Lakers News: Chris Kaman Remains Frustrated With Limited Role Reviewed by Momizat on . Veteran center Chris Kaman can't seem to catch a break regardless of the solid numbers he puts up when getting considerable time on the floor. Kaman played only Veteran center Chris Kaman can't seem to catch a break regardless of the solid numbers he puts up when getting considerable time on the floor. Kaman played only Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Chris Kaman Remains Frustrated With Limited Role

Chris KamanVeteran center Chris Kaman can’t seem to catch a break regardless of the solid numbers he puts up when getting considerable time on the floor. Kaman played only 10 minutes in the loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday after a solid effort against the Utah Jazz.

Kaman vented some frustration after the loss saying the following via Bill Oram of the OC Register:

With Pau Gasol missing the last two games due to a respiratory infection, Kaman was thought to get a boost in minutes, but head coach Mike D’Antoni continues to mix it up with Jordan Hill and Robert Sacre. Although Hill had an impressive performance against the 76ers with 18 points and 13 rebounds, Kaman played less minutes than any player on the team outside of Xavier Henry (seven mintues) who went down with a knee injury.

It remains to be seen what the Lakers’ front office intends on doing with Kaman. It’s very possible the team could attempt to trade the veteran center at some point between now and the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 20. With the team in dire need for guards due to the numerous injuries in the backcourt, the Lakers could try and go after a player via trade using Kaman as trade bait.

In the meantime, Kaman will take what’s given in terms of minutes and hopefully things will get turned around for both the player and the team moving forward.
Even Kendall Marshall Received More Plying Time Than Kaman, Here’s What He Had To Say After The Game

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  • jeremy

    i dont blame him i would be too if i was him. it seem like mike cant seem to get a set rotation and it funny how b Scott and big game james called out mike to why willams plays

  • Jim213

    Kaman stats: 17 mpg, 8+ ppg, close to a 48% FG%, close to 6 rbs a game. This sounds like a personal issue between Kaman and the coach. If so even more reason to can the coach down the line as wins should be the #1 issue not disliking someone. It’s business.

  • Jojo Ariola

    They need to find another coach

  • Ray

    Kobe, Xavier. Among other lakers players are out because they don’t play their natural position because this coach don’t know how to play any other way. Yes both Steve’s aren’t down because of that. For now Im stuck watching this coach for the remainder of the season I hope there are coaching changes next season.

    • hookedonnews

      Kobe & Xavier were playing PG because all the other PGs were out. What did you expect him to do– play without a PG? And neither one of those injuries had anything to do with the fact they were playing the point. It’s one thing to criticize a coach, but do it because of something they’re actually responsible for. Kobe colliding with another player and breaking a bone and Xavier landing funny and hurting his knee had nothing to do with any decision D’Antoni made. The coach is not the problem. The players are going down one after another, and you didn’t have the greatest roster in the league to start with. I don’t foresee a coaching change because no coach can expect to win when there’s a new injury to a key player every time you turn around.

  • Jim213

    K Marshall’s contract = 2-yrs, $1.5 million – (Non-guaranteed). With that said the team currently has the league max 15 players.

    Either R Kelly may get sent back to the D league for the remaining season ot two players may get cut. Who? Hate to say it but given certain struggles S Williams may be possible along with someone else.

    • Daryl Peek

      Non-guaranteed contracts that become guaranteed on Jan. 7th; Xavier Henry, Ryan Kelly, Kendall Marshall, Shawne Williams.

      Gasol is likely the player to be moved IMO (luxury tax)

      • Jim213

        For team sake hopefully but FO say’s otherwise.

    • jeremy

      if anything i would dump willams before kelly and kelly in the d league mean nothing then he would get more time as he still take a roster spot. also lakers would be dumb to dump marshall lakers need two PG not one. also marshall need to play more so lakers dont put alot of pressure on farmar

  • JohnC

    D’Antoni seems to be the ‘bet’ LA have for this next step of the franchise. The coach has expressed his interest in Hill on and on. So.. probably the most natural solution for Kaman, and Pau as well, is to find another team.

    I’m sure teams such as the Pelicans, San Antonio, Dallas, Boston, Houston… would benefit from Kaman’s contribution and he would be happier. He’s a terrific player. And no doubt the Thunder would multiply their championship options with Pau contributing to a better balance inside/outside on the offensive end, probably the clearest way they could beat Miami.

    • GM Jack

      Pau is a defensive liability @ $19M. Kaman plays better than Pau, Kaman is a better defender and Rebounder and can Score better or equal on any given night. Kaman @ $3 M is a Batgain.

      Lakers are foolish to not keep Kaman around. He is a great player who can play 20 to 25 minutes per night grabbing rebounds and putting back lay ups.

