Lakers News: Chris Kaman Not Worried About Possibly Being Traded Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="128"] The NBA trade deadline is right around the corner with the buzzer sounding on Feb. 20. Although Pau Gasol is most likely the player t [new_royalslider id="128"] The NBA trade deadline is right around the corner with the buzzer sounding on Feb. 20. Although Pau Gasol is most likely the player t Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Chris Kaman Not Worried About Possibly Being Traded

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The NBA trade deadline is right around the corner with the buzzer sounding on Feb. 20. Although Pau Gasol is most likely the player to be dealt by the Los Angeles Lakers before the deadline, veteran center Chris Kaman might ultimately be the player headed elsewhere.

As of right now, the chances are high the Lakers make a move before the deadline. Gasol appears to be the most likely of the available candidates to be traded due to the Lakers’ desire to move his large contract for assets rather than paying him and losing the two-time NBA champion in the summer for nothing in return this summer.

With Kaman not getting the playing time expected when he signed with the team last summer, the veteran center doesn’t seem to have a preference on whether he stays or goes.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens between now and the deadline on Feb. 20, but there’s definitely a possibility Kaman is moved with Gasol or in a separate deal.

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  • Apex

    Khaman wouldn’t be bad to keep around next year. His salary is so low, and he’s pretty good. But there are teams looking to upgrade the Centre/PF positions for their playoff run, that being said why don’t the Lakers trade Pau and Chris for K Love. It makes a lot of sense for the wolves seeing how their contracts expire at the end of the year which would free them up. It’s win win!!!

    • kobe24

      Chris Kaman is not going to stay 100%

      • Apex

        well what’s the game plan then for next year if Gasol goes as well? We are okay with the 1,2,backup3, but then we are weak for a starting 3, 4 and 5. Salary cap and all Kaman is dirt cheap. In your honest opinion do you think Kaman and Gasol for Love is possible considering how this would greatly benefit the wolves seeing how both contracts would expire and free the wolves up?

        • kobe24

          Do you not understand, Kaman doesn’t want to be in LA (at least not with MDA) he came here to play not sit in the bench.

          • Apex

            Well I wouldn’t blame him one bit, they have treated him like shit ever since he got there. But situations change, Gasol is definitely gone after this year, so we have a few holes to fill and not a lot of money to do so….

          • riannonqas321

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          • Moveover Andbark

            MDA should go…no…MUST go!!!! I don’t think other free agent players in the coming summer would want to play under his system. It’s not actually the system, it’s the results…many more losses than victories,

          • nlruizjr

            the system isn’t the problem, it’s the way the coach manages his players playing time, after last night, where in the hell can MD justify keeping Kaman on the bench, Kaman and Gasol were playing great preseason and earlier in the season, I mean you have 2 skilled big men and MD wants to prove a point with a rookie, how stupid is that !!!!!

          • nlruizjr

            Why can’t the FO see that, MD has got to be the worst HC as far as using his bench, this guy just totally sucks.

          • AntRodrigues

            I have to agree with this comment….

    • Daryl Peek

      Kaman is not going to play for 3 mil next season either. That experiment is over. Sucks because his talent was wasted on the pine but he’s been a bit of a cancer in his last two stops in Dallas in LA.

      • antzer

        Wasted talent n its the decision of the coach not to play him. Why did we sign him n not play him???

        • Daryl Peek

          “but he’s been a bit of a cancer in his last two stops in Dallas in LA.” Kaman needs to look in the mirror. He’s got all of that talent but he can’t stick due to his attitude. Same problem in New Orleans and it started when the Clippers drafted Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.

          I don’t agree with MDA on Kaman but I understand.

    • gm jack

      If you were the GM why would you that Love is worth 4 first rounds plus some.

      Gasol has no defense. He looked good when he was flanked by Odom and Bynum.

      • Apex

        If I was the GM of the wolves I would highly consider it, because they’re are not going anywhere soon. K Love doesn’t like it there, and he has stated he wants to be with the Lakers, and it’s inevitable come 2015. So why wait? The wolves need a serious shake up of their own, clearing cap space and going after a free agent and grabbing a good pick would put them in a better situation then they are in right now……IMO it’s win win (more so for us of course).

      • Emerson Ricardo

        Love gonna be free agent only in 2015…. In the following season.

  • vdogg

    i wouldn’t mind if the lakers played out the rest of the year with kaman, hill and sacre as the centers. the lakers HAVE to trade gasol if they want to facilitate the rebuilding process. if they can turn pau into some cap relief and a pick in the 12-15 range, they should do it. two picks in the latter part of the first round would do it, too. then they could possibly parlay those two picks into a higher single pick. combine that with their own high pick and flexibility in free agency, and the lakers could be back to prominence in a year or two.

