Lakers News: Chris Paul Agrees Los Angeles Is Still A ‘Lakers Town’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="239"] Even after a second consecutive blowout win over the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers All-Star point guard, Chris Paul, ackno [new_royalslider id="239"] Even after a second consecutive blowout win over the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers All-Star point guard, Chris Paul, ackno Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Chris Paul Agrees Los Angeles Is Still A ‘Lakers Town’

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Even after a second consecutive blowout win over the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers All-Star point guard, Chris Paul, acknowledged that Los Angeles still belongs to the Lakers. The Lakers have of course won 16 NBA titles and the Clippers are one season removed from winning their first Pacific Division title.

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En route to the 48-point win on Thursday, Lakers Nation’s Serena Winters reports a Lakers fan attempted to heckle Paul, but the effort was futile as the point guard agreed with the taunt:

Winters would later confirm the identity of the person who yelled at Paul was famed Lakers fan, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers:

The Lakers have traditionally been the dominant team both on and off the court, but over the last two seasons, the Clippers have begun to turn the tide. Historically viewed as the Lakers’ little brother, Donald Sterling’s team has experienced more on-court success as of late, but as Paul notes, it hasn’t quite been enough to completely overthrow the Lakers.

While the Clippers swept the four-game season series last year and have won two of the three games this season, their playoff run didn’t produce a championship, which is essential to firmly becoming the talk of the town. Moving forward, the Lakers should hold a high pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, plenty of cap space, and hopefully a recovered Kobe Bryant, who proclaimed revenge would be sweet. If the franchise is able to rebound as they have in years past and the Clippers continue on their path, the crosstown rivalry should intensify.

Here’s the video of Chris Paul talking about Los Angeles still being a ‘Lakers Town’ via thesportsdude:

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Matthew Moreno is a journalist from Whittier, Calif., serving as an associate editor at Dodgers Nation. A Cal State Long Beach graduate, Moreno also contributes to Lakers Nation, and previously served as a co-editor and lead writer at Reign of Troy, where he covered USC Football.

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  • 1980′S Yestarday

    Chris Paul you ain’t gotta lie to kick it.Clippers run Los Angeles.Fakers are history!

    • It was all a dream

      Damn, what are you smoking on? I guess everyone has a dream…

      • Laker Fan 4 Life

        It’s crazy how Clipper fans call themselves Clipper Nation. Doesn’t a nation have a flag? I haven’t seen one at Staples with the Clipper name on it, but I have seen 16 flags with the Laker brand on it.

    • Armon

      You are calling the lakers fakers when they have 16 championship banners and your clippers have to hide them when the are the home team. The real fakers are the clippers because we don’t know what they are going to do with this success but we know the lakers will turn it around.

    • Hello Matsumoto

      LOL. The Clippers might not even get out of the second round. Win a few rings first before you talk. We all know that the Lakers will rebuild and we always have the ring on our mind.

    • al

      What are u on yesterday , it’s a laker town and will always be one . Lakers . Best franchise ever

      • fakerstolakers

        not at this rate…when ESPN cancels games…you are loosing it.
        old champs must come to accept new reality.

        • AntRodrigues

          Wow… those Clippers Championship parades were something else were they not? Oh Wait……

    • AntRodrigues

      Lakers hang up Championship Banners… Clippers have up Selfies…. MOVE ON…little boy!

  • 1980′S Yestarday

    Elden Campbell and Vlade Divac had a million times more skill than these Fakers!

    • Jim213

      Will take heat for saying this but as a competitive person… have to commend Doc Rivers for getting the most out of his players. It’s situations like this (happen to all) that can only help a team to only get better for the future. The Clippers should know this as their gain was at the loss of the Lakers (CP3) but no one player can do it all for a team as there is plenty of talent in the league to build a competitive contending team.

      However, I’m not one of those people who believes that teams (especially the Lakers) have to go thru the trial period being waiting 5+ years to place a competitive team on the floor. It all comes down to the moves at the front office that can either quicken or stagnate the process IMO. Past bad moves by the FO have stagnated the process and are observed by some as part of the turning around process tho I strongly disagree. But all in all just hope it’s a lesson learned and not to be repeated by FO anytime soon.

      Aside of that why does the league’s top and most consistent franchise share an arena? All this backlash is likely the result of many being upset about the banners being covered aside of other things. Don’t see the Knicks sharing MSG with the Nets or any other team.

      • Hello Matsumoto

        Rivalry? What rivalry? Clipper fans are delusional. Have the Lakers ever faced the Clippers in a Conference finals? Have they ever made it that far? Please!!! They’ll be considered a rival when they start winning rings. The Clippers are like a baby who just learned how to walk and making fun of grown up lakers who just happened to be injured.

        • Jim213

          True, but being that they share an arena there’s bragging rights involved THO yes they have a long way to go to catch up but there ‘s bitterness that will only keep building up especially once the FO manages to turn things around and while both teams remain competitive while sharing an arena. .

          • RD

            LMAO at these CLITTER fans. Do you know that you can get CLITTER tickets with just soda cans? Better believe it idgits! Your team is a joke and will always be one. As bad as the Lakers season is, they never give tickets away and our games at Staples are jam-packed every single time. Have fun covering our 16 Championship banners so you can enjoy your single division banner….HA HA HA What a joke!

