Lakers News: Chris Webber Blasts Pau Gasol; Says He’s Not Elite Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_84105" align="alignright" width="300"] Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE[/caption] Once it became clear that Kobe Bryant would potentially mis [caption id="attachment_84105" align="alignright" width="300"] Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE[/caption] Once it became clear that Kobe Bryant would potentially mis Rating:
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Lakers News: Chris Webber Blasts Pau Gasol; Says He’s Not Elite

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Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Once it became clear that Kobe Bryant would potentially miss considerable time with the Achilles injury, the attention was directed toward Steve Nash and Pau Gasol to shoulder the load for the Los Angeles Lakers heading into the 2013-14 NBA season.

Both veterans had been the undisputed leaders for their former teams, Memphis Grizzlies and Phoenix Suns, and were more than capable of shouldering the load at one point in their careers, but now that no longer seems to be the case.

During the loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday, current NBA analyst and former face of the Sacramento Kings franchise, Chris Webber, blasted Gasol for not being the elite player of old.

With only 10 points and eight rebounds in an ugly loss to the Mavs, Gasol failed to show up in Dallas and Webber had no problem calling him out via Twitter:

Before heading to Dallas for the first game of a three-game road trip, Gasol was putting up decent numbers. The Spanish forward averaged 15.8 points and 11.0 rebounds in the first four games of the season, but also averaged 3.3 turnovers and was shooting only 40 percent from the floor.

At this point in time, it’s safe to say Gasol is no longer the dominant force in the paint that he once was in his first few years with the Lakers. The same can be said for the 39-year-old Nash; even more so in fact. Despite that being the case, this team is dependent on product from the four-time All-Star and will need him to step it up moving forward in order to be able to compete for a playoff spot in the Western Conference this season.

After the first five games of the season, it has become clear that this team can be a force to be reckoned with at home and an absolute mess away from Staples Center. That may change with the return of Kobe, but right now the team is leaning on Gasol to take the reigns while the team’s leader can only watch from the bench dressed in black.

Kobe Bryant: Discussed Difficulty Of Players Staying With The Same Teams

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  • http://www.ecodrivecn.com/ Jil

    i feel disappointed on both veterans. if this situation continues, maybe a disappointed season again.

  • http://www.ecodrivecn.com/ Jil

    maybe worse than last season.

  • wayne

    he use to be a elite big man yes … use to be…. topic ended

  • ra

    Chris Webber says (cough … cough … time out … cough .. Fab 5) … Michigan (cough) …

    oh nevermind … who cares what Chris Webber thinks …

  • LakersHeatBeef

    That’s bull crap C Webb.That fool Chris Webber is a Lakers Hater to the fullest.Chris Webber is just bitter and hateful towards the Lakers because they beat his ass back in the day when he played for the Queens oops i mean Kings.Man up Chris Webber and learn how to be a real man not a crying woman with man boobs.Lose some weight and leave Pau Gasol alone chump.Chris Webber needs to just stop it already,that’s how stuff works.

    Mr.Timeout himself needs to STFU and give props to the 16 time champions the Lakers quit hating on Pau and Kobe.All i ever hear Chris Webber do when the Lakers are brought is talk bad on the Lakers,he is a Lakers hater he trashes the Lakers every chance he gets.Pau Gasol has 2 rings and Chris Webber has ZERO RINGS END OF STORY.

    Go Lakers!

    • Veix

      What does anything have to do with Gasol having 2 rings and Chris Webber zero? As much as I personally have enjoyed having Gasol on our side, the truth has to be told. He is not playing like an elite player should. He has lost explosiveness and just seems weak. Do you remember what he was like when we first got him in LA? He has turned 180 degrees since that. Maybe the problem is that the coach wants Gasol to take those mid range jumpers? We do not know that. What we do know is there is a big problem somewhere and it is just not making sense.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        I just feel like Chris Webber has a personal vendetta with the Lakers.But as far as Chris Webber having zero rings and Pau Gasol having 2 rings you’re right it was a added comment on my end a subtle jab at Chris Webber.Sorry to mix it up like that,that’s not how stuff works in a thread like this.

        But truth be told Pau Gasol is not currently as great as he once was.That comes with age and injuries plus mileage on the body and feet.

