Lakers News: Chris Kaman Suffers Ankle Injury In Loss To Jazz

Lakers News: Chris Kaman Suffers Ankle Injury In Loss To Jazz


Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports
Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports
With Pau Gasol not making the trip to Salt Lake City due to a persistent respiratory infection, veteran center Chris Kaman was forced to shoulder the load in the frontcourt against the Utah Jazz on Friday. Kaman played well in the loss to the Jazz on the road, but suffered an ankle injury according to head coach Mike D’Antoni on Time Warner Cable via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Although the injury is being considered moderate at this point in time by D’Antoni, it could prove to be much worse in the days to come. Kaman had arguably his best performance of the season on Friday night with a season-high 19 points to go along with 10 rebounds and three blocks. The one-time All-Star kept the Lakers afloat against the Jazz in the first half and partly through the second half until Nick Young stole the show scoring 13 of his 19 points in the third quarter.

It remains to be seen what the extent of Kaman’s injury will be, but despite his impressive performance, the veteran may head back to the bench or may even struggle to get playing time once again moving forward.

D’Antoni didn’t exactly praise Kaman enough to guarantee playing time moving forward via Winters:

With Kaman clearly still able to produce solid numbers in extended minutes, the veteran’s trade value may have increased with the potential for a deal on the horizon. The Lakers may look to make a deal in the coming weeks leading up to the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 20 with Kaman potentially one of their biggest bargaining chips.
Mike D’Antoni On Utah Jazz, Pau Gasol, Got Coal For Christmas

  • e3bonz

    He played well, and should find some minutes even when Pau returns.

    • Kurt del Rosario

      i agree with ya brotha…

    • pacavy1946

      I agree completely. He showed he can still put up points and rebounds.

  • Apex

    And the the hits just keep on rolling. FML, please tell me Im just dreaming and this no more then a fucking nightmare!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    This is a nightmare this season.Chris Kaman was finally playing great.DAMN IT!

  • Jim213

    Not having Pau didn’t hurt the team today, Kaman put up usual numbers at the 5 while likely hustling better than Pau. The coach’s rotation has cost the team another win IMO as trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but if this continues he’ll have to get canned towards the end of the season.

    Meeks and W Johnson haven’t stepped up and continue to play below average ball. S Williams continues to shoot inconsistently (consistent at being inconsistent) while likely sharing time with Hill if switched to the 4. Wonder how many rebounds Hill would’ve been able to nab with 5 more minutes of play?

    No excuses to not bringing the energy/hustle to win this game which they should’ve won. Even with Gasol and Kobe it’s doubtful they would’ve done better given that ball rotation stagnates with Kobe and Gasol. With the way things are going this team won’t make the playoffs without a trade or two taking place in the near future not down the line to strengthen the starting rotation.

    Too much inconsistency with their shooting and rotations that point to this continuing to be a work in progress. No diss to Young but enough of the showing off somewhat while scoring given they’re playing bad ball and don’t have anything to be happy about IMO. Unless they reduce their TO’s to less than 10 a game and shoot better FT’s 16-23 FTM-A (7 points there) while starting to shoot better things may only get worse.

    • Daryl Peek

      Rotations were OK IMO. Team rebounding cost us. Meeks is doing just fine. Wes and Williams rarely give us anything offensively. Hill has lost his rebounding mojo it seems.

      • Jim213

        Meeks (4-15) FGM-A is fine with you Daryl good for you (pat on the back) SMH. Wes slump continues too. IMO, one of them being Blake or Meeks won’t return next season. While only the consistent ones from the 2nd unit may possibly return next season. Can’t say it was rebounding given that the Lakers got out rebounded by 5 only.

        Thus, it’s the rotation as Hill/Kaman should’ve started the game while playing Hill 25-28 minutes a game. Hill 9 rebounds and 16 points today exceeds his usual work mostly. Wes and Meeks start for a reason and have failed to step up these few wks/games. Wes 0 rebounds while averaging 3-4 a game. But if they would’ve shot better wouldn’t be talking about rebounds and losing games they should win (no exceptions) given they’re playing below or par 500 teams.

        • Daryl Peek

          Not happy with 4-15 but is that the total story of all he did last night? We can go over shoulda coulda woulda’s on the rotations and who should start all day but with Marvin Williams starting at the 4 for Utah, MDA was right to have S. Williams start.

