Lakers News: Chris Kaman Says Team ‘Isn’t Used To Winning Right Now’

Lakers News: Chris Kaman Says Team ‘Isn’t Used To Winning Right Now’


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In Thursday night’s 107-103 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Los Angeles Lakers led throughout the entire game. However, turnovers and missed free-throws late in the fourth quarter led to the Lakers’ seventh straight loss at home.

With the roster completely depleted by injuries, the Lakers have gone 5-16 since the new year. After the collapse in the fourth quarter, Chris Kaman said the team isn’t used to winning and some players don’t even know how to win according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

“Our group of guys isn’t used to winning right now, and some of them don’t even know how to win.”

While the Lakers started the season 10-9 and were expected to make a strong playoff push with the return of Kobe Bryant, injuries have completely derailed this season. Although the Lakers had enough talent to make the playoffs, they have found themselves without enough players to participate in practice at times this season.

With the team having a couple days off for All-Star break, it should give all the players some time to rest and recover from their injuries. Although the Lakers currently have the fourth worst record in the entire league, head coach Mike D’Antoni expects four players to return after the break.

Although most expect the Lakers to be active with the February 20 trade deadline approaching, GM Mitch Kupchak mentioned before the game that talks have been slow. Having said that, if the Lakers were to make a move, it would be to address next season and beyond.

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Coach D’Antoni On Chris Kaman

  • Jim213

    Kevin Ding:

    “Los Angeles is much more motivated than earlier in the season to make a
    deal that sends out Gasol and brings in an asset in the form of a draft
    pick or young talent.”

    Looks like some have woken up from fantasy land though a week left in the trade deadline.

    • Jim213


    • Douglas Carlson

      Would not shock me if Gasol stays out of the lineup until after the trade deadline. No trade would be made then.

  • Gregory Choa

    Well, if nothing else, and it’s not like we didn’t know this when the Lakers signed him this past summer, Chris Kaman’s play of late in Pau’s absence has proved that he can certainly hold that center position down for the immediate future.

  • richard

    This is an indictment to all those people who wants the team to lose intentionally or tank. Players need to learn how to win, and that discipline takes time…. if you accept losing even just for a season, that mindset carries over into a players’ career, no matter how you slice it. Lakers should always play to win, and find that proper rytthm to the game that results to winning. Short handed or not.

  • Loss Angeles

    The Lakers are a team full of losers,all the players that play on the Lakers have been on losing teams for the most part.Kaman is a lifetime loser from the Clippers.Nick Young is a big loser from the Wizards.Wes Johnson is a big loser everywhere he has played he has been on losing teams bottom feeders.Robert Sacre is a big loser he sucks.Kendall Marshall has lost his whole NBA career.Steve Nash has been losing since 4 years ago.Mike D’Antoni is a loser,he sucked in New York and he sucks worse in LA.

    All losers and they are now bringing a losing culture to the Lakers,get rid of that stench.Only hope is Kendall Marshall since is only in his second season and he can turn it around be a winner since he is only a second year NBA player and 22 years old,Kevin Durant was 3-29 record wise in his first 32 games played as a rookie in Seattle.Their is still hope for Kendall but all the other guys have been losing for far too long to turn it around,losing is a bad habit.

    • Teresa Sullivan

      Nah, they’re not all losers. We’ve got some role-players that can help a core of strong players win. Fratello had an interesting approach: keep the vets and add pieces. Used Dallas as an example: Nowitski, Marion, Kidd, – old guys surrounded by role-players. Nick Young is a great bench scorer. Farmer a strong point. Wes has a lot of natural talent – could be worth developing. Maybe a decent coach would help him. Remember our bench early this season? Lots of chemistry. Gotta agree with you about D’Antoni. His “system” isn’t going to win anyone a championship. At least he may get a us a draft pick.

      • Daspin

        D’Antoni could give the Lakers the number one pick several years in a row if he finishes his contract.

        • Teresa Sullivan

          Yeah and Kobe can kiss another ring goodbye.

          • gm jack

            only hope kobe had for a ring was to get lebron here in 2010. lakers did not, his fate was sealed.

            miami has rings because of lebron.

            if clippers can get lebron, they will be poised to win one or two rings.

    • gm jack

      you speak the truth. Kendall is very good. it is a rare talent, that players can hit 15 apg consistently.

      he is a keeper.

      and, there was no reason for him to loose his starting job. blake and nash need to establish that they are starting pg. they have not.

    • nlruizjr

      this must be Kevin Ding, the “King of Losers” !!!!!

    • Danny E. Pagan

      D’antoni won championships as a player and coach in Europe plus gold medals as an assistant with USA basketball he ain’t no loser.In PHX he had 4 consecutive seasons of 50+ wins. He went to NY when they were in rebuilding mode just like with the Lakers. You can put Phil to coach this roster and he aint winning sh*t either.

  • Loss Angeles

    Taco Bell is where Mike D’Antoni should be working at.He is a LOSER!

    • Daspin

      If Taco Bell makes the horrible mistake of hiring D’Antoni I ain’t never eating there again.

  • Sam Saab

    kaman deserves a lot of playing time, his offense is great and i saw a lot of positive on defense, he was bothering a lot of shots in the paint and switching very good. Please keep sacre on the bench.

  • nlruizjr

    BR is this guy your “plant” from Boston, all he ever does is “bash” on Lakers or tries to fire up some sort of trade conspiracies, this guy does not belong on a Lakers website, he’s a total enemy and “SUCKS”, get rid of him !!!!!!