Lakers News: D’Antoni Discusses Big Man Rotation When Gasol Returns Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="128"] Chris Kaman had his best game as a Laker, and arguably of his career, last night as he scored 29 points to go along with 17 rebounds, [new_royalslider id="128"] Chris Kaman had his best game as a Laker, and arguably of his career, last night as he scored 29 points to go along with 17 rebounds, Rating: 0
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Lakers News: D’Antoni Discusses Big Man Rotation When Gasol Returns

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Chris Kaman had his best game as a Laker, and arguably of his career, last night as he scored 29 points to go along with 17 rebounds, and six assists in the Lakers upset win over the Phoenix Suns.

Kaman’s playing time has fluctuated wildly this season, particularly when Pau Gasol is healthy. With his skillset being similar to that of Gasol’s, Mike D’Antoni has rarely chosen the play the two together, leading to frustration on Kaman’s part.

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With Gasol due to return soon from his bout with vertigo, Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters reports that D’Antoni realizes the dilemma he will have on his hands once Gasol is back in the lineup:

Kaman has really thrived when Gasol has been out of the lineup, but has barely been able to see the floor when Gasol is healthy. It seems as if D’Antoni is now warming to the idea of playing the two together a little more. Even still, he remains uncommitted to playing both, instead choosing to leave the door open, according to Winters:

While Kaman and D’Antoni have been at odds for much of the season, D’Antoni praised Kaman immensely after last night. Whether this means Kaman will stay on the floor once Gasol is back, remains to be seen.
Lakers Vs. Suns: D’Antoni Praises Chris Kaman, But Still Unsure Of Role

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About The Author

Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • 3339

    ‘I’ll try to figure that one out”
    This is the NBA buddy. We need somebody in here that knows what to do. Enough of your guessing game.

    • Jim213

      Per Mike Bresnahan (LA Times) FO “will decide fairly quickly” whether to fire the coach once the season comes to an end on 4/16. If this proves true they best have done their homework with regards to someone to replace.

      • 3339

        good, hopefully he gets fired in the locker room in San Antonio once the game is over.

  • LeBron

    Mike D’Antoni is a miserable shell of a human being he is pure scum and filth.As we all know by the Lakers winning these meaningless games it is pushing the Lakers further and further from a good draft spot and usher in the new era of futility since no new franchise player is getting drafted by the Lakers.No max free agent is coming to this travesty of a team run by a bunch of idiots and imbeciles with no intellectual context.

    The Lakers FO has no plan in place and they are incompetent and poorest at doing their job.I predict a 28 win season next year and the Suns will get the 7th pick from the Lakers to complete the Steve Nash failed trade.Miserable describes the Lakers present and future.Joining to be a member of this club takes a very special kind of player willing to endure losing seasons.Tanking was the only hope left in a top heavy draft,now that hope has been crushed by Scrubs.SMFH!

  • LeBron

    Lakers could have been great but chose to be garbage.Mike D’Antoni is a pompous ass clown that no top free agent wants to play for most smart people would be willing to bet their mortgage that King LeBron James is not coming to the Lakers and i agree never going to happen.Also no top free agent is coming to the Lakers in the next decade and that’s a safe bet.Lakers are royally fugged ya’ll.SOL

  • Jodie

    Yes we have mediocre crappy teams drenched in futility in Los Angeles for decades the Raiders and Rams come to mind and the hapless Clippers of the 80′s up until 2011 yes the Dodgers and Angels have had some putrid teams now welcome in the Lakers to this club of chronic losers in LA.Thanks Jim Buss.Losers.

  • Jodie

    MDA is the worst coach i have ever seen.Fire his funky stanky ass.

  • Zimmeredge

    stfu Mike. you benched the guy most of the season now you’re telling us you’ll have some issue with our bg men’s rotations? cut the F-ing crap.

  • emman

    I’ve heard this before from MDA and unfortunate for Chris Kaman that he will be back and relegated to the bench once again. Robert Sacre (MDA & Mitch favorite) will be back to the rotation with Jordan Hill getting minimal minutes as well. I’m done with this headgame that MDA as well as the GM is doing. Lakers fans deserve better and the organization itself who ONCE used to be the envy of the rest of the league needs to get their act together–ASAP!! DAMNNN!!!