          The final rebound stats don’t tell the full story of this game. Utah is one of the worst rebounding teams in the NBA, we were one of the best rebounding teams prior to the last 10 games of the season. Losing this battle lately correlates with the losses over the last ten games, 3-7. It’s the lack of focus on the boards that’s the cause. Pau and Hill have both been regressing tremendously on the boards during this stretch. Hill has hit a wall and needs to have his minutes monitored. Pau has just been falling off consistently. Health issues is a constant with Pau but I’m questioning his will to press through given it’s not major injury.

          The rotation cannot be a consistent thing given all the team injuries. MDA is forced to scramble game to game in trying to match up best he can given the opponent. He also makes in game adjustments on the fly. All the big’s have gotten PT.

          Meeks was on fire to start the season! We could not expect that to continue at that pace for him. He’s still one of our better wing defenders and 13 points last night was adequate. Johnson is completely lost right now. Even his defense is off? Willams just can’t seem to find a level of aggression on the court that will allow his offensive game to blossom. It just might not be in him? Defensively he’s always hustling but his rebounds are erratic, they always have been. Farmar is the reason the total rebound +- was as close as it was.

          We’ve got to find a way to get more from the SF on the boards coupled with an increase from Pau and Hill like it was earlier on in the season.

      • nlruizjr

        That’s because MD has Gasol instead of Kaman who helps Hill with the rebounds and now it sounds like they want to trade Kaman, when will this insanity stop, get rid of Mitch and MD and bring in Jeanie and Phil.

        • Daryl Peek

          First thing, Jeanie does not know more about basketball operations then Jimmy. Next Phil will never be a part of the Lakers FO. Dr. Buss wanted it that way and made sure that would be the case.

          Phil is done coaching and wants no part of coaching this roster. He said so himself…

          “I was intrigued with what they had once but not so much now.”

          Phil also endorsed MDA as best fit to coach this roster. Please, please, move on from Phil mayne.

        • hookedonnews

          I wouldn’t assume anything about these trade rumors. I’ll believe it when I see it. Most of the trade rumors are nothing but media speculation IMO.

    • e3bonz

      Pau didn’t hurt the team? It was a loss, add in his scoring average it’s a win. Of course with Kobe and Pau it’s a 30 point win.

      • Daryl Peek

        Gotta disagree with ya there man. Kaman gave us Pau’s numbers and some. His defensive presence and hustle was something Pau has not been able to do all season.

        Pau averages 14 a game. Kaman gave us 19. Wes and Williams came up short offensively and on the boards. That’s the production we lacked, that and another off three point shooting night but I think the overall better D made up for that. Rebounds, rebounds, rebounds!

        • e3bonz

          Kaman gave 19 against a 8-23 team and heavy minutes. I agree on the rebound and Jim’s comment against the two man game.

          • Daryl Peek

            8-23 matters not. production is the question at hand and Kaman exceeded Pau’s norm in every category but assist.

          • e3bonz

            But, this is not Kaman norm and that’s my point, Pau had a season high of 25.

          • Daryl Peek

            Kaman normally doesn’t start and get this many minutes either. He played Pau’s role much better than Pau has all season therefore Pau’s production was not missed.

            It was an absolute upgrade defensively.

          • e3bonz

            He play great tonight and showed effort, but I doubt that will happen on a continuous basis, and MDA maybe is thinking that too.

          • Daryl Peek

            Can’t argue that. I think Kaman would be a better option at this point the way Pau’s playing. Pau does not want to roll to the basket in the PNR. Kaman and Hill do. This is why the offense flows better with them. MDA will not sit Pau for Kaman tho.

          • RUSERIOUS?

            Yo dude but Chris Kaman is not better than Pau Gasol.

          • Daryl Peek

            No he’s not but Pau is not the Pau we’ve come to know and Love. Just think about it mayne. We shot 50% from the field in a game we absolutely stunk shooting from 3pt land? And we had our best points in the paint effort of the season.

            That’s because the PNR O was being executed properly. Even Young had a PNR lob to Kaman. Pau pops instead of rolling.

          • nlruizjr

            and Pau Gasol is not better than Kaman defensively and Kaman can give Gasol like numbers offensively, you must be referring to Mark !!!!!!

          • nlruizjr

            It could be if he was given the min. !!!!!!

      • Jim213

        Disagree, didn’t see improvement with Kobe’s return given he’s still working towards his high level of play. Pau avg. below 15 points with 9+ rebounds a game so there’s no real pickup or loss inside aside of not watching him get tossed around like a rag doll.

        • e3bonz

          Against this team Pau’s number would of higher because he is more skilled than Chris, plus he’ll pass and set up plays. I’m not knocking Kaman, he did great tonight, it just would of been nice to pull out a win.

          • Jim213

            Your view, but Pau hasn’t lived up to expectations while likely seeing himself as the 2nd guy on the team next to Kobe.

