Lakers News: D’Antoni Didn’t Know Lottery Implications Of Jazz Game Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="138"] Heading into the matchup with the lowly Utah Jazz, the 2014 NBA Draft implications were being talked about in terms of where the Los [new_royalslider id="138"] Heading into the matchup with the lowly Utah Jazz, the 2014 NBA Draft implications were being talked about in terms of where the Los Rating: 0
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Lakers News: D’Antoni Didn’t Know Lottery Implications Of Jazz Game

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Heading into the matchup with the lowly Utah Jazz, the 2014 NBA Draft implications were being talked about in terms of where the Los Angeles Lakers would end up in draft position with a loss in Salt Lake City.

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The Lakers ultimately came out on top against the Jazz on the road and now are locked in the sixth spot due to a tie with the Boston Celtics. Apparently, head coach Mike D’Antoni sounded unaware of the lottery rules following the game according to Lakers Nation’s Serena Winters in his post-game interview on Time Warner Cable SportsNet:

After realizing what the win meant in terms of draft positioning for both teams, D’Antoni thought they had the same rank:

After a reporter informed D’Antoni that Utah needed a win to have the same record as the Lakers, D’Antoni admitted he didn’t know that but said they’d win Wedensday’s game against the San Antonio Spurs. Following the win over the Jazz, only one game remains in one of the most forgettable seasons in franchise history for the Lakers. The team will end their season against the San Antonio Spurs on the road.

With all the uncertainty surrounding the team heading into the off-season, the 2014 NBA Draft will be extremely important in terms of their chances of turning things around with a promising young prospect.

A loss to Utah would’ve helped the team’s draft position, but now the Lakers are locked into the sixth position. Apparently, D’Antoni wasn’t alone in not knowing the draft implications with Nick Young also unaware of what the win over the Jazz had done to the Lakers’ draft position.

Ironically enough, Young was on fire in Utah scoring a season-high 41 points.
Mike D’Antoni On Management And Lakers Future, Joel Embiid At The Game

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  • M. Easter

    So what

    • Jim213

      Per N Young’s Instagram, put two and two together. However, why is Nash on the trip? Given his nerve root issues which can highly irritate his condition given the prolonged sitting? But IMO if he’s capable enough to ride along he should be able to strap on his laces.

      • John Tocco

        Yes because sitting on a plane and playing in an NBA game is the same thing…

        • Jim213

          Smh, If he’s capable of riding along he should have the mental fortitude to suck it up especially given his 20 minutes of play. Too many excuses to not playing the game given that he can retire but chooses not to given he believes the the Nash of old.

          He enjoys the comradery and for some reason that he deserves another year when he can’t play half a season. Worst signing for the Lakers plain and simple.

      • GM IS FUMING

        Steve Nash lol and this is a big f you to the Lakers fans from Swaggy P. and the rest of these bums.Shiity night last night.Draft order is messed up now.We needed Wiggins,Exum,Parker.Embiid.Not some BS bust pick.Whack picture.

      • PlayerHaters

        And on that day… Kobe felt left out lol

  • purp& goldpride

    Yeah he knew the draft position…he just didn’t care. I understand the players not playing to Lose, but they’re 50 games too late. Hopefully the lottery is nice. I mean, Chicago did get d.rose assert finishing with the 8th worse record. We shall see

    • Pearberr

      The players and coaches all have to be able to find jobs next year. Every win counts to them, even if it doesn’t for the franchise.

      Can you imagine Dantoni trying to tell Nick Young to slow down? Nick doesn’t have a contract for next year, dude needs to put on a show for his future employers.

    • PlayerHaters

      Whether theyre 50 or 60 games late it doesnt matter. Lakers ARE NOT A TANKING TEAM. You do realize that the Lakers went down this season with officially the WORST FRANCHISE RECORD. idc how many games they had lost i agreed with Swaggy P when he said they should avoid goin down with the worst franchise record. but sadly that didnt happen

  • Jim213

    • PlayerHaters

      LOL smh

  • vdogg

    the lakers are not “locked” into any position. it’s a lottery. gotta cross your fingers on may 20th and hope for a top three pick… and dante exum.

    • Jim213

      Destiny will decide (draft pick) as it’s the team’s inconsistency that’s the main issue. Best to bring back the proven all around players next season and proceed from there otherwise another dismal year awaits.

