Lakers News: D’Antoni Says Farmar, Blake Are Great Guards For System Reviewed by Momizat on . Coach Mike D'Antoni's system is predicated on guards who can push the ball up the court, make quick decisions, and knock down shots. Steve Nash has always been Coach Mike D'Antoni's system is predicated on guards who can push the ball up the court, make quick decisions, and knock down shots. Steve Nash has always been Rating:
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Lakers News: D’Antoni Says Farmar, Blake Are Great Guards For System

SteveBlakeCoach Mike D’Antoni’s system is predicated on guards who can push the ball up the court, make quick decisions, and knock down shots. Steve Nash has always been the perfect point guard for the system precisely because he excels at all of those things.

This season, D’Antoni believes he has two more guards who are excellent for his system in backups Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar.

Blake had an excellent end to last season and really stepped his game up after Nash and Kobe were sidelined before succumbing to his own injuries. He is hoping to keep that momentum going this season:

For me personally, there will be a good comfort level there with what he expects. I just hope to build off of what I did personally last year and what we did as a team.

Bringing in the more athletic Jordan Farmar could prove to be an excellent move. He took less money to come to the Lakers and one of the main reasons for that was his belief that he could thrive in the system:

The ball is going to be in my hand. I’ll be making more decisions, taking more shots and being more aggressive rather than you hit the wing and go in the corner and play off of there.

With Kobe Bryant’s return uncertain, and D’Antoni wanting to keep Nash healthy and fresh, both Farmar and Blake will play large roles this season. Blake has already proven he is capable of playing the 2-guard spot so expect to see him playing with both Nash and Farmar regularly.

How D’Antoni spreads the minutes between Farmar, Blake, and Jodie Meeks, especially after Bryant returns, will be one of the most important story lines to watch. Last season injuries left the Lakers with no guards, this season, they may have too many.


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  • Daryl Peek

    PG depth, a weakness last year that will be a strength this season. I also love Blake’s ability to fill in at the 2, in short stints. In a small ball line up that’s some dangerous three point shooting on the perimeter!

    • cj

      i see the second unit being farmar, blake, meeks, young, and hill going with a smaller back group that puts pushes the pace and picks up 98 feet

      • Daryl Peek

        That could happen. There are tons of options. I see Meeks being a possible starter with Kobe out. Kaman will be the first center off the bench IMO. Hill or Williams will start at PF.

        • Eddie Lazaro

          Agree, totally as I see the line up of Pau, Hill, Young, Meeks and Nash while #Vino is out, then Kaman, Williams, Johnson, Farmar and Blake. Taking two more to complete the roster by Sacre, Henry, Landry, Harris &/or Kelly. I see Sacre staying and if Kelly is send to the D-League that leaves Henry, Landry and Harris fighting for the last spot, maybe even DJO?

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        Young is too thin and too small to play the 4… Williams will be the one filling that stretch 4 for sure,coming off the bench… IMO, our bench mob will be akin to Daryl’s take… Farmar, Blake, Johnson, Williams, Hill/Kaman

        • cj

          i dont see meeks not getting good pt

        • Eddie Lazaro

          Agree, ex. Hill will be starting as a PF, IMO.

    • Rebecca325

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  • Tanking For Wiggins

    The Lakers will be lucky to win 20 games next season.I predict the Lakers go 15-67 next season!These point guards are a joke compared to Chris Paul,Russell Westbrook,Derrick Rose,Deron Williams,Rajon Rondo,Kyrie Irving,Tony Parker,TY Lawson,Jrue Holiday.Must i go on with my list i will spare my Lakers the sadness.It’s over lets rebuild.ESPN picked the Lakers 12th cut you’re losses Jim Buss and tank for Wiggins.Use the salary cap space and surround Andrew Wiggins with star players next season.Let Kobe Bryant take the year off to heal up properly for next season.Trade some players and get young players and or draft picks it’s time for major #Tankapalooza

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      I bet you will disappear when Lakers wins their 20th game by end of December…. and I bet you, you will not wager a hundred bucks for that. Hit me when you are sure of what you are saying.

      • Eddie Lazaro

        I’ll add another hundred if he is serious about it, put their money where their mouth is or STFU!

    • hookedonnews

      Seriously? Why don’t you ask Chris Paul, etc. if they consider Nash a joke? There will be no tanking. Kobe is not going to take the year off unless his health demands it. No one else on the team is going to throw away next season, and D’Antoni’s job is on the line. No one is guaranteed to get Wiggins regardless. Lakers don’t tank. That’s a strategy for losers, not for the best franchise in the NBA.

  • Eddie Lazaro

    The uncertainty of Kobe’s scheduled return will be a good step for the rest of the guards to show who can lead this team when #Vino is not able to. Everyone in this team is capable of showcasing their talent given trust and respectable minutes of playing time. Health is a major factor, so is timing and team cohesion. Synchronicity will be an asset and given enough time on training camp for everyone to feel each other, work on each weaknesses and converting it to strength, developing a unity towards a common goal of winning, Winning it All, Go Lakers!

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