      I would not be surprised Kaman will demand to be waived and Miami can use him. Miami lost in 2011 they had no rebounder to match Chandler that year. Kaman can solve that problem for them.

      Go Kaman, have your agent call up the Heat.

  • Brandon Leong

    seriously williams does not deserve a spot on the lakers roster, he has been nothing less than a disappointment!

    • dparker626

      Agree on Williams, done with the ‘experiment’. D’Antoni is obsessed with this dude. W/out D’Antoni, Williams is not in the league, let alone playing 20 min/game

      • jeremy

        that is so true hardly anyone would give this guy the time of day. mike seem to be the only one who give him a shot. i for one wish coach would wake up and play kelly over willams

        • Josh

          I was with you until the end. How about, as the whole point of this article, play Kaman over Williams? He and Pau had great chemistry in the preseason.

          • kobe24

            @Josh yeah tell me what happened to that? (no sarcasm)

            I remember in preseason they had a thing going like you said but all of a sudden after Kaman got injured and missed couple of games he just got …taken out…wtf?

          • Bee Ballin

            ikr, eats so bad Chinese food and you’re thrown out the window

  • Lakers96

    I feel bad for him. He came to the Lakers being told he would be a backup center but MDA isn’t giving him the minutes he deserves. This guy has been sitting on the bench for more than a month and when he does get in the game, like I said, he doesn’t get the minutes he deserves. It would be a shame to see this guy leave because he is frustrated over his lack of playing time.There are players (like Williams) who doesn’t deserve the minutes they get because of their lack of production. Get the coach out of here.

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      Well put. He works hella hard and can actually play post-D and rebound. He should eat up Sacre+Williams minutes.



  • jeremy

    willams who struggle to shoot doesnt rebound much get big min and guys like kaman who do well get no min. before willams ok game vs philly dude was shooting under 30% for the month i believe and coach still want to play him.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Shawne Williams sucking so bad is about to get Mike D’Antoni fired.Chris Kaman deserves minutes on a team like this.No real talent in the middle and Kaman can at least hold his own in the paint and his rebounding is good.Williams is a erratic shooter and a bad rebounder for his size and the Lakers need to decide on MDA as in do they really want to keep losing games with this undersized unit MDA prefers to use.Kaman should be in the paint playing IMO.

  • cooldad

    Karman don`t be frustrated of limited role , you should be playing in one team only if you are great big name.. Show your skill rather than complaining ..like Pau complaining last year never have the ball in the middle but this season Nada (nothing) more error. Bosh out play him.. so obvious time to move a bargain.

    • Bee Ballin

      He has shown his skills he was averaging 10 and 10 before his time was cut to garbage time for a few games. “Bosh out play him.. so obvious time to move a bargain.” UMMMMMMMMMMMMMM he didn’t get any time vs Miami and by any I mean 0000000000000000000000000000000. Come on cuz

  • hookedonnews

    I don’t know what he hopes to accomplish with the constant complaining. Does he think that’s going to get him more minutes? I don’t know about D’Antoni, but I’m getting tired of hearing him. There are reasons that coaches make the decisions they make about who plays and for how long. If he has a problem with his minutes he should talk to MDA not the press.

  • hookedonnews

    Kaman didn’t practice today because of his ankle. MDA was asked about Kaman’s minutes, and he said that they were naturally going to be limited because of the number of people at his position and because of his ankle. Maybe we should have more real reporting and less trying to stir the pot and create turmoil on the team and among fans.

    • Bee Ballin

      You sound like a MDA supporter, I am too, but when you go for 19, 10, and 3 block one game and 10 min the next there’s something to be upset about

      • hookedonnews

        I don’t question his right to be upset, although he probably wouldn’t say he should be benched or his minutes cut if he had played lousy in the last game. I question his going to the press rather than the coach. If his ankle was bad enough to miss practice yesterday, I’m not sure he needed to be on the court longer against the Sixers. I also question some of these articles that report some of what players say to make it sound worse than it is. That has happened before, and it’s getting to where I take what they write with a grain of salt. I think we all know that having a great game one night doesn’t mean you’re going to have a great game the next against a different team. I’m one of those people who believes that coaches have reasons for the decisions they make that players & fans may not be aware of. Every player thinks he should have major minutes every night.

  • J Taylor

    Kaman was brought here as Pau’s replacement after Pau got traded.
    Luckily for Kaman, he’ll get more minutes soon as he’ll be traded for a draft pick and scraps.

    Marshall -
    Let the kid play. He’ll be good. I am not sure he’ll be anything more than a backup next year, but given time he will certainly be a starter in this league.

    • Dee ‘N’ Molly Davis

      Mike is the problem hands down!!!!!!!!

  • TMS10

    Mike D’ Antoni is an idiot. Terrible decision hiring this circus clown. He has to go after this season.

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