  • Daryl Peek

    Lets take a non biased inventory on what has happened this season in regards to players, games played, minutes allocated, coupled with the effect injuries (260 games missed this season) have played in all of this…

    First thing, we have four centers on roster in Gasol, Kaman, Hill and Sacre. I put them in that order as that is the pecking order I believe MDA should have distributed their minutes and games played. Hill could and has played PF but obviously is not MDA’s optimal type of player for the 4 position. Kelly, Shawne Williams, and Johnson were our PF’s this season. Let me first say I didn’t agree with the Johnson, stretch 4 project but Wes held his own during his short stint there. All who played PF this season had success at times but were inconsistent. None have ever played a leading role like they’ve been asked to with the Lakers this season as D’Antoni has said all throughout the season, and the constant injuries have complicated this continually as he was in rotation discovery mode from the jump. When you take the blame game glasses off, D’Antoni’s guessing game in trying to find the right fit makes complete sense as we have not had a healthy roster 1-15 ALL season.

    There’s only 48 minutes in a game, and 82 games in an NBA season. Gasol has played and started in 59 games out of the 73 the team has completed. Again, he’s #1 in the pecking order at the center position and has played as such when healthy. Hill has played in 64 games this season, dig that, he’s actually played in the most games of all the big’s this season? You wouldn’t think that is so given how most bitch about how MDA uses Hill! Jordan has started 24 games this season which exceeds the 20 games he had started in his previous 4 seasons in the NBA. Meditate on that for a second, Hill had only started 20 games in four years prior to this season. Of the 64 games MDA has played Hill at both the C and PF position throughout the season, Jordan is averaging 20 MPG, another career high. Interesting how his production is the best it has ever been as a pro, under MDA who does not like him supposedly? To everyone’s surprise, Sacre has played in 56 games this season. Robert has started 13 of those and a few along side of Gasol. Dig that, MDA playing twin towers again like he’s done with Hill and Gasol, Kaman and Hill or Hill and Sacre at times this season? Kaman and Gasol played together a few times but are the same player as centers and this is why MDA chooses not to feature them together. Of the 56 games Robert has played in, he’s averaging just under 16 MPG. Basically a rotational minutes filler as a back up. Kaman has played in 38 games this season, starting 12. Chris has averaged 19 MPG. These are career lows for Kaman but not much different from what he went through in Dallas with coach Carlisle last season. Kaman has a knack for rubbing his coaches the wrong way by running his mouth publicly. This all started as the Clippers began to come to the conclusion they were ready to move on from him, as constant nagging injuries began to affect his production. He suffered from all of that in NO, Dallas and with the Lakers. All of that said, I understand MDA being standoffish with Kaman, just as his last three head coaches were.

    What part of the salary cap fitting players the FO brought in coupled with Kobe, Gasol and Nash recovering from off-season surgery or injury made folks believe this team would’ve been better with any other HC? Especially given all of the other unforeseen injuries that absolutely derailed what little momentum that was being forged via good team chemistry at a time early on in the MDA system. You can have all the distaste you like for MDA and his preferred style of coaching but to say he’s not been flexible or completely clueless in trying to find a good fit this season, is straight hater bias given all of the circumstances he’s had to deal with this season. Kobe on whether D’Antoni had earned another year…

    “I don’t know,” Bryant said. “It’s been tough on him. These two years he’s been there, he’s been dealing with so many injuries left and right. He hasn’t really gotten a fair deal, a fair shake at it since he’s been here.”