  • Sylvia Ross

    I’m sure Kaman, would appreciate getting away from this idiot of a coach we have. I wish him the best .

    • Daryl Peek

      How is it MDA does not know how to use big men when all of them have produced in his system when he’s given them playing time? Every center on the roster has played good when D’Antoni gave him minutes this season when the PG were healthy. Guess what? There’s only 48 minutes in a game and the team has four centers capable of producing. They can’t all play at the same time. Sacre should be the low man in the pecking order IMO but he’s hustled his way into the rotation.

      The hate is real and It wouldn’t matter what D’Antoni does or who he plays, y’all are gonna find fault in it and say he needs to be fired. All I can do is SMH

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        Please stop using those weak acronyms – your a grown man – they don’t accentuate your arguments

        • Daryl Peek

          I am a grown man and I’ll express my views as I please! You do you in expression and I’ll do me. I’m not being disrespectful and that’s all that matters.

  • jwickabdurrahim

    Do we have the personnel to trade away Kamen? Lol, I’m not saying he shouldn’t get traded – not because he’s garbage but because he deserves to be somewhere he’ll play – but with all these injuries, unless we get a player back, can we really trade him?

    • Jim213

      Hes expressed he’s frustration in not playing so he’ll be more appreciative in being traded. The inept should place a package that includes Kaman, Meeks, and possibly K Marshall. IMO, all three players will want more $$ for next season (underpaid?). Looking at the worst teams and their first round (2014) selections I’d give the Bobcats, Jazz, and Magic a call (Bucks only have 1 pick, 1st rnd).

      The Bobcats have two (2014), the Jazz also have two 1st rounders as the Magic. Try to wheel and deal a three player trade that involves Kaman for one of their first rounders. Just b/c these teams have two first rounders doesn’t mean they’ll turn it around in a few years. But with some good players that can become starters (ex. Marshall, Meeks) and who’ve had some good play minutes aside of Kaman one of these teams would be in a better position to win more games and likely remain competitive down the line.

      Pretty assure they’d get more pay than what they’re currently making (business foremost which benefits players too). Although, I’d also try for a second rounder too. Players that have been selected in the 2nd round include Monta Ellis (40th, 2005), Marc Gasol (48th, 2007), Carlos Boozer (35th, 2002), Gilbert Arenas (30th, 2001), Manu Ginobli (57th!, 1999), and Dennis Rodman (27th, 1986 – lesser team’s in those days).

      • antzer

        Agree but … NO on S.Williams!

        • Jim213

          Need thirteen signed players basically.

      • karl

        When a first round pick is traded, which standing counts?

      • Billups 45

        Kendall Marshall can’t be traded he was brought in as a late addition and he is not eligible to be traded,check the trade machine.Plus keep him he gets a lot of assists and he runs the team smoothly plus he makes barely the minimum salary,he is a keeper if you know your basketball,if not keep on suggesting this stupid shit.Jodie Meeks?!?!?!?!Why trade him man???SMFH LOL.

        He makes very little in salary and he produces great numbers based on salary.Marshall has the best value contract in the NBA according to the experts.Trading heavy salary makes more sense now.Trade Pau and Caveman.Clap ya hands if that ish happens my friend.

        • Jim213

          LOL… so smoothly they managed to win how many games? Guess, you approve of his D? (basketball knowledge lol smh) Doubt he’ll be here next season especially with the stack of guards and possible PGs if a 1st round starter (PG) is picked up. Farmar and even Blake run the floor better as even Blake plays more D.

          Best thing you can come up with is keeping Marshall lol… Team needs starters but you’d rather go with players given tey’re stack already? stupid shit. Meeks plays good not saying he doesn’t but lacks consistency night in and out which goes for D. Although, his numbers would tell you otherwise. Guess you’;d still keep Pau? your even more of a fool than i doubt smh.

  • NickOld

    This guy have more talent than JH or Sacre, but he’s been bitching about the system, his role from the start. I guess there is a reason why he’s one of those players who never stay too long in a city. Dude just lacks professionalism.

    • Daryl Peek

      Good to see someone who recognizes the real problem.

    • nlruizjr

      No, the one that lacks professionalism is the coach, any player that has talent wants to play and will gripe if they don’t get much playing time, what do you expect him (Kaman) to do,just sit there and pat the coaches back for not playing him, get real.

    • nlruizjr

      8 yrs with the Clippers is not a short stay and the only reason they moved him is because they thought Jordan would be leaps ahead of Kaman but that hasn’t panned out, in fact Kaman is a better scorer than Jordan and has better bbiq.

  • gm jack

    Miami might make the investment. With Kaman Bosh and Anderson, they may be able to bang with The Pacers.

  • Billups 45

    Boy please get over yourself.CHILD PLEASE!GTFO you old redneck,trade his ass!

  • Billups 45


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