Lakers News: Chris Kaman, Lakers Agree To 1-Year Deal

Lakers News: Chris Kaman, Lakers Agree To 1-Year Deal


After looking at Chris Kaman as a potential Dwight Howard replacement, it seems the team has found their man. In a report from ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Lakers have agreed to a one-year deal with the former Dallas big man.

While Kaman isn’t going to replace Howard on the floor, he does give the Lakers what they needed – a serviceable big man. And, more importantly for the Lakers’ 2014 plans, the fact that it’s a one-year deal will keep their books clear when next season rolls around and they’re looking to make a big splash in free agency.

Kaman joins Pau Gasol, Jordan Hill and Robert Sacre on the Lakers’ front line.

Details of the deal have not yet been released.

*Update: 1:39 p.m. PST

According to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN Los Angeles, it seems Kaman will get the Lakers’ mini-midlevel exception.


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  • FrankG

    Beget offense than Dwight Coward. Good back up and only one year deal. Now we just need a serviceable SF.

    • Frank G

      Meant better offense

  • ra

    Yes, a true post-up player, and will probably work well with Pau. Back in Staples again, too.

  • Kmac

    You better step up Joke Kaman

  • lorenzo

    great pickup. those saying this means gasol is on his way out are mistaken in my opinion. keep pau and kaman on the block. we should still get another big and another solid guard/ball handler!

    • lorenzo

      and by on the block i mean on the box in the paint in the post

  • lorenzo

    lets get odom or possibly someone else thats solid even ronny turiaf and sasha vujacic

    • lorenzo

      lets go for andrew bynum

      • Daniel

        Bynum has never been healthy.

  • michael_battaglia

    I’m kind of hoping there is some substance to the rumors of reclaiming Sasha and Lamar. It would be nice to give the last championship squad one final go ’round before the big changes in 2014.

    • ra

      Agree. Probably inexpensive additions, and then perhaps we would need AB to complete the cycle (for 1 year, 1 more ring).

    • Frank Williams

      They would be nice pieces to add, because they alright have been “Mambanized”, they’re very familial with Laker culture and can “Hit The Ground Running”. Let’s Go Lakers Let’s Go!!!!

    • Jim213

      If the Lakers can attract a Superstar… None of them would be attracted to the Lakers if they don’t have any depth… Given today’s NBA contracts it would be a waste of time to sign a superstar to a five year contract and rebuild around them after… by then they’ll be on their way out 5 yrs later… Lakers better get some depth first… Thankfully DH left b/c of this too, given that he believes that the Rockets are the best option for him today…

  • lakers_824

    Good pick up but i hope lakers sign either aaron brooks off waivers, tmac, odom, or nick young but i guess they cant get young because they used the mid level exception on kamen. I really think we should sign tmac and odom for the vet min. I still believe they have some game left OR we could tank this year and try to get andrew wiggens or jabari parker in the draft and then sign kobe and pau for about $10 mill each, keep nash, and sign 2 superstar players from the following list: Lebron, Carmelo, Wade, George, kyrie, rudy gay, cousins, mark gasol, or john wall. And before you know it well be back in the championship hunt.


    • lakers_824


    • LAL

      irving,kobe,and george FTW!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    Kaman looks alright. Now we need a young guard that can hit 3’s. I wish we still had Shannon Brown.

  • bigraidernation

    Now trade pau for a couple of pcs to stay after this yr and can still sign a max player next yr unless he and kobe counting on coming back for 10mill combined per yr keep him

  • Blackheart

    would you stop starting every fucking article with Dwight Howard. “now that dwight’s gone”, “looking to replace dwight howard”.

    he is gone, its over! move on and shut the fuck up about it!

  • Sirrr

    need some good athletic good shooters and forwards that can shoot and defend. we need some good forwards that can shoot, blake and artest are no good. get better players for those guys. step up jim and mitch common now!

  • Sirrr

    lakers always get good centers pau/kaman are a good combo stay healthy! lakers need to load up on backup guards that can shoot and defend to come off the bench for nash/kobe. we also need FORWARDS!! PLENTY OF good shooting forwards or stretch fours like they call it in dantoni’s system. once jim/mitch do that we straight! heres another 1! get rid of peace and blake they aint no good…

  • Adamame

    Wasted the mid level exception. Jimmy Buss still living in the past when Dantoni and Nash almost made the finals.

    • Jim213

      Sound’s like Jim Bust has been watching too many Suns videos…

  • darron robinson

    Now sign odom and nate robinson

    • Sti1lmatic

      Nate Dogg would be a great pickup. Steve Blake nor Nash can deliver like Nate.

  • Rasheed

    Why are we getting more older?
    I am not happy with this deal.
    But management knows what is better for Lakers (I hope, they probably learned their lesson from past mistakes)

    • Sti1lmatic

      Only older for one more season .

  • Lakers Always

    Kaman is a serviceable big man who will provide quality minutes, but now we’re left filling out the roster with vet min contracts 😐 not too comfy with that. Luckily, they’ll barely be on national TV at all next season … so I won’t have to watch this roster. Lol

  • Laker J

    Can’t wrap my head around this one. While Kaman is a serviceable big man, this is a waste of the mini mid level exception. Does he fit D’Antoni’s system? I thought that Gasol, Hill and Sacre were enough at the center position. Why not keep Earl Clark and maintain the mid level for a SF/SG? Who will play SF now that they will amnesty MWP. All they have left is Veteran minimums, and I’m sure they will sign a free agent out of the summer league. Not feeling it.
    I know the goal is to have cap space for next year, but don’t be so obsessed with super star free agents that you end up with an empty bench and no role players!

    • Supreemeone

      I agree with keeping Earl Clark, but talk is D’Antoni abused him last year in practice and during timeouts…. Clark could not wait to get away from him… D”Antoni is killing this team worst than Jim Buss… smh

  • Frank Guerrero

    More like CAPTAIN CAVEMAN.

  • Sti1lmatic

    This is the same clown that said he was better than Pau and Pau is not All Star worthy.

  • Oliver from Germany

    What the hell shall this? He wasn’t good enough for the Mavs and now shall work for the Lakers??? This season will be frustrating. The next player without DEFENSE.