    MDA may in fact get fired this off-season but everything he’s done this year has been in an effort to develop the younger one and possibly done’s that the FO provided him, to see who of them may be kept next season. If Kaman was allowed to start with Gasol a majority of the minutes, Sacre and Hill would’ve suffered in their development. Johnson, Kelly and Williams would not likely have found their niche’s with the team in development, although Johnson is still lost as he just is who he is IMO. Williams is not on the team simply due to all of the PG injuries. He was sacrificed for the addition of Marshall. As I’ve detailed, you can clearly see the confidence players like Hill, Kelly, Sacre, Farmar, Meeks, X and even the newly acquired Bazemore have all benefited, from what MDA has done for them individually in the way he’s played them…

    Kaman, upon becoming a Laker said, he likes it his new situation in LA, and is a fan of Lakers’ coach Mike D’Antoni.

    “It’s a different coaching style,” Kaman said. “Coach Carlisle is uptight and kind of plays games with people here and there. Coach D’Antoni is more relaxed. He lets guys get a feel and make mistakes and play. That’s the kind of basketball players like to play.

    You can’t micromanage every situation and pull a guy in and out and in and out. It just doesn’t work that way. If you have some superstars, you might get away with that. But if you have guys who aren’t superstars, it’s hard to do that.”

    Again, interesting how Kaman’s tone about MDA has changed the same way it did for his last three head coaches. Bottom line, we all knew this was not going to be a good season for the Lakers. The blame game is a tired point of venting as most involve themselves in conjecture about the way things went down at the end of the day. As for me? I’ll continue to be the voice of the minority who’s willing to speak the truth of the matters. GO Lakers is all that matters and if that means MDA must go, so be it.

    • 3339

      How long did it take you to write this, honestly?

      • Daryl Peek

        About 20 minutes. All of this is info we’ve all seen play out and easily verifiable on NBA reference .com Lakers 2013-14 when it comes to the numbers. The situations I remember vividly and don’t sugarcoat at all!

        • 3339

          20 min? smh man
          have no clue who comrade24 is

          • Daryl Peek

            Again, I find it strange how your reply changed guest names in reply on LN VS. the email notification I got. That only happens when a person is switching user account guest names. I copied the comment to show this.

          • 3339

            there must be another reason cause I’m only 3339.
            seriously though, you spent 20 minutes doing that or is that a joke?

          • Daryl Peek

            20 minutes give or take 5 minutes. I’m not a fast typist fist off. And I have my share of down time at work and enjoy writing about the Lakers in some of my spare time.

        • Chrmngblly

          Dp already knows of my deep admiration and respect…:-)

          So I won’t say more.

    • hookedonnews

      Well said. Appreciate the research.

  • Lakers Fan

    Glad we have two weeks left in the season. The sooner we can get rid of this idiot the better. MDA is a nightmare to any big man. How can he give sacre more minutes than kaman? Kaman proves everytime he steps in for Pau what he is capable of doing. Yet, MDA continues to play Sacre who is a third backup center at best. I know he plays with energy, but there were numerous times this season where he shouldnt have been playing and Kaman should of instead. This could have resulted in us having a better record, and not having so many fans give up on this season and would rather tank instead. I mean seriously, how hard is this for that man to understand?? Its the end of the season and he still hasnt got it.

  • Kenny Marks

    Let’s see. Chris Kaman is a former all-star with skills and Robert Sacre stinks with absolutely no upside whatsoever. Hmmm …

    • comrade24

      Chris Kaman’s defense and hustle isn’t near as good as Sacre’s, despite the great game he played last night.

      • calieagle

        hustle? sacre averages 3.7 rebounds a game and only has 3 games with double digit rebounds lol not to mention his defense is to foul anyone around..

  • Ico

    what sacre play?!?!????????? sacre is sooooooooo so bad, please just bench him and let people paly! please

  • comrade24

    I can figure it out. Start Gasol and Hill, Bring Sacre and Kaman together off of the bench, slide Kelly to the three. Meeks and Young in the backcourt. Can i get a chunck of his salary now?

    • Daryl Peek

      That’s been done this season already and been an up and down process, more down than up. Sacre and Kaman together is horrible! Kelly failed miserably at the three when Johnson had to fill in at the 2 when we went through that stretch of having Meeks, Young and X play PG. MDA has used every combination of players you can think of together this season.