        Actually Pau is still a very serviceable player and he is currently the go to guy but he just keeps clanking jumpers and looking stupid on defense.Yeah he is not getting any younger either,but in his defense he is still a viable second or third option on a playoffs team IMO.I hope he starts playing better,if not we will lose games.Lakers rely heavily on Pau Gasol.

  • DjR3zurv

    Well, its just like espnLA’s Magic said during the beginning of the game: “TOO DEPENDANT ON THE 3BALL”! They were good just tha first game (against clips), but -of coarse- they’re not gna be often enough! Their players aren’t dependable/consistant/clutch anymore, & IT SUX! PLAY -NO! TRY HARDER!!

  • Lakers4Life

    Gasol is losing that elite touch, but moreso for Nash. He needs to be traded ASAP or should retire and get hired as a development coach for the Lakers. All those missed shots, slow sloppy D and just normal playmaking isn’t worth Nash at the starting PG. Let’s also get rid of that clown Dumbtoni while we’re at it!

  • Jim213

    Consistency is a requirement to be considered elite. Further fuels trade rumors.

    • Paytc

      “HEART” to do whatever it takes is what separates good from GREAT in my book.

      • Jim213

        All consistent players have heart (drive). The greats either have the gift (athleticism) or/and the tools to take their game to the next level. Pau has the tools but lacks consistency.

        Serena Winters:

        Jordan Hill on defense: “It’s a heart thing.”

        • Paytc

          Exactly ! Jim213 if you rely on your HEART it will limit your excuses.
          Jordan Hill does have heart and it shows in his willingness to step up.

          If you ever played the game you know how the skillful love to attack the heartless especially when they lack athleticism.

          This team is missing Kobe Bryant (the biggest HEART in the game).
          I think it will toughen the team up having to STEP UP in Kobe’s absence. Hopefully that will make them a tougher team upon Kobe’s return.

          Go Lakers !

  • Nemanja Malesevic

    The Problem is That Pau takes too many mid range Jumpers. He gotta get closer to the rim.

    • James

      He does get the ball close to the rim, but when he turned and saw Dalembert he made no move to post him up and either passed it back out or took a J. For a guy who keeps cyring how he’s at home at the post and needs more touches there, he seems scared when it’s time to back up his words.

      • Nemanja Malesevic

        I agree with that. Im only saying that he takes too many mid range Jumpers. According to twc 37% of his shots come from 15-20ft. That is waay to much

    • 3339

      pretty much everyone that really knows basketball feels that way except the guy coaching the Lakers.

      • Daryl Peek

        I don’t blame D’Antoni for that. He gives Pau, Hill and Kaman the freedom to either shoot a jumper or dive to the post off the PNR. More often than not Pau chooses to stand pat and take the jumper. That’s not on MDA. Pau is choosing to be less aggressive within the working of the system. If Kaman can shoot 5-7 and grab both defensive & offensive rebounds while protecting the rim why can’t Pau? Hill does this also.

  • Paytc

    It all starts and ends with HEART ! it takes HEART to “STEP UP ” and deliver consistently.

    It is so much easier to make an” EXCUSE”. My dog is sick….. My foot is hurting …. Kobe is holding the ball….. It’s Kobe’s fault….. it’s the coaches fault….. it’s the system….. it’s the refs….. nobody likes me….. they’re talking about trading me….. no one else is hustling so I won’t… etc….

    It takes a big heart to “STEP UP ” and deliver especially on the road. It takes a big heart to keep fighting thru adversity. It takes a big “HEART” to keep players out the paint and “Protect” the rim.
    It takes a big “HEART” to play well for more than one half. That is what Gasol has done thus far. He gave us a good quarter number one in the Clippers game (I believe his best game this season).

    FOUR QUARTERS OF HEART is what I want to see GASOL and the TEAM “STEP UP ” and deliver.
    Put the 8 players with the most HEART and SKILL in the rotation,not 11-13 players many of which have limited heart and skill to “STP UP ” and deliver on the road.


    • Daryl Peek

      100% agree! I’ve been one of the biggest Gasol defenders over the years but I cannot give him a pass the way he’s playing this season. Gasol is saying the right stuff but he’s not showing it on the court. This is his team to lead with Kobe out. The failure of it is on him period point blank.

