Lakers News: Chris Kaman Took Less Money To Play With Lakers

Lakers News: Chris Kaman Took Less Money To Play With Lakers


Last season, Chris Kaman played for the Dallas Mavericks, where he earned eight million dollars. This upcoming season, Kaman will join Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers, where he agreed to sign to a mini mid-level exception deal worth $3.2 million for one year on Monday.

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Kaman seems to be excited to be returning to Los Angeles as you can see in his following tweet:

According to Eric Pincus of the Los Angeles Times, Kaman has decided to take considerably less money to come play in Los Angeles for the Lakers. Kaman told Pincus:

“Weird coming back [to Los Angeles].”

“[I] just wanted to get on a solid team and see how far we can go,” said Kaman, who is vacationing with his wife in Hawaii. “I could have signed for more money somewhere else but the Lakers are a good option.”

Kaman echoed this message on his Twitter account after his conversation with Eric Pincus, tweeting:


Kaman is expected to provide a good backup center role behind Pau Gasol and the Lakers. He is a solid rebounder and low post scorer. Kaman has a career average of 11.8 ppg, 8.0 rpg, and 1.4 bpg. The big center thought that it would be best to play for a big market team with a great history and legacy such as the Lakers. Kaman is a center who is up to the challenge of playing under the bright lights of Hollywood. The Lakers believe he will play a vital role to help Gasol rebound and score in the paint.

The one-year contract for Kaman allows the Lakers to save money and cap room for 2014 when they can pursue possible free agents such as LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwayne Wade. The Lakers will have enough cap room to sign at least two big max contracts and try to contend once again for an NBA title.

This year the Lakers are not willing to take on extended contracts past 2013, hence the mini mid-level contract for Kaman. Look for the Lakers to sign other veterans to the minimum (only contract type they can offer) this summer to solidify their bench.


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  • Hendrix2020

    This is a great pick up for LA. Kaman is a solid back up

  • Laker J

    Don’t like it! Any other year, I would be excited about this signing. The Lakers are smoke and mirrors right now, pretending that they want to upgrade the team, but doing everything to be mediocre at best. Why wouldn’t they sign him to two years with the second year being a team option?If he is all that, they can have a solid veteran for next year at an affordable prize. I’m all about next year’s free agency and draft, but you’re still gonna need role players and a bench. This seems to be a waste of the mini midlevel exception. Particularly when you could have potentially got two players. Let’s not forget that Darren Collison signed with the Clippers for 1.9M There’s a guy that could have been a solid back up this year and in the future. Nate Robinson is still out there, but he would have to play for the vet minimum.

    Will the Lakers have a SF after they amnesty Metta? Makes no sense to me.

    • Paytc

      Laker J,
      I think I agree with what you are saying.Nate Robinson would provide a burst of energy and enthusiasm.The team could really use a spark plug of such.But I have to also agree with Kareem Abdul Jabbar.We have to be patient and trust things will turnout right.I know our Lakers have created a championship or bust expectations, so it’s hard.
      It is also a welcome to see players who want to be a part of our championship run,unlike Howard…. Who probably never had it in his heart to be a Laker.Give me the guy with less talent but more heart.

      • Paytc

        That said MWP has talent, and all the heart in the world.
        I would have used the amnesty on Steve Blake instead of MWP.
        We need guys like MWP, because they have the nerve to go to battle every night.