Lakers News: Chris Kaman Trolls Lakers Fans At Trade Deadline

Lakers News: Chris Kaman Trolls Lakers Fans At Trade Deadline


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Before the NBA trade deadline on Thursday, Chris Kaman was considered as one of a handful of players on the Los Angeles Lakers that would likely be sent elsewhere. Pau Gasol and Jordan Hill were at the top of the list of trade candidates on the team, but Kaman wasn’t far behind.

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Even though no trade took place involving the Lakers on Thursday before the deadline, Kaman had a little fun trolling Lakers fans on Twitter:

Over the past few days, rumors were circulating about Kaman being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers and then talk of a deal involving the Atlanta Hawks began to surface. Needless to say, the Lakers were interested in trading the veteran center before the deadline.

With that being said, Kaman’s tweets were hilarious and perfectly timed with everyone wondering if the journeyman had been traded once again.
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  • Soomin Kim

    I’m not gonna lie, that’s pretty good. lol.

  • Shane Ida

    OMG! HAHAHAHAHAHA! can’t stop launging here literally lmao! this one is so hilarious!

  • L8kersfan

    Wish he was traded. Useless.

    • AntRodrigues

      BS! He is not useless….. just because he had a bad game against a more powerful player don’t judge him on that….

  • DumbassLakerFan

    Howard sucks! Howard sucks! Howard sucks!

  • gm jack

    I guess Kaman’s stock value got shattered last night. GM around the NBA were intensely looking at that Game.

  • Drey Thomas

    Hilarious but these guys really suck at writing. If something is “needless to say” then why the hell are you saying needless to say in addition to writing something something that needs not be said in the first place!

    LakersNation step your journalist game up, it’s like this every other article I read. Tell your writers to stop trying to bulk up the length of their articles with stupid, wordy transitional phrases that sound like my 3rd grade brother is writing a book report on Captain UnderPants…Needless to say he wasn’t wearing pants.

    Give me some analysis, not word vomit via word count.

  • PJ

    He is useless and last night was terrible but he could have gotten us a 2nd round draft pick and saved cap space! Kupchak choked HUGE in this he blew 2 big chances to move Pau for 1st round picks which are like Gold this year! He got greedy and rolled the dice and lost! Now what Mitch???

  • HB Goo

    The Lakers can tank and be haunted by the ghosts of 1994 while the white boy media takes control in the offseason!

  • Joe Sangenito

    Im glad he didn’t get traded… Better backup then sacre