaches.

            Whatever Dr, Buss’ “plan” was for the Lakers, it was wiped out when the CBA came in and Howard left. Someone else pointed out that other than Kobe, the Lakers have no “faces” anymore. No Magic. No Shaq. No Wilt, No Kareem. No West. No Phil. That’s not good for the league–or the Lakers.

            Good luck trying to control me bashing Jimmy. None of our words are going to affect one FA or one coach. The Word is already out on Jimmy. No, what we can do is to lobby for an upgrade from the Buss family black sheep. Having Jimmy is a disservice to the Lakers.

          • hookedonnews

            The word is out because of people like Magic and Stephen A Smith. You can lobby all you want.
            It’s not going to affect what the family does.

            The Lakers still have Kobe and whether you want to admit it or not Nash is also still a star and Gasol if he stays. They’re going to get some stars in free agency, but they’re probably going to wait another year to get them. I agree that the CBA is a major factor in our current situation.

            Most of the articles inquiring about Jeanie taking over are on sites like this. They have zero effect.

            I’m a realist. I know I can’t change the FO of the Lakers or dictate who the coach is. I also have the patience to wait for some more players because I don’t have a choice to do otherwise. Ranting & raving just raises your blood pressure and accomplishes nothing. I complain about things like everyone else, but I I try to have a little more respect for people than I see on these threads a lot of the time. There’s real hatred and vitriol directed at Jim Buss. I’m just not sure a lot of the people who are doing that even know what they’re talking about. They say he destroyed the Lakers. I don’t think the Lakers are destroyed. I think they have been decimated by injuries, but Buss can’t be blamed for that. They blame him for hiring MDA and that was Dr. Buss. You see where I’m going. He’s being blamed for things beyond his control. Now some things are on him like Kobe’s contract, but I think they’ll survive that. Even if he has made multiple mistakes, I think the personal insults go above & beyond. I’m just not as pessimistic as some about the ability of the team to come back. Just having Kobe back will make a tremendous difference.

            Jim Buss is a math major. I’ve never met a stupid math major. Now maybe he’s the exception to the rule, but I’m hoping he’ll make some good decisions, and that the team will be back on top in a couple of years. If he makes some dumb moves, I’ll be complaining about it just like everyone else. But I’m willing to wait & see how it goes. I don’t think we’ll have a problem getting FA’s to come to LA.

          • Chrmngblly

            He is a Math Major DROP OUT, Hook.
            You are awfully angry about something. You imagine that I am talking about a bad year caused by injuries. I’m not. Do you read anything besides LN? I didn’t think so.

          • hookedonnews

            Dumb people don’t major in math. Lots of people drop out of college for various reasons. He probably thought why bother? I’m rich. Not the best attitude, but I wouldn’t assume he dropped out because he couldn’t do the work. His dad was extremely smart. And don’t make more of that than what I’ve said. I’ve never spoken to Jim Buss so I couldn’t comment on his intelligence or anything else about him personally. I know he has a reputation among Lakers fans, but I take what I read here with a grain of salt. I’ve seen too many other people trashed that don’t deserve it to take what’s written here as gospel.

            I’m not angry. And yes, I read more than LN. A lot of what I read here I’ve already read elsewhere. Why do you ask me a question, and then answer it for me?

            I realize that you’re concerned with more than what has happened this season, but you don’t seem to connect the injuries both this season and last with the outcomes. I realize you have issues with things that have been done in the past such as Rudy T, Mike Brown, etc. But there’s no point in going back to all that. As I said, if a bunch of bone-headed moves are made going forward, I will be happy to join you in complaining about them. And if good moves are made I’ll say so. I don’t care who calls the shots as long as what’s being done helps the team.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Pringles, don’t worry about the players focus now. You had two seasons to do that. Now all we want you to do is to focus on wherever you are going. We don’t want you to clutter your mind focusing on too many things at one time. FOCUS ON PACKING YOUR GEAR AND GETTING OUT OF TOWN !!

  • e3bonz

    Not only did they not play as a team, but they needed to remove the cover off the hoop.

    • Jim213

      Excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse. With two weeks remaining the coach still believes that things will improve? (once the season is over). For the millionth time ONLY bring back the players would’ve shown that they can play ON BOTH SIDES OF THE COURT! Will stick with my preferred players.

      Don’t matter about individual stats given after showing less than consistent effort this season not sure who’d be willing to give certain under achievers a shot especially if they can’t play D given they’ll have limited role wherever they end up but if they can’t play D! good luck in landing a spot.

      Last game of the month coming up with close to two weeks remaining.

      • e3bonz

        The problem is they have shown they can play defense, but not on a consistent basis, and tend give up on it when the game starts to get out of hand. I thought the Bucks game would of been the 5th win for March, and my prediction of 5-14 would be true. I don’t see us beating the Suns, but you never know.

  • J Taylor

    “Too focused on individual stats….”

    Bazemore – might be playing in the D League Next year.
    Ryan – might be playing in the D League Next year.
    Brooks – might be playing in the D League Next year.
    Marshall – might be playing in the D League Next year.
    Johnson – trying to save his NBA career; will be a free agent.
    Henry – trying to save his NBA career; will be a free agent.-
    Young – will be a free agent.
    Farmar – will be a free agent.
    Hill – will be a free agent.

    These are team players… I’m not sure I believe that they are being selfish.

  • 3339

    dantoni, just shut up.

  • Kb24

    And you are too focused on your salary, YOUR PURPOSE IS TO LOSE GAMES THATS IT PERIOD.

  • TheTruthKills

    It’s not like they can make the playoffs. Might as well audition for their next contracts.