      • comrade24

        If we can strengthen our starting group through healing, draft, and FA i really think we’ll have a surprising year. We could very well

        have the best bench in the NBA next season

        • PlayerHaters

          We already had the best bench at the beginning of the season. too bad injuries had to fuck that shit up -_-

    • comrade24

      Or Jabari Parker

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yes i am very concerned with the Lakers draft position and Utah just screwed us over but i just am boiling mad at how badly Utah tanked this season.Lakers just got screwed out of a potential superstar.I am a happy camper just to get this season over finally but damn i ain’t going to lie the team could use a top 3 pick tbh.Utah messed the seeding up for us.Wiggins was the target and Exum was the backup plan and Embiid was the option in waiting now it’s a crap shoot no clear cut choice it could be Smart,Vonleh,Anderson,Gordon,McDermott,Cauley-Stein any of these players are a possibility i am giving up on the draft if we don’t get a top 3 pick.Smart is my choice at #6 but knowing D’Antoni and crew some shocker will be drafted can you all say Tyler Ennis or Dario Saric.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Damn how does Mike D’Antoni not know about draft positioning ???Now Kevin Ding is tweeting some BS about Mike D’Antoni being in deeper trouble about getting his ass fired because he didn’t understand the Lottery implications.FML!!!!!!!!

    • Josh

      If the Lakers organization wanted to lose this game, they probably would have told the coach. It is not the coach’s or players’ job to lose games on purpose, and I am glad to see them play with heart and win a game they should win. Go Lakers! Fans who want their teams to lose should go cheer for the Bucks. Or Celtics.

      • PlayerHaters

        Lol so true. And its a LOTTERY. Lakers still have a chance to get a good pick. They’re more than likely going to lose the last game against the Spurs which sucks for them (having to close the season out against a top team)

        • comrade24

          plus, look at the history of the draft and the players selected at the top aren’t always the stars. We should know this better than anyone!?!?! Our own basketball god, Kobe Bryant, was selected 13th. Steve Nash was what, 15th in the draft? People are getting so hung up on draft positioning.

          • PlayerHaters

            i know right lmao just goes to show how clueless they are SMH

  • Justin

    The Lakers tankers just about had a heart attack after watching the Lakers blow out the Jazz.

  • Kwame

    The Lakers will regret this win forever.Worst win ever fire D’Antoni tonight.

  • Ric

    Magic is the GOAT Jordan is at best 5

  • Ric

    Jordan is over rated played weak comp in finals

    • John Tocco

      Probably the most retarded thing that’s ever been said.

    • PlayerHaters

      Nah hes not overrated. Hes just OVERHYPED

  • Kwame

    Lakers will be stuck with Vonleh and he becomes a bust like Mel Turpin.While Celtics get Andrew Wiggins and he becomes Michael Jordan.The tanking GM announced the game in Utah and in Philly.Ainge lol.Utah GM also came to the booth to announce the game and he was pissed when they were up 13 points but then he got the message across to tank and the Jazz were down 6 eventually losing by 15 points.No way will the Timberwolves trade Kevin Love for the 6th pick nor will Cleveland trade Kyrie Irving for the Lakers pick no way in hell.Lakers are stuck with Noah Vonleh another nobody Mel Turpin.

    • Josh

      If Vonleh is already a bust, why are the Lakers stuck with him? Did the draft happen and I missed it?

  • D’Asstoni is whack

    Lakers are locked into the 6th pick so go into San Antoinio and whip their ass.Also yes the Lakers can draft Marcus Smart or Julius Randle What is wrong with that?

    • Kerry Parkes

      Randle is who I wanted anyway

    • John Tocco

      It’s a lottery…they aren’t locked in

  • D’Asstoni is whack

    San Antonio is messed up in many ways old and slow and Lakers are fast and young.Hopefully Nick Young can drop 60 on the Spurs.Lakers fans better learn the name Marcus Smart he is a bad man with a bad ass attitude of a champion.Marcus is a winner and a delight to watch play.Damn it Marcus Smart is the best player in this draft and haters are hating on Randle for dating a hot blonde damn boy.

  • D’Asstoni is whack

    Lakers must trade up to draft Marcus Smart before Orlando gets him.

  • D’Asstoni is whack

    Zach Lavine is another player i would love the Lakers to draft.But he is going to be drafted around 18 or something.So maybe trade Sacre and Marshall and a future first rounder for Lavine draft rights?

  • Blazemore

    Ya’ll just chill Lakers are gonna win the lottery we are getting Andrew Wiggins at #1.

  • Blazemore

    Lakers need to fire Mike D’Antoni he is a stupid ass coach worst experience ever.

