Lakers News: Dante Exum Says Lakers Would Be His ‘Best Option’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_94360" align="aligncenter" width="650"] Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report[/caption] Heading into the 2014 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lak [caption id="attachment_94360" align="aligncenter" width="650"] Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report[/caption] Heading into the 2014 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lak Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Dante Exum Says Lakers Would Be His ‘Best Option’

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Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report

Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report

Heading into the 2014 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers might have their sights set on Australian phenom Dante Exum. Even though Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker might be available for the taking, Exum might be the player the Lakers go with and the interest appears to be mutual.

Exum recently signed with agent Rob Pelinka and is a big admirer of superstar Kobe Bryant. The Australian basketball star signed with Pelinka mainly due to the fact that he’s Bryant’s agent and could bring to the two closer in order for the promising prospect to get some much needed advice from Bryant.

Apparently, not only is Exum intrigued at the prospect of playing alongside Bryant and learning from the future Hall of Famer, but he also loves the city of Los Angeles according to Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report:

“Definitely L.A. is one option,” he said. “I’ve been to L.A. many times and I love the city, and it is a great city. If I get the opportunity to go to L.A. and play for the Lakers, I know I’ll have love for the city. And their fans are loyal and they have the rivalry with the Clippers. But just to be in an environment where you have a great player like Kobe, where you have a mentor in a way as a rookie, I think that would be the best option.”

At this point in time, there’s no telling what picks the Lakers will have in the upcoming draft. With the way things are going, it seems inevitable that the Lakers will have a high draft pick and may be able to acquire another if able to trade Pau Gasol to the Phoenix Suns.

It’ll be interesting to see if Exum remains one of the most promising prospects in the 2014 NBA Draft and continues to peak the interest of the Lakers. Although anything can happen between now and the draft, the Lakers selecting Exum appears to be highly likely if he’s available once the team is on the clock.
NBA Draft Profile: Dante Exum

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  • Jim213

    If possible great pick but best to look down the line. Still have close to half the season left.

    • Daryl Peek

      Stretch provision is not good. Worst case scenario. No team in our financial condition needs to stretch a players contract out and keep them on the books against the cap. That’s still like eliminating millions that could be actually paid to a player to help us.

      Gotta exercise other options first.

      • Jim213

        Looks like the only one given the stubborn. But you’;re all in or bust with Nash SMH.

        • Daryl Peek

          The Stubborn deserves a chance to try and give it a go one more time. This rush to push him out the door is counter productive. If he comes back and has some success it makes him possibly trade-able. If he can’t then both sides need to have a grown up conversation.

      • Devon Murray

        Actually, despite what people think about Kobe’s deal the Lakers have enough money under the cap to sign a Max guy, the problem is and the reason why the Lakers signed Kobe to that deal, there isn’t ANYONE in this FA market( 2014) worth signing to a max deal (Melo included in that he turning 30 in a few months) with only 2 players on guaranteed contracts (Nash, Kobe) and an player option for Young and a team option on Marshall they are no other players to be sign. 2015 you will have Kobe in the last year of his deal, with Kevin Love a unrestricted FA in 2015 makes more sense for the Lakers to do what they are doing. Once they trade Gasol that’s 19mil of the books, 2015/16 Kobe’s monies come off the books and if they sign K.Love the Los Angeles Lakers will have close to 60 million dollars (roughly) to sign at least 2 max players at 17 million a piece plus signing other much needed roll players in what might be a new coach I read somewhere that the Lakers are NOT still paying Mike Brown and Mike Dantoni deal is up the end of next season, I don’t think he’ll be back listening to Jeannie Buss and a few other of the Buss family members and the direction they want to team to go in. The only reason Dantoni was hired and not Phil, was because of Nash was on the team and FO felt that Mike would be better than Phil, with Phil’s coaching style, you don’t need nor did Phil ever feel like he needed a “pure” pg to run the triangle… so we will see what happens, all Laker fans want is championship contending teams EVER YEAR, I for one… expect that…. hell I expect it this year… that’s why WE ALL are here posting, lol.

