Lakers News: D’Antoni Said Kobe Bryant Passed Too Much

Lakers News: D’Antoni Said Kobe Bryant Passed Too Much


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Phoenix SunsLast night, Kobe Bryant surprised everyone with his shooting performance and he scored just four points and 1-8 from the field.

The Lakers did manage to beat the Phoenix Suns at Staples Center and Bryant’s nine assists played a big role in the victory. Nevertheless, Kobe committed eight turnovers and he often times passed up wide open shots in order to find his teammates who were not expecting a pass.

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After the game, Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni spoke to reporters and talked about Bryant’s passing. Even though the Lakers won the game, D’Antoni said his star player passed the ball too much.

“He was trying too hard to get everybody else involved,” Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said. “You have to walk the fine line. He went way over the other line. He has to get back to the middle where he facilitates and is aggressive and it flows that way.”

Bryant has become a facilitator over the past several games and has not been very aggressive on the offensive end. Kobe is known to be a scorer, but it seems like he has found a different role with this Lakers roster.

Ever since Bryant became a pass-first player, the Lakers have in fact played much better basketball. Still, at the end of the day the Lakers need Kobe to score at a high level in order for them to reach the post season.

  • JohnC

    Why doesn’t Kobe coach LA?? Apparently, he’s the one who best knows what, where and how to do things. When he changed his game, he started to demolish that lack-of-chemistry wall and players started to feel involved and sharing a common goal for the first time this season. Apparently, against the coach opinion about a player ”who is passing too much”… There is a different reading: there is more chemistry, everyone is part of the game, everyone is paddleing in a common direction. = Five players where in double digits, they moved the ball and that’s what has added LA the ingredient they were lacking, Kobe’s become an even more effective player, and as a consequence LA are winning more games despite the constant injuries.

  • joe23

    only MWP don’t know how to share the ball.

  • Crystal

    Jeez…Kobe’s damned if he do, damned if he doesn’t. He chucks up 20+ shots a game, he’s a ball hog…if he goes 1-8 with only 4 points “he’s trying too hard to get everybody involved”…D’Antoni shut up, have a seat and let Kobe do his thing.

  • magic “bean” mamba

    I agree with Antoni. Kobe may have been in passing mode a little too long on Tuesday night. What I, and hopefully all Lakers fans, want from Kobe is to make the right play. To not force anything, whether it’s shooting or passing. I would have to agree with Antoni once again in that he wants the ball to move on the offense. I think that Nash and Kobe are doing just that. Those people who say Nash should be the only one to have assist, still think Nash is in his prime. Kobe and Nash have to work together in distributing and moving the ball for this Lakers team to be successful on offense.