          • Jim213

            Smh, spoken like a true band waggoner who’s cool with crappy efforts. These inconsistent players got their butts beat down and the best crap you can come up with is that the Clipps won’t win a ring? Who gives a crap, the last game will take place on April 6th and if these bench players can’t represent the brand by going all out for 48 minutes given this past game they shouldn’t come back.

            Good thing Kobe unfollowed them after their sh*tty effort this season representing the brand.This ain’t the National Buddy Association were everyone in the locker room gets along and after losses makes excuses. It’s representing the brand (competitivess) or ship out. Worst loss in Lakers history and some of these band waggoners are cool with these players getting the worst beat down in team hx? GTFO with that shit. But suppose you don’t know too much of the team’s hx?… no sense of pride.

          • AntRodrigues

            Don’t know why your trippin on RD but who said anyone was ok by losing that much? People also seem to forget it took us about 10 years to win a Championship until we got one again in 2000…. True fans stuck around during that time and true fans will stick around now….

    • AntRodrigues

      Fakers? Spoken like a true idiot who is angry at the fact that the Lakers have STOMPED on your team that you just decided to like
      for decades…..and only now your team shows up when the Lakers are rebuilding….

  • Super Girl

    A one year Wonder for the CLIPPERS would not change anything!!! no Banners No Love!!!

    • Hello Matsumoto

      Yeah the clipper fans are celebrating way too early. For all we know they might not even win a ring in the next 15 years!!! Celebrate when you get a ring. But I guess if you are a perennial loser, winning regular games are enough.

  • ewilliams

    Lol they run this town you have 2 good years with nothing to show for it? 16 titles speaks volumes and yes that’s the past but um if u haven’t won one yet who are you dethroning? The Clippers are doing good but there’s two different season regular seasons and playoffs and they have failed in season number 2….until they show success there its Laker Town to the end

  • Johnny basketball

    How many laker fans does it take to change a lightbulb? 50,000. One to change the lightbulb and 49,999 to talk about how great the old lightbulb was.

    • NickOld

      You mistaken that for Clipper fans, now go and celebrate your divisional title

    • Jump off

      That’s correct. People will still talk about the old, because the new (Clippers) hasn’t proven anything yet. So feast on that for a minute.

    • Chrmngblly

      So? It’s true. If you make a name for yourself on the Lakers, you become practically immortal. This why so many great players want to be Lakers.

    • Hello Matsumoto

      That old light bulb you are talking about was 4 years ago. How many Clipper fans does it take to change a light bulb? None because they don’t even have one!!! They have been in the dark in the last 44 years!!!!

    • AntRodrigues

      How many fake Clippers fans does it take to hang up Selfies over the Lakers Championship Banners? Love it when people bitch about the past… At the very least the Lakers HAVE A PAST and like ALWAYS have a FUTURE!


    10 yrs from now when Blake Jordan and Paul are past their primes and still ringless, the media is going to be writing articles about how stupid they were back in the day when they were saying the Clippers run LA (despite the fact that they aint even been to the West finals, let alone the NBA Finals).

  • #1 Lakers Fan

    As raggedy as how this season is going, & the Lakers loss was (and yes, I was there at Staples until the end), they have only missed the playoffs 6 or 7 times in their entire existence!! The Clippers, as well as they’ve been playing lately, have only BEEN to the playoffs 6 or 7 times!! I’m glad to see any team get better, but to say the Clippers OWN LA after 2 seasons, their FIRST Pacific Division title & perhaps one more this year, is a bit delusional IMO!! Lakers have been known to come back after not making the playoffs & earn another championship within 5 years, so AGAIN, yes history is on our side!! #1 Lakers fan – win or lose or after getting a beat down!! Still a fan!! Let’s GO Lakers!!!

  • Normussestudillo

    Chris Paul is being sarcastic. Just a Lakers put down. One may even take it as an insult

  • Paytc

    Some things will remain the same. The L.and the A. are the 1st two letters in Lakers. Now to all my true Laker fans my audio-book “win anyway ” is now available on Amazon.You know I make reference to Laker greats like Magic,Kareem,Kobe… It may run into back ordering so get it before they run out.
    Obviously words can’t express how thankful and appreciative I am to all who have or will purchase it. Paytc

    Go Lakers !

  • Paytc

    You know some things remain the same. The L.and the A. are the 1st two letters in Lakers. To my true Lakers fans my new book “win Anyway ” is available online at your favorite online stores. Of course I mention Laker greats like Magic,Kar33m,and Kobe. And words can’t express how thankful and appreciative I am to those who have or will purchase it.

    Go Lakers !

  • Kay Carter

    16-0 lol clippers need to just move back to San Diego where they belong

    • AntRodrigues

      San Diego does not want them back! San Diego is a Lakers City!

      • Kay Carter

        really??? either way, it would be nice for them clippers to move outta L.A. nd get their own court, dont see point of sharing a court together smh

  • comrade24

    Dear Clippers (and their fans),
    Please move to San Diego.
    Thank you,
    The crowded Staples Center.

    • AntRodrigues

      There are more Lakers fans here in San Diego than Clippers fans! We don’t want the Clippers here! Thank God I lived in LA when I started to really like basketball in the early 80′s…..

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