          • e3bonz

            I know the 30 point comment was silly. We do see good numbers from Pau at his healthiest, which in this season has been streaky, given the ankle and resp/illness.

          • kobe24

            We honestly don’t know how Gasol would’ve played who knows, maybe he may have shot 30+ points with a triple double or maybe went 0-20, its dumb to say oh if Kobe was here, Gasol was here etc etc just gotta keep looking forward.

            However…I really wasn’t expecting a loss seeing the way things are going I would say Lakers have to either pull the trigger quick (with trades) or start tanking. I know many of you hate the idea but getting 9th seed ain’t going to help anyone (thats like 15~16th pick in the draft)

          • Jim213

            Disagree, I’m going with Pau’s recent play so wouldn’t expect different. I do agree that if clumsy FO is thinking about making changes they’ll need to make trades sooner than later given if later they maybe 10-15 games behind the last 2-3 playoff spot.

            But the team won’t tank as they’ll miss the playoffs anyways and be a 500 avg team while the 10-11 teams in the Western Conference finish with 45 or more wins IMO (very competitive this yr WC). Hopefully Nash calls it quits given he still believes he can contribute while being more fragile today.

          • e3bonz

            Yes, the West is tough this year. I’m not certain this team even with a on fire Pau, and last years Kobe would make the playoffs without a full season.

          • Jim213

            The only way IMO is through a trade or two getting rid of the weakest links while Kobe plays more around the strength of this team which is in sharing the ball. But it’ll be awhile before Kobe regains his shooting touch (even more) now given he’ll have to condition himself again before returning.

            The team needs a solid consistent shooter which Kobe would’ve helped in if he played with the team thus helping to stretch the floor while knowing when to dish the ball as well as choose his shots more selectively IMO.

          • kobe24

            I don’t see why people hate the concept of tanking so much. I guess it isn’t really tanking if Lakers aren’t losing on purpose but just losing based on skills.

            The Western conference is usually 43~45 wins or so but this year i say its about 45~47 wins for the 8th seed , Lakers have played exactly 30 and with 52 games left Lakers have to go 32-20 from now on to perhaps get in to playoff.

            If Kobe really wants to win another ring he has to realize he won’t win if he comes back this season. Rather they should tank go for top 5 ANY of those guys will help if they are so called “future franchise players”. Lakers are 11th right now in draft picks however the rate they are going top 3 wouldn’t be hard.

            I say if Lakers lose the next 2 “winnable” games they should hang this season and start tanking love to hear your opinion

          • Jim213

            Like the coach recently brought up, this team will fight tooth and nail every night. IMO, if the team can’t win the next 4-5 games (lenient) they’ll have problems in finishing 500 avg without any trades taking place. But what excuse will the coach give? ‘Well given our injuries I’d say we had a good season.’

            Just an excuse but NO DISS TO THE PLAYERS, after this season there should be no doubt to what roles they’ll likely play in there careers given the substantial minutes of play this season. The ones who’ve impressed me IMO have been Farmar and J Hill given we know what he do as Hill has played above expectations but needs to improve on his consistency.

            Thus, they aren’t going to throw in the towel but will finish 500 at best without any trades IMO. So far only managed a 3-4 winning streak if correct? as this doesn’t appear to change as the schedule will only get more challenging down the line. But if correct it seems you want the team to tank to increase their odds of acquiring a top 3 pick?

            IMO, this won’t happen and even if they manage to acquire a top 5 draft pick don’t believe FO has the brains to find the right pieces to even possibly build around that potential prospect as this should’ve taken place sooner and at best now which doesn’t appear to be the case given this (team status) though have a better 2nd unit than previously.

            It may possibly take 2-3 more years to resolve the franchise’s status (be in contention again) given that you can’t find young players to mold for the future without having the ability to draft them (draft picks) mostly as FO has given too much away for mediocre players like Sessions and Nash.

            So this team won’t tank just for tanking but will likely finish below 500 this season without some help (trades). But let’s thank Jim Bust and Kupcake for their mediocrity in bringing in and resigning so called franchise players who should’ve been dealt sooner rather than later. Thus, don’t expect Pau to be traded anytime soon according to FO’s modo.

          • Daryl Peek

            Meeks and Young have been our rocks all season. Meeks suffered most from Kobe’s return in his trying to get Pau going. When were on; Meeks, X and Johnson are wreaking havoc on opponents defensively and we see the fast break feeding frenzy that excites most about this hard working core. Meeks had three big steals last night but made a bad decision on that last one as he went to the rack weak when he had Hill right there for a dunk if he’d passed it to him. That was the back breaker for us down the stretch last night.