  • AC52

    2 more weeks of this guy Lakers fans…we can get through this. After April 16, everyday, I will be waiting for the headlines:
    BREAKING: Lakers fire coach Mike D’Antoni…
    This offseason will be quite fun just because it’ll be fun seeing who will be popping up in the coaching search rumors. I’m pretty excited to see who’s names will be coming out.

  • Rigged4fun

    D’Antoni’s system is not suited for Kamen nor is Kamen’s attitude compatible with D’Antoni so there’s no guessing here. Kamen will sit the bench as before.

  • Danny E. Pagan

    Let’s all take a moment to remember Phil Jackson’s last season. Anybody remember how it ended? A swept by the Mavericks with JJ Barea, one of the smallest players in NBA history, being the catalyst. That was with a prime Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol playing together. That was 2011, this is 2014. Two lumbering bigs didn’t work then and certainly 2 less talented past their prime centers going to work now. The league is no longer a big man’s game, PHIL JACKSON GOT SWEPT by Rick Carlislie playing D’antoni small ball with JJ Barea picking apart the Lakers doing the pick and roll with the ultimate stretch 4, Dirk Nowitzki. D’antoni changed everything with Steve Nash running the show, Shawn Marion playing the 4, and Amare playing Center and the ignorants here still think this is still the same NBA of 2000. The era of playing 2 slow centers is over and Lakers fans should be aware of this because the greatest coach of all time got SWEPT playing that way in this modern fast D’antoni style NBA. To me what the hate towards MDA does is showcase how ignorant the common NBA fan is.

    • Chrmngblly

      That’s just ignorant.

  • Cedric Hudson

    D’Antoni is a jackass.

  • hookedonnews

    It’s obvious he’s not going to play them together. If he wanted to do that he would have been doing it all season. He’s got the same dilemma that he had with Gasol & Howard last season. He doesn’t want to clog up the paint. If he plays Kaman it will be at center when Gasol is out IMO. He likes Sacre because he works hard and is a better defender. He’s also young and he’ll be back next season. I don’t think many people expect Kaman to be back, but hey, who knows? If Gasol leaves, he would be needed.

    • 3339

      dantoni is probably the only coach on earth that would consider playing Pau and Dwight Howard together as a dilemma.

      • hookedonnews

        According to the numbers, early in the season they both played better when the other one wasn’t on the floor. There’s also the concept of spreading the floor and making room for your PG to operate. He played them both together at the end of the season when Gasol was healthier. Whether you agree or not, he was brought to LA to run his system. He had no training camp to figure out what would work best and injuries made it difficult to practice. It took a while to figure things out (for a lot of reasons).

        This season they have players who fit the offense, and that’s what he’s going to do whether you or anyone else likes it. Now maybe you believe that a low-post offense is better. It may be better for Gasol & Kaman (and that’s arguable), but what about the rest of the team? The Nets recently went to small ball and are playing much better (without Garnett). The Pacers offense is stagnant. If you look at them on the court they’re all bunched together which makes it easier to defend against them. This is a philosophical argument about which system is the most effective. As I said, D’Antoni was brought here because of his system. That’s the kind of offense they wanted, and that’s the kind of offense he’s going to run if possible. Not really a shocking development.

        Now you can argue whether Kaman should be playing more, but if he plays he’s going to be playing center and not on the floor with Gasol. D’Antoni probably hyperventilates with the vision of those two old guys lumbering down the court together and clogging up the middle. There are reasons why Kaman hasn’t played. His attitude is part of it I’m sure, and his defense is involved as well. You’ve got Gasol, Hill, Sacre, and Kaman. Someone is going to play less or they’re all going to play less. I don’t know that I wouldn’t have played him more, but I’m not in the locker room, or in the practice facility, or on the court with him so I’m not privy to everything that goes on there.

        Bottom line–he’s not going to be playing with Gasol if I had to guess, and he & Pau need to figure out that the coach makes that call. They just need to play when they get the opportunity, and stop trying to dictate this kind of stuff. Kaman played great the other night, but Gasol wasn’t out there with him when he was doing it.

  • Jose Armando

    He still can’t figure out a fucken rotation … Fuck you how’s that lmao

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