        • Daryl Peek

          I don’t have a problem with Kobe’s deal. Would I have given him that much? NO but he’s earned it and is worth it. If were honest with ourselves it does hurt our chances to build a solid roster 1-13, but we can still do things.

          On Phil, he was not hired because of his demands. Jimmy was the one who pondered bringing him back. Phil was not sure about it at first because of his health and that’s why he wanted to only coach home games. Couple that with wanting FO power, something Dr. Buss did not want Phil to have, and we have D’Antoni.

          We all want championships but were in a position of change where we need the patience’s of the 90′s with the FO as rebuilding is the priority. Given that, Phil is not the man to lead. MDA has not proven he can get over the hump championship wise but his career is all about building from the ground up. Just like Del Harris did with the Late Show who became the Lake Show.

          All the blame game stuff most are on is helping nothing, and is hypocritical by some given they were around in the 90′s.

          • Devon Murray

            Great points, yes Kobe does deserve every penny, though he nor his agent went to the Lakers… they came to him with a deal they felt was fair and still have the flex to go after 1 max guy. Yes, I think we all forget that Elden Cambell, Ceballos, Doug Christie, Van Excel years… and Mitch knows what he’s doing, patience is the key.

        • Dragon7s

          One other theory being bounced around is that the $28mil/yr for Kobe is being used as a salary placeholder to give to Durant if the Lakers can woo him in 2016.

          The positives for Kobe’s deal far outweigh the limited negatives, both from a business and a competitive standpoint.

          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed. Kobe’s deal was a message to all other free agents. The big three era is coming to an end via free agency signings. OKC letting Harden go was the first indicator. Unless you luck out on a great draft pick that steps up immediately two stars is best you will do under this new CBA.

            I’d love to see KD in Purple and Gold but he’s going no where. He loves that stage he’s on.

          • Devon Murray

            GSW are going to feel it in a worse way… with Curry, Lee, AI, Bogurt are all at 8+ million a year, they have to decide whether to sign Thompson or Barnes, Thompson obviously will be the one re upped, that means that Barnes will be there in 2015/16…maybe Lakers maybe not, but the big 3 is over.. back to having a 1-2 punch and good roll players…

          • Devon Murray

            That theory is right on the money… I actually was referring to KD in 2016, I just didn’t want the fire and brimstone coming this way, haha… 2014/15 will be like 2013/14… 2015/16 Kobe’s final year that will be his best chance at 6, and ushering in a heir apparent(s) for years to come..

      • Dragon7s

        While the stretch provision isn’t ideal, if Nash isn’t going to retire and can’t produce anywhere near his old self, then there’s no sense keeping him on the roster one more year and the stretch provision is the best option.
        It frees up $6mil to use on other players if I understand how it works correctly.

        • Daryl Peek

          Let’s not presume before the process has played out. I’m not saying the stretch is off the table but that’s an option that points to a total break down of communication between Nash and the FO if it comes to that this early. Too many are acting like Nash is holding the Lakers hostage? Nash is doing the same thing Kobe is but at 15 million dollars less in cap hold. Both are legends trying to get back on the court, that’s all.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    still too far to be raving about… games are still to be played.

    • Daryl Peek


    • LakeShow

      Nothing’s wrong to have a dream :)

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      why the vote down? For saying the obvious? We still have games to play…. it’s unfair to be talking about drafting when the team is still battling out there on the hard court.. Oh I see…. you are the same people who gave up the team when Shaq left….or when Magic left due to HIV…. some fans you are.

  • Tony

    Im Australian seen him play. Hes a beast got the high basketball iq can score and distribute and has the athleticism and size

  • JohnSmith00

    I look at like this way land a top 3 pick and you’ve won the lottery regardless of which pick you get. Get a 4-6 pick and you more than likely have a franchise player for years to come, 7 or higher it’s all pretty much up in the air at that point. So if the Lakers manage to get a pick within the first 6 I don’t care who they draft.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Dante Exum will be one of the all time greats remember LakersHeatBeef said it.:-)

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Dante has a ceiling of Michael Jordan at the very least Penny Hardaway.Scouts say this stuff about him,comparisons to Kobe Bryant have come up also.

