Lakers News: Dante Exum Says ‘Media Twisted’ Thoughts On Playing For L.A.

Lakers News: Dante Exum Says ‘Media Twisted’ Thoughts On Playing For L.A.


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The one player in the upcoming NBA draft that has been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers more than any other is Dante Exum.

The Australian product has talked about the possibility of playing for the storied franchise and alongside superstar Kobe Bryant more than once. Exum has also been seen at Lakers games on numerous occasions this season while sitting next to his agent Rob Pelinka.

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Although most believe Exum hopes to be drafted by the Lakers, the Australian phenom thinks the media has twisted his words, according to Bill Oram of the OC Register:

Exum blaming the media for his connection to the Lakers is interesting. The Australian has been linked to the Lakers for months with the promising youngster often talking about Kobe and how he’d love to learn from the superstar.

With the Lakers having a slim chance of landing the number one overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft or even a pick in the top three, the team may not be able to select top tier talent. Exum is considered to be among the elite in this year’s draft class along with Joel Embiid, Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker.

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Exum may share an agent with Kobe and seems to have a fondness for Los Angeles and the Lakers, but the combo guard may have come to the realization that his chances wearing purple and gold next season are remote.

Although anything can happen on June 26 that could lead to the Lakers landing Exum, the chances are not in the team’s favor. Exum could simply be saying all the right things from here on out in an effort not to hurt his draft status next month.

  • Chris Park

    Although I feel like the media sort of exaggerated the whole Exum and Lakers ordeal I’m sure out of the teams in this lottery Exum would want to come to the Lakers

  • vdogg

    what is he supposed to say at the combine — ‘these other teams are wasting their time because i only want to play for the lakers?’ exum and the lakers would be a near perfect fit.. and i think he and pelinka know it.

    • Mathias

      Exactly my thoughts, Exum could be playing it smart because the lottery hasn’t even happened yet, if we get the first pick and take Parker/embiid/wiggins and exum had said he only wants to play for the lakers at the combine then whoever ended up taking him would have a pretty disgruntled fanbase.

  • C-Wo

    Dante exum did not say OFTEN that he would like to play with Kobe and the Lakers. He said it ONCE. And at the time it was a hypothetical question. The initial report didnt twist anything, however other media outlets who had’nt interviewd Exum, constantly recycled bits of information from that interview to a point where everything was taken out of context. Further adding fuel to the flame, a hoax facebook account was created which claimed he would only play for the lakers. Many gullable nba fans took offence to this and subsiquently helped spread false rumors in blogs across the Internet.
    Dante Exum is a humble guy but he has every right to blame irresponsible journalism from the media for blowing up his statement and twisting the truth.

  • The Media

    Don’t be a drama queen Exum. You might very well have decided to go to LA. The media being a scapegoat is too easy.

    • Carl

      Cause the media only preaches the truth right

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Dante Exum is not forcing his way to the Lakers and i applaud him for being a stand up guy and not publicly pulling any forceful moves to the Lakers.I like Dante and i want him on the Lakers if possible but not believing the media reports about him wanting to be a Laker only it’s not true and was false from day one.Marcus Smart is a more realistic option and that is a blessing and i am thankful he is in this draft.

  • Lakers4Life

    Media twisted or not, Exum better be damn appreciative that these talks or “rumors” are even taking place between him and a great franchise like the Lakers. There are many other players who would die to be in the same position as Exum.

    • C-Wo

      Yeh Exum better be appreciative of the media and twisying his words.

  • Robert L. I.

    Obviously Exum is covering his butt….shows common sense unlike some of these comments.

    Really? Yah gonna put down for sport media? Sport media can’t even wait for a story to unfold. They use the old favorite, “rumor has it”, or “rumor coming from inside the organization”. Sport media is a sad state of “Journalism”. They’re trying so hard for readers or getting the scoop, that in the end we are usually left with 2 paragraphs of nothing more than speculation which I wish they would come out and just say “We’re just speculating”, and if they had a source that’s when they would publish the story.

  • hookedonnews

    The media twisted his thoughts on playing for LA? There’s a shock. It’s more shocking when they get something right.