Lakers News: D’Antoni Looking At ‘Small Victories’ In Losing Season

Lakers News: D’Antoni Looking At ‘Small Victories’ In Losing Season


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Following a 145-130 loss to the Houston Rockets on Tuesday night, the Lakers officially set the record for most losses in the franchise’s history since moving to Los Angeles. Most coaches would be irate over such a poor record, especially after a game where your team gives up 145 points. However, head coach Mike D’Antoni has his own approach to the disappointments this season has thrown at him.

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According to Los Angeles Times’ Mike Bresnahan, D’Antoni believes in looking at the small positives that come from the losses:

“You’ve got to be careful because if you get in these situations it doesn’t help to swing wildly and just take everybody down,” D’Antoni said. “You’ve got to get through it, you’ve got to look for small victories, you’ve got to look to the bright side of things, understanding that it’s not pleasant for anybody to go through.”

Everything that could have gone wrong has for the Lakers this season. At one point this team was 10-9 with Kobe Bryant set to return. As we all know, Bryant would injure his knee six games later and be lost for the year. Injuries to Steve Nash, Jordan Farmar, Xavier Henry, Pau Gasol, and Nick Young would ultimately destroy any chance the Lakers had at a successful campaign.

Although the season hasn’t gone as planned, a lot of players, including Xavier Henry and Ryan Kelly, have shown some promise in their development. With only four games left, it is important for the players to compete and focus on developing their game instead of concentrating on the constant losses.
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  • Scott Asai

    The only “victory” is when MDA gets fired. Worst hire in Lakers history.

  • Bubba

    Shame on classless Mike D’Antoni he is reaching for straws now.

  • Bubba

    Fire thsi bum and hire a real head coach.


    Jim Buss shame on you POS for putting Mike D’Antoni through hell.FIRE HIM JIM!

  • Lakers4Life

    This is what happens when you hire a joke like Dumbtoni. I wonder how the very few Dumbtoni lovers on LN feel about cocksucking the worst coach in Lakers history…what a shame.

    • Josh

      I’m not a D’Antoni fan, but what I wonder is how the masses of people feel about using kindergarten tricks to change a man’s name into something derogatory.

  • Daryl Peek

    “His spark. His attitude,” said Nick Young, asked to reflect on Blake with the point guard’s new team, the Golden State Warriors, playing the Lakers on Friday. “He was a leader for us. In the earlier, beginning of the year, he was one of the main reasons we was winning. I think we needed that. I think we was all young players and ain’t really used to being in winning systems and we didn’t have that mental approach coming into the games that Blake and Kobe Bryant) bring.”

    Not long after the trade, Bryant tweeted that he was “not cool” with Blake’s departure “AT ALL,” adding that he considers the 11-year veteran a “psycho competitor.”

    D’Antoni was also devastated by the Blake trade. Two players the team parted ways with this season sent the team into the ultimate downward spiral that could not be stopped… Blake and Shawne Williams. Blake was the leader with Kobe sidelined. Williams was another key cog in team chemistry and it was clear how it affected the team when he was cut. The injuries only made their absence worse.

    For all of his tenure in LA, I battled Lakers fans who constantly threw Blake under the bus. Funny how you don’t miss or recognize what you have/had til its gone…

    • Josh

      Blake wants to come back to LA. I’m sure he’ll play for either the Lakers or Clippers next year. Crossing my fingers that Mitch will go get him.

    • 3339

      Hey I actually agree with ya. Blake is a solid pro and a class act. Was a fan of his since his days at Maryland where he won a title.didn’t understand criticism of him.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Facts Mike D’Antoni has a coaching record of 186-252 since joining the Knicks in 2008 and this includes his horrible stint as Lakers coach presently.So the next time someone tells me Mike D’Antoni is not the problem and a great coach i will laugh at you it’s like saying Smush Parker is a great basketball player LOL.186-252 from 2008-2014 and he has the worst record in Lakers history.Fire his ass.What are they waiting for are they scared he might kick their ass or something or his wife baking Lakers cookies to save his job???Please explain this mystery???SMH

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Mike D’Antoni is 186-252 in coaching games since 2008.Yeah a tanking loser.

  • elyod

    worst year in the history and there are any doubts that the coach should be fired?

  • Rosary Celaya Castro-Olega

    Fire D’Antoni, worst Lakers record, get a better coach and the Lakers will be back to winners!!