    • hamed32

      Lets not over due ceiling of mIchael Jordan, there is only one Jordan, “Kobe Bryant has come up also” again top 5 greatest player ever to play. I hate when people name drop like its easy for there to be another Jordan or Kobe. He might be good but guaranteed wont be better than jordan or kobe. Were talking top 5 players to ever do it, in the history of the NBA.

    • Daryl Peek

      This is where I tell folks to calm down on projections expectations. Every young phenom has been labeled with a ceiling of Jordan. Remember baby Jordan, Harold Minor? Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, ETC…Kobe is the only to come close. We’ve got to chill on the hype and let these kids do them. This is why I can’t get with the tanking theme.

  • Talent

    Dante Exum Who are these scrubs he is playing against look at some of the people in the game footage on You Tube they are little scrawny 95 pound weaklings.His competition in Australia sucks,enough said.I am not falling for the hype.The Lakers know this guy is nothing they want it’s a smokescreen i guarantee it.The Lakers have their ways to get who they want and it’s not Exum.This kid Dante Exum is nicknamed Ante because they took out the D since he plays no Defense No D in his game.Also Dante Exum is very slow footed and his pace is very slow,he is slow and can’t stay with quick guards or blow by them easy.Another thing Dante Exum shoots a lot of bricks he misses from the perimeter all the time and he has no mid range game.Dude is a bust in the making.

    Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker are way better selections for the Lakers.At least with Andrew Wiggins you know he will play top level Superstar type defense and he will get after it on every defensive play locking down the player he is guarding and he disrupts the passing lanes tremendously.Also Wiggins is much faster than Dante Exum and way more athletic and his game is perfect for the Lakers.Andrew Wiggins has a much better outside jump shot than Exum and his lateral quickness is head and shoulders above any player in the draft.Wiggins is at the very least the next Paul George.Lakers must draft Andrew Wiggins if they got the chance to do so.Andrew Wiggins is way more talented.

    • Devon Murray

      Actually, the huge knock on Wiggins is he is aloof when he is not involved on the offensive side and is a no show on defense and doesn’t play hard all the time, (check out NBADRAFT.NET) Wiggins, doesn’t have a consistent jumper from 15 and out, needs to get stronger and work on his ball handling skills, it isn’t out of the question Wiggins going to the D league, JUST to work on some of those things. Wiggins is no where near project to be Paul, Wiggins is more of a Westley Johnson type player (they have the exact same game when Johnson was at ‘Cuse) Check out that website and read what they say about Dante Exum, it disputes everything that you said about him. And highlights everything that Wiggins doesn’t have that you said he does…

    • LakeShow

      “…little scrawny 95 pound weaklings…”

      I almost laugh to death when I read this. I remember someone who weight almost the same as Dante Exum with the same height and almost identical in term of skillsets. His name was KOBE BRYANT.

      Yes, if the Lakers get top 3 pick, they probably better off picking Wiggins or Embiid who look possibly ready for NBA (yes, I said POSSIBLY) but Exum could be Kobe’s heir without any doubt. And with Kobe’s guidance, I don’t see anything could go wrong if the Lakers drafted him.

      • Jim213

        Looks like some haven’t watched better vids World vs USA where Exum breezes by his opponents while driving hard inside and outplaying others believed to be better.

        • LakeShow

          Exactly my friend, unfortunately people are just too lazy to do some research before commenting. SMH

          • Jim213

            This goes for article posts too (lack of research) but you guys are alright.

    • Eitan

      No ones arguing that wiggins and jabari are better draft prospects than exum… Realistically the Lakers probably wont have a top 3 pick so Exum will be our best option. I really like Exum’s skill set and would be a great asset if were able to draft him 4th or 5th. Hes the best point guard in the draft this year that’s for sure.

      • Daryl Peek

        I’m just curious, do you think Exum is better than Xavier Henry?