            With Farmar back we’ll start to see the high energy chemistry return as he gets back into a rhythm. Blake’s return will give us back our floor general.

          • Apex

            This to me is interesting for a couple of reasons. A: There is no way I felt this team was gonna tank, and once Kobe came back they would take it to the limits, however Kobe reinjured himself….B: This is the Laker organization were talking about, they are the most elite team in the nba, this is why we are never able to get ahead via draft picks, and have to rely on trades.
            This being said the Lakers are in an extremely interesting position to say the least. Are starters are old and declining, we don’t have anything to make a big time changing trade, the next years free agency market isn’t looking as dreamy as it had at the beginning of the season. James ain’t coming (not that I want him to anyways), the consensus is Anthony would simply not fit this team and the rest of players aren’t household names.
            Next years draft picks are unreal, and any team who gets there earlier would certainly look to have a future.
            But I personally couldn’t stand the lakers to just tank on purpose, it would leave a bad impression on the character of this organization, as clever as it would be.
            I am totally torn between what this team should do, it would be really good to see this team pick up a new young superstar, and build a future around. But at the same time I still feel the FO can make some trades this season and pick up a couple FA in the summer to put an all around solid team together……it’s an extremely tough and difficult situation we are in, every move the FO makes is gonna be critical!!! either way they need to make a plan right now and stick to it, sitting around letting things play out is starting to piss me off

          • kobe24

            I know we have the best GM in Kupchak (except Jerry West he was better :P) however, even for I just don’t see any moves that he would be able to make. In order to trade Pau it would be for teams looking to rebuild since Pau’s contract ends this year but that would mean Lakers would have to take guys that contract last 2014+ which would take our flexibility out in the FA market next year.

            Personally, I don’t think Lakers are going to be contenders with Kobe…its just hard (unless Kobe comes back like he did before his Achilles injury).

            I say Lakers should go for Greg Monroe + Eric Bledsoe (Doubt we can get him) and go for a top 5 draft pick to build around there. Resign couple of our old guys (Farmar, Hill, Johnson, Henry) and rebuild from their. I don’t know the exact salary cap situation and all that but I know Kupchak has it all planned out and if they don’t make any trades this season I wouldn’t be surprised.

            Parker, Smart, Exum (eh..), Wiggins (eh…), Embiid are money some are going to be franchise players (durant,lebron, etc) and I think Kupchak knows talent when he sees one.

    • Steve Martinez

      I agree…

  • Daryl Peek

    Kaman has always been injury prone. Lets hope he’s OK. MDA has really got to start pushing the rebound theme. Offense was good tonight, defense was OK but we loss the rebounds battle. That was the reason.

  • TUMS+Alka Seltzer

    This Lakers franchise is regressing year by year.They keep getting worse and worse.It’s the old saying father time is undefeated and it has finally defeated Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash.Pau Gasol is not the same player anymore,he is a shell of his 2009 self.Chris Kaman is injured and that’s not too serious.Steve Blake father time is catching up,he is almost 34 years old and he can’t stay healthy.All the young guys the Lakers have play too inconsistent and are just role players.Lets just put it out there the Lakers have no good long term prospects on the team other than Xavier Henry and that’s it okay.Jordan Hill is a rebounder that’s it.
    Man i know the young guys play hard but they are not very skilled okay.
    None of them have All Star written all over them.Closest thing to a good consistent player is 28 Year old Nick Young,he is almost 30 years old and he is the best player on the Lakers right now.Yes the blame game has started long ago and it started when Dallas swept the Lakers in the 2011 playoffs.Magic Johnson was calling out the Lakers when they were actually good,what is he saying now about this garbage.

    Lakers are not making the playoffs this season i guarantee it.The West is too tough and the Lakers have the least talented roster in the NBA and the coach deserves to be fired for being the loser running this team into the ground.All those silly rotations and the lack of knowledge to constantly use a point guard make it tough to be a Lakers fan.These losses are happening because the Lakers have too many old guys making too much money.

    Kobe Bryant should not be making all that money $48 mill nah man that’s way too much for a inured old man that is inured yet again with a different injury.Jim Bust and Mitch Kupcake are idiots for giving Kobe that contract without watching him play one regular season game SMFH.Lakers are doomed under the retarded Lakers management.Yes the retard Jim Short Bust is ready to put the Lakers in purgatory forever.Lakers seriously suck start watching your 2009-2010 Lakers games from DVR because this team is tank tank tank tank tanking.

  • petron_run&gun

    fire mda, period!!!