  • Kb24


    • Chrmngblly

      Nooooooo! We need a center more than anything else. Embiid, Vonley or a couple European guys possibly. I love all those guys but we want Embiid. Do you know how many games we lost off rebounds and points in the paint?

  • Daryl Peek

    And a HC is not supposed to be concerned with draft position while games are still being played. SMH at tanking implications!

  • Anonimus


    • Tee

      I agree while firing MDA do the same with Nash and anyone else on the team that thinks this ass is a coach. Say what Nick Young!! The Lakers are loosing their fan base all over the world all because the front office did not do their job.

  • savi

    I agree, Drafting a superstar will be tough(lottery)! but a 5-15 draft pick is not bad, Kobe was 13th! It comes down to if players fits well with the ideology of organization and how he is developed.

    • JT Clark

      Kobe was 13 in quite possibly the greatest draft of all time though as a high schooler to boot. Do you realize how many top guys came out of that draft and won MVP’s, Championships, scoring titles and all-stars?

  • corky carroll

    ONE MORE HUGE REASON to cut this guy. Didn’t know? How can the freaking head coach NOT know? I bet they knew in Boston when they let that game slip away against Philly last night (yeah Red, I can see you beaming), I am sure the Utah coach knew very well. How can this idiot not know? How can you be the head coach and not even know what position your team is in? AXE HIM asap. Let’s just hope the ping pong balls are good to us. Will be interesting to see just how Boston, Utah and the Lakers fare. You certainly can’t blame the Lakers for tanking, even when they should have. Turn out the lights, this party is OVER (love ya Dandy Don).

  • The Raider

    Why is this such a big issue. The real draft order won’t be determined until after the NBA Lottery. SMH…. Wasted article.

  • Raffaele D’Abrusco

    I feel bad because for the first time in my life I hoped the Lakers to lose, yesterday. Hope we will luck out on lottery day.


    D’Anus is the worst coach in Lakers history and he purposely SABOTAGING the Lakers franchise so they suffer and lose long term since he knows they have no draft picks after this season as Phoenix and Orlando are taking the next 2 out of 3 first rounders from the Lakers.MDA knows that he will end up coaching a western conference team and his biggest rival the Lakers will be weakened to nothing by the time he gets his new job in perhaps Golden State or Sacramento or Utah yes he knows plenty of job openings are coming up in the NBA.So he is ready to move on but fuck over the Lakers as much as possible.Job well done D’Anus.GTFO!

    • Sylvia Ross

      I believe the same thing. I think he said since I’m leaving ( hopefully he’s leaving ) I really don’t care about their lottery pick. He did this on purpose nobody especially a coach could be that stupid. Can’t wait for him to leave. He is such a butt hole.

  • comrade24

    What a shocker! You mean Mike D’antoni wasn’t aware of something? wow, he’s usually so on top of things lololol

  • Josh

    I didn’t see the postgame, so I can’t really comment on MDA’s remarks. I’ve got to believe he is giving stupid answers to stupid questions, though. His job is to coach his team to wins. Win or lose, some fans and media will blast him for it.

    I am really impressed with the Suns this year, though. Everyone expected them to tank the season, but they fought hard and barely missed the playoffs. I love my Lakers, but I hope Silver GIVES the #1 pick to the Suns to send a message to the Sixers and stupid fans that tanking will not be tolerated.

    • PlayerHaters

      LMAO i can already imagine all the outburst that it will cause. i would love to see that happen! lol

      • Josh

        Of course, I also hope they blow the pick on Embiid, who will probably be the next Greg Oden or Andrew Bynum (if he’s lucky).

        • PlayerHaters

          The league really should do something bout this tanking problem. its pathetic

  • 3339

    dantoni doesn’t know what’s going on with the Lakers,,,,shocker

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    That is just a straight up joke – hard for me to believe he didn’t know the draft implications – ya know – being the head coach and all

  • TheTruthKills

    He knew. He just didn’t care.

  • roseducanna

    Are you joking and funny coach MDA? You can win over SA. You win because this game not important .

  • glmus

    Hey, Mitch said the Ls don’t tank. It was a great game to watch, especially seeing Swaggy miss the last four treys. They were having fun!!! Now pray for a good draw.

  • Richard

    Okay…. Will be very happy to see the end of this season. The Lakers definitely have to reboot and be much, much better going into next season.

  • Luke Walton 4

    Mike D’Antoni should have his coaching license revoked.

  • Luke Walton 4

    Dude Mike D’Antoni belongs in a funny farm he is a nut case.

  • jeff

    Way to f over the lakers even on your way out.

  • Stamos

    Dan Tony is a liar.

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