Lakers News: Chris Kaman To Start Against Houston Rockets

Lakers News: Chris Kaman To Start Against Houston Rockets


hi-res-182450069-chris-kaman-and-pau-gasol-of-the-los-angeles-lakers_crop_exactEarlier this week, head coach Mike D’Antoni hinted at a change in the starting lineup, saying that the team would likely go big against the Houston Rockets. Many assumed that Jordan Hill, who had been extremely effective in spot minutes through five game this season, would get the start, but according to Mark Medina, it’s Chris Kaman who will join the starting unit in tonight’s game against the Rockets.

This is a great move by D’Antoni. While Hill has been a bright spot for the Lakers this season, he still isn’t a starting caliber player and doesn’t fit as well into D’Antoni’s offensive scheme as Kaman does. Williams had been the starting power forward through five games, but his limited effectiveness has only seen him play just under 14 minutes per game despite being a starter.

With Williams out of the starting lineup, it likely means more minutes for Hill, who has been the team’s best rebounder who provides energy off the bench. Also, it allows both Gasol and Kaman to spend more time on the floor together. They had developed some chemistry in the off-season before Kaman came back from China with a stomach illness that kept him out of the Lakers final two preseason games.

Gasol and Kaman, instead of Gasol and Williams, is also a better matchup against the front line of Dwight Howard and Omer Asik, who are both excellent on the glass and are effective in the paint. The new starting front court allows for D’Antoni to stretch the floor in the offense from both spots and will force at least one of the Rockets bigs away from the rim as both Gasol and Kaman have the ability to hit 15-footers if left open.

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Wow Chris Kaman is starting nice.The Lakers are a 13 points underdog in Las Vegas betting sports book.Rockets are favored to beat the Lakers by 13.Just crazy how stuff works.

    Go Lakers!

  • joe23

    Take out blake at starting line up, put meeks or wes to guard harden.

    • Stand

      Agreed. Blake cannot handle harden.

  • Mrdade

    Please Dont let blake try to guard Harden. He will get torched

    • Mr Marcus

      I have said for a long time…Wes needs to see more time at the 3…maybe even start with X at the 2. Blake cannot guard 2 guards….how many guards have to torch him….Klay and Monta were enough

      • Mrdade

        Exactly I think Dantoni is obsessed with blake or something. Maybe after harden put up 50 points on blake tonight they will look more into it…..Hopefully

      • Daryl Peek

        The problem with this argument is the actual track record. Thompson and Ellis torched everyone D’Antoni put in front of them, not just Blake.

        • Mrdade

          True but their is no shooting guard blake can defend, period. Its no way in hell that blake is a better defender than wes, swaggy p, xman, or meeks, or farmar. All of those guys are mor atheletic than blake but blake gets the bulk of the minutes. Wtbs he did have a good game against houston so fuq it lol

          • Gregory Choa

            Blake is actually a pretty solid and tenacious defender, the problem is that he’s shorter than most SGs. But I think most of the Lakers coaches will tell you that he’s an extremely underrated defensive player.

          • Mrdade

            First he is not a 2 guard he’s a point. He allows to much space and always struggles coming off screens. For you to say he’s a solid and tenacious defender is insayne. I mean you must be joking.

          • Gregory Choa

            I kid you not Mrdade, Blake is a solid defender, he’s just undersized…can’t effectively guard guys that he’s giving up 4″ to, and you’re right, he’s not a 2 guard.

          • Mrdade

            Allright well we have rubio sunday i dont know who is their sg but blake and rubio are about the same height. Assuming Blake gets the assignment of guarding him we’ll see how he does

  • Jack

    Smh at dantoni once again. The Kaman & gasol combo is good offensively, but horrrrible defensively, just horrible. They had no chance of guarding dallas with those two bigs in, and houston’s offense is more potent than dallas. The rockets are going to get off to a fast start because of the matchups, I just hope dantoni has a good plan b in place.

  • laker_824

    FINALLYYYYYYYYY………..Kamen should be getting more than 16 min
    Starting Lineup from now on should be:
    PG: Nash————Farmar
    SG: Meeks———-Steve Blake
    SF: Henry———–Nick Young
    PF: Gasol———–Wesley Johnson
    C: Kamen———–Jordan Hill

  • Daryl Peek

    “Hill is an energy guy off the bench, if you start him and extend his minutes he may no longer have that energy”

    This is what most can’t see. The grass is not always greener as a starter. Kaman has been a starter in this league. He’s also played along side of another Big like Pau. I like this move and eventually expected it. Henry is the wild card. If he can adjust to being a starter the team will do fine.

  • Gregory Choa

    Good move with the bigs – I assume Kaman will check Howard, and Gasol will check Asik…we’ll see. It still leaves us giving up 2-3″ on SF Chandler, assuming X. Henry draws that assignment…but I suppose that can’t be helped. As for this business of who’s going to draw Harden…unless D’Antoni further surprises us by giving Wes or Meeks the assignment (either of which would be my first choice), it looks like Bad Blake will get the nod once again. To be fair to Steve Blake, he’s actually one the Lakers better on-ball defenders – it’s just that he’s too short, giving up 2″ to Harden. It’s really too bad we don’t get to see Kobe in this game – would’ve been kinda epic!

  • Jim213

    DH will likely be out rebounding/out hustling Kaman and Gasol on the floor (athleticism). Have to change the line up to accommodate and balance things out at times. Trial and error again for the coach. Don’t be surprised if Rockette players get plenty of open shots.

    • Gregory Choa

      hmmm…you mean like perhaps Chandler Parsons, who’s gonna have at least 3″ on X. Henry…and/or James Harden, who is at least 2″ taller than Steve Blake?

  • hookedonnews

    I see Harden as the bigger problem than the bigs. If he can be neutralized somewhat the Lakers have a chance. If the Lakers don’t shoot better than they did against the Mavericks they don’t have a chance. Hopefully everyone will be hot and playing at a high level. It’s going to take that to beat the Rockets. Maybe they will play like they did against the Clippers. This would be a statement win. Go Lakers!

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    I can see why nobody wanted Wes Johnson – he is too weak to guard on the box – too slow to guard on the perimeter OR drive to the bucket – and only boards in garbage time – he has no idea what kind of player he is – EXAMPLE – Harrison Barnes is exactly what kind of player he should be – but he plays like a little pussy and gets ran on by everyone he tries to guard

    • Gregory Choa

      I think this is a little harsh…I think Wes has the chance to develope into a great…not just good, but great…swingman for the Lakers – I think you can play him at three different positions and get real production in multiple categories on both ends of the ball from him. Barnes is a different kind of player with a different skill set.

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        he can make open shots and thats about it – i think your idea of greatness is purely ideological based on his physical makeup – he and barnes are similar btw. quit being contradictory for the sake of it

  • Kobe

    Have fun guys!
    You’ve played better when you make it fun and work together.