  • truth24

    Blah blah blah

  • DP

    Man Mike D’Antoni is a rat fink bastard that needs to get gone.I tried to not rag his dumb ass too much but now that he showed he is a terrible defensive coach with terrible teaching habits and pathetic attitude it is time to be fired like tonight.|

  • taviyoung

    This has been a downright awful year for us Lakers fans. We’ve had to sit through games like this consistently all season, and watch our team get embarrassed . Only to go to work next the day and get drilled by co-workers and add to our frustration. We’ve went from sticking our chest out saying we’re Lakers fans, to being laughed at for being a Laker fan. We’ve gone from being the face of the NBA to being irrelevant. We haven’t had much of anything to be happy about this season. I guess the only happiness I’ll get from this season is when I wake up, turn on Sportscenter and see… BREAKING NEWS: LAKERS FIRE MIKE D’ANTONI.

  • michael

    Mr Dantoni, let’s talk about you. I think your system would work, if every player is healthy etc, but you can’t adjust. One little thing goes wrong and that’s it.
    Want a proof? we had a 13:13 record, nothing impressive but acceptable. then we had a 3-19 run.
    Of course there were injuries, but a coach has to adjust and you didn’t. You can’t compete at nba, go to college, you can play your style and I wish you good luck, but please go.

  • rigatoni

    Nash + Rigatoni is Los Angeles Fakers

    MDA First NBA Post Failed- 4 All Star: Marion Amare Nash Joe Johnson all in the Prime.
    Grade F

    4 years in NY: Lin Melo Amare
    Grade F in the playoffs.

    What part did the Lakers not understand to bring in Rigatoni?

    • hookedonnews

      How does Coach of the Year, 62 & 60 wins first 2 full seasons, 2 trips to Western Conference Finals, and 4 seasons of 50+ wins = failure? Amare played 3 games in that 60 win season. D’Antoni took the Knicks to the playoffs for the first time in 9 years. Think the Knicks are going to make the playoffs this season? Don’t think you know the facts about Phoenix or NY. Maybe you’ll get a coach that will meet your expectations next time, but don’t expect a championship until they get some players.

  • Lakers4Life

    Let’s hope the few Dumbtoni lovers of LN finally come to reality.

  • Zimmeredge

    Maybe coach D is unfocused and selfish too. D’antoni is already very far from la…

  • kobe bryant

    exum /marshall/farmar
    kobe /young/meeks
    ariza /xavier/bazemore
    melo /wesley/beasley
    monroe /hill/sacre

    release = nash 9 mil brooks 1 mil kelly .5 kaman 3 mil pau 19 mil ………. total : 33 mil

    sign melo 22 mil , monroe 4 mil , ariza 7 mil , beasley 1 mil ……………… total 33 mil

    give nick young 3 mil

    resign marshall, farmar, meeks, xavier, bazemore, wesley, hill, sacre

    • Jim213

      No diss but your lineup is bad.

    • hoperhetoric

      Starters :Farmar, Kobe, Draftee, Deng, Pau
      2nd unit: Nash, Bazemore, Xavier, Metta, Hill
      Reserves: Sacre, Kendall, Manny Harris, Kelly!

      If Pau leaves, sign gortat & Hill!
      & sign either Ariza or Deng! All for Discounted salary.
      If the Lakers are able to sign both Deng & Ariza, oh my, this will be the Best Defensive team that i can remember for Kobe. Add Metta too for less money!

  • Normussestudillo

    Thats right blame the players for your incompetence. This is so sad.

  • Nash+MDA

    Nash + MDA = Darkest Hours of the Lakers

  • Moveover Andbark

    Do it again, dismiss the coach, have Rambis finish out the season, what difference does it make, other than letting players through the league know that the Lakers may be a team to consider.

  • hoperhetoric

    really? They are struggling to score even with ballmovement so just like kobe does, someone needs to take over! Xavier did the other game & the Lakers played decently after a long long while of blow out losses! Young can’t take over because he is mostly a jump shooter. Xavier attacks the rim!

  • Jordan Kellogg Wallace

    I’ve heard just about every excuse for losing in the span of two years…….thanks D’antoni

  • Marty Susman

    I am pretty sure the decision has been made, this coach is gone meaning what we all should be hoping for is a great replacement. We need a coach that will attract 2015 free agents as well as being a great coach. Sadly I don’t think Kurt is that man. There is Byron Scott here in L.A. as well as George Karl & the twin brothers :) & so on as far as NBA guys. Then we have the coach at Florida who could be a dark horse but based on what Jimmy Buss has already done I doubt he would go for a heavy duty coach rather he would go for a weaker one that he could control.

  • Marty Susman

    Both Van Gundy’s are available & both have their one strong points. Byron Scott is available, as are several others meaning we will have to wait & see what/who Jimmy boy decides on….

    • Chrmngblly

      Yes. The one requirement of any great coach we could possibly hire will be at least partial control over personnel. The Lakers have to give up at least some control to attract any coach worth having.

      I like Stan VG, Lionel Hollins, George Karl, maybe Steve Kerr. Scott is too weak to make the demands on the FO that we need, but I like him, personally. I like Jerry Sloan, if only we could get him.

  • LaurenLovesKeilan

    He is a great coach just not for uswe can create offense we need defense to compete and they have a break down every ge why? What do yall do I practice shoot all day cause thats all we like to do from what ive seen I bleed purple and gold and this is not us we need a healthy point guars a consistent small forward and center with that we have the chance at competing without we go another year without a playoff spot like the idea of having lowry as our pount guard Steve Nash is too old to be the point guard of a great lakers team we are tryung ro create

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