Lakers News: Chris Kaman Says He Could See Himself Returning

Lakers News: Chris Kaman Says He Could See Himself Returning


The exit interviews for the Los Angeles Lakers got underway on Thursday with center Chris Kaman starting things off.

With Kaman receiving limited playing time and publicly expressing his distaste for head coach Mike D’Antoni’s system, many were interested in what he’d have to say about a season that didn’t go the way he anticipated.

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One thing that Kaman did say that took a lot of people by surprise was the fact that he could see himself returning to the team next season according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Along with that surprising statement, Kaman also said that GM Mitch Kupchak told him the team doesn’t have a plan set in place just yet via Winters:

With so many players coming off the books this off-season and many decisions needing to be made, there is no telling if Kaman is getting serious consideration to be re-signed. If head coach Mike D’Antoni is back in the fold, it’d be safe to say Kaman will likely end up elsewhere with the veteran center simply not fitting in, but anything can happen from here on out.
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  • Kïd Špłãšh

    There Will Be A Change Just Means Mike Will Be Gone for SomeOne Who Knows What They’re Doing!’

  • Daryl Peek

    This could be seen as the end of MDA or a change in how he plans on coaching the team going forward. Time will tell…

    The thing most wont talk about is how Kaman squashed the beef between he and MDA and has repeatedly said he understands how MDA saw things and agreed that Kelly and Sacre needed to be developed. No matter who the coach was, someone was gonna be unhappy with ridding the pine.

    • Zimmeredge

      they have the lowest salary. Kelly and Sacre produce what Kaman can give us and he costs us more money.

  • cyborgspider

    I’d like him back as a 20-minute backup center, but at a lower salary than he’s currently making. He could probably get 5mil per with another team, so it doesn’t seem likely he’d return. Maybe a comeback to the Clippers? Either way, cool dude.

  • Jim213

    Option if Pau goes but no need to sign players who’d be better off playing elsewhere given the less than consistent rotations. Yes, injuries impacted the season but with 35 different rotations it just shows the team lacks consistent players and a decisive coach.

  • Josh

    I need to watch the exit interviews, but I could also see Kaman coming back if at least two of D’Antoni/Gasol/Hill leave.

  • Aditya Sriram

    Fire Mike Dantoni!!

  • Fred Elliott Sr.

    Kaman played good WHEN Dandummy played him. The same goes for Jordan. Dandummy thought he was in Phoenix with a young Barboso and Stodemire ( when he was good ) but in reality besides Young,Meeks, Farmar, Kelly and Marshall the rest are to old.

  • ranfan

    Bribe the suns training staff!