        • LakeShow

          Comparing Exum & Henry is like comparing apple and orange. Exum is a skillful player with many upside. Henry on the other hand is atheletic player who can be good if he works hard to improve his skills.

          And to answer your question – YES, Exum is WAY BETTER than Henry.

          • Daryl Peek

            You might want to do some more homework on Xavier and his Putnam City, OK rep. X was a beast and had a much smoother jumper than Exum. Dante physically looks more like Wes Johnson in that he’s longer than X and attacks the rack like Wes but is a much better finisher. X was much stronger in high school, more dynamic and explosive attacking the paint on his way to the rim. His game seemed more polished all around at the same age.

            All of this is speculation as far as future projection goes but from what I’ve seen on film X is way better than Exum comparing their teenage exploits.

      • Dico Smith

        Actually Exum is a better prospect than Parker and yes he is the heir apparent to Kobe. The Lakers will draft him and he will help to make the team relevant after Kobe is gone.

  • Talent

    One on one Andrew Wiggins wins against Dante Exum 10 out of 10 games.

    • Guest

      Not sure why that matters much…

  • Lakers Fan

    He obviously idolizes Kobe, so I understand him wanting to be a Laker. He wants to learn as much as possible, and who better to learn from than the second best shooting guard in league history? Him signing Pelinka as his agent is no coincidence. He wants to gain a relationship with Kobe, which the article says. I would love to have him, but we would have to lose a lot more games in order to put ourselves in a position to draft him. Right now, we are tied for the 6th worse record. We’re not in position to draft him right now, but we have a full second half of the season to go.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      We’re only a game or two from quite a bit higher spot, though. Over the course of the season, if any of the 4-5 teams in front of us win a couple games more than we do (I’m talking 2-3), then we go from 6th or 7th to 2nd or 3rd in the standings. That gives us quite a bit of a boost in the odds to get a top 3 pick.

    • Devon Murray

      Whether it the 6 or 7 pick Dante wont go that high because of the other Wiggins, Randle, Parker (if he comes out) Embiid, Gordon, Smart and depending whose drafting that would put Dante at 6th… and there is a possibility the Lakers get the overall number one pick, it all depends on the way those lottery balls drop the more lottery balls we get the better obviously, but where they are now is fine… if it was like the NFL then yes if you want to “tank” then by all means, but “tanking” in the NBA doesn’t make that much sense I keep remembering Boston “tanking” for Tim Duncan, did really work out to well for them…

  • krez

    Any deal with a draft pick makes sense if we’re just trading expiring contracts… heres what we honestly should shoot for no bull shit realistic options Keep pushin phx for the okafor deal and get a pick in the mid round…give them a meeks or steve blake if they covet any little value we have…. right now we’re a top 6 lottery team… if the balls fall our way great if not trade.. our top 6 pick and the mid round for the number 1-2… DRAFT EMBIID hes a 2 way player who can impact the game… we need that rim protector… if he develops we have a SERIOUS FUTURE…. offseason DONT SIGN MELO… be patient for LOVE….. sign role players… BRING BACK TREVOR ARIZA. for around 5 million if we can get eric bledsoe for around 8-10 million DO IT..hes the defensive pg we been lacking…but dont overspend…hes not a max player… if we cant go after kyle lowry….. projected starting linup
    pg – bledsoe/lowry
    sg – kobe
    pf- kelly
    c- embiid bench – kendall nick young wes johnson jordan hill sacre
    then 2015 sign KEVIN love….
    pg – bledsoe
    sg – kobe
    sf – ariza
    pf – love
    c- embiid….
    I honestly think if Kobe is 80 pct of his former self…that team can contend …we will have perimiter d with bledsoe and ariza…ariza is still young only 28… a rim protector in embiid… and 2 bonafide all stars. bledsoe could also be an all-star.. of course fire this fuckin coach no good in investing… in all this talent…with a coach that goes… with steve nash steve blake and jodie meeks in a starting lineup… smh tell me what u think

    • Kristof Szauter

      bro you on drugs

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