      • Paytc

        I agree but we can not ask Gasol to carry more than he is capable of carrying. He is not Kobe Bryant,not even close. Therefore Gasol must “step up ” but MDA has to get the right lineup and game plan based on the location of the game and team we are playing. Then other players also must “STEP UP”. Just like I said Kobe would need help Gasol will too. No player who has ever played to include MJ,Magic,Kareem,Wilt,Robinson,Baylor, or whoever you think is the so call greatest can win without good team support. The call is still the same “STEP UP ” to each and every one within the organization(players,coaches,F.O.,fans,family,etc…)

        Go Lakers !

        • Daryl Peek

          Finding the right rotation is a process in any NBA season for any team in the free agency era. Every team is dealing with that plight right now. Miami lost to the Sixers and has struggled with teams like the Raptors and Wizards recently.

          Pau has said he wants the responsibility but has yet to walk the talk. We absolutely can ask him to carry the load right now. He’s the one healthy former all-star level championship proven leader on the roster right now. Other role players will follow his lead just as he’s followed Kobe’s since becoming a Laker. This is the yoke that comes with asking for it “I’d like to get more post touches where I’m more comfortable” as Pau has been doing over the last couple of seasons.

          Howard for all of his past whining and disruptiveness is still producing in Houston. He produced last season through it all. If Pau can’t live up to the words he’s speaking he needs to shut up and just play, and play with some heart and effort for Christ sake!

          • Paytc

            I agree finding the right rotation takes time. I am not getting on MDA so much about rotation as I am him understanding that every game calls for a different game plan IMO. And it does not take long to find out who is willing to give you the type of HEART and effort you should be demanding from grown professionals who get paid to play basketball. Excuses would not fly on my time. I would take full responsibility for the product and production I would put out on the floor.

            But then in my mind not many coaches really take leadership role as strongly as I think they should. They are all strong about their systems,but not many strong on enforcing the team to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I am not pointing fingers at anyone or anything but the leadership. Accountability has to start at the top. You lead by example better than instruction IMO.
            It is by far not time for finger pointing and giving up. We are a respectable 2-3.
            About what we should expect all things considered. We will play better at home and it will eventually carry over onto the road. Once the road dogs “STEP UP ” ! I think MDA is doing an ok job at this point but again it’s his team until Kobe returns to anchor things down and make everyones job a bit easier. MDA and Gasol as you said the most healthy so call superstar have to provide leadership by example. Bust you butt out there Gasol so others want to do the same.

            Go Lakers !

          • Daryl Peek

            The only problem I have with MDA and the rotations is his resistance to starting Pau with Kaman, and his loyalty to Nash. The Nash thing is admirable but sooner rather than later he’s gonna have to make that call to shut Nash down if he cannot contribute. Last season was a down year for Nash. I’d be singing joy to the world if he was as productive as he was last season at this point!

            Hill is best suited to come off the bench IMO. He’s not starter material just yet. His energy and hustle is best suited to be with the bench mob.

            While I don’t subscribe to Blake being a SG long term, I can’t be mad at MDA for allowing him to play that temporary role so far. Blake has done a good job given the physical mismatches he’s facing. Meeks may be better suited to be our SG starter til Kobe returns. Farmar is clearly the third string PG IMO. We can’t have a starting PG turning the ball over at the rate he does. Moving Young to the bench caused a shift in the bench mobs rotational symmetry IMO. Farmar, Henry, Johnson and Hill had a great thing going. Just because the starters were struggling doesn’t mean you take a player who’s never started in this league and make him a starter. Kwahi Leonard didn’t become a starter til this year. He had to prove his worth first. Henry and others will need to do the same as Lakers.

            If Gasol steps up, more problems will be resolved regardless of who’s in the rotation.

  • collinnyo145

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  • Daryl Peek

    Chris is dead on! Pau is failing PERIOD! People can hate on D’Antoni all they want but players have to play, and leaders must lead, this team has no leader on the court right now. That says it all

    • LakersHeatBeef

      MDA is not the problem,the more the Lakers fans say fire Mike D’Antoni and ignore how crappy the players are playing defense and just playing much better overall as a team.Mike D’Antoni is the coach he does not play and he is limited in how he can use his roster due to Kobe being out and also Nashty is on limited minutes due to injuries and old age.

      Time to understand how stuff works,the players play and the coaches coach.Bottom line the Lakers are 2-3 with back to back road games coming up,i am expecting anything to transpire.If they win both games then great,but if they split fine losing both would bring the Lakers to a record of 2-5.We all want wins but sometimes we all gotta be realistic about where the team is currently at physically and mentally.No shame in losing,it’s bound to happen on the road.

      It’s hard to take of those gold and purple tinted glasses but in this case yes i agree bro,Pau Gasol is on the decline and the Lakers should look at creating a trade package revolving around Pau Gasol by the Trade Deadline if he doesn’t show emotion and improve upon his current numbers and i hate freaking saying this crap since i am the biggest Pau Gasol fan,without Pau Gasol yeah Kobe would be sitting on 3 rings and the Lakers would only have 14 Trophies.

      Damn it just let him end the season as a Laker say half of me says what to do trade or no way.Damn SMH.I am frustrated and pissed off sorry bro to talk crap about Pau.I am just upset.I love him.

      • Daryl Peek

        Ditto. I don’t know how many time I’ve defended Gasol on this site and others over the years! Pau is my favorite Euro player. I fought Jim213 tooth and nail over the value of Gasol. I’m not giving up on him but as I’ve told Paytc and others, I don’t care who it is on this Lakers roster, I wont sugar coat bad and or poor effort.

        Pau wanted this therefore he must step up.

  • Gregory Choa

    Not to make excuses but…I truly believe that defensive cohesion is a direct function of stability within these lineups. As long as D’Antoni keeps tinkering with his rotations (and I understand why he’s doing it…especially with Kobe out of the lineup), it’s going to be a challenge for this concept of team defense to solidify. There is a rhythm to playing effective team defense and while a lot of it has to do with effort and energy, more of it has to do with communication and guys simply get used to each others movements. The defensive rotations were HORRIBLE last night…same with the Golden State game…the on ball defense hasn’t been all that bad, but the minute someone gets past the perimeter defense, or there’s a switch, it all starts to breakdown in a hurry and, again, that’s all about communication.

    • Daryl Peek

      Agreed, and let me add that the injuries and total roster change in general forces D’Antoni’s hand in mad scientist mode. Until someone steps up and shows some semblance of consistency the revolving rotations will likely continue.

      There’s one cure all to the consistency problem IMO tho. That’s Gasol. If he gets his azz in the post and fights like he did at the end of last season, the rotations in all aspects of the game will be a much easier theme for MDA and everyone else.

      This team is finally CENTERED around Pau again. It’s now on him.

  • Matt Williams

    Says a guy who’s never been an elite big man and wouldn’t know one if he saw it. It’s entirely to early to tell if Pau has that explosiveness he once had. Pau play with finesse but sometimes he needs to get a little more aggressive.

    • Daryl Peek

      Not a good look hating on the messenger when he’s absolutely correct.

      IMO Pau has shown flashes of explosiveness returning. I look at that drive to the basket against the Hawks and how high he got in dunking the ball. I also look at how many jump balls he’s won at the beginning of the games. At times he’s running the floor smoothly. I’ll give him somewhat of a break given the respiratory ailment he’s reportedly still dealing with but his lack of low post effort is disturbing and pathetic.

      I expect him to improve but given his recent talk of wanting more leadership he must fight harder.

      • Matt Williams

        But you didn’t disagree when I said Chris Webber was never an elite big man.

        • Daryl Peek

          What difference does that make?!?

          • Matt Williams

            That was part of the point of my post. I don’t know if you read it. Obviously you didn’t.

          • Daryl Peek

            Lack of past glory doesn’t matter, that was the reason I replied. As fans do we know better than C. Web who actually played the game at said position his entire life, and is now paid for his opinion?

            I’d say he knows a lil something about what you say he’s not.

  • James

    This is the same Pau Gasol that was hyping himself up before the season saying how he’s more comfortable and at home being THE big man on the post be it at the 4 or 5, and this season with him having the post to himself he will be back to his old self. Well, so much for that. Last night, he got the touches down low early on and he wanted no part of posting up Dalembert…DALEMBERT of all freaking people. He either passed it back out and pretty much settled for jumpers most of the game. I can’t believe fans actually thought they will see the same 2004-20008 Pau this season. Clearly, they didn’t see how he just became a shell of himself shortly thereafter starting from his putrid no-show in that playoff sweep against the Mavs.

    If Mitch can find some takers at the deadline for some young pieces and draft picks given how loaded next year’s draft will be, He’d be wise to move him and Nash right now. Kobe should just take the year off and get fully healed for a final 2-3yr run with Melo or whomever young stud they can bring in or draft. Why come back this season when you know you won’t get close to sniffing a championship? Take the year off and don’t waste whatever mileage he has left to barely finish .500 or at best get the 8th seed and get humiliated in the 1st round.

    • common sense

      james we are kindred spirits. nice to know someone else out there in lakernation has common sense. gasol brings no passion or energy to the floor. hes a liability on defense and is no longer efficient offensively. hes soft, avoids contact and is slow on both ends of the court. even with dwight gone and the post open, he takes more jumpers and fall away hook shots. further-agree w ur sentiment of it beginning w the dallas series. how curious was that series for gasol? he literally drove phil jackson to chest bump him on national TV to try and evoke any type of emotion out of him. would love to get a draft pick for him. i tried doing a trade machine last night, hard to do bc of his contract and matching salaries, but if mitch can find a way, would love to get an asset for him before its too late

      • tequilaman

        Amen CS, the softer, much SLOOOWWWERRR Pau is in and the hungry Pau is out, gone, not coming back…The fire is gone…Its hard to bring it every night, when you get old in the NBA, and you’ve lost 2 steps….It just looks like everyone is waiting for Kobe to come back and bring the fire, not good in my book. I realize its the beginning of the season, but D’tone had a full off-season to get everyone on the same page with his system. Problem is…his system…D’tone’s round peg square hole mentality just doesn’t work…What happens after that is the the Buss’s mess to sort out…LONG year in Lakerdom…That tweet after the blowout by Jeannie sure makes you think what might happen REAL soon….

    • Joseph Apohen

      There is a lot of truth to what you’re saying. I like Pau but he is not what he once was. Can we trade him for Vucevic? I can’t believe he was once under our nose and did not even realize his potential that he now displays, and for crying out who was that stupid coach at USC who did not know how to use this guy. some 32 points and some 20 rebounds against Jordan and Griffin? I’ve been watching this guy and he is steadily improving. I’m glad that ORLANDO found a replacement for that quiter and you know who that is.

  • JohnC

    Things are never the way they are at the beginning of the season… having said that, it is true Gasol is not performing at 2008 – 2011 level today. Let’s see in a few weeks: maybe it is too early now.

    It is also true that Novitzki’s numbers were IDENTICAL to Pau’s last night and NO ONE is speaking about his performance. ??????????

    Both players’ production this year is quite similar in fact:

    + 4.4 more points for Dirk vs. + 5 rebounds + more assists + more blocks for Pau.

    They both were operated on recently, they both had health problems last season and missed many games: consequently Dirk has to recover slowly. But Gasol… NO: he must be back to his superstar self in no time.

    But that’s an old story. Always, absolutely always, there is a lot to say about Pau’s numbers, performance, etc. Whereas some ‘elite’ players go to the All Star Game year after year with similar or even smaller contributions to their teams.


    AND… did C. Webber and so many fans say anything also about D. Novitzki last night?

    • Daryl Peek

      Dirk has never been relied on to be a rebounder or defensive force for the Mavs. His job has always been spacing the floor with his range, and being a scorer. The sad part about last night is the fact that Dirk was in minimal effort mode and the Mavs still destroyed us! Pau has been the low post man on this team before. He’s been moved out of that role dating back to 2010-11 as Bynum and Howard became the low post features.

      Pau’s natural tendency is to be a great elbow player. This is who he was in 2008 when he first became a Laker coming from Memphis. Pau was the typical Euro big man but had low post skills. If you remember Pau never averaged more than 9 rebounds a game before becoming a Laker. Phil helped get Pau to knuckle up and become a low post double double machine for the first time in his career.

      Consistency has been the model of Pau’s career up til the last season (insert injury excuse on my part) coupled with what were seeing this year. This is why I’ve always defended him so vehemently in the past. I can’t do that given his talk and not backing it up so far…

      Shooting 40% from the field, 0 to no offensive rebounds and blocked shots is a direct byproduct of lack of fighting effort IMO.

  • jack

    Says the man who hasn’t won anything. Gasol doesn’t have to do it every night. He did it during the championship years…. that’s enough to be elite!

    • Daryl Peek

      Nope! Elite players are always elite when competing. Webber’s history has nothing to do with him being wrong or right on topic. Attack the principle of what he’s saying not his acumen based off past glory or lack thereof.

      Michael Jordan is the GOAT yet he stinks as a talent evaluator. Magic Johnson was the ultimate team first player of all time yet he couldn’t coach a little league team. Phil Jackson was a sorry basketball player but is the GOAT as a HC.

  • Sparks

    Fire NO D Antoni and you will see this team do a lot better. They have good players, but they are not used the way an ELITE COACH would use them.

    • common sense

      right.. lets give kurt rambis a shot and then when we have basically the same success, wel blame kurt and then fire kurt and then hire byron scott etc etc etc. stop it. the lakers roster is what it is. an old steve nash, an injured kobe, and a soft gasol. no coach would do well w this roster. NO COACH. get a grip @e0ff3b7329170f6037a593ea0fb6596f:disqus , -commonsenseacrats


    TIME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K Gon Zales

    He’s not, I’m quite sure Webber would have won a couple of rings on the Lakers! He was on the Sacremento Queens!

  • #Blackout

    I don’t know what it is. Sometimes i get the feeling that Pau doesn’t want to play as a Laker. I forgot who said this, but Pau was told to play like he does with the Spanish team. Clearly this hasn’t been the case. I would go as far to say that the Lakers are playing somewhat of a similar system as the Spanish team. An inside presence and the rest of the player shoot their open shot. Pau has gotten looks inside and hasn’t been effective at all. Which gets me back to my point, to me he seems uncomfortable here. Could it be Mike Dantoni, the system, or is he really in decline?
    But if you think about it, when he goes back to Spain to play, he dominates. Even giving the USA team all they can handle.

  • Carl Lee Bonner II

    I’m a 3rd generation die hard Laker fan and regardless of rings won, or not won, Webber has a point. There are several elite players without rings who were better than Gasol who’d say the same thing. I’m also sick of you idiot, know nothing Lakers fans on here commenting and looking stupid. Being a Laker fan doesn’t mean you have to defend every little critique of the team, especially when it’s true.

  • holly

    The most upsetting of all- regardless of CW’s comment is D’phony. If I remember correctly he was saying last year that they were still trying to figure thinks out- no training camp etc.. Well, this year,they had a training camp, practice games and 4-5 real games so far AND he is still trying to figure it out. I blame D’phony on all the losses thus far. He doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing- they need some consistency. I don’t hear any other them saying they are still trying to figure out the rotation. So when Kobe comes back will that be the excuse again times 10?!? I’m sorry but get rid of him.

    • Daryl Peek

      Other teams have their cores from previous seasons (plural) in tact. Gasol is the only starter with more than one year as a starter for the Lakers on the floor. Other teams have a HC that has been in place for a while. You can’t down play the totality of the big picture. None of this is excuse, its reality.

  • Kobe

    Your so quick to turn on Gasol when there’s still a lot of games to play.
    Don’t be so quick to judge him, there a young team still learning to work together.

  • Me

    Chris webber go call a time out or something!!!

  • jzsn

    Laker already traded him foreseeing this 2 years ago but Stern blocked it, so bad luck on the Laker’s part. They would have Chris Paul and with Dwight still in town today.

  • myJasper

    Fair weather fans are we? The season just started and he had a bad game. Look for him to do well against Dwight Howard, but Pau is on a losing team and won’t get any help till you-know-who is healthy. In the meantime opponents can key on him.

  • Purpleloft

    Pau is way too slow. He can’t keep a dribble and fumbles away the ball whenever there is pressure on him. The place where he should be good is under the rim, but he is too scared to go there and prefers to shoot brick after brick from mid range, and wtf about those 3-pointers ? Why is he still a Laker ? Why did anyone expect him to be a leader ? Has everyone forgotten how furious Kobe was because of his lethargic play in the playoffs ? No Kobe now and it’s the same story all over again,… Nash and Pau need to be traded soon for this season to have any chance of recovering. Why else is the bench outscoring the starters anyway,…a starters group that does not show poise or the energy to win ballgames,…please, it’s pathetic and painful to watch.

  • KB24

    at the end of the day 2>0 Period.

  • Kendal Greene